While the kites were falling asleep after battling the spirits of the evil god Ende Nil. Somewhere in Enefia, no one knew, Kusu, who had undergone the last adjustment over the course of a few weeks, had finished the adjustment.

"Oh... wow, my heart is moving"

A few weeks ago, I felt my heart beating mightily, which I had not made slight, and Kusu nodded as if he had appeased somewhere. It's still more uncomfortable to not have a heart moving than to be alive.

Even Kusu, who seems to have eaten people all the time, had a strange aversion to boulders, or a sense of unexplained anxiety. That's what just moved out with the last adjustment. Now, the truth is, they're all back together.

"That's not all. The soul is also adapting to its flesh in the wake of what the flesh has fully invigorated. The slightest sensory discrepancy that you've ever felt must have disappeared."

"Heh... Ohh..."

Kusu listens to the researchers and tries to hold his fist all the way in to try. Then I realized that the discomfort I had felt before was gone. Until now, dare I say, they felt like they were moving themselves consciously.

If I told you, it felt like I was moving the robot remotely. I couldn't wipe the discomfort just walking or, on the contrary, breathing. That now moves like my own flesh. It was no different than it was in life, or in better shape than it was in life.

"So, how's everything else going?

Kusu asks about other faces as he weaves the kimono handed to him by the researchers. It's almost simultaneously that concept of death has adapted to the body. It therefore appeared that this last adjustment had started almost simultaneously, and inevitably ended almost simultaneously.

but I guess the boulder is still a place called a selection of masterpieces chosen by clowns as the enemies of kite. There were people who went far beyond Kusu's assumptions. It's not just one person, it's more than one.

"About a week ago, Master Ishikusai woke up, and then there was Master Soku, almost without delay. And then about two days late."

"Oh, those guys are still flying..."

When I heard that Ishikusai and Soku had adapted their souls to their present bodies more than a week ago, I also had to look back at just about Kusu. The only difference so far was that even researchers said it was unexpected, but they were also surprised by too many things and half frightened.

Note that Kusu is also a few days ahead of their expectations, to tell the truth. You can see how surprised the researchers were by the stone boat sails faster in circles than that.

"Oh, bad, bad. So, besides those two... well, okay. I can almost imagine."

Kusu is distracted to hear who else was awake because of a shudder in the middle of the conversation, but he loses interest in this topic because he had an idea that he seemed to be able to do otherwise. I don't have to know anything about it, and nobody will be hiding it anyway. It's just a story if you want to know from us.

"So, where are those flying parents and kids now?

"… to try and kill my body now."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. People with enemies are busy."

Now Kusu laughs joyfully at the researcher's 100% words. Of course, when it comes to trial slaughter, it doesn't exorcistically attack people who go on the road like the Edo-era Tsukuba.

So we're going to duly cut off the mighty demons walking there. What they want is not a knife trial slaughter. I just want to test my strength. There was no need to cut the miscellaneous fish into the target.

Therefore, Kusu has some free time until everyone wakes up and decides to wait for Liu Sheng's parents and children to return. Its return, but contrary to Kusu's expectations, he returned by dusk.

"Ooh... that was surprisingly quick. I was wondering if I'd be back for a few days once I got out."

"Oh, my lord. Wake up."

"Oops. This is still a warlord. Your body is working out... No, that's what you're talking about when it's this body. I was fond of martial arts, but I also had mental training in a way different from yours. For that matter, they adapted quickly."

Kusu laughs casually at Ishikusai, who bowed his head. This is why I woke up so fast, but I understood this roughly intuitively with all of Kusu and Ishikusai et al. That's been there.

They were still born in warring times and are addicted to martial arts. And if it is Ishikusai and Sokuto, he is also working out the spiritual aspect in the advanced realm as a divine Yin Current, and if Kusu is a tea ceremony, he is also aware of the spiritual work.

That spiritual training was not ordered by anyone, but was still being carried out. That was what had served to anchor the soul in the flesh since before this adjustment. The researchers misjudged the level of proficiency.

"Well, Lord Nobuna taught me to read the flow of magic. You must have adapted to your body if you were doing mental training in its application."

"Really... so what happened when you came back? Or are you hungry?

"Ha. Actually, I'm hungry. Nora is not good at eating demons on boulders. I'm not saying I can't cook, but I feel bad that I'm poisoned because it's ready. Again because of this. I need to be a little bit careful."

"I see. Well, that's a special triumph. I'll stop scratching and eating demons, too."

When it comes to Ishikusai's logic, Kusu laughs joyfully at the words of reason, and decides to do the same himself. After all, Kusu is also a curious man. I never thought I'd hunt the demons myself.

Because of this, if you are a monster, you have an unbeatable flesh. Anyway, I was going to try something I couldn't have done before, but I seem to have decided to be cautious about eating. And such Kusu looked at Soto for fun.

"So, what about my son against a special winning father who has to take care of him?

"... is this it?

What Soku showed was a flue stuck in the ribbon of his chest. It is a Yoo Seong Sook that can be conveyed to the modern era as a Kensei, but in fact, one end of its character seemed to have a bit of a mess inside, whether it was tea eyes or audacity.

For example, Shinto Sawaan, famous for his pickling. I was told to smoke in this conversation with him. At that time, he was advised to leave the cigarette, but what a long flue he took away from the cigarette. Though he was not as luxurious as his daughter-in-law father, he seemed to have a tea spot in him. And at the same time, he was a smoker who wanted to smoke until then. Again, I wasn't trying to let go of the flue.

"It's not poisonous... it's just vanilla to enjoy the smell."

""... oh?

Both Kusu and Ishikusai raise a single eyebrow in Soku's words. Earlier it was also made clear that the fruit-bearer was a pawn, but this flue has been specially modified to no longer serve as a flue, while the chopped cigarette has also become its own vanilla derived from merely Enefia. It was like I was aware of it. And the fact is, I was aware.

"... I realize whether you're like a deer with a horse in a boulder or you don't like it if you smoke it over and over. Nicotine poisoning is also given as knowledge."

Clearly state that Soto is merely a decoration towards his father and his ex-husband in a slightly infidel manner. Besides, this was his idea.

"When it comes to me, tobacco. I thought if you stabbed one of the flue tubes in the lower back, you wouldn't be dressed."

"Well, you didn't smoke anymore"

"No, it was interesting to enjoy this vanilla incense, so thank you."

"" Ah, alas... "

Both Kusu and Ishikusai unwittingly step on the sect that didn't just wake up after falling. Outreach, he looked like he was enjoying the present with him.

"And... God bless you for getting around the corner. Although I don't know if it is the heavenly blessing of the virtuous deceased loaded in my life or the blur shown by Shura, who slept in the depths. If you fell on Shura Road, I don't want to think you lost because of the tobacco."

The desire to extremes the path of the sword knocked him off to Shura Road. Even though he said so, he couldn't stand the fact that other factors would divide wins and losses.

Again, when you smoke, your lung vitality decreases. And for warriors, lung vitality is very important. Soto, known as a smoker, never smokes more than when he comes back. I guess that's all he means, too.

"Ka. Ai hasn't changed...... No, even Shura escapes anymore. It's serious. Well, if that's the case, Noon won't say anything."


Sokuto bows his head to the words of the laughing stone boat sai. Kusu asked abruptly as Liu Sheng's father and son tried to follow the scene, who had laughed so often.

"So, Willow Raw Little. When did you realize you were being worked on by a flue pipe?


It must have been an unusual question. Nonetheless, Soku produces a slight silence. So after a beat or so, clearing up between barely any concerns, Soto opened his mouth.

"Wake up in a month or so."

"Lies, I shouldn't. Be honest."

"In the meantime... about half a month before the adjustment..."

To reconfirm Kusu, Soto dyes his face slightly to Zhu, while confessing his honesty. I'm still a few steps better at Fu Hung/Ku Soo in lies. It was a mistake to try to lie to him.

"I thought you might. I'm glad it was before they pointed it out."


Ishikusai laughs greatly at the unchanged appearance of his son, who has a surprisingly dull smell, against Kusu, who tears with pleasure. After laughing so often, Kusu asked.

"So... now it's going to be all right. What are you guys gonna do?"

"Hmm? Any instructions from the Clown Hall?

"Well, a little. I'm supposed to ask Ba to leave. After that, do as you please."

Kusu tells the two of them the story the clown had told him while he waited for his parents and children. The corner adjustment is over. I'm guessing it's a test stone for their strength as clowns. but the enemy is kite, so it will relieve me. Focus on the bar, so. It can be described as a measure that uses the sweetness of kite.

"... well... I don't know what to do with Non"


"Hmm? Where are you not going?

When I heard Kusu's story, I slowly but slowly walked out, and Ishikusai asked. Besides, Soto answered briefly.

"A little something came to mind."

"Oh, you in?

"I don't mind in that direction. but I move to my liking. I won't disturb you."

"Right. Then do as you please."

Kusu laughs and sends him off to the words of Soto, who walks away with his back turned. I don't know roughly what to do. I don't know, but I guess I won't get in the way any more than I explicitly say I won't get in the way. Kusu muttered small on the back of the sect that walked away like that.

"What do you say?"

"Do you know what you're gonna do?

"Well... that sounded like an interesting thing to me."

Kusu laughs with a little fun at Ishikusai's inquiry. I know I won't do anything far-fetched. I know, but I don't know about what you're trying to do per se. But there was a little something I could tell.

"... well, won't it get in the way? Whatever."

Kusu laughs as Kio. I roughly understood Soku's thoughts. but that's how he grinned bitterly after a frequent rough grin and asked Ishikusai.

"Well, I'm just saying, you know what I mean?

"Ka... well. If so, please do not participate this time. He let me do it before, so I'll have to give it to him next time."

"Well... then this time the brother doesn't participate, he doesn't know what he's thinking,"

Kusu speaks of the certainty of the participation of the two people he met while waiting for Liu Sheng's parents and children. Basically, the leader of the seven people had been ordered by the clown to do so by Kusu. That is because he is the only one of these seven who has excelled in intelligence. Others are mostly a thousand, but it's easier to beat them than to think.

The only category that a pawn is better at thinking about, but she's refreshed about what she's thinking. It's on the kite side, but it's on this side. but Kusu understood the thought, so he dared to let him swim. Still, he doesn't know if it's right. Occasionally, even Nobunaga and herself are embarrassed.

Besides, she hasn't woken up yet in this one case. She was the only one who was going to wake up the researchers as expected.

"Even so, a bunch of really interesting people came together"

To one willing to betray from the beginning, two equal to having fallen on Shura Road but therefore not thinking about anything. There is one guy who neither the clown nor Kusu knows what he's thinking apart from that. Kusu is with you in the sense of what you're thinking. Other similarities and stops.

All the personnel gathered by the clown were strangers. I just wonder why you have such a face. Come on, a clown would know the reason and circumstances for this face, but Kusu hasn't been taught.

"Ka. That's for sure. So, lord."


"What do you think? The lord obeys their orders with his word, not with his word. Scratching his sleeping neck is Lord's main business. You can't do business. You're not a lord."

"Dude...... bad listening. I'm a loyal man, too, huh? I've never betrayed Changqing. Well, the Admiral's betrayed you about three times."

Kusu laughed and made it clear about Sanho Changqing, but then he turns around and laughs and talks about what happened in Nobunaga. It should be further noted that before that, the three good people have also betrayed each other.

"Well... for a while I'll follow their promises. For a while."

At any rate, you know that clowns and I don't keep our promises. Kusu makes it clear that while he understands it, he will continue the relationship used and utilized for a while.

"So... what will you do when the time comes?

"Hmm... Non goes to the fun. Let's pick someone who's more in battle. Well, if you live to that time, we're talking about. Non's main enemy is that apprentice. That's a mighty enemy and a tough one. Undoubtedly, it will be a battle between the life and death of Non."

"Well... if you're alive, don't just take it from behind with your old friendship."

Kusu, who nodded contentedly at the words of Ishikusai, waved his hand at him as he turned his back to him to tear it up and followed the scene. It is unclear what time this will be. The defeat of Ishikusai and others may be before, and Kusu may be first to exit the clowns. If the latter wakes up first, if they do poorly, Stone Boat Says and others will be targeted as chasers. That was the word in anticipation.

Thus, Kusu, one of those who did not know what he was thinking, also decided to head somewhere with something in mind.