The day after the visit of the Emperor Leonhardt. Since this date, taverns run by Tensakura School in Boulder had also started to operate normally. So Kate was giving the speech again first.

"First of all, good luck to all yesterday. After that, some discussions were held with the officials of the Imperial Capital, but His Majesty the Emperor wanted to welcome you. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the media has a good reputation."

In Kate's hands there was a cut out of yesterday's content taken by the press of each company. All the basics were praised by the emperor Leonhardt. After all, my reputation didn't have to be kite to worry more than the Emperor Leonhardt would have come. I was relieved by a circular from Kite, especially how Mutsuki, who was actually the center of cooking, cared.

"Well. Then perhaps even more nobles will come with patience from today, or many more visitors are expected. That will happen outside of the tavern. I think I'll be busy for a little while, but I'm also building a shift to go with it. Just so you know for once."

"" "Yes" "

Kate had also read that the Emperor Leonhardt would come sooner or later. Therefore, he had made his plans built in advance after the arrival of Emperor Leonhardt when building the shift. So all I can say about this is move on as shifted. As such, after the morning ceremony, Kate decides to get to work as she watches the students scatter.

"Good. I work, too, and..."

"Your husband. Musashi is here."

"The teacher? Okay. Let me through."

Kate leans her neck on Tsubaki's report, but orders her to go through Musashi. And soon, Musashi arrived.

"Oh, kite. Sorry... I think I had a rough day yesterday."

"Yes, well... So, what's up?

"Hmm... I was wondering if I could borrow a seat"

"Oh, you said so. So, around noon today?

"Mm-hmm. Yeah, it's good when it's a little past noon. Right. Since the store opens at twelve o'clock, is it an hour from now? I need three seats at the end of that stall."

Musashi nodded at Kite's inquiry, pointing to three seats in the corner of the tavern's stall. Sure, visitors are expected from today, but with Musashi there, there will be more foil. So Kite has no objection to having a seat. But to this, Kate leans her neck.

"Your three seats, are...?

"Mm-hmm. Don't ask me for details. If the Lord can, take your place. Yeah, it's noon, so we're not having dinner, are we?

Kate leans her neck even further into Musashi's words. The reason why he put a small neck on it is because three seats doesn't match the number of Miyamoto family members. Besides, I want you to be there for me. I couldn't quite grasp the intention. Nevertheless, my teacher tells me to be present. If so, there is no denying to Kite.

"... ok. I'll make arrangements."

"Uhm, smunu. Hey, there's someone I really want to eat. A little bit of a customer. If you think about them, you can only ask them to be decent."


I don't know what it is, but they're good with this for now. Musashi nodded one to Kate's raw reply and left intact.

"I don't know what it is... the teacher's boss..."

Well, a teacher I know a lot of martial arts artists from all over the world. No wonder. That's what Kate decided to do, and for the time being, she decided to do it.

Well, that's why roughly five hours and a little from Musashi's visit first thing in the morning. A little after the noon rush, Kate had set up three seats at the end of the stall according to Musashi's instructions. And Musashi was coming at the right time. but the guy wasn't with the Guest-like person, he was alone.

"So let me set up a seat... which is the guest?

"Mmm-hmm? Oh, Guest... I don't think we're here yet. but it's bound to come. So drink some tea and wait."


They decided to rendezvous with the guests here for now. So Kate decides to mouth the green tea offered as a free drink while waiting for the guests for now, according to Musashi's words.

"Phew... so, Doctor. What kind of customer are you?

"Uhm... you can ride this time of Non's euphoria. Well, it's not as interesting as it sounds."


Apparently, Musashi is up to something. And he said he was doing something with it.



Just a cup of tea, and silence flows between my mentors. Even as Musashi, it's not like he wants to talk about something now, and Kate read it and shut up. but then the guests never come as long as they wait to live. So about thirty minutes later, Kate asked.

"… sir. Are you sure the guests are coming? Something fits the accident..."

"None. Um, it can't be. It's unlikely that it would fit the accident only with that Mistress."

Musashi grins when he dulls at Kite's inquiry. Besides, kite just snorts.


There, I'm hungry. After all, there's a stall, so basically everyone and he's pretty quick for breakfast. Kite was just as early in the morning. And that's when I stood hungry like that. There was no sign, and one man really sat down in the seat between nature and Musashi and Kite. To such a man, Kite ceases to believe.


"... called to the Shinji-kun, it will be a treat"

The one who showed up was Soto Willow. It was an enemy. but today he was armed with no weapons to say that he had no intention of fighting, and on the contrary, he was even equipped with a sealed bracelet to make it clear that he would not carry weapons.

"Oh, Lord Soku. Long time no see."

"Uhm... thank you for inviting me this time"

"Yes, no, no, no! Wait a minute!

To Musashi and Sokuto, who began the conversation plainly, Kate rushes to stop him. Indeed, Kate knew that Soto was coming. I never thought Musashi would have called that again. And Musashi hung a stop to such a kite.

"Well, rice first. At last, if the Lord wants to fight here, and eat the rice, he can fight. You can't fight when you're hungry."

"Nothing. I'm not going to fight this time. I know what I am and what I am. Never excuse yourself during a festival."

In response to Kite's question, Soto clearly states that there can be no battle here either. Besides, Kate decided to put up another brother's face.

"... ok. In the meantime, to what?

"Ha ha! This is interesting to say. Here is Lord Soku. At that point, let's decide on the market...... white rice, Ta 'an. Let's make it up to these two."

"... I see"

To Musashi's words, Kate nodded understanding why it would not have been possible if it had not been here. When it came to Soku, it was still Monsignor Sawayan who was being cordial. Needless to say, when it comes to the Sawaan monk, it's pickled. And there was one anecdote about this marinade. It was in keeping with that.

"... Mm. Excuse me."

Waiting for white rice to be ready. The belly worm of Soku proclaims hunger. He has only spoken of exotic dishes the past few days. Plus I haven't eaten anything since this morning.

He is a pretty early riser as an Edo-era samurai. I'm pretty sure he's hungry more than Kite. In this way, white rice and saucepan pickles in three bowls are provided in front of the three silent people.

"Yes, your town."

"Uhm, smart"

Musashi thanked Mutsuki for preparing the meal, and the three joined hands to grab the chopsticks and snag together some salted white rice and tamale. As it were, the three continue to eat Sawaan and white rice silently. This was all I had on an empty stomach. It was better than any gastronomy.

"... um. The words of Monk Sawaan were utterly uttered."

Soto, who enjoyed a glass of white rice to his heart's content, nodded contentedly with a flamboyant face. That's how the three of them forgive their hunger for the time being, but there Kate finally opened her mouth.

As a matter of course, my stomach was filled, but to this extent, my stomach doesn't even turn eighth. It's them who are martial artists. The Kenji family is the Kenji family. I can still eat.

To this extent, the hunger was only filled, and it would be too rude for the store to come to the store and just White Rice and Sawaan. As for the meal, this was even the real deal from here.

"This is where all three of us became Lord Jiayuang... well, do you want to eat first"


You can't come to the rabbit or the corner for dinner and talk bloody. Therefore, each of them shall eat what they wish to eat appropriately. That's how Soto opened his mouth while waiting for an additional order. What he asks is about the best swordsman and sword god.

"... Is Lord Nobuna a disaster?

"Yeah...... bring it in front of yourself. I'm replacing Monk Sawaan."


You're no different. Soku nodded only a little nostalgic for the first breath disaster of his unchanged ancestors. Throwing away an important part of the sexual roots does not change what has been cultivated. Therefore, we also know that this will anger the master. I know, but it's a life I lost once anyway. The desire to live in full thought for the second time or so was here.

"... arm in arm, let me try to accomplish it. This one will not be added or subtracted at all. I won't complain about being killed, but I won't let you complain about being killed."

"I understand. Tell your father so, too."

"Let's do that."

Soto nodded one to Kate's consent. That's how he took a single letter out of his nostalgia. It was Kite, not Musashi, who offered it.

"... to yourself, is it?

"Oh. There's still something else in Lord Musashi. but it's not ready yet... I'd appreciate it if you could check the contents again later."

"... ok"

Kate understood even without reading the contents of Soto's letter. What he said not to read on this occasion meant that this was a bloody story. Rather than, there is no point in reading. Because there are requirements on the cover that are huge. So Kite enters the nostalgia without checking any of the contents. In doing so, Kite inflicts a slight amount of warfare on her inner self.

…… What's the matter, sir? Oh, yes, this. It's the cold one Kate asked for. "

"Oh, wow. Sorry, thanks."

"No. Oh, please wait a little longer for the food. The stewed radish will be ready soon."

"Never mind."

Sokuto bows his head to the words of the Good Moon. Apparently he was asking for stewed radishes. And, on the other hand, Musashi was open to Kite at Musashi.

"Lord... are you going to drink from midday"

"Hey... no matter what the reason, Lord Sokku is here in the raven and in the corner. Then as a disciple, isn't it muscular to make a dedication? You can drink, right? I haven't heard from Lord Shinnozu about Shimodo. I'm sorry it wasn't sake."

"... give it to me, let's have it"

The tickle, and the little chuckled Soto took the pee turned from the kite. Besides, Kite exaggerates. Take a sip of that, Soto exhales small.

"Ho... the liquor of the other world poured out by the demon king of the sixth day... um"

Interesting inside. Sokuto, who was also a dickhead, smiles with satisfaction, thinking now that he gathers at odd edges. That's how he took the cup back and the virtue. Besides, kite bows her head small. The brotherhood in this setting is brotherhood. He said that his brother would give him an exaggeration. It would be the muscles that I would appreciate receiving.

"... never mind"

"Oh... and Shinji-kun"

"Oh, this isn't good."

After all, I told you, I didn't think it was the same as Musashi and not drinking alone. We're in the middle of a festival anyway. No one can say anything loud where he swallowed it during the day.

Instead, he invites Soto just because he wants to exchange the same table. And all three are good year adults. Beyond being a martial artist, it was a kind of manners where even a glass of booze could be served.

"... No, I was afraid of how far they'd changed."

"My sword moves, unchanged as the spring breeze"

"Kaka! Um. Also, now it's like spring breeze."

Musashi laughs happily when he hears the words of Soto, who blocked his own words. The roots are still the same. Someone I've heard and seen. That's why Musashi dares to haunt herself.

"Zongku Palace. His disciple is your disciple, but also his disciple. Let's make it clear that we don't nurture half-breed power."

"I'll borrow your apprentice for a little while."

The words of Musashi are also clearly stated. but that's not what's going on here. Not now. Therefore, it is also an earlier letter.

"Uhm...... the martial arts of this different world. You'll be delighted."


Kate just smiles at the words of her brother and teacher who are exchanged. I don't need to read the contents of the letter. Anyway, the table said "big fat" and "fulfillment letter."

I'm just trying to keep a fight with Kite before Musashi. Rehab, or return fight. shoulder to shoulder before production, so There was no doubt that I was quite confident in choosing Kite.

"Doctor. You're not complaining if it's over before you fight, are you?

"Ka. If it's something you can do, bye. Undoubtedly, Lord Soku is strong."

"No, I probably know more than the teacher."

What a disciple. Kate clearly understands the battle to come. As such, the three of them remained in a strange atmosphere, surrounding the same table even though they were on the enemy's side.