Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1401: A troublesome customer

The second day of the harvest festival began in a hurry while arranging for reinforcements for the fried chickens, who showed much more prosperity than Kate and the others had assumed. This day is also the same as the Tian Cherry School officials, who were expected to be very busy from a glance at the morning fried shop on this day, but that prediction was not a mistake.

Therefore, Kite did not date despite the festivities, but was running to arrange reinforcements, interact with merchants and work with them at the top level. Therefore, Kite was visiting a fried chicken shop to ask the status quo in order to arrange a fryer.

"This is... awesome..."

"Ooh, Heavenly Sound! I'm sorry you're here! So, bad then bad, but I'm a little out of hand, so talk to the guy who's resting! Yes, scorched butter! Oh, yes! Next time, it's a little late!

"Oh, okay! Just keep up the good work over there!

For the first time in so much fun - it was more than I could have imagined even when I heard it - I would leave it up to the lower classmates to respond to Kate while the upper classmates partitioning the stalls served the customers. I guess that means I'm so busy. That's why Kate decided to hear the progress from her junior classmates during the break.

"Senior Tianyin! Good luck!"

"Oh annoying...... sorry, the break space is a little narrower"

"No, you can still rest."

A junior classmate who was resting in the break space bows his head to Kite. The break space is magically developing a special junction so that the heat of fried food does not reach it. So it was cool here. Part of the fight against heat stroke.

Nevertheless, we still need space to build more flyers. So I was scraping some of the rest space, and it was pretty narrow. I want to do something about it, but space is finite. I couldn't even do anything about it, so I just had to ask him to be patient.

"Right. You got enough men?

"Ugh! Thanks to Fryer for coming, I'm doing something!

"Then don't worry."

The number of fryers added increased at a time. Although the temporary rotation efficiency has decreased in order to increase construction, it will be sufficient as an up-front investment given what is to come.

"Oh, yeah. Senior Tianyin. I asked the sorcerers to leave at the discretion of their predecessors."

"Right. If it's seniors' decision, there won't be a problem"

Kate will make a gradual decision on the report from the junior classmates. If the Flyer arrived, you don't need a magician. I can't really use my manpower for cooking in the first place. Especially fried food. I just want to avoid raw burns to avoid food poisoning. Think about it there, Flyer was better.

"Good. Thank you. I'll have it delivered later, even on ice candy. Hold on to that for a while."

"" "Thank you!

We can't be talking too long in the break room either. Therefore, when Kate receives a brief report, she says so and stands up. As such, he decided to move to another place to work on the arrangement with the students' gratitude behind his back.

Now, where the moving kite headed, it's one of the hotels I'm staying in. They had one of the great halls here rented out for the entire period, making it the headquarters of Tian Cherry School officials.

Tsubaki is always there for Kate, so Kate was going to get in touch with her everywhere to deal with the problems she's getting so far.

"Welcome back, my lord"

"Oh, I'm home. Well, there's almost nobody there."

It's still only the second day. Problems persist everywhere. And the break is on a rotating basis. So it wasn't like someone was still able to reside at this time of year. Someone will be able to reside as early as about a week later.

"Tsubaki. Any word?

"Yes, Master Kuzha has contacted me that some nobles would like to head to the Tensakura School stalls."

"Well, come. What's your list of preferred stores?

"Already done."

I guess the boulder is still a place called Tsubaki. Several lists, including the names and titles of the nobles, territories, etc. are submitted immediately at the request of Kite.


Looking at the list, Kate nodded one small. As expected. After all, eating and walking are not good for the nobles. So most of them were taverns.

"The schedule is... adjusted. Then no problem. Let me move on. Put me in touch with Mutsuki."

"Yes, sir."

I guess Daitaka Kuzha was adjusting for me. Kate sees what the desired date and time is and decides so. Thanks to that, the basics seemed okay to keep going. but that is, dare I say, common sense, about the nobility on this list. It was troublesome to deal with the nobility compiled outside of this first list.

"Even so... there are still a lot of troublemakers..."

Come on. You can't possibly not come. With that in mind, Kate sighed one thing. Well, nobles compiled on a list outside this list should dare to think of themselves as arrogant nobles. On the other hand, it was the commonsense aristocrats who were on the earlier list.

He has informed the store side of the time of the visit properly, and has asked this side whether the time can not be rented out if possible, or whether it is ok to push a small number of people due to security. It would also be natural for arrangements to have been made immediately. Because they take care of me. It would be muscular to show consideration for this one too. Even if it needs a little fixing, the basics will send people over, so if we meet with it somewhat, we can do anything about it.


Kate looks at the list that was compiled separately and thinks about what to do. A lot of them come and make it, make it. There were many aristocrats there who mistakenly assumed that they did not provide courier services, but to that extent could - rather than naturally - do. but as much as it's not a time and a situation you can, you'll know if you think about it in common sense.

"Tsubaki, when that work is done, get Kuzha a confirmation and look out for the non-idiot aristocrats from this list. No problem with that."

"Yes, sir."

Tsubaki quickly enters the arrangement after receiving a further extracted list of some of the nobles in the list that had been separated from Kite. A nobleman who wanted the courier service that Kate separated them from each other so that he could make them if he could understand. I had even more stupid nobles extracted from it, and I was thinking about what to do about wise nobility.

"Well... well, can you handle the guy who's not stupid"

Needless to say, Kate, a nobleman himself, understood that these troublesome guests were coming. So I didn't do the courier service, but I didn't fail to prepare so that I could handle it properly.

For example, I had asked the Viktor Chamber of Commerce to purchase containers to keep the dishes fresh, and I have arranged so-called cage-like items that I need to carry. but I'm just not because when I take it, I take it and it gets a lot of trouble, and when I pee, I start saying me and me. And, thinking about yet another arrangement, Tsubaki submitted the list to me after an exchange with Kuzha.

"Your husband. These are the nobles who are not fools."

"Ugh... then let's have them taken to their gestures about them. People come from the other side. Let me get a list of upper-street students who can handle that. Oh, we don't need to hurry. Not today anyway. Even after today's closing, you can make the list come out before the opening the day after tomorrow."

"Yes, sir."

Following Kite's instructions, Tsubaki enters the arrangement again. People come from the other side. Kite is not an idiot. The nobles decided to do something to get people out of the other side.

Even so, it's easy to say. I still want the nobleman to make sure he didn't put poison in it. And if they say so, sure, I just have to snort.

Toxic lookers still exist well in Enefia, and in some aristocracies, many reside there. They'll be bringing you to this city, too. You can't deny that you're safe.

And I want you not to poison the assassin or something when you carry it, but if you tell me, they'll take it. The messenger is free to bring it home. So let's just put it in a special container and have it brought back.

"Well... the thanksgiving part of this festival is that even a foolish nobleman keeps some courtesy..."

There are no appointments. Kate knows exactly how grateful that is. Again, the most troublesome response of the nobles would be to come abruptly and try to occupy the prestigious citations and shops when told.

And unfortunately and naturally, such a nobleman exists in this Enefia beyond the presence of a nobleman. but I don't do that only at festivals with such aristocrats. Because there was a nobleman who looked painfully at me once. Once you see a sore eye, no one will do it.

"For once, you're pissing me off."

"Ooh. Maido, is that my money?"

Kite laughs at Silfi, who single-handedly manifests the fried chicken she bought at the fried chicken shop. Well, that seems to be the case.

"You must have done that in your favorite stall about 150 years ago."

"I mean, you're softening me up where we're all gathered... that white cake over there was delicious too. I wanted to feed Kite too. At the end of the day, when we retired, we all came."

Silfi nodded as she ate a large bite of fried chicken on Kite's lap with a claw twig. Apparently, all the great spirits were gathered and eating at the stall where Silfi found them, but they got stuffy there. So, she didn't see it, so she said.

"Well, too bad... if the boulders tell you guys, don't shut up any idiots"

"Haha. I was a little wussy, so who is this festival to thank? Is that you? Are we the spirits? When I heard that, I shut up."

"That's right. It's too logical."

I never would have thought that the nobleman and the Great Spirit were really at the festival, and that they were in the store. Speaking of which, I have no choice. Because even the shopkeeper really fell down when he found out who she was as the Great Spirit.

but in Enefia, there's no choice but to piss them off. It's not acceptable. Whatever the reason, it pissed off the Great Spirit, which is usually the only reason for a removal from the aristocracy. Worst case scenario is death penalty.

And I can tell this word is pissing them off no matter what anyone hears. After that, the nobles stopped being so impotent because they didn't know where the Great Spirit was. Instead, there will be no choice but to have more nobles asking for delivery.

"So, Silfi. How's our food?

"Yeah, it's delicious. It tastes like you're working hard."

"That's good. Those guys are worth the effort... but don't get hungry when the boulders make you smell fried at this distance..."

"Yes, uh"

"Agoo...... yeah, yummy. Thankyou."

Eating one fried chicken offered by Silfi, Kite turns to the paperwork again. I can't snuggle around till hours. Much remains to be done. I know it's the only time I'm busy, but I need to get through it. That's how he swelled, or he turned his head. Kate also decided to deal with the stupid aristocrats.

"Good. Let's be reasonable about fools and try to come get them. Don't flat out if you're delivering to a boulder at our store. Enough people."

"Isn't that good?

"You said it. It came out of the Great Spirit... so we need to think about what to do with the more troublesome ones..."

The ones I've been thinking about are the ones who said it was great. In contrast, the next guys are the ones who tell us to make it in front of ourselves. This is the most troublesome thing. Worst of all, some fools try to buy their way out of force as they wear aristocratic power on their kasas, or at the end of the day try to hold personnel. I needed to think about it a lot. Nevertheless, that was not all this time, and there were often some peculiarities of the kites' stalls.

"Hmm...... I see. Well, there's more... Oh, here too... Hmm..."

Sure, I guess so. Seeing the opinions of some of the noblemen who said come and make it, Kate nodded in view of this. Because it's still the nobles. Not only are there fools and selfish aristocrats, but there are a few who feel compelled to stand and eat with their hands. Classy aristocrats, that's why.

They want fried chicken and grilled chicken served by the kites with those people. After thinking about them, they made them at their place.

"Good. Tsubaki. Ask Kuzha and Aura to come and make it for each country or region. Try to root for the nobility. It's possible to serve it in the form of a meal."

"Okay. I'll tweak it."

Listening to Tsubaki's response, Kate wonders what she will do with the tools and ingredients herself. This would be more of a customer situation than selfish. So I was going to consider it as much as I could as a kite. As such, Kite decided to deal with orders from the nobles who could still come after him.