A few days after the first convergence the incidents involving the cross found in the La Area civil conflict. The day after Sharik came to visit the Empire and completed various inspections. When Kate left the greeting to the Kuzha and the others, she was returning to Maxwell to rendezvous with the Sharnas.

Publicly, the adventurer named 'Kate Heavenly Sound' in the Adventure Department has become a more trusted adventurer than the upper echelons of the divine empire Laelia. Sharna, in particular, Shalik's brothers and sisters have a high level of trust, which is a public assessment. It was considered a good decision to consider that it was later - if anything happened in Laeria in the future - that he would take up that side than that Shanna would go on a single official business.

"What about the master?"

"It's okay."

Shanna nodded at Kate's inquiry. For one thing, all the cases involving that 'labyrinth (dungeon)' are converging. The prognosis investigation confirmed that nothing had happened, and it was further determined that there would be no further occurrence due to the availability of materials that would serve as specifications and blueprints.

Therefore, most of the events involved in the harvest festival were to continue as they were, and her visit to the harvest festival was to take place again as planned. The only thing that went crazy about the plans was that Luria and the others had a test, so Ayul's visit would have been a few days sloppy. As a result, Shanna and the others were coming first. Kate was an escort as the nearest side of the road.

"Speaking of which... I hear you got something involved again"

"Yes... the legacy of the past of Maidea civilization."

Well, although I said escort as the nearest side, this escort mission itself is partitioned by Kate in the first place. Their escort is contracted by the Kates McDawell family.

And from Kate's point of view, it's bad outside hearsay to partition everything with just a convoy assignment. So I left this to the military, and it was just his job to be slowly rocked by the airship with Shanna. No matter, I still fight in case. but just in case. The basics are not involved.

"Well... so that necklace?

"Wouldn't that suit you?

"You look great."

Shanna laughs jokingly at Kate's inquiry, who jokes a little bit. After all, the basic topic was what happened in the last few days and related to the harvest festival.

"Oh, yeah. Speaking of which, shall we go somewhere else?"

"? Somewhere, is it?

"Hang out again at will"

"Dear Kite,"

Shelia offers tea even as she stops against Kate, who jokingly told Shanna she tipped her little neck. No matter, this is a joke. I know both of them.

"Haha. It's a joke, a joke... but I have made a lot of plans."

Having a cup of tea, Kate decides to talk about her plans for the future. Well, principally, I don't feel suspicious that my fiancée is talking about her plans like a secretary or a squire, but it would be wild to say something from the side because we enjoy it. Then, for a while, Kate would have a discussion with Shanna.

Well, it's been a few hours since Kate left Maxwell with the Sharnas. Arriving in the Temple City, they had, for one, entered the Duke's separate residence.

"Really? So, your brother's breathing is no different."

"It looked like it."

Kuzha, who was questioned by Shanna, reports on Sharik's situation. At present, Shanna is officially stateless. Whatever you say, she's a former queen of a country. Respect is due on all occasions. But it is also true that public status is merely private.

So as for his relationship with Sharik, he is only one of his half-sisters, and Sharik's priority in his position as a public official falls somewhat. Needless to say, Kuzha and the others are hosts. I was the first to see him.

"Well, you don't seem to have a problem tomorrow"

"Yeah... so it won't be as long as... how was our airship?

"Yep. It was a good ride"

For one thing, Shanna was supposed to have a conversation with Kuzha, while Kite was supposed to move with Kite. Although not public, kite is the original host. Moreover, a few days ago, Kate is at the centre of the case and has solved the case. From Sharik's point of view, he was the one who must meet with Emperor Leonhardt.

"Your Majesty. It's been a long time... Is it also strange"


Sharik also smiled and nodded again at Kate's social decree. For once, publicly, today will be Reunion Day - a form called to Sharik as a kite in the Adventure Department - but in fact, we also met yesterday via video. Well, this would be one of those Kite late jokes where complicated positions get intruded. After a few minor jokes, the two decided to get down to business where they moderately ended the social dictionary.

"So, quick and sorry, but I have a few questions to ask."


Kate will accept Sharik's offer naturally and will answer questions in the case for a while. Of course, I know very little about it. So the question was mostly about the inside of the Labyrinth (Dungeon). Think about the future.

"Well... do we need at least a Rank B Class Adventurer"

"Yep... but if we just get to the bottom, it will be possible with the support of the eight guilds"


The more difficult the "Labyrinth (Dungeon)." Sharik was originally a marshal in the army, so he concludes that against his knowledge. Again, the hardest part is the Guardian crusade at the bottom. This is not all a big deal in rank S.

"Rank S Class Adventurers Should we organize a force that focuses on multiple"

"I was wondering if that was reasonable. Nevertheless, I regard this request as a serious case involving Enefia as a whole. In view of that, I was wondering whether we should request cooperation from Union headquarters"

"... right. Let's talk about it when we get back to our country."

In the meantime, it is good to say that this concludes the important story. Therefore, we will only talk about the details later, but here, once again, Sharik raised a question.

"Hmm... speaking of which. That cross was worshipped in the first place... I wonder what that was all about."

"Speaking of which... was that the kind of story that brought you in"

In the wake of Sharik's mundane doubts, Kite leans her neck just a little bit, speaking of which again. Naturally, that cross is like a magic prop, but I didn't know not only the two of them, but those who discovered it.

Regardless, neither did Istria nor the Dunis, nor did they imagine. And the reason for that mistake, Dunice said, was because it seemed to be installed in a religious room. So I also made a georama to recreate the situation at the time. Kite also saw the preparatory landscape for that georama, but it did contain quite a few elements of the religious system.

"Hmm... should we find out when that ruin was founded"

"I think that would be a good idea. Maybe it's quite possible that someone who found that one during the reconstruction period mistakenly put it down as a religious tool of the old civilization. No, in some cases, it would be possible that only a few civilizations left behind besides them could have gotten it and put it in a temporary place of control."

"Hmm... maybe that's the place"

Even in a nutshell with the old civilization, there is still a lot going on. Basically, it is expressed in a word with the old civilization, but after all, when it was a redo from scratch, the various civilizations were interested in obsolete fusion, and were repeatedly connected to the present.

Maybe the ruins found by the kites were not directly old civilizations, but one possibility of a culture born a little from the collapse of old civilizations. You might know what time it is if we do some research there. It's not something the kites do or need to do about this. Shalik only did it.

"Oh, thanks for all the info. Tell Shanna I look forward to tomorrow, too."

"No. See you tomorrow"


Again, they're both in a busy position. So with Sharik's word, Kate follows the scene. Having said that, you can't go straight back to the Duke's apartment or the hotel utilized by the Adventure Department.

Now I needed to rendezvous with Rufaus and Edram at another job. So when he went to the designated coffee shop, there were two people waiting for me to kite.

"Oh, Lord Kite. Sorry, I rushed to ask for a job..."

"No, it's like adding an earlier request. You don't have to be sick."

"No, you'll still be busy. Thank you."

In response to Rufaus' apology and Edram's gratitude, Kate just laughed and shook her head. After all, as Ayul and the others, they also decided that it was necessary to investigate the situation at the seminary, beyond what had happened. The preliminary investigation was that the two of them had arrived.

In Kate's case, as he said, it's a good idea to say it's a continuation of his previous job. It was a job to help make it easier for the Church's investigation team, which is due to come tomorrow - which is supposed to come under the circumstances - to do their job. It was instructed to carry out a preliminary investigation because it was in the field earlier.

"We just work together to interact with each other. So it's okay. It's about carrying luggage and directions."

"It would help if you could say that. How many minutes, this time the incident itself was just before..."

Kite also smiles slightly against the bittersweet adrum. The two of them - Rufaus doesn't think that far - don't think it might be a good idea to postpone it until next year about visiting something else. but it's one job, and one request. There is no denial.

Apparently, the Patriarchate told me to go if it was confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the situation. I guess it's where kite reads, let the melting mood out. The Imperial Party accepted the investigation team of the Patriarchate.

Well, as a matter of fact, it's not a burden to Ayul where the dates are somewhat off. It is the terminals who bear the burden. I guess it was decided that the melting mood would be much better than the burdens on the ends. So the three of them decided to head to the seminary first.

"Hmm... this is the place for now"

A while later. While Rufaus, who was here once, was discussing it with military personnel, Kate was leading Edram to various locations. Originally it's the seminary faculty that does it, but they still have the army in them, so they can't move in a detour. There will be no choice in all this.

So after all the discussions, Kite was chosen. The decision is that if something happens, we can handle it. This was a military nomination, but Ayul and the others decided that it would be good if Kite was still there.

"Okay. I looked around the whole way for now... but it's still big. Whether or not there are even so many big schools in the Patriarchate..."

"Is it that big?

"Is this size fundamental in Japan?

Edram, who was surprised by the size of the seminary grounds, asks Kite, who was tilting his neck, even more surprised. One kite wasn't particularly thinking about it either.

"No way. Nevertheless, we... Tian Cherry Blossom is a consistent school from kindergarten to graduate school, and they've undertaken redevelopment, and it's the size of this seminary."

"It's my school, and you don't know it?

"Since I'm an outside student from high school... I've actually barely been in any other school building. Because it's not on the same property."

That's what I laugh at, Kite, but I've been in other school buildings since most of them. But the basics are that there are a lot of universities from behind the planet, and later about a graduate school that is co-located there for the same reason. So even though I knew where it was below middle school, I never went in. Besides, there was still a reason.

"Well, I'm in Maxwell, and as part of my intercultural exchange, I'm temporarily enrolled in the Magic School."

"Oh I see...... I went there once at work too...... you sure were big"

Adram is the Essential Ayul Escort, but as such, he has accompanied the Magic Guide School. Seems convinced to hear why Kate wasn't particularly surprised. So, while we were talking about it, the two decided to rendezvous with Rufaus.

"Oh, Lord Adram"

"Oh, Rufaus. How about that one?

"Yes. I was wondering if I could confirm everything. I'll leave it to the investigators coming from my own country."

"Right. Kite, thank you for the guide. I will summarize this material later. Thanks, Rufaus. You've got a few more hands."


"Then I will go back to the hotel. If you need anything, call me through Rufaus or Alice."

That's the end of the job. So Kate shakes her head to thank Edram again. As such, Kate decided to leave the two of them and return to the hotel alone.