Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1412: Power reconnaissance and dealing with it

While Kite was getting to meet Bronzite, around that time. The followers of the Evil Gods were also showing movement as if to match their movements.

"So you think we can't act on a massive scale inside the Temple City?

"Uhm...... the temple city is a collection of ground veins. Hence the formerly demonic emperor has developed a strong bond. Especially once, there were still occasional incursions between demons. Therefore, the defenses were applied with greater care. You could dive in and have a few."

On a hilltop overlooking the walls of White Asia on the outer walls of the Temple City, the followers of the Evil Gods discuss what's coming from here. After all, nobody wonders where we were looking at the Temple City in this difficult time of year. People come from all over the world at this time of year. Plus, it's a group. Therefore, I was not alarmed when I was in a group.

"Nevertheless, this is a good thing that it is a gathering place of the earth's veins... we can gain the power of our God"

Among the followers of the Evil Gods, perhaps a man situated in the central nucleus puts his hand on the ground. Then a disastrous force begins to drift around him. but quickly let go of my hand and fog the force. This is near the Temple City. If you do something nasty, Shamrock and Kite will immediately notice you. You should just keep it for confirmation.

"Uhm... this fluctuation of power... must be the power of our God. Undoubtedly, in this enemy land it will be possible to destroy without any shortage"

No problem. One believer snorted, firmly confirming it. This time, what they have been commanded by God is to use their divine power to scout the enemy. It's a powerful reconnaissance, as Kate and the others had foreseen, and as advised by the clown via Sokuto. They haven't been informed of the details, either, but apparently the evil gods were wary of something.

We were commanded to conduct a power reconnaissance to ascertain it. Die without saying, but nothing special questions or hesitations to them. Anyway, they have been the servants of the Evil God for a long time in the clan, and they have continued to leap since the days of the old civilization in order to revive the Evil God. If you die for God's sake, it is a blessing. I couldn't have gotten lost.

"Well... then scatter all over the Temple City and prepare for battle. After this, don't contact anyone unless you need to. This is divine life."


By order of the commander, the faithful quietly follow the scene. I leave it up to each one of them to see how they spend their last moments. It would be good to purify oneself in case of death, or to disguise oneself as a festival participant so as not to find out. They are their own ideas. Dropping it off, the man nodded one.

"... well... I have to go into action too"

What needs to be done is decided. He has been given the most important role in this operation. If that joy is in your chest, it is nothing but death.

"Shaggy was a clueless man of sorts... but much useful for the information he left behind. Was that man helpful to that extent?"

The man who purifies himself in preparation for the end of the day remembers the heads of the followers of the Evil Gods who once fought against Kite. Evil gods have forgiven sin for their loyalty and sacrifice of their lives, but that's another matter when it comes to revaluing their peers. Few of those who, in a sense like him, were more pure and strong in their faith failed once or could not be forgiven.


Steady, purified myself. I know how to do it, and I'm not ready. It's been decided since I volunteered for this story. No, on the contrary, it's been decided since I was born and decided to martyr in faith. Therefore the figure was even like a high monk of virtue, despite the followers of the evil gods.


A man's figure sinks to the ground. The way to go is just above the ground vein. A little above the thin skin to the extent that it touches or doesn't touch the ground vein. Thus, when a man reaches there, he creates a special time as his own companions once left behind.

"... oh... this is..."

At the same time as a special time can be made. Things like Moya, pitch black from the ground to the man's body. That is the power of evil gods. When we get to this distance on the boulder, even the kites can't sense it. Same as before. If you're not a fanatic, you're doing something you can't, so I can tell you there's no other way.

"Oh... this is it..."

The man was rejoicing, though he felt the pain and anguish of his own body rewriting in abnormality. And such a man felt joy until the end of his life.

Now, while the followers of the Evil Gods were preparing to dive all over the Temple City, The kites, who had been taught the matter by Soto, were not doing anything in particular, but only showing how normal it was. No city dwellers or tourists will be made aware of this incident. We won after we finished, that's enough. It was absolutely conditional on not behaving in a nasty way beyond that decision.

"Well... well, the enemy's coming, so what... Sora, sounds like you need to ask me something?

"Oh. Uh... what is it? I met Mr. Bronzite, the apprentice of someone who said something like that."

"Right. This one met with the Bronzite lord... well, let me tell you again, the wise man I'm going to introduce you to is the Bronzite lord."

When Kate snorts at the report from Sola, she tells him that she met with Bronzite here as well. Nothing. I have no problem teaching this extent. If you've already made contact with it from the other side, there's no point in hiding your name.

"What kind of person are you?

"Yeah? Right...... those who keep righteousness and courtesy, should say. Definitely a good place to apprentice. Great enough to have several books in the Great Library of the Temple City as well. It's a false name, but I've written military codes."


"How many years do you think I've lived? You said you met your apprentice. He's already over thirty ways. At the point where we're picking it up and raising it, you can guess his age, too, right?

"Ya, sure..."

Speaking of which, Mr. Shamrock said that Toryn is over thirty, too. Sora remembered her story in the library. It was inevitable that he was of considerable age.

"I don't know how old you are. Well, I was already an old man when I met him in a battle 300 years ago. Perhaps hundreds of years old are now over the top. If you do poorly, it could reach a thousand."

"There's a chance he's been alive since the beginning of Laelia, so..."

"Apparently. I've only actually met him a few times. For a time we were kind enough to help rebuild... but most of the exchanges were via letters and pearls"

The first time was in the middle of the war, and the second time was to anticipate his thoughts and arms to rescue the twins who would be his fiancée. Kite tells Sola that briefly.

Well, that's why they have the bronzite thing in their books. So it's one of the sages that Kate met. Of course, it is also spoken of there because it has made many other feats. but I'm still a know-it-all sage, so it was to the extent that I couldn't find it if I didn't.

"Ask yourself later. I met him and talked to him, but he was excited about keeping you for a while. They'll talk a lot."

"Whoa, I will...... no, kite. What better way to call it?

Thora agreed with Kate's words, but asks with a slight seep of tension. I guess it's because the other guy is a wise guy, and a person they say is great. They don't know how to handle it. The lack of experience was not limited to Sola, but was something I could say to the Adventure Department in general.

"Yeah? Think for yourself about that. I sometimes call you Lord Bronzite because I'm being kind... but you should call me what you think you deserve. It's not me who apprentices, it's you. You think."

"... hmmm..."

What should we do? Kate's point was the best. So Sora twists her head. Besides, Kate laughed all the time.

"Well, it's good to think about it. If you find out you're here for now, tell Yuri and the others. We're close, and it's better to teach you in advance than we can tell you suddenly that we're here."

"Oh, right. Excuse me. Hey, I'll be there."

"Oh, do that"

I was nervous and thinking about what to do, Sola, but I get up with Kate's advice. Sure, it's Sola who's involved in this project, but indirectly, it's something they're involved in as well. That's how she dropped off Sora's back after the occasion, and Kate groaned with one serious eye.

"... I guess this encounter means a lot... grow up, Sola. You're a man who can be a hero at some point."

"Even though it is rare, the Lord praises it that way"

"Yeah? Oh, Tina. Hey, what's up?

Voiced from behind, Kate takes deep into the chair. Besides, I brought Tina to the chair so that she could fit back to back.

"The predetermined placement was made. Lord Bronzite has helped us."

"Right. Then it's time."

It's time. That doesn't mean there's an enemy raid. When raiding, he probably chooses an auspicious day for the enemy to act. That was only a few days early, based on information gathered by the Shamrocks. If so, what this word indicates is Sola's encounter with Bronzite.

"Well... power reconnaissance..."

Probably coming over there with a lot of fighting power. That's what Kate and Tina were reading. Of course, that's what the emperors Leonhardt and the others read. That's how Tina asks. He came here to ask about this.

"Kite, there's no clue, right?

"Oh, sure. I'm getting ready for this one... and I'm going to use the same thing on Earth to protect it this time."

Kate twirls and joyfully mourns the Great Sickle, an artifact of the Goddess and an artifact of her own. In fact, everywhere in this temple city, Kate had secretly embedded special magic tools that amplified her powers. It was meant to be used to develop a slightly special junction in the Temple City.

"Well, this is an outpost. The Evil Gods vs. us...... Earth and Enefia. It's a wolf smoke where the myth of the two worlds begins again. Defeat is unacceptable, and defeat is not possible."

Kite had a slightly elevated mouth angle, which could not be contained. You have no intention of losing, and you can affirm that you have no chance of losing.

And the enemy is probably a battle in the midst of evil gods watching. Then this one won't give you fate either. And that's why Kite was so motivated. That's why, I guess. He asked Tina, with his fangs peeled off.

"... right. I'm in the mood for this. Dare I say it. After me, demon king... are you ready to come with me as my companion?

"Ha... who are you telling things to. Lord be good, okay? The rest is the Demon King. Be prepared to take after the Lord and the Demon King."

What begins here is a battle of myths. If so, both of you just get in as the right position. It goes without saying that as a legendary brave man and legendary demon king,

That's how Kite nodded deeply at Tina's response, getting up slowly. The only decision allowed to him this time was victory. It is also an overwhelming and absolute victory. Other than that, he will not forgive himself. And the planting was coming to an end.

"Good... then let's wait for it to come"


Being here is the most powerful couple in the human race. We've been with each other for over a decade now. To this extent, I understood that there was no way to lose to the extent of the spirits. That's how Kate decided to take Tina and work to prepare to make the perfect victory even more perfect.