While Tina was engaged in a battle that could be described as an experiment with enemies like the subspecies of the Seven Demons of Discipline, Phobidun Tamer. On the other side of the line, Kite decided to gather his enemies in one place. Nevertheless, there was no need for him to do something. Because the purpose of this enemy was not the temple city, but the kite. There's no reason for him to know that.

"Hmmm... Was this for me"

If it all goes this way at the same time, I can tell if you don't like it or if it's a monkey. So Kite the boulder also realized that this was the raid on herself. but that's why what.

Miscellaneous fish. Whether this is an enemy that even the gods fear in an attempt to defeat a hero, it has nothing to do with a kite who is said to have more fighting power than one god army against him. So against him that feels light, Yuri tells.

"It feels like it." I think he's a pretty tough guy, I am. "

"Even if they complained in a rugged way. In fact, he's such an enemy."

"Well, I guess so."

On Kate's shoulder, Yuri doesn't even seem to think of anything in particular. She felt light with her, too. Those are the two of them, but this one was supposed to wrap up the seven bodies and deal with them at the top.

Neither restraint nor debuff hang. Besides, the enemy understands that Kate is the god angel of the goddess of the moon, and the order of the evil god is not a city raid, but an investigation of Kate in the first place. There's no way you can help me.

I can also snort enough to say that even Israel is out of hand if its speed is more than one. For example, a fist blow is beyond the speed of sound even in tow, and it is no longer the same as a slaughter when it comes to kicking.

but say it again. So what is it? He is said to be synonymous with the brave, the brave kite at a glance by numerous heroes, both on Earth and in Enefia. He can't be defeated in an attempt to kill a concurrent hero. No, you can't even hurt me.

"Because to this extent...... compared to the blow of a full-power alto, it flies, compared to Karna's moves is also ugly. The accuracy of ranged attacks is not even to be seen compared to that of Arjuna. Strategies and collaboration are too crude to even tear up compared to the Scroods and the Battle Maidens (Valkyrians)... and that's how Ishtal sees this as the family of the guy who made them struggle, bent over and even themselves. Now you want me to struggle?

In an effort for that blow to exceed the speed of sound, "Fovidun Tamer," the Devil of Discipline, is not the heroes. The experience and style that the heroes have gained through numerous fierce battles and many death fights in an attempt to get up to the point where the spec sheet can kill a hero will not be matched. Compared to the extreme signs emitted by those heroes, "Fovidun Tamer," the Devil of Discipline, is tantamount to a dada leak in both intent to kill and killing.

Using the foundations of the Divine Yin Current, there is no foreshadowing of enemy action. On the contrary, if you told me to do it, I would try to get some tea from Tina and avoid it without spilling teacups of tea. That's the difference between a hero and just a family member. And this was the difference between a man who also transcended the hero and the Devil of Discipline, Phobidun Tamer.

"That's what I can tell you because it's Kite. I can't do it."

"Vivi, if it's about these guys, I'll try it alone, okay?

"Don't let Vi out. He'll be on the front line with Kate."

"Well, that's true."

Both Kite and Yuri were flat against a series of attacks from seven bodies at speeds beyond the sound speed. I totally believe in Kate's arm until Yuri, so I was no longer even swallowed up.

"So, how long have you been avoiding swallowing?

"Nothing. I can dodge it by any time."

The trick is with the chess stuffing. Identify the next hand and the next hand to derive your optimal solution. And the opponent's strategy and tactics are with the kid if you try from kite. Trying to be easy, I'm reading through a few steps. There was even a verse in Kate that I thought had found some good practice bench.

"But what the hell is left of you?

"Hmm, that's the same thing."

To Yuri's words Kate turns her attention to even more powerful signs drifting around her. Dare I say that the enemy intends to use this as a spike to reduce this battle force and inflict a powerful blow on this one with the greatest force on it? It's with Ernesto.

Strong a streak this way, sharpen your power, and finally bring your strongest enemies. Correct in a way as a strategy. but at the same time, this is also pregnant with the disadvantage of being a gradual put into battle for the enemy. but for the evil gods with a large number of disposable commas, it doesn't matter. And given the power of this one, it didn't matter to Kate. Therefore, it was this word.

"Well, let's at least wait about the end of the battle elsewhere. Weirdly enough, I'd be scared if I came all at once."

"That's right, too."

From the point of view of those who can make them fight in a row, scary things are scary. but the scariest part is that the enemy still pushes us all together. What would be most distressing for Kate to defend is if there were a large number of enemies. Because if you come in numbers, you'll have to protect this one widely.

It was best to destroy enemies in one place after gathering together those who should be protected. Regardless, for that matter, we also need the corresponding fighting power here, but the status quo was a lot better at a time when that would be enough for Kite alone.

Especially this time the enemy is widely distributed. Too many, too many. It was a problem. So for a while the two of them decided to make time out of the chatter.

"Even so. Not too licking p?

"No, you have to lick it."

"Too strong, that's the hard part."

It's a kite that dodges every attack carried out from the hands and feet of twenty-eight, but you can't do the counter because you knock it down with one blow. Hey, if he really fights, this level of enemy can be defeated in an instant. Therefore he had not even pulled out his knife. They don't name Dada the strongest. And, although it was such a time buyer, in a matter of minutes, the enemy had been defeated elsewhere.

"Well... then I'll finish it too"

If the others are finished, you can finish this one. When Kate decides so, she pulls the knife as she twists herself in the dodge and slashes that arm with a counter tapping into the swinging fist punch. Regardless, it is the enemy's advantage to restore it naturally if left alone, but there is nothing else wrong with it.

This enemy, if you say so, is all made of magic. Moreover, unlike the gods, the magic flow was very easy to discern because there was no reason such as built-in in flesh itself. In other words, if you look at the kite that uses the divine shadow stream, you don't have to check where the core is.

"Ho, one"

With a knife that returns from the blow of the pluck, you first tear the whole core apart and make it disappear. That's how he tore the whole thing apart and hid the black mist of the wreckage that was born, and yet another one thrust Ameft's tackle to Kite.

"No, that would be too easy to understand"

"Welcome -"

but on that path, Yuri was already waiting, and thunder dwelt in his hand. So, the next moment. A huge thunderbolt was fired to swallow the enemy, wiping out the core.

"Yes, second body"

"No, third body"


It was Kite according to Yuri's words, but at the tip of his sickle another one had been skewered and extinguished. Tackles were hidden, and enemies were circling behind Kite with metastasis, but Kite simultaneously revealed the Great Sickle at the coordinates of that metastasis. It was another weakness of the metastasis technique, an attack that poked at the weakness that there was no defense or avoidance if an attack was placed at the coordinates of the destination of the metastasis.

"Well... well, let's get rid of the rest"


Miscellaneous fish are miscellaneous fish. Kite also responds easily to Yuri's words just saying so. From there, this repetition. Hit the counter to match the fist punch, and against the metastasis, strike at the foresight to self-destruct. That's all if I tell you. but it was these two people who could do something like this, and it wasn't something that a co-hero could do.

"Yes, I'm done."

"Huh? You didn't have a hard time with that, did you?


That's it, and Yuri, slapping her hand, sat on Kate's shoulder and nodded. That's the end of the fight. Later, you'll just wait for the last piece of shit to come. And at the same time that all the battles were over, the ground sounded, and a huge pitch-black moya-covered human form appeared before Kate's eyes. It is that giant that Charlotte crusaded not long ago.

"Ooh... big, I knew it"

"Hmmm...... looks tinier than me, Alinco the Elephant and Ant"

"I'm not going to be an ant."

Well, I guess it was natural. Even Charlotte won. If it's the kites, they won't say anything. Whether it's this former civilization or the opponents the heroes fought in bundles, it's only an enemy that doesn't deserve to struggle for the two of us. and black moya converges in front of them like that, shrinking to about two meters in size.

"Well... you can do something interesting inside."

Kite slightly peels her fangs into the pitch-black human form that Moya was born in convergence. Dare I say condensed, but good. Intimidation remained intact, but the quality and character of power were clearly different.

It was denser and more sophisticated. Dive just above the ground pulse for about half a month and a little bit. By working together and increasing purity, we were able to take a form that would allow us to fight for nothing.

"... the speed is medium," he said. To what extent can you enjoy it for a bit? "

That's what Kate judges as he hangs out with his enemies, who have fleshed out at the rate at which he left the sound behind. My sister and I are one of those whom Kate teaches on Earth, the Queen of England's 'Shadow Nation', Skasaha.

Her strength was so fierce that she did kite and said she would outperform Tistenia that he himself would have even turned down that history would have changed had she been in Enefia.

Until Kate came to too much strength, he was invincible, i.e. in a state that he deserved invincibly. I can enjoy the girlfriend a little. I mean, it's definitely quite strong.


When Kite forces an end to the bond by wiping out his weapon, he slaps the jab into the ear belly of the enemy, who has broken his posture in a similar fashion to the advance. As it rose slightly, Kite also jumped slightly and slammed a spinning kick into it.

"Ooh...... Yikes!

Enemies blown away at such an acceleration that they may even hear the sound breaking through the sound wall are slammed to the ground where they were until earlier, and the ground destroyed by their own steps is decided even louder. Kite kicks in the void even more and sets up a chase against the enemies who have thus plunged into the ground.

"Ha, ha, ha!

"Besides a streak!

Yuri pours countless thunderstorms at Kate's shoulders, which lay a great sword in the air at the top. Towing. That's how Yuri got me to tow the thunderstorm down. Kite accelerated at once and was slaughtered by the enemy. but at that moment the enemy was fogging at super high speeds and getting out of restraint, he was circling right behind kite.


Not that I can ignore the laws of physics with Kite enough to instantly absorb the impact of a powerful blow to the ground on a boulder. but he has metastases. Hence, he uses metastasis to go around the back of the enemy that circled behind him. But even more enemies behind such kites were turning around with metastases.

"You're fast inside."

"I can't see the signs, but I can't see the core."

"If you try..."

Kite also wanted to agree slightly with Yuri. Nothing. When it comes to being able to defeat without bitterness, it can defeat without bitterness. but it can be described as a troublesome opponent when it comes to successive metastases and fogging. He was a good opponent who could tell that it was something else that could easily be defeated and troublesome.

"Shh. These thousand hands are troublesome."

Kite, who continues to reward for metastasis and fogging, immediately changes hands when he understands that this will be a continuous hassle. Thus, for the first time, the enemy shows signs of turning behind him, while Kite creates countless weapons for his entire surroundings.

"Simultaneous fire! Fuck you!

"You can have it all. Yikes!

At the same time as the enemy transferred. Kite ejects his weapon without question. Attack at this time, no matter how fast the enemy takes it. Plus, it's countless attacks all around. I can't escape.

He is thus an enemy pierced and blown away by countless weapons, but the weapons that pierced him were chained. They braided chains at the same time as direct strikes.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

With a chain wrapped around his weapon, Kite knocks the weapon to the ground as if it were a return of a mole this time to prevent it from falling out. but apparently misted and escaped the moment of a direct hit to the ground. He was moving instantly in front of Kite. And on his back like that, Yuri stood.

"Hey, that would be too visible...... rough (even) wind, fly or ice cubes! < >, fire!

Unbeatable business winds blow from Yuri's hands, and countless hardships fly through them to skewer his enemies. That's how Kite chased directly beneath that, lowering her posture and rushing through the ground rinse.


Simultaneously flesh on enemies. Kate slams her enemies forcefully up with a huge sledgehammer. Then, when the momentum jumped, he kicked in the void and chased.

"In the end it's a miscellaneous fish, isn't it? Come on...... one cheat shot, you want to pass away?

Ha, and I grinned like a kite ripped, waving a big sickle. That's Charlotte's artifact. Reaper sickle of killing a subject without question. So Kite decided what to kill.

"Come on... it's been a long time since I've done all I can... it's an order, kill it"

Oops, and the sickle of death pierced the enemy, along with the pressure as if darkness converged. but nothing happens. That's how the enemy escaped from the Great Sickle and noticed something strange as he tried to take Kate's back. I can't fog it. Yes. It was the fogging ability of the enemy that Kite killed. Using the Sickle of Reaper, Kite tried to kill his abilities.

Well, I sealed it rather than killed it, but it would still be enough, and it would be amazing to think about the other guy. And the metastasis cannot be done when the stone is in this situation. Because the moment you show signs, the power of kite will burst into you.


Towards an enemy that cannot be fogged, Kite slams him to the ground without question. That's how he smashes the rock bedrock. He smashes the enemy's body to pieces. Nothing could be done about the boulder to this extent, but I was blind. That's how he dazzled the crushed rock formations and unfolded his magic by targeting the moment Kite stopped moving.

"Zero distance and huge… < >!"

With his hands on his enemies, Yuri slams in a huge thunderous shell. It's an attack from the inside of a barrier on a boulder. It smashes without question how a robust enemy's epidermis would be. but it wasn't everything.

"Hmm, not enough push after"

"I can't help it... Ooh!

Kite knocks his enemies, who are still alive even if they destroy most of his limbs, to the ground and sews them straight to the ground with a sickle.

"Everything goes well together. And the Great Sickle."

As he looks down at the enemy sewn on the ground, Kite slowly rises. Countless disastrous spears appeared around him like that.

"This is my sister's < >... Well, I haven't graduated, so it's just a copy... If I'm stuck with my sister, I can make good stuff there. Well, let's just say... it goes perfectly with the sickle of death."

In keeping with Kate's story, so, a crimson spear darker than crimson blood pierces the circumference of the enemy. That's how resonance began as if they would increase their strength, and when they realized it, the ground was engraved with crimson magic formations.


At the same time as Kate tells you. The crimson magic formations spark the brightest ever, resonating with the Great Sickle who was sewing enemies in the center and overflowing the very concept of death. Thus, when swallowed up by the notion of death, the enemy would be completely annihilated.