Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1456: Before the Underworld

Cooking Festival, one of the specialties of the Harvest Festival. The great beast (Grand Beast), a demon whose chief judge, a man named Waldo, offered to get it, decided to hunt it as part of the harvest festival pastime, and Kate then decided to gather and hunt some of the top adventurers headed by the Quons.

"Wow. Seriously, it's been a long time since I've ridden."

"Ours rarely stays somewhere. No, I'm in trouble when the general asks me what kind of throne the king doesn't use."

For the first time in a long time, Quong, a one-time master, nodded at Kite nostalgic for "The Throne of Heaven". Indeed, Kite is the Heavenly King. At the original apex of this guild, this throne is his throne.

"Well, never mind. I have my own personal machine. I used to be inferior in performance... but I think it's time to go beyond it."

"Hey. It's time to build a spaceship."

"When you're on track, you can do whatever you want, you..."

Kate was just frightened against Tina, who exposed Doya's face. You could say he's the one who's basically letting you do whatever you want, so the ultimate responsibility lies with him, but it's also true that you still have to stop it somewhere. So it was troubling whether it was time to stop, or whether this was good because it was a hobby for boulders, or not.

"Well, even if I leave that, yes. How's the adjustment for now?

"Mm-hmm. Well, I can't say for sure what's left of the legacy of the old civilization on the boulder. Anyway, the old civilization rolled out at the end of the day... No, I probably wouldn't have let it roll out with this performance..."

Pompom, and Tina slap on the inner wall of The Throne of Heaven. All the materials used in this fuselage are unknown materials made by the old civilization. The analysis confirms that it is an alloy, but we still don't know exactly where it is.

Because of its properties, demonic metals cannot be analyzed scientifically. And even alchemy is difficult to investigate if you don't know what the material is using. Because it's a problem if you can't restore it by touching the breadth. And most importantly, this airship is the only dimensional submarine in Enefia.

There are many areas that are technically unknown, and Tina is burning her hands. In the meantime, it was best to convert it as a slight defensive weapon, as she had made it.

"But, well, let's move without a problem. Let's get a heartbeat on the rest of it."

"Good... then, to your own placement"


In response to Kite's decree, Tina begins moving. Along with that, Kite also proceeded to the back to reach what was said to be the so-called bridge. As for the basic structure, the current airship remains the same. So the bridge has a captain's seat and a cockpit, and there are other chairs for the crew. but the format was a bit unique.

"It's been 300 years since the king returned to this throne."

"If you think so, I'd like you to sit on the side of the round table, not there. Now Aisha is sitting properly in her seat."

"I know what I'm doing."

The cuon sitting horizontally on Kite's knee swoops, grinding Kite's chest with her index finger. Such a kite is the seat to sit in, but this is what Quon says. His seat, or throne. It was the throne in the Throne of Heaven.

Before him, there was one round table. The number of chairs there is eight. Eight generals to serve the kings of heaven. That was the round table to sit at. Regardless, there is also a seat for Quong, and a seat for Aisha. So Aisha is sitting there.


Kate joins her legs and puts her elbow on the elbow to put her cheek cane on. Kuon also said, but I know what I'm doing. Thus, Kate dared to tell her partner, who would sit on her shoulder.

"Okay, Yulicia. Issue a decree."


Yuri replies with a salute. That's how she turned forward and issued the decree.

"Full ahead!

"Uhm! Okay, the engine max! Output up!"

Tina, who received Yuri's decree, climbed the various consoles from the cockpit of "Shiteno's Throne" to increase the output. In response, "The Throne of Heaven" slowly begins to rise.

It is remarkable for a spacecraft of this size and performance that this spacecraft can apparently be moved even if it is single. So Tina could move it by herself. Tina reaches for a certain switch when the Throne of Heaven reaches a certain altitude.

"Well... now, dimensional submarine system activated"

The switch Tina pushed in is a switch on a device that puts a hole in the dimension. In response, blue and white laser light is emitted from the tip of the "Throne of Heaven", creating perforations in the space.

Tina still doesn't even know what this principle is. I don't know, but this super advanced piece of magic like laser light creates a hole in the dimension. It was because "The Throne of Heaven" was called the greatest and last legacy of the old civilization.

"So... Dimensional Infiltration Begins!

In keeping with Tina's proclamation, "The Throne of Heaven" entered its empty perforation at once, and its appearance disappeared from Enefia.

Now, in the vanished Throne of Heaven. The landscape you can see from the bridge that overlooks the surroundings, that was very fantastic.

"Oh... this guy..."

Wow. You've probably seen a bunch of awesome things as an adventurer. Berntine is taken aback by surprise. He has never done any dimensional diving. On the contrary, this is the first time I have ever ridden the Throne of Heaven. So this is the first time I've seen this sight, and he was the only one getting surprises.

"What the hell, this guy..."

"I don't know, nobody. No matter, I don't know, and neither do these guys."

"We're not interested."

In response to Berntaine's whining, Kate goes on to point to the quon sitting on her lap as usual, but she didn't know the sight again either. Now, that's the sight we're seeing together, but this was somewhat akin to the sight of warp spoken of in Earth's SF.

"This vortex......? Wheel...? What's that like?

"I don't know. Well, Tina said..."

"Perhaps the blue light, close to the rainbow color you see around here, is the aftermath of the flow of power that the barrier covering this dimensional submarine is waking up in a collision with the outer space. Well, you don't know what to tell the Lord... it's like friction heat with the air."

"Su, soo easy...... refreshing come on"

It seems refreshing even when they call it friction heat with the air. Berntaine was shy of Tina's commentary. Well, if he moves this super fast, too, he'll burn, if he tells you, but he just didn't because he said this because of his scholarly story. So if you don't know, I don't know, but there's no problem. Tina decided to keep explaining.

"That's good. Ma, it might come in handy at some point if you remember that kind of thing. So, if we keep talking about it... it's probably where things like this ring have a slight outside dimensional impact. If I say so, the monochrome of the rainbow is more accentuated. I think that the outside influence appears as a difference in energy and as a visual difference. Whatever, I don't want to go outside in this dimensional rift in the boulder, and I don't know what's going to happen with the meter, so it's just a possible guess from what I can see."

"... ha"

Berntaine just exposes the dumb side to Tina's commentary. He looked incomprehensible in the first place. At this point I had given up my understanding of what was, on the contrary.

but it may also be a waiver of understanding. Nothing like this has any effect on combat where I knew it, and it will no longer have any effect on my work as an adventurer. And he probably won't be on The Throne of Heaven many times in his life. I don't even have to worry about it.

"Yes, then. That was the story of what was going on outside the dimensional submarine submarine that the Demon King could not understand in any way -... So, Tina. Let me ask you something, how long till we get there?

"Mm-hmm. Well, it'll be about half a day. This time it's a dimensional dive… It's not a journey using" The Throne of Heaven ", and it doesn't affect the constitution of any country to any other dimension, as the Lord said at some point or another. And the final destination is" Forest of the Underworld ". No country holds it. It's a deserted land. It's okay to go back and forth."

Clarify the approximate estimated time of arrival of Tina, who was questioned by Kite. It was said at some point that Enefia also has the concept of airspace by the development of airships in addition to the concept of territorial territorial sea.

but its airspace has no effect within the boundaries of the dimension that even Tina and the others inside know where this place is. It's refreshing whether this place is empty or on the ground in the first place. It could be the universe at the end. Constitutionally, no provision can be made for the possession of dimensions in boulders.

Therefore, it was probably travelling within the territory of another country, but it was not necessary to apply to any country. Because I don't know how it's moving, and nobody understands it's moving in the first place.

"Right. Then why don't we go to dinner tonight or something?"

"Um. Well, maybe it's a familiar land for the Lord"

"'Cause I ran right through this guy."


Kate strokes Yuri's cheek, still sitting on her shoulder, loving it, and Yuri rubs her cheek against his finger as she loves it again. Even the Quons rarely get to the depths of that demonic realm. Very few of them went to the back of it, including him and Balflair.

I didn't step in with those balfreas many times. If it was the number of times or days he went, he would lose to Quong and the others, but if he had, he would have been much more used to it.

"Well, it's gonna be autopilot for a while anyway, right?

"Mm-hmm. In the unlikely event that there is something like a gap in dimension and a warning is issued, it will be transmitted on the ship's broadcast, so that it can be operated remotely when the rest is seen before. So whatever you want."

"Aye... so take off each seat belt and rest as you please. In the middle of hell if you go anyway. It's important to rest when you can."

Going forward is the Forest of the Underworld, which will be the largest demonic realm on this continent of Enesia. Rank S adventurers are among the adventurers ready to enter, ready for a thoughtful plan and tremendous spiritual wear. Without a doubt, I don't think it's that easy to rest. If so, you should rest while you can. As such, Kate decided to sit deep in the chair and close her eyes for a little while as she rested.