Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1391: The Day Before the Harvest Festival

The day after the visit of Einadis Elaran, one of the eight guild < > guild master and cousin of Kuzha, dwarf of the woods. Even if that happened, the morning would normally start, and work had been done.

but when the boulder is the day before, it cannot be a lot of work due to the fact that there is a night before the festival. And since we knew that, the kites were also finishing most of the work within yesterday. What was left behind was something that could not be done unless it was processed immediately before cooking.

"Mutsuki! The pot over here is boiling!

"Oh, yes! Lou, let me in. After that, leave me alone on low heat!

"Whoa! Somebody bring me Lou!

"Whoa! Now, bring it!

The movement of people is not more intense than yesterday, but it was no exaggeration to say that there was some kind of battlefield there. So today, today, Kite helped Mutsuki to do the cooking underneath, and for example, if it was Sola, who couldn't cook, she was carrying the necessary seasonings at the behest of Kite, Yuri and Nanami.

"Good. Now all we have to do is simmer for now... but be careful not to burn"

Kite slowly stirs the curry, which is simmered in a large pan. The smell is tight on top of the basic effort, so surprisingly, the Adventure Department expedition doesn't make rice box cooks curry, but the Adventure Department makes their own curry from Lou. This was using it. And the moment came to such a place early enough.

"Kite! There's a message coming from Mr. Puri!

"Oh! Daiwa, you're talking about your dad coming!

"That's right! I hear Mr. Berntaine's here!

This time, Berntaine will participate in everything from the Evening Festival to the Late Night Festival in prayer for the completion of the final phase of < >, Puri said. And today is the day before. If you are as adventurous as he is, most situations can be broken flat. Given the fact that it is already close to noon, there is no wonder we arrive.

"Okay! I'm on my way to say hello! As soon as you're ready, you can go!


Kite can't move to not take over a large pot on a raven or a corner. And a compromise with the outside world is Kite's role. The necessary handover is made possible. Therefore, Kite decides to make further necessary arrangements to go out when she deposits a large pot with one of the cooks.

Anyway, you won't be able to respond immediately with a visit to the Great Temple of Fire first, or a greeting from a guild under your command who said Berntaine was here and would come to greet you. I didn't have to rush that much.

"Phew... I wonder if this is a problem for now..."

Looking at the notes that were placed on their own seats in the simplified tent that they use as a command post, Kite is relieved that there is no problem for the moment. Kite was also helping to cook, but is similarly in a great hurry to get ready for the opening of the store from tomorrow at all locations.

And I know what I'm missing at yesterday's stage, and I've already bought more, and I still need the finer things that Sora and the others can't cook. Noodles are buying me out. I haven't had any extra big problems. And so today and Soleil jumped on his knees.


"Hmm? Oh, what's up?

"Hey, I took a picture because you were asleep."

"I don't know."

Apparently Soleil is using his spare time to play with a lot of things. They are with Rufaus and the others this time, and they will not be asked to help with anything important. Because I have different muscles.

That's why they liked it, but they used their spare time to do a lot of things. So there was a picture of Einadis napping in her hand.

"Hmm. No matter where you look from, the lady in the deep window."

"Isn't she cute?"


The way Einadis, one of the most beautiful girls in the high elves with many beautiful men and women, rows the boat with relaxation in the light of the sun, feels exactly like a lady of sophistication.

Now you won't look like one of the heads of the eight guilds, the strictest and most serious girl. And thunder, which is also her trademark, struck that place.


"Oh, you know what?"

"Hey, where are you!? Please erase the photo!

Apparently, Einadis knew they took the picture. I can't see it from here, but I could probably see it turning my face bright red. And I know where Soleil is going to come too. So I came right here.

"Oh, my face is bright red after all"

"Soleil! What's the picture?!?

"Probably not! I didn't even show it to you anymore."


Ainadis still dyes his face even brighter red against Soleil, who laughs with a naughty face. I guess it's still embarrassing when anyone is accidentally filmed asleep. That's why the chase around the kite will begin.

"Give it to me!


"Master, it's tea."

"Oh, thank you. Phew... the world has never lined up..."

To the two beautiful girls circling around themselves, Kate took a relaxing breath sipping the tea offered by Tsubaki. And that's where the moment came.

"Kite. This one's ready... what happened?


Chase him. Soleil and Einadis, who were working together around this citation photo, are instantly seen and slightly silenced. but kite went through with it.

"Fun thing. So, senior. Is that good enough?

"Oh, oh..."

"Eh heh."


I wonder what you're doing. Ainadis is shy because he has still been seen haunting Soleil, who enjoys the sight of such moments. After all, she also seems to have only a normal girl at her root.

"I'm going to Lord Berntaine's, but what about Eina?

"... I will accompany you. It's the same eight great lengths..."

Ainadis, who was questioned by Kate, is ashamed, but it's still about her who's serious there. He decided to go say hello to Bernstein while he regained his mind - and hid the pictures he had covered with Kosokoso. Essentially, Einadis and Berntaine are one of those people who often face each other at this harvest festival. So it seems customary to go say hello.

"Well, so am I."

"Do it."

"Good. Well, let's go. Tsubaki, I'm leaving for a while. I'll take care of it later."


"Yes, sir."

A great Alliance Master has arrived in the Raven and in the Horn. If so, whatever it is, it will be where I want to go as soon as possible as the guild master of the underlying guild. So I decided to follow it even though I wondered if the moment would be good for Kite, who stood up with Soleil on his back. As such, the kites entered the Temple City Branch of < >, but it was quieter than usual when their great father arrived.

"Well... Eight great Einadis?

"< > …?"

"Greetings because my great father is here."

Even though it was quieter inside the guild home becomes even quieter. One of the heads of the eight guilds. In other words, it is equal to Bern Tyne. The alias was ringing. Walk with me through the guild home that created such tranquillity.

"Ooh, this is so... awesome combination. When the wartime elves see it, it's a tear."

In the clerk's office at the Alliance Home I got there, I had to laugh unexpectedly at the information on the Alliance members Berntaine rushed in in in a big hurry. Will this place come with me? That's what I thought.

"... Oi. You're all very fond of each other."

Berntaine urges executives and his sons to check to see if there are any broken collars and feet, too. I've met over comms and user demons, but this is the first time I've seen them straight away. That's why he was nervous too.

"Excuse me."

"Excuse me."

Almost at the same time as Bernstein got his taste ready, the kites came into the room. That's how the door closes, while Kate wraps herself around the hegemony of previous years.

"... could you imagine better?

"Oh... more than I imagined..."

Overwhelming. This is the brave man who bound the fierce wartime. Seeing that hegemony, Berntaine couldn't help but stop trembling. Far away. I'm supposed to be at a far height myself, but far beyond sight. I was dressed to be shown that.

But that's good. Above all, we could understand that he was the one whose ancestors fought together, laughed together and cried together.

"Sora, good. Nice to meet you, not to say, but let's name it again. Kite, it's Kite McDawell."

"Oh, thank you. Bernstein Bernstadt."

Berntaine was aware of her nervousness as she held the hand offered by Kate. Naturally. For the Urkan people, Kate is exactly equal to God as well.

It is because he has broken off the abolition of slavery that there is now. And the exile at its end. How much they are thankful is beyond words. Don't be nervous, it would be an impossible story.

"...... su, soo easy. I don't know... I think I lost my hip."

"Haha... well, I'm a normal person too... maybe that kind of weird place is ancestral giving up"

After the handshake was exchanged, Kate smiled at Bern Tyne's words as she sat down in the chair. I guess it's because there's still a blood connection. I thought they looked alike in strange places.

"Excuse me. Somebody get some water. Well. You want a drink? Bring me a towel and I'll knock you down."

"Heh, heh..."

Apparently, he was really nervous. Berntaine exhales and calms her nervousness when she drinks water from the water drain.

"Well... well, it doesn't mean there's something. Just to say hello."

"Heh, heh. Thank you."

In response to Kate's words, Berntaine was firmly frightened. It was that I had no choice.

"So, you know, Aina's with me. There's a lot going on. We're acting together."

"Long time no see"

"Heh. I'm listening... it's been a while"

To Einadis' greeting, Berntaine also greets him as Alliance Master. He also heard that Einadis was coming, and he has heard yesterday's disturbance over Frodo. I didn't particularly wonder.

"Well, it's this time of year. Greetings will also come in a hiatus. Both me and the Great Spirits are staying during this period. Between us, if you want to drink, come. What did they do when they crossed to Urca? I want to hear it, and a lot of people want to hear it."

"Thank you. We will definitely be with you."

Kite comes as the head of an ostensibly mid-level guild. Therefore, I cannot stay long. So I decided to look forward to another opportunity and get up. Meanwhile, Berntaine was bowing her head deep enough to get to her desk. Besides, Kate laughed a little sneered and pulled up the spot.

"... father. They're home."

"Oh, oh, whoa..."

Listening to Augdyne's words, Bernstein finally lifts his head, which he was lowering. Well, I get it. He had no idea what he was talking about.

He was responding only to the appearance that he could not appear pitiful as a descendant of Kate's companion by being obliged or heroic.

"Yabe... I don't have any memories from where I shook your hands... Oh, hey, you guys! I don't think so, do I?

Berntaine was anxious to expose herself to something unusual or not to work any disrespect.

"Oh, don't ask us!


"This guy's passed out standing up!

"Hey, water!

In the office after Kate left, the rough guys panicked. That's how Kite ended the meeting with those who, while scarring not so little, were called the Great Sovereign among the adventurers attending the Night Before Festival.