Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1455: The Best Adventurers

Adventurers Union Association. It is an organization that binds a number of Adventurer guilds in Enefia. Eight guilds, said to be the best of them all. That's what the adventurers called the eight guilds in awe.

Except for the Blacksmiths, whose strengths are the only ones close to partnering but therefore numbered eight, all of them are in rank S. That's what Kate was inviting.

"Oh, you've come a lot. I'm a duke at first...... well, I'm calling you an adventurer here. So you don't have to be hard...... I mean, they all take me a little seriously!?

"" "To?

"I'm so, so sorry..."

All but two of the adventurers gathered this time to Kate's words tilt their necks. The reason why one of the two remaining us wasn't noisy was simple, because we were nervous about the gutch bees. So I was only taking practically one person seriously. One of them. Needless to say this any more. Chairman of the Wind Discipline Committee of the Academic Arts Association. It is Einadis.

And regardless, she's the one who apologized. There is no way we can take control of this face together. She knew that if she could not lead, she would try to lead, but she could not because she would be treated as a scholarly society. And with such a girlfriend on her ass, Soleil raises her hand.

"So, what? Oh, no. I went to the girl's place and didn't hear from her."

"Uh... well, shah. You don't have to be here."

"I'm sorry, really...... ha. They ran away in a blink of an eye..."

The worst thing in the first place is that even Kite can handle it. I just gathered personnel to cover up and get on, and I don't have many faces that haven't actually come.

That's the worst part. I was drinking and sleeping, and I was unconscious, because I was there. When I also call you as kite, I say you can come if you want to, otherwise you don't have to come. There was no problem without Frodo. And Kuon asks Kite, who hung up on him that way and said it doesn't matter.

"Hmm... the launch between yesterday that you're in this position?

"No, it's not. It's not. A Little Extended Battle"

"Extended battle? You gonna do something?

"Oops... I was just thinking about going to the Underworld Forest."


That's what I said casually. While everyone was silent in an instant, I thought Kite would be able to snort. Therefore, Kuon inquired in a serious manner after hitting a turn from earlier.

"Oh... what? Is it fun?

"Hey, I invited you to the Cooking Festival. You said you wanted demon meat with the main jury. I decided it was huntable."

"A demon, hey..."

Kuon's face is fun to hear Kite explain. That 'Underworld Forest' is a training ground for them. So it's not that I'm used to it, but at the same time, even they are demons over there who think they'll die if they stay alert. That's where we're going. That's my face, too. I could detect that they were trying to hunt quite a few demons.

"" The Great Beast. "He offered to use this meat for cooking. I'm just thinking about putting this guy out as a pastime for the Dukes."

"If Balchi were here, he would definitely whistle. Yeah, I'll blow it for you because you're not here."

Huh, and Quon whistles. Tsubaki didn't know. There was no one here who didn't know the name of The Great Beast. So much so, it was a famous demon.

"What do you say? Hey, as a pastime for the harvest festival, I'm going to come hunting one... I want to recruit an idiot to go with me. If you're not here, you're not. But there's nothing wrong with that. but... sounds like fun."


All show a rough grin that looks fun but is characteristic of the adventurer. Karin, whose expression is always like that, originally, neither Soleil nor Quon, on the contrary, has changed even Eisen. I'll go hunting with this face. First of all, it's definitely not something I can do very often. I don't know how much fun it is. I honestly wanted to sympathize with those who didn't respond to this call or didn't.

"Hey, no! One question!"

"Whoa, what?"

"Is that meat delicious?

"Oh, yummy. I guarantee that. I've only had steak... but the steak was definitely delicious. How does it change when cooking professionally in a carefully selected state? I'd love to see it."


Soreille decides to participate immediately after hearing the beginning of what is known as Kate's prospect. You can eat delicious food. Even with her, I'm sure that means she would love to participate.

"Hmm... although I do have an interest in food as well. Looks like my arm's about to lead. It was time to fight a demon stronger than that."

"Well... I'm attracted to you as a gastronomer."

Besides, it's what the King of Heaven wants.

Eisen was followed by Kuon and Aisha, both of whom apparently decided to accompany them. I am also interested from a gastronomer's side as a quon. That's right. She doesn't do much hunting and eating demons there either.

It would be even worse if it became a demon that exited close to the depths. Kite, who sees himself as a comparable gastronomer, is delicious. I wanted to try it, and it seemed to interest me.

"You said. What about Eina?

"I'd like to stay in the punishment... if you're going over there to the boulder, I'll accompany you. Besides, it's going to be better that way."

"Oops. And Karin?"

"Uh, I'll wait over here. I'm going to be free of boulders."


When Kate asks the two guild masters if they want to participate, she goes on to ask Bernstein, who was distracted.

"So, what about the geek place?

"... oh, me... is that it?

"Who else is there?"

"Yes, is that good!?

Berntaine opened her eyes. This group is definitely the aces of the Great War. Being added there was, in a way, even my best dream as an adventurer.

"Well, that's about as powerful as it sounds, it would be weird not to invite him. Well, if you don't like tea busting on the road, that's good, and you're right to be skilled. I'm sure you're a fool trying to do this."


Laughing at that fool, and trying to have fun. That look is definitely, Adventurer's gift. He was a man worshipped by the adventurers as God, accomplishing a non-standard feat called Rank EX. That's why Berntaine honestly admired the words of this actually nearly thirty younger men.

"Oh, you really are a brave man...... happy to join"

"Dad? Are you insane? It's that magic situation with all these people and all these sudden decisions, right?

"Besides, if I don't get on with all this facial invitations, I'm gonna sell fights to my adventurer life so far"

Berntaine unequivocally affirms to Augdyne's inquiry. Augudine accidentally forgot to breathe in such an unusual hegemony of his father. That's how, on the other hand, Berntaine inquired.

"Tell me. When are we leaving?

"First thing tomorrow morning. I'll just go and come home for a little while. I've got rice and stuff here, but it's only well equipped."

"Okay. Let's hurry and get it ready."

"Kaito, it's easier to use us to get around."

"Oh, is that good?

"This is all we've got, and it's gonna be okay."

Kuon nods at Kite's inquiry. When Quon flies, it is the Throne of Heaven. Everyday, it was decided to use the advantages of dimensional submarines to hide, but since this face is gathered, it would be good to move it. Perfect endurance and aggression, and excellent habitability.

"Okay. Tomorrow morning, then. Assemble before the airborne. Bye, Kaisa."

"" "Yes" "

"No. How many snacks?

"Well, it doesn't smell very good, so if you want it to be sunny, you can have as many."

"I'm gonna go make a little penny!

With Kate's permission, Soleil just ran away.

"Hey, hey, Soleil! What about the paperwork I gave you?

"I'll do it when I get home!

"You won't always do that when you say that! Ahhh! Karin!"

"How did you find out!?

"I didn't do the eight chiefs to Dada!


I see. Is this the reason for the Academic Club and the reason for its chairman of the Wind Discipline Committee? Kite just gets tangled up and loses the entanglement all at once. Berntaine stood up as she understood it and decided to prepare for her adventure tomorrow.

Well, the morning after dawn. Participants in Kate's entertainment were meeting together. Before that, Kate stood.

"Yes, gentlemen."

"Yuri the escort of the day."

"Nyu... Soleil... ku..."

It's morning, so let's start with a greeting. This would be basic if it were family or someone else. I greeted Kite in front of the adventurers I met together for the reason that, in a way, he was the most adventurous.

Well, needless to say, that has a cause on his back. There was a sleepy-eyed soleil on his back.

"Yes, kid before the excursion. Nice to meet you. Some of you didn't sleep excited last night, but I'm free on the road, so let me put you to sleep"

"I'm sleepy too, by the way"

Is that good, so. Berntaine is unwittingly distracted by Kate and Yuri's easy-going remarks and how Soleil is doing. Going now is the worst demonic realm on this continent. Nonetheless, they're no different from excursions.

but I thought to myself that they would have it too. And most importantly, he's the one who didn't sleep with excitement.

"Whoa... are you kidding me?"

Looking at the casual people who couldn't beat Kate's easygoing attitude, Berntaine couldn't help but loosen her cheeks. That's because there were even heroes there who believed in themselves.

"Kaito, Mr. Balan has finished loading the food."

"Aye. Sorry, it feels like whipping a dead man."

"Hey, I'd like to try some boulders, too."

I'll take command of the ship.

It was Will and Lux, also known as gastronomers, who told Kite she was ready. All Lux said was that if Kate and Will were going, they would go, too. Will offered to join him if he had such gastronomy. That's why he was full of strange motivation.

"You said. Well, for now, the guide is Balan's old man. Okay, let's go."

"" "Yes" "

As per Kite's light decree, we walk out together in a light way. Whatever that looks like is an excursion from anywhere. but from now on, it is the forest of the underworld, the largest demonic realm on this continent. And it's definitely the heroes who are at the top of this world to challenge. It was then that the world's most powerful group set out to look for the pathetic demons that would be the aftermath of the harvest festival.