The main team of the Kites rescue team was trying to crusade the Guardian in order to escape the rescuers. When they managed to succeed in the 'Guardian' crusade, they were first sitting back on the spot.

"I see... I can't do that"

Keep your hips down. Early, Quon remembers the first battle and shakes his head. Sure, I don't think he's a winnable opponent if the hell he is. But still, when asked if she wanted to challenge the battle head-on, she wanted to try everything she could, too.

No doubt that was a far outweighed Rank S demon. Even she was an area where she had to admit that if surrounded by dozens of hundreds, she was likely to die.

"Uhm... if this shows up with dozens of bodies, let's definitely destroy civilization in no time"

As Quon said, Tina, who had landed on the ground, could only reasonably now see that Maidea civilization had perished. I don't know how many of those Guardians showed up. but it would be true that at least a plurality appeared.

Dozens as a reasonable place. Depending on the number of days it took to collapse, there could have been three digits. Nevertheless, the results will remain the same for as many bodies. By the time dozens of individuals appeared in that realm, civilization would have collapsed in no time.

"No... I'm tired..."

"I guess......"

With the cursory approaching Soleil, I thought Kite had no choice. She fired countless arrows at that short notice. Regardless, it's not particularly difficult if it's her power if it's about the degree of shooting. Precision shooting and serial firing are her specialties in the first place.

but every blow had to be so dangerous against that 'Guardian'. Without a doubt, a single arrow would be a lightly erased power if it were a demon of about rank B. Inevitably, the amount of magic you drain is incredible.

That's what I shot countless times. It is good to say that I have consumed more magic than anyone else on this occasion. Without a doubt, it was more worn out than it was during the La area civil conflict. It was stranger not to be tired. And so it was Soleil who tried to bring it on, but he came close and realized that Kite was worn out.

"Wow... no, worn out... yes, healing pills"

"Uuch. Yeah, I just had to... Thankyou."

In fact, don't wish you could knock it down a little smarter. And I can't do it if I try. but it was difficult. Because if you're going to beat that smart, it's going to be a force move, not a knock out with a move.

In that case, it would be one-on-one with Kite, and then this central building would collapse easily with the impact of the battle. And similarly, there was no need to think about what would happen to the dormitories where the needy rescuers stood and caged. Undoubtedly, I'm glad I thought this hierarchy would at least be further ground.

"Eh... Shimi -..."

Kate mouths about half of the healing pills she receives and puts the other half on her head and puts it on her wound. Now, in a little while, the wound will heal naturally. That's how Soleil sat between Kate's crotches while she also spoke of her recovery pills.

If you say so, no.


"That was the boss, and this is the Labyrinth, right?

"Well, don't be."

Kate nodded clearly without thinking in particular about Soleil's inquiry. For once, this was formally the Labyrinth (Dungeon), and the Guardian was the boss.

The door that now leads to the back, which had been closed until now as a result - when I entered it, they didn't notice the crystal in the way - was open, and a 'transfer gate (gate)' for escape had appeared where the crystal was located. And, looking at such an open door, Soleil asks.

"Is there a treasure behind that?

"Well... well. Could there be?"

Soleil pointed me out, and Kite noticed. Beyond the fact that this is a 'labyrinth (dungeon)' around the corner, the treasure must be asleep after the boss crusade. This was more inevitable than taking the form of a 'labyrinth (dungeon)'.

"Hmm...... Tina. What do we do back there?

"Hmm... well, I've already crusaded my boss, and there's no danger beyond what is formally a 'labyrinth (dungeon)'. You should go back."

At any rate, he would come here at the time of the escape, but I guess he didn't feel a little rusty collecting the treasure in front of the students and returning. Tina stands up saying that to Kite's inquiry. Apparently, he was listening. That's how the guys who were taking small pauses to fit her like that get up.



"Yes, ma'am... well. This is such a difficult 'labyrinth (dungeon)'. Let's hope for treasure."

Kate walks toward the back as she carries Soleil, who snapped on her own back. That's him, but he didn't expect as much from the reward as he did against the word.

This is an artificial 'Labyrinth (Dungeon)'. Therefore, the last treasure is also set by the producers. If this was made to seal the Guardian, I thought there would be no big deal. And in a way, that was the right thing to do. Therefore, Kate dared to smile grandly in front of the 'treasure' she had seen.

"... Wow, by being a great treasure. It's so awesome, I think I'm gonna cry."

"No. Too much sarcasm about boulders -"

"I don't know... breaking through those nasty golems and rewarding the 'Guardian' exorcism is such a dicky necklace, a little thick books, and even a big information medium... I would normally say that."

In front of the three "treasures" floating in front of her, Kate looked sincerely disgusted. Certainly a necklace of the ruins of the old civilization. It would buy me away at a very high price if I could prove it. but still, it was clearly not the right story for it. That's what Einadis wanted from him.

"Ha... I wouldn't say that. The purpose of this one is to rescue needy rescuers. That's satisfactorily fulfilled, so let's just say this is a good addition."

Besides you, I'll tell you what.

"Oh, oh."

Ainadis blushes slightly on Kate's scratch. Well, even so, she's right about the point. The reason Kate and the others are here is to rescue the rescuers.

"Guardian" was crusaded because it was difficult to withdraw from the top floor with the non-combatants, the needy rescuers, and because of the decision that it would be better to crusade the boss. And all of the rescuers are already safely rendezvous.

All hail at that point. Then it would be better if you could just get an 'extra (necklace)' like this. Tina was laughing as she looked at those two. Because as for her, it was enough.

"From the Lord and his adventurers, so be it. This book and recording medium is a very good treasure from extra scholars. Especially in the records of the Maiden civilization, which was destroyed by the Guardian. The rest is very interesting."

"Yes, yes... then the intriguing one should just get it. This will be managed jointly between the Empire of Entesia and the Empire of La Area. The cross belongs to us, but we're the ones who solved it."


Tina smiles at Kate's words and decides to secure the recording medium and the books and keep them tightly sealed. It's good I got it, but I don't know what it is. There was one incident this time. So I was going to check again later at a specialist facility to see if there was any danger and find out.

Even so, it is her expectation that it will not be as dangerous as it was here. Because hazardous materials cannot be used as a treasure in the Labyrinth (Dungeon). Regardless, if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, it's okay, so there's also the possibility of a powerful book of magic that the powerless might just freak out to read. but either way, she'll be fine.

"Well, this completes the storage of the recording medium," he said. There's nothing wrong with being lost with this. Seals are also completed for the books. The only thing left is a necklace your lords told you not to. "

Tina reaches for the last remaining necklace with measures such as sealing and treatment in case of disposal. The moment I thought it touched me, somehow her hand fell out.

"... hmm?

Awesome, awesome, and no matter how many times I do it, Tina's hand goes through the necklace.

"... no. There seems to be some sort of conditionality."

Having activated the Devil's Eye and figured out what was going on, Tina understands this as something she apparently can't take herself. Sometimes this can happen. So I was not particularly surprised, and Quon asked.

"What's the deal?

"I don't know that. But there is no danger to those who can take more than conditioning. So, since nothing else is happening now, something is happening to those who can't take it. And in this situation. Somebody can take one."

"So is that."

If Quon also agrees with Tina's lightly rounded statement, he will try to reach out quickly and just about. but it should have been an indication, or she couldn't touch it either.

It should be noted that this may be inadvertent, but as mentioned earlier, it is too dangerous - for example, biological weapons were planted, etc. - the object is not recognized as a treasure in the Labyrinth (Dungeon), on the contrary, it is recognized as a trap and the Labyrinth (Dungeon) is not established. Furthermore, special conditions are provided for obtaining this necklace.

As a result, it has been determined that this item is valuable in the Labyrinth (Dungeon), so the necklace itself cannot be trapped.

"... I can't either"

"Next, no."

Soleil urges Kite to go ahead after Einadis, who reached out after Quon, was unable to do so. So Kate walked away with Soleil on her back and reached out. Then he looked touchable. That's why Soleil showed off his clever artistry of clapping at Kite while he snapped.

"Big Win -"

"Apparently, I fulfilled the conditions."

"Hmm... is it a place called Man?

"That can't be on a boulder. It's probably called Last Attack."

"I guess."

Einadis nodded one and offered his hand to Kite when he agreed with Tina, who had stated a presumption that he might have denied - even though it seemed to be a joke.

Besides, Kite also offers a necklace. but where the necklace fell into her hand, she blew it up and back in front of kite like it was bounced off. Seeing that, Einadis nodded one. I wasn't asking you to lend me anything or anything. I was simply looking into the conditions.

"Apparently, there are conditions in place for ownership."

"Of, let's see. If so, the acquisition conditions and possession conditions are probably the ones that gave the boss of this Labyrinth (Dungeon) the last blow. It's a common pattern. Maybe it's a good treasure, huh?

Now that she agrees with Einadis' words, Tina tells Kite so, laughing a little fun. Outreach, these special conditions of demonic props can be equipped with powerful powers. Maybe there was a possibility of such a system of demonic props.

"I don't know... I feel like I've tried it, especially with a powerful necklace."

"There may be special conditions for startup. It's a corner, so take it."

"I'll have trouble explaining later..."

For Christ's sake, Kate flaunts Tina's shoulders and looks disgusted, but keeps the necklace she gets in her pocket. I wasn't going to put it inside a different space for storage until I investigated it later.

It's a hassle to explain, because everything you get here is obligatory to report to the Empire and the Laerian Empire. If this can only be held by Kite, it has to be proven by explaining the reasons and possible possibilities. Fortunately, though, as Tina said, this is a common occurrence, so it's easy to understand.

So for now, we decided to get the three treasure-like relics of the Labyrinth (Dungeon) and head back to the dorm to escape the Labyrinth (Dungeon).