Some kind of tool of the old civilization that was housed in the ruins found by the kites in the civil conflict in the sacred empire Laeria. As they set foot in the Labyrinth (Dungeon), which was created by an accident during that analysis, Kite and the others were launching a signal bullet to rendezvous with the advance party that had infiltrated earlier.

Later, although we succeeded in ascertaining the location of the advance party by means of a flare, at the same time we were forced to engage with the spider-shaped golem of the old civilization that was moving inside the Labyrinth (Dungeon). After thus finishing the battle against the Golem of the Old Civilization, the kites were supposed to observe a near-unharmed capture of the whole.

"Hmmm... I made it six legs to go down the evil road, let's think about it"

"The output was high inside... was this thing mass-produced..."

"Mm-hmm. I just have to say I'm surprised about that. Probably better than the old civilization that was on the Enesian continent, we can assure you that we have moved on when it comes to the development of the Golem."

Confirming that the deactivated spider-shaped golem does not really move, Tina utilizes a crack made of a firefly pierced spear to pull off the armor and expose the demon conductor inside.

"Hmm... I don't know what to do with the technology of the Magic Furnace... you might want to think about it the same way... no, if things have been mass-produced so far, I will inevitably know the rest. If so, this is a carefully customized item. Maidea was certainly superior to all other civilizations, so... Hmm... maybe the golem technique made the form fit..."

Tina takes the exterior away to see where it can be seen, and further utilizes the knowledge she can have to ascertain the technical level of the old civilization that was in La Area from the spider-shaped golem. I had it secured to do this. And her job can be called this. but I still wasn't able to analyze it for that long.


"What's up?

"Enemy, there will be plenty of them. from all directions. Maybe this is where we're going."

"Can't help it"

I fought. If so, naturally, it is good to assume that this location is also found out on the enemy side. You shouldn't use your strength or magic poorly than you don't know how many long streets you'll be from here on out. Therefore, after receiving Soleil's report, Kate decides to go into immediate action.

"Tina. Can you carry him?

"... it's possible. Although the Labyrinth itself uses a forbidden technique, it does not use a forbidden technique alone."

"Good. Then get out of here once. I want to avoid a series of wars."


When Tina also agrees with Kate's allegations, she isolates the spider-shaped golem where there is nothing inside some of the different spaces in her possession. So no matter what happens, it's okay.

As a result, he quickly prepared to withdraw. The group quietly left the scene and moved to the rooftop of the building where the advance party sent a signal to the rooftop transmission. And that's where we got there, but there was already an advance party commander waiting for us.

"Are you here, boy?"

"Old Master"

One of Kuon's < > elderly men, Weiss, was waiting for me. He was entrusted with the command of the advance party. I don't know what this place is. Therefore, he was left to the most likely survivor.

It should be noted that Kite and I are one of the Takemen. I pay tribute to him for spending more than double the months of his life training and truly making one path. So basically, when I called him, he said it was a name, or simply called him an old master. In contrast, what Weiss calls a 'boy' is a remnant of his training years. He accepted his appointment to < > and was learning a temporary strategic eye from him.

"As you can see... there are many flocks here."

"Well, here in this area..."

"Hmm. There are dozens of people who look like that."

In the same ear I could still hear the various sounds of spider-shaped golems still looking for the kites. Apparently, it's also quite intelligent, and doesn't make much noise. Sometimes I saw moves that lured this one out, and he looked like a nasty opponent inside. but they don't have as high a defensive ability. They hadn't found the kites that escaped. I guess I swung to my combat abilities.

"... you should come inside for now. It's not a safe zone, but there's nothing wrong with lurking temporarily"


Kate is led into the building by Weiss. If you ask on the road, the enemy will not destroy the building unless they detect its presence. So basically, if you lower your posture so that you don't get into the sight of the spider-shaped golem that patrols, and hide the debris and dive your breath, they can handle it. Then he goes inside and joins the advance party a little bit above the middle belly.


"Uhm... report the status quo"


At Tina's request, an advance soldier reports what's been happening since the break-in.

"Hmm...... ok. Now that you plan your next appointment, temporarily keep your eyes open while you take a break on the rotation. If you hear a battle somewhere, report it immediately."

"" "Ha!

After hearing the report, Tina lowers the soldiers once to convey it to Kite and the others. Even the soldiers didn't seem to have any particular doubts because they knew it was the arm-written adventurers, headed by Quon, who were here. So where the soldiers left off, we all decided to review the information again.

"Well... it's one of the things that was supposed to happen, but time is distorting..."

"What's the distortion situation?

"Hmm... I don't know the details because I can't communicate with the outside because of the trouble. but in view of the time it took to get the rest of the way in, it's not considered as different as it is. Probably double the time elapsed."

Tina presents an approximate guess to Kite's inquiry. Although these moments had already been experienced in Dreamsinus, the labyrinth (dungeon) remained a case of time lapse depending on the labyrinth. I guess that means this is one of them.

"Hmmm... how long before the junction stays?

"The operational limit of the junction is three days. Beyond that, it's out. That said, if we can squeeze the facility and bring the battery into the dorm, we can pull it even longer. Well, given the scale in the first place, I don't think it would be that massive a 'labyrinth (dungeon)'. In view of the time elapsed before the rest of the entry, the problem will be difficult enough. As far as time goes, it's probably time for a physical sensation."

"Right. If so, let's make sure it moves forward."

They don't need to hurry for now. If it's only day one with the seminary students and teachers waiting to be rescued, they'll have plenty of room. Most importantly, some of the faces involved in happiness or unhappiness are student chairman Rhodia, a student council officer in Luria, as well as a dormitory supervisor in a student dormitory for teachers. It would be good to see that control is in place.

For food, too, Ehuil has made it clear that emergency food above the operating limits of the junction is always available for the maximum capacity of each building - as Kite instructed in the first place. And the number of people involved is less than half the maximum capacity. There are no problems with food either. If so, it was decided that we should act more reliably than fail in a hurry.

"So, you can't even communicate from the outside... Tina. I'll take care of the analysis of the golem earlier. This one will plan for the future with the old teacher."

"Hmm. I'll take care of you."

Upon Kate's request, Tina quickly rose to retrieve the spider-shaped golem she had captured earlier by slightly expanding the space. Whatever the plan is, it's only certain that we have to move on from here.

Then he decided that he should know his enemies by leaving it to Kate to draw up the plan. That's how she started acting, while Kate turned back to Weiss.

"If you know your enemies and you know yourself, you won't have a hundred fights."

"Yes...... old master. Anything like an escape point?

"For once, there was. But... I don't think I should go right now, so I'm not going."

"Is something wrong?

Against the bitter-faced Weiss, Kate asks urging him to go ahead.

"Nah, nah... I don't think I'm going to get out. This Labyrinth is not entirely free to go in itself... but there is no denying that you are wary of going out."

"What's over there?

"Ahead of that, there was an escapable point. I don't care if you come in."

In response to Kite, who sees where he is, Weiss reads the signs of the golems who gave up their quest, as he points out. Then Kite could understand too.

"... there are signs..."

"Uhm. When we can't find the intruder, naturally that side... moves near the exit. The patrol is also basic, with a thick route from the lift to the exit to the lower level. Strangely enough, this Labyrinth is artificially divided between the exit and the entrance. Don't let me in, don't let me out. It's most natural to think of it as the main focus."


"If Grandpa says so, that's the right thing to do."

I wonder, Quon makes no hesitation in articulating against Kite. Weiss is one of the eight fierce men she has chosen. That being said, that's not why there can't be anything you don't believe. It is only by knowing that arm that there is no stray in her response. And kite also had to nod at this.

"Sure...... the observational eye of Old Hung Weiss. If that is the answer to the current situation, should it be considered the answer?"

There's probably no difference in the information we get when we stay here. In the first place, you left him in charge of the advance team, if you believe his observation eyes. but also Weiss laughs slightly.

"Ha. Ladies, boys, overbought. Let's be a drag down."

"Excessive? Your eyes say more than mine when it comes to discerning the essence and the movement of the enemy?

Impossible. Quon makes that clear. Her eyes are nourished to discern the essence, and perhaps an incomparable realm of co-adventurers. but who fed those acute eyes. When they say that, she will make it clear that it is definitely this old male Weiss.

This floating old man was a man who was very good at observing enemy movements and discerning the essence, subtle habits, etc. while also gaining martial arts skills. Therefore, the two names given to the active years - personal conversations - were < >. They were always survivors of any unknown circumstances and were good at living.

"Hmm... old master. I'm bringing in two more Al and Lil once and for all...... better avoid retreating ahead?

"That's good. Perhaps if we try to get out with the rescuers, we'll have a fierce chase. This flow changes every level."


I guess there's something about it. Kate understands from Weiss' words that this' labyrinth (dungeon) 'is not just' labyrinth (dungeon) '.

"... ok. Then the advance party will wait in the dorm of that hierarchy after rescuing the needy rescuers. Then we enter the lowest level and destroy the boss. We'll make an escape on the regular route."

"That's for sure."

Apparently, Weiss agrees with Kate. Then, Kite decides that there is no problem and adopts Plan B within the plan envisaged. The cause of this strange situation will be known to you while you are down there.

"Tina. For now, the policy has been decided. Analysis?"

"Uhm. I was able to analyze it. Again, you have excellent mechanical technology. Excellent at golem technology though...... hmm. The Golem of Legado, comparing the two technologies of this Labyrinth, comparing the technologies of the two civilizations, will undoubtedly have a little more miniaturization with the magic furnace technology of Legado at this level of output."

"Well, are those reasonable when it comes to"

"Uhm. But again, in view of the technical standard of this golem, it would be good to say that the golem used for this' labyrinth (dungeon) 'is quite superior even in civilization. You shouldn't be alarmed."

Tina, who agrees with Kate, says even more about her feelings. We already know that the Golem, which was left at the bottom of Legado's "Labyrinth (Dungeon)", was quite top-ranked in that civilization at the time.

This is where technology is used that can be compared. If so, it is inevitable to assume that the Labyrinth (Dungeon) here is also at the top of the technology of the day. I didn't mean to be alarmed, but I still couldn't seem to be alarmed.

"Right...... Tina. I want to ask you one thing."

"Um, no."

"That's fast!?

After Tina denies reading the end of her inquiry, Kate steps on it unexpectedly. but Tina made this clear.

"I can't do it. Like Legado, he used part of the Labyrinth (Dungeon) for a research facility on that scale, so he could do it. It's not possible to build a research facility on a movable size like this, considering the technical standards of boulders. Instead, I can't imagine how much technology is available."

"Aurai. Fine."

Tina's response certainly makes sense. I knew I would get that kind of response back as a kite too. What he wanted to hear was if this was some kind of secret lab or something.

but I didn't think I could technically do it to a boulder, as she said, but I simply wanted confirmation from an expert. Therefore, the kites decided to go to the lower level of the Labyrinth (Dungeon) with the advance team to rescue the rescuers in need.