Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1424: Luxerio in the Empire

The day after Kate let her resume her activities as an Adventure Department kite. Kate had decided to make a full move on the story she had taken on the previous day, as well as carry out a variety of activities on the same day.

"Huh... Ah, the grilled chicken shop. Who's the wrapper today? Oh, either first thing in the morning or the whole thing -"

Even today, Kate decided to have breakfast at the tavern stall, but Kate looks at the menu and asks the whole thing. Besides, one boy student raised his hand.

"I'm the first in the morning, what can I do for you?

"Oh, it's you. I didn't hear about coal from a senior who was a wrapper yesterday. I've arranged for you to contact me."

"Oh, that one? Sorry!"

Apparently, Kate and I were classmates. Today's wrap-up role - there are a few wrap-up roles from opening hours and shifts - shows appreciation with one hand in half. Apparently, he was listening, too. Thanks to you, it was quick and helpful. That's why I decided to tell you about the morning transmission.

"Black coal, I couldn't help but get a box sent on the express. It should arrive this evening."

"Whoa. All right. I won't dare say that to Senior Shibuya. Seniors will wrap it up this afternoon."

"Oh, please do that. So, why also have the white and black coal shipped in addition? This one has a quantity, so it will take a lot of time to inspect. If you expect them there, it'll be three days before they arrive."

"... you're all right. Okay. Let me know when you get there. I'll brag and carry you."

"Okay. I'll get back to you."

Kite nods one to the words of the boy student and keeps the transmission good. It should be noted that, naturally, the luggage sent by express will also be inspected. I just said that I didn't need much time because there was only one box and the contents were charcoal and the application was carried out appropriately.

"Good... I can't believe this is all I'll tell you first thing in the morning. So, do you want to eat and work today?"

When Kite finishes communicating about the charcoal, she decides to choose the menu in earnest. As such, the day would begin again.

Well, then a few hours later. It was around the time the tavern opened. There was a visitor at Kate's. Even so, I am not a stranger. but at the same time, he was not a guest in connection with the harvest festival. And of course, it's not without an appointment. Instead of being inside, it is inside.

"Lord Kite. Will you be all right?

"Oh, wait a little longer. Just got word from the Victor Chamber of Commerce... I'm a little late. As a matter of fact, I... Oh, here I am. Excuse me, just a moment."

If Kite turns one down on Rufaus's offer, he starts the comms. I contacted Salia first thing in the morning after yesterday's Mutsuki offer, but she told me to wait until noon. As a result, a little more explanation was given than she did.

'That's why. Based on the blueprint of the prototype that you provided, you finished one of the prototypes. He said, "Let's get it up and running." Even so, I don't have a recipe for powder on the boulder, so I'm just saying melted butter that seems appropriate.'

"Right. Can I borrow the equipment itself?

'Right. I'm going to use it anyway... you should do the test there. I can't move until the harvest festival is over, and now I'm just saying that I'm preparing to move down a lot. "

Sarya nods one to Kate's offer and shows pleasure. I made it to see if I could actually make it if I made it according to the blueprints. but this is still just a prototype. And there are still improvements in mass productivity, etc. with the equipment made for this harvest festival. I'm also working on a prototype to confirm what I said. To say that many things I don't know unless I move them, I wanted an excuse to be able to move them.

"Okay. It helps."

No. If the Darlings' sales increase, our profits will increase proportionately. If it is dusty, it becomes a mountain. Cost on fries A little powder to make a mess of money. That's good business. '

"Hey, I'm sorry to hear that."

Sure, if I say so, I do, but it's a kite that makes me want to say so, but if the boulder smashes me like this, I also want to laugh bitterly. This time, the cost of powder making equipment is almost free. It's all self-made, so naturally.

And the harvest festival shows gratitude, so the ingredients that will be wholesaled to the stalls participating in the festival are provided fairly cheaply. Therefore, even including labor costs can be provided cheaply. There is no premier price for festivals. Rather than being able to.

And with powder on the boulder, the price rises a bit, then there will be a lot of annoyance in Viktor Chamber of Commerce commerce in the future. After thinking about them, the price of fries with powder is really high and the profit margin is pretty high.

"Oh. It's true. Shall I tell you what the cost of powder our company calculated is in Japanese yen? Moreover, there are no patent fees, etc., raw materials are harvest festival specials, and the sales value there to prevent price destruction. You make a lot of money. '

"You know... it would nonetheless be implicit to understand that about half of the profits of the harvest festival go to the temple. In our case, they offered us a lot of things in Loja, so we're gonna have to drop in for over half of them."

"Oh, there's no greed."

Sarya laughs with pleasure when she dulls against the bitter kite. No matter, this would just be a joke because she knows and says it there too.

Anyway, in the stalls sponsored by the Viktor Chamber of Commerce, we are famous for stopping at the temple for many of the payments that are made to the Viktor Chamber of Commerce - although, naturally, labor costs and some profits are gained. Definitely will be dropping in more than Tensakura School this year. but instead I got it cheaper here even after this, and the repeater comes. Lose and get, is the spirit of.

"Well, good... it would be helpful if you didn't dare carry me to our warehouse as soon as possible. The only thing you can put in there is a guy with permission even for heavenly cherry blossoms, or my idiots. There was no problem where there was one more. Apparently, equipment is strictly controlled by external secrets."

'So be it. The prototype is at headquarters, so I was wondering if we could deliver it the day after tomorrow. "


Kite snorts one at the information from Salia, stopping the comms. This also gave us an indication of the increase in powder production. This must have been done because Kate was connected to Sarya and even more so because she was moving around looking after it. And Tsubaki offered him tea at Kate's place where he ended the call.


"Good luck"

"Oh, sorry...... you both made me wait"

For now, Kite, who took a break from speaking of tea, apologizes to Rufaus and Alice for making them wait as a result. but besides, Rufaus shook his head.

"No, still. Are you okay?

"Oh. I can't believe this. The equipment will arrive in a few days. After that, well, the guys at the stall know how to do it. Leave it to me and I'll be fine."

When Kite nods one at Rufaus's inquiry, she stands up drinking up tea as it is. Of course, but I knew that Rufaus and the kites were making their own powder. So Kite made an excuse to have another one assembled using spare parts when making the powder maker prototype.

"Is it easy?

"Well. I don't know the practical side of boulders. Anyway, this one's on the back. He's an assistant to the whole thing. It seems easy just because the guy you're aiding has ingredients in it from the side, I don't know what to say."

Kate walks out laughing and answering Rufaus's query. He's going to be able to work on it himself in case, but all he actually did was practice a few times just in case. Comparable to those who actually create powder every day. It won't be easy for him to say.

"So is that... oh, excuse me. Alice, let's go."


Convinced by Kite's response, Rufaus nods at Alice and walks behind Kite. That's how the three of them decided to head to the church of the Order of Luxerio.

Well, the three of them leave the hotel for a while. He was coming to the Church of Luxerio on the north side of the city. The main mountain of Luxerio in the Empire is in the Temple City. As a result, the Temple was one of the largest in the Empire.

The style is the same as that of the church where Ayul is staying, and it feels good to have made that one even bigger and more majestic accordingly. The style also resembled the Christian church on Earth.


Rufaus, who stood in front of such a church, but looked at the church somewhere strange. I looked down to confirm the location, but it was said that it was still in the middle of the festival and it was not possible to observe it that closely. I checked the directions and found out that this is the kind of building. and kite asks such a rufaus.

"Anything bothering you?

"... ah, oh. No... right. Even when I said Luxerio in a word, I heard there would be various differences depending on the country. I'm ashamed I've never seen a church in another country before... there was something emotional"

Rufaus tells him so by looking up at a church he knew and yet did not know. Besides, Kate also looks up again at a church she knows and doesn't know about. Likewise, he knows and doesn't, but there is a difference between Rufaus being dead in another country and Kate being rebuilt but not knowing.

"Right... what's the difference?

"Hmm... right. This one feels more qualitative. It's a little more luxurious to be the capital of the Church. No, it's still not like I can say I don't have a taste in boulders... but stained glass, silverware, etc are used. I say silver has the power of exorcism. For better or for worse, it must have gotten so overwhelming."

"I see..."

Can you say it's close to the difference between Protestant and Catholic? That's what Kate understood. That said, I didn't think this was going to be possible either. The teachings of Luxerio in the Empire are ancient. Therefore, the Church that emanates from it is also in keeping with the old teachings, which were in the same qualitative form as Christian differences on earth.

"Well, that would be good. Let's go inside."

"Oh, oh."

In the wake of Kate's words, Rufaus goes inside the church to regain his mind. Even then, it felt like Ayul still preferred it because of its qualitative feel. And it was the priest of Luxerio who welcomed them in that way. He immediately put me through the reception room when he heard the Rufaus and the others coming, and offered his hand.

"Sir Rufaus, Sir Alice. I've been waiting for you."

"Oh, oh."

"Thank you"

It would still be because it was an imperial church in another country and in a state of cold war. He didn't know what kind of response he would take as Rufaus, but he was publicly solved the bankruptcy gate and even the imperial church was recognized as part of Luxerio. Therefore he welcomed me as a relative of a great knight, even as a church. After shaking hands with the two, the priest bowed his head to Kite.

"And Master Kite. Thank you for coming."

"No, thank you for inviting me."

"No... so about the Cardinal. I asked you. Arrangements are proceeding without delay."

The priest immediately gets to the point after a slight greeting with Kite. It's still a harvest festival. Temples and churches other than the Great Temple dedicated to the Great Spirits are also very busy. That doesn't change here, so I went straight into the conversation.

It should be noted that the reason for the kite's inclusion is ostensibly intermediary, but the reality is a confirmation from the Imperial and McDawell family that the church side will not do anything wrong. Regardless, I have not taught the Church about it. For that reason, the priest asked Rufaus.

"Can we see how you're getting ready?

"Ah, oh. Please."

"Yes, I did. Okay, come here."

Rufaus' job is to make sure he's ready to welcome Ayul, who will be here in a few days. Alice is the auxiliary. It was also a fine job to check the state of preparation with that eye. For that reason, the three decided to conduct an inspection on the preparation of the church while being guided by the priest.