"Guardian", which was sealed in the deepest depths of the "Labyrinth (Dungeon)" born inside the Temple City. That seemed to be the second most present "Guardian" from below, according to Kate, which according to the classification in the world system is called Class 2.

In front of such a sealed 'Guardian', they were all perfectly prepared. After confirming that he is thus ready, Tina unfolds the magic of unsealing that was described on the pedestal beside the door.


Side by side with the unfolded magic of unsealing, Kate firmly confirms the 'Guardian' of Class 2. Naturally speaking, the people who created this Labyrinth (Dungeon) were still more wary of the Guardian.

There were multiple sealing measures in place to ensure that the seal would not be released even if it was incorrect. Thus, the unsealed magic unfolded over roughly a minute led to the complete disappearance of the crystal that had sealed the Guardian.


Slowly, Guardian lands on the ground. That's how the only light that was out is the red light on the line that hits the eye area. Now you'll be sure to see that the Guardian is fully activated. Red light. If Kite's words are correct, it's definitely because he's in a runaway state.


There is a slight stagnation that flickers. If you're lucky, there's no chance you'll just disappear like this. Therefore, you must not be the first to win.

There is no need to follow a snake. If you don't have to fight the Guardian, you better not. If that's even a slight possibility, he was the one to bet against. but such expectations vanished in an instant.


Kite raises her voice. If you're an adventurer, you know, it's a different feeling from killing. He was not the killer or the murderer. Dare I say, he felt in danger of death. And right after that. Dimensions were different and the Guardian disappeared.

"< < late (dire), what!?

Tina tries to develop a magic trick that inhibits the actions of an enemy named < > and ends up in the wake of a phenomenon that has happened. Indeed, her witchcraft was activated successfully. but it didn't deactivate it, it totally ignored it and went in.

Regardless, I didn't just ignore it. It didn't work on Guardian, even though it was activated and hit directly for some reason. Some phenomenon that can only be described as incredible. That's what happened. It wasn't impossible for even her to be out of line.


With such a tina sideways, Quon is slashed into a 'Guardian' that sticks in a straight line. The Guardian speed is probably one that even the adventurers in the parallel Rank S class would not have been able to react to.

but it was still possible to deal with it if you had the face of the occasion. Kate is right, if you try to do it, you'll manage to crusade on your own. I don't know if I can do that or if I need to do it.


Quon cut with "Guardian," but it is surprising that she floated like that. I didn't know you were this strong. Honestly, it looked like even she had to say that it was an affront to the existence of the system side of the world.

Kite also nodded that he would fight alone if class 3 came out. With all this speed, the output was honestly strong enough to dislike it. Dozens of slaughters are then instantly exchanged.

"Did I insult you!?

"I hate to say it, but it seems so!

Kuon could only admit with half a laugh to Kite's inquiry that went around behind such a 'Guardian'. Even she has to admit to being insulting. That was Guardian. That's how Kite knocked the slaughter in from behind The Guardian, but the figure disappeared as if the slaughter were a direct hit or a no or a summer.


"But to this extent"

Further behind the Guardian, who circled behind him, Quon circled. but this was also a phantom again. At least the velocity didn't seem to be an area that could be visualized if it was at this extreme close range.


The next time such a Guardian was on the move, it was a little further away from the same place. He was about to launch some sort of long-range attack.

Nevertheless, I could see it from a distance, even if I could not see it from close range. Therefore, Soleil shoots arrows in a row to stop them, aiming for the moment of their cessation. In response to that series of shots, Guardian created countless light spheres with a sword. And with that, the Guardian turns his cutting-edge to Soleil.

"I don't know what happened...... I won't let you do it anyway!

Seeing the mighty power that dwells at the tip of the sword held by the Guardian, Tina unfolds countless barriers that she regains her mind. It is Soleil who is stuck with us. Someone had to protect you. As such, there was a strong flash against such countless barriers.


Side by side with the reward of such an attack, Einadis wraps thunder around his body. Along with that, her golden hair turns to silver. I guess that means she's serious again. That's how she disappeared with Purple Electricity.

"What about this?"

Ainadis, meaty from behind to the Guardian with Purple Electricity, releases any relentless thunderous spikes. That speed is definitely thunder. It was a blow with the speed and harshness that the name of the princess of thunder deserved.


How can you say "Guardian"? It seems that Tina and Soleil did not deal with Einadis' blow while under their control.

but such a blow remained slightly scratched by the armor of the Guardian. Nevertheless, there was momentum, and the shock itself had not been turned off. Therefore, the Guardian was overwhelmed.

"Is this the extent of the scratch!

I can tell you that the blow now was a powerful blow inside. That's why Einadis surprised her face unexpectedly. I didn't mean to forgive you, and I'm not going to be alarmed. And everyone in this room is inside. There's no point in hiding a hand tag. But it's also true that it wasn't a serious blow. I had the power to hide it.

"I have no choice. I'm not even going to hide it... do you really want to do it"

"You gonna do something?

"Yeah, a little"

Einadis nodded a little mischievously at Kite's inquiry as she passed beside herself to chase the blown away 'Guardian'.

He wasn't the only one who was training during a period when nothing was peaceful. Whatever, it's not just the Quons. I wasn't neglecting my training with her. And I have this position. This is why I was playing such a prank.

"I, as the covenant of thunder, desire... the Great Spirit! Give me strength and pay!


Kite accidentally fails to start < > on Einadis, who spoke orally as a contractor. This is the power she has gained in the last three hundred years. It was the power of the Great Spirit of Thunder as a contractor.

Ainadis ran over next to Kite, who couldn't hide such a surprise. On her back like that, Kate raised her voice and asked.

"What, when?!?

"In that case now!?

"No, I do!

While agreeing with Kuon's words, which made his voice absurd, Kate still couldn't hide her surprise. It should be noted that when they say it is well before his return. At least, they're not talking about the last decade.

Nevertheless. It is true that this is not the case right now, both in the raven and in the corner. Therefore, when he also re-establishes his posture, he kicks the ground and joins the pursuit. That's how the three of them set their swords in the void and tried to knock down the slaughter from three directions to the Guardian.

"" "Ha-ha-ha!

Simultaneous slaughter from three directions by three armed men. All of them had enough power to tear even the dimensions apart. but "Guardian" slightly bends over the attack and sticks the shield on his left hand up to prevent it. Apparently, the shield looked even stronger than the armor. Though. Instead of this being assumed, the three of us were doing it for this.

That's how the Guardian, who shielded the three attackers, pulls the sword in his right hand diagonally backwards and builds up his strength not to squeeze it all at once toward the three empty torso.


Tina smiles slightly when she sees such a 'Guardian'. Indeed, in the present situation, it is not possible to attack the Guardian if it is normal to have allies in three directions.

but it's in the face to leave such normality here. Thus, a single arrow walked to sew through the slightest gap. And Soleil gave Tina a signal.



The diseased arrow is on the verge of an attack in a straight line. When it hits the torso of the Guardian, it blows up the Guardian again, which could not be prevented. Regardless, the arrow that cares about this ally will not pierce the Guardian's robust armor. It's another dream.

but that's not a problem. This arrow didn't increase penetration in the first place. On the contrary, you could say that none of them have penetration. The name of this arrow is < >. It was an arrow specializing in blowing up enemies. It was also possible to move enemies in any direction if someone as powerful as Soleil released them.

Consequently, the Guardian is blown straight up despite taking a blow from the side. Tina was already standing by on such a 'Guardian' path.

"< > Set"

While recognizing with accelerated consciousness the rising 'Guardian' with fierce momentum, Tina should be ready to attack. Apparently, debuff-based sorcery doesn't work, but still, it can't disable all sorcery. I'm going to discuss this later, but now it's a crusade.

That's how she can get in is light attribute top magic and dark attribute top magic. Neither is going to include magic aimed at singles, not range magic. To avoid friendly fires.

"< >!"

A black-and-white light flashes like a spiral to coincide with Tina's verbal showdown, striking directly at the launched Guardian. As it struck the Guardian to the ground, it raised the aurora.

"By incorporating conflicting attributes, < > has explosive firepower… this is still proprietary magic. Not my first use in action... well, not bad for me."

In the extreme light, Tina describes this sorcery. This was previously developed by her using < >. It was a very efficient sorcery with one of the most powerful of them, while at the same time having a very small range - to such an extent as to make it this powerful.

They say the power is enough to wipe out even more Rank S Class demons without a trace with a single blow. That's a direct hit. but that's why even she accidentally pulled her cheeks into the shadow she saw ahead where the flash subsided.

"I don't know how much this is... do you really want to do the rest?

Indeed, it was directly attacked by < >. Its power was immense, and even though it was' Guardian 'to the boulder, none of it could be said to be intact.

The decorative objects found in the armor and helmets were worn out, and the armor itself contained several large cracks. but he was still sword-cutting dust and dust that rose in a satisfactory way. A boulder is a being that has destroyed one civilization. There was no such thing as stopping to this extent.


Under Tina's eyes, who was turning back, Ainadis, wrapped in purple electricity, strikes again. Once it was out of Tina's range of attacks, the Guardian had not yet been defeated, so the battle resumed. I'm still a lightning contractor. That speed was one of the best, apparently. As such, Quon sets it up to follow, and Soleil goes in for cover.


Seeing how those three behaved, Kate didn't set it up. This is the opponent of the boulder. I understood that this defense and endurance was more than expected even for him, but I could handle it if I saw Tina's blow ahead.

"Aim is the counter......"

At some point, they'll be here. From what he's gained in this battle, Kate decides so. A half-breed blow can't defeat Guardian. So I entrusted Tina with the blow of tightening, but this is the result. And the opponent is the guardian of the world, bent over. It's hard to believe that the same attack will work twice. Then I needed to think about my hands.

"Tina. Can you bind Guardian for a moment only?

"Mm-hmm? No, in view of the act ahead of the boulder, we can't"

"No, physical binds...... right. Can you bind with ice attributes?


To Kate's quest, Tina brings to the surface layer of thought an earlier act of reflection that she was doing in one corner of her head, in one of several branched thought circuits. That's how I ended my speculation about an act that made me try to disable the debuff with faster thinking.

"Hmm...... well, not impossible. Perhaps that's disabling jamming. So we can't even prevent physical disturbances. If we can prevent it, we'll go through with it in the first place."

"Then please. I'll do it later."

"Come on."

I guess you're thinking of something. Seeing Kate sitting quietly with a knife, Tina decides to respond to the request. In so doing, Kate sharpens her consciousness to set the target for the moment.


How can you say "Guardian"? If Kuon and the other three attack you, the victory is thin. but that doesn't mean I can pull it off. It is no exaggeration to say that there is little self-consciousness in the Guardian. That's a system. There is only one choice: defeat or be defeated.

So when I see that the situation has become unfavourable to me, I pull. And I'm gonna rearrange it, and I'm gonna launch an attack. If so, it was very likely that a kite would be targeted that would not move during that rearrangement. Because if you dare, it's full of gaps. Thus, a few beats passed and the Guardian rearranged.


It will be time to come. While Kate carefully asks what will come, she decides to move as far as possible so that the Guardian can be fleshy. Thus a flash of light appeared from the tip of the sword held by the Guardian, and the Guardian sickened to follow it.



Before the impending flash, Kate nodded, sending her gaze to Tina only for a moment. I decide here, that's why. With that in mind, Tina decides to stop defending him and target the ice bound instead.


Towards a flash of light that approached him momentarily, Kite turned slightly tempered and headed straight from the front. Do not perform any preventative actions. I don't have time for that. And if it's his barrier, if you're in the mood, you can prevent a direct hit.

Regardless, a direct hit cannot be intact just to prevent it. That's how a fine wound enters his whole body, but he didn't make it slight. And right after the flash. There was a "Guardian" in front of him.

"Double Dragon Open"

Small, kite shrugged. With it comes a complex tattoo reminiscent of a dragon in his hands. As he controlled his violent and insane powers, he turned his back on himself. Then his powered fullness dyes bright red.


That, right after. Tina blocks the Guardian with ice. Nevertheless, something like this only holds true for a moment. but that moment was enough. The next moment. Kite unleashed her crimson body and unleashed the crimson slaughter, or < > the crimson god shot Scarlett Grace.

"... Phew"

A boulder would be a blow that could even be likened to God. No matter how 'Guardian' it was, they couldn't stand this blow that only Kite was said to be able to release in action.

There was a big glowing crimson scar on the hanging that filled most of the torso. In this way, the Guardian is cut in two so that the scar expands at once and collapses from the scar.

"I don't know..."

Apparently, the only way to get this far from the boulder was to say "Guardian" and make them incapable of fighting. Light had been lost from the red muscles that were glowing all over the body and had completely stopped moving. Thus, the kites managed to successfully crusade Class 2, Guardian.