Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1382: Harvest Festival - A Few Days Ago -

The next day further dawns from the visit of the emissary of the country of High Elves and the emissary of the Empire, with Amadeus at the top. Kate was very busy taking action around this time when Kate was just about to get along. Because by this time, a few days before the harvest festival. I had to go into the Temple City the day before, considering I was a tourist, and it was really only a few moments later that I was ready. Considering the order, it would be a place where it would be net and then one or two days later. but still, kite was getting talks with sola.

"... seriously?

"Oh. That's why you're with me this time. There are other seniors to be awarded."


It doesn't sound like a joke. Sora listened to Kate and understood so. What he was listening to was, needless to say, the award of two names brought to him by the Imperial Messenger. In fact, Kate has been too busy so far, and the awarding of two names was quite lagging behind in the Adventure Department.

but this time I'm taking part in the harvest festival, so Kite has a whole schedule. No, rather than being available, my plans as Duke are filled neatly, so as a result, my plans as an Adventure Department kite are just vacant, but I'm still vacant. So it was a decision to award this once and for all.

"Seniors and you have one previous case, especially in Laeria, and applications are coming from Laeria as well. In your case, there are other requests for awards from the Kingdom of Marisia, the Wood Leaked Forest, which is one of the central nuclei of this time."

"... well. Unexpectedly, we were working in a lot of places..."

When I reconsidered, Sola was also slightly impressed by the fact that she was going out to various countries and regions. And for what he has done, there are those who have been saved.

"Okay. So I should be awarded it by His Majesty with you, then?

"Well. What if I give you the best mainstay?

"Seriously, stop that"

Though it was Sola who accepted the instruction from Kite, she immediately rejects the further offer with a true face. Well, this one on the boulder, or the case that Kate and the others made was too big.

Especially in the case of Kite. That's what we should give all the time from one incident in "Portland Emelia," they kept saying and have been left without a good time until now. If you dare, he was a know-it-all hero.

The result was to be awarded by Emperor Leonhardt, including one case so far. Of course, as an empire, I can hustle like a Japanese hero. In view of the intention to lurk behind the harvest festival, it was not a bad thing.

"Hahaha...... but this isn't the same time we played in that game before, we're the main ones. Hold on tight there. Ma, what we do is not much different from the last days of the previous La Area civil conflict. I'll be the last to do that, too. So you don't have to do anything special."

"Just take it with dignity, right?

"That sort of thing"

Kate laughed and nodded when she heard what he was meant to be, which Sola had grasped. In the case of Sola, both in the raven and in the corner, it is only good to be awarded two names and a medal by the Emperor Leonhardt. Medal, but this is nothing special.

But what if the Empire doesn't give anything even though it is the Empire that Laelia is applying for and giving, so he decided to bring up a previous case at "Portland Emelia" and an adventure department at an intercontinental conference to award a medal to the upper echelons below the kite. Especially in the instant, the Faranx chosen at that time was being effectively utilized. It is somewhat impossible, but it had been decided that it would not be bad yet.

"But two names... I didn't use them after all."

"Ha ha. I don't know how many two names I usually get from myself. Two names are for others to say in awe. I wouldn't call myself a narcissist if I wasn't so confident."

"Uh... well, yeah..."

I don't want to tease myself of the two names Sola gave me. On the boulder. That was too childish, and it seemed too poorly dressed to say so myself.

"Ma, it still becomes one indicator. The more you know, the bigger things you did."

"That's very convincing of you to say..."


Kate says it herself and convinces herself. Nothing in the world is more known than his two names. The best in the world if it's visibility. Of course, greatness will be the biggest in the world again.

"Well. Well, I don't care about that. I can't believe it. I told him I'd be awarded it. The day is before His Majesty. Your taste is firm."

"Ha-ha-ha... We're already here..."

"You're tired too."

Kate laughs and sends comfort to Sola, who shows some tiredness. Oh, there's no doubt about Nanami. That's how, with Sola on her back, Kate decides to head to where she needs to go next. That goes without saying. Cooking room.

"Hey, Kagurasaka! The guy who's finished processing the bottom is finished freezing -!

"Ah, yes! Then take the refrigerant with you!

"Contact from the guy in the temple city! Vegetables are delayed for a day! If you choose to ship directly from the region, the rain will delay you for a day!

"A day would be fine, and that would be ok!

After all, the cooking room looked the most soothing. It is the appearance that various arrangements are made around the Moon. To such a good moon, Kate approaches.

"You look busy..."

"Ah, Mr. Kite. Can I help you?

"I wanted to make sure you were ready. I've been in touch with a few of them."

"Ah, yes. I'll ask. Oh, this, please!


When Mutsuki leaves the other cooks to handle the chicken underneath, she walks with Kate and moves out of the way.

"Well, first of all, Yayoi, who is in the Temple City earlier, and Moon contacted me. For one thing, the application was granted permission. Later, guidance will come from the city's health administration."

"Yes, then, here it is"

"Do that. The boulders are out of my control."

Kite and Mutsuki discuss some of the public processing. Again, here, so to speak, food hygiene laws are involved. The Adventure Department has been approved by Maxwell for the dining room, but in the Temple City permission had to be obtained in the Temple City. The application process has been completed.

"Therefore, hygiene management is strict. Sterilization with vinegar or something is decent."

"Yes, I'm fine. Because I do it every day."

"That's right...... okay. Then I'll leave you to it. This one has overall control."


When Mutsuki nodded at Kite's words, he went straight back to the cooking place. The number of customers is still high. It seems that it was necessary to take a considerable amount of time to process it. I guess I don't have time to rest.

"For once, let's all get some rest!

"Ah, yes! So, the process..."

Kite starts moving it back again when she sees the Moon raise her voice to one of her own cautions. The next stop is the office. There should have been moments here.

"Oh, kite. Heavenly Path has arrived over there."

"Right. Is there a problem?

"No, he's not experiencing any particular problems"

"Right... so, Doctor. Our selling mon...... but why don't we just stop eating balls like that?

Kite nodded at the instant report, but the next thing he saw like that was Musashi who was here for some reason. Even though he wasn't here until he left, he noticed he was here and devoured Sawaan.

"Mm-hmm. It's a treat. Not a bad flavor."

"Thank you...... So, what can I do for you?

"Hey, I just wanted to make sure."


Musashi releases his swordswallowing temper when he laughs one against the puzzling kite. That's a glitch, that's all I can say. As a result, it was slightly surprising to think that Kite would also show a slight sword swallowing appearance.

"... now what?

"Well, let me hear it because it's good. To what extent?"

"I was wondering if you knew best."

"Far away."

Musashi is convinced by Kite's response and puts in a swordswallowing atmosphere. Besides, Kite made it clear.

"Not even like a teacher at all. You know you can't win."

"Ka. Um, I still can't win"


It was at a moment when I watched this as something happened that I was gnawed at the too uncomfortable words of Kite and Musashi. When it comes to these two winning and losing, there is inevitably only one opponent. It would be Yoo Seung Sook. And I made it clear that I couldn't win. I can't be surprised or forced.

"Ha ha. Um, you can't win. Perhaps Shinjuku Musashi can win up to about ten soldiers at the most."

"So - Shit. Oh, seniors. If I tell you because I don't understand, that's the temper my teacher had... well, if I dare say so, in his lifetime. It's more sophisticated now."

"In the old days, do you mean you couldn't win?

Ask the words from Kate, momentarily a little convinced. As long as I was alive, I snorted that I couldn't win. Because it's much stronger now.

"Uhm. The old...... uhm. Shinjuku Musashi will undoubtedly beat Yoo Seong Tatsuma Shoshoku. And Shinjuku Musashi can't beat Yoo Seong Sook. but if you're not now, let's win."

I assure you that Musashi can win the instant inquiry without fail. That was affirmed from the bottom of my heart.

"You can't lose. You've gone the wrong way, Lord Soku."

Boom, but somewhere lonely Musashi speaks out. After all, he who once knew. It would only be lamentable to know its fallen appearance and its background.

"So? That's good, but why now?

"I just wanted to know. I was wondering if Non was that man. Hmm. He was a man to that extent. Though he was a swordsman, he was not a swordsman."

"I'm sure you understand."

"Kaka! That's why!

Musashi just laughs and laughs. And I wore an awesome style. I didn't think so, and the moment jumped off the spot.

"... how about that"

"Much more... sophisticated, he said. Comparing style is disgusting. You'll see for yourself."

"Kaka...... um"

For Musashi, who wraps up an awesome style as usual with a flat kite, I understand that the essence of the bottom of my heart musashi is not even comparable to myself, and that's what Bern Tyne is.

Definitely the strong, no swordsmen. He was such a swordsmith that he made a quon known as the sword princess and made it clear that if he wasn't blessed with screwed up luck, he would lose.

"My sword moves. Let it reach the Holy One."

"Well, a disciple shouldn't say... a teacher can do it. Even the Sokku Temple."

"Uhm...... well. Then I can confirm it."


Wasn't this the real deal? Kite responds raw to Musashi's words, which set the style of swordsmith to date. Besides, Musashi asked.

"Do you have any salt and white rice? No, Sazawa-en, it's good to eat, but I'm dying to eat white rice sexually. I want a grip."

"Go to the dining room. This is a place of work."


I don't think so. Jito Eyed Kite tells me, Musashi rises. They were pompous and devouring Sawaan, but they missed the rice asexually. I didn't even know it as a kite. And Musashi comes here frequently, so he serves rice if he asks.

"Ha... seniors. I won't be so vigilant, but I'll be fine."

"... I was so impatient... I still can't stop trembling"

"It would be obvious. That's Musashi Miyamoto. One of Japan's finest swordsmen. Remember."

Is that due to samurai tremor or awe? Either way, that's what Kate tells you, toward a moment when you can't hide the tremor. In that way, we knew the real end of Musashi without attempting to do so.