To entertain the harvest festival. Kite had come to the Underworld Forest, the largest enchantment on the Enesian continent, to hunt for the monster that would become The Great Beast. He arrived in the Underworld Forest and was early in a battle with one of the highest grounddragon species known as the First Grounddragon (Old Rex).

As such, when the three of them ended their crusade sooner, Kate, Soleil and Yuri, they set up a camp on the spot because it was dangerous to act at night on a boulder for one second.

"Uh, what's this, yuck? The smell just makes me uncomfortable. I'm hungry."

"Ka, kite... help me... my stomach and back stick..."

"No! Rice! Rice!

"Yes, yes, please wait -!

Below Yuri Quon, in response to Soleil's request for adulterous noodle rice, Kate had lavishly baked the meat of the earlier hunted 'First Land Dragon (Old Rex)'. I was baking, but at that point, the smell of baking meat that looked amazing drifted around me, and I had to feel hungry even if I didn't respond. By then there was an intense smell of meat. It smelled of intense meat and oil that exceeded the finest beef.



"I'm hungry..."

The men were very quiet against such fornicating girls. but this one had an attitude telling the story. Let's eat now. If you dare, it might be a good idea to just keep it together because everything is ready. That's why the fornicating girls had their guardians (Einadis) ready.

"Soleil, have you washed your hands? Yuri. I will not stand in the way of Lord Kite. Quon, you need to be a little more crisp."

"I washed it!

"I manipulate knives with demonic yarn to cut vegetables for dating!

"Dinner... Dinner... Hibiki... Amu Amu..."

"Hey, hey!? Quon, it's my ears you're eating! Oh, hi..."

Each one answers Einadis' point with its own wind. Well, here's the basics. So leave her with a sweet bite in her ear and Kate will cook well. Ruthless, but if we don't get her sacrificed here, we'll be late for dinner. Therefore, the sacrifice was made for the sake of the whole.

"Yes! You can steak first! Don't forget your vegetables to hang out!


Biban, and snatch the steak meat that Kuon has just been able to do at super high speeds. Whether it was awesome or boulder should also be said to be the sword princess quon, the steak was secured by her body and she poured white rice into the division, and even the other plurality of the divisions had water and alcohol prepared, all in parallel.

"... sister... is that enough to show off such a stunt..."

Seeing such a quon, Aisha sighs in mourning. She does this almost unconsciously. I could say both divine and stunning. Because it's the sword princess quon, it's something you can do, and it's not something you can do because you can use your identity. When she finished all her preparations in an instant like that, she was holding hands together in front of her desk if she turned off all her identities and noticed.

"I'll have it."

I guess the boulder is the sword princess quon. I was ready to eat just one meal and even had chopsticks if I noticed while everyone was being taken aback. That way, she reaches for the steak without any concern for her surroundings like that.


If you dare to put an anthem on it, it would be the thundering sound of pizza. With her eyes wide open like that, she began to disappoint in the rice as much as she wanted, flattening a cup of tea as quickly as she noticed.


"Yes!? Nobody's eating anything but you yet!?

"This is bad!? Really what is this!? Not too tasty!? It's delicious at the level of loss of vocabulary!


Is it so delicious? Known also as a gastronomer, Will reaches for Cuon's steak to try with half his interest. I thought it was rude, but it's the face of the occasion anyway. He didn't think he needed to worry about it.

but at that moment. The steak disappeared. Naturally, Quon was using his identity to secure it. She was threatening Will like a dog.


"Shh, I'm sorry. Kite, have a dice steak."

"I can't let that happen! You can go for as many rice glasses as you want, so be disappointed in the steak!

Showcasing a bizarre craftsmanship on top of the very rare fact that Kuon, who blocked Will's words, orders him in lady mode while releasing the pressure of sword princess mode. So under such uncommon pressure of quon, everyone decides to prepare dinner for now. but it was all with me that happened.

"... yeah. I'm out of cook profit..."

That's unusual. This whole thing makes me eat silently. Basically, when we have all the faces in this place, we mostly make more noise of the Wye noise. It's a banquet to drink and sing. That is silence.

I guess it still means that delicious things silence people. At the same time, this was proof that it tasted better than anything else. So Kite also grabs and mouths a slice of the steak cut into smaller pieces appropriately with a claw yang branch without being able to suppress her interest.

"... Huh!? Ugh!? Sure mess delicious!? The gravy is messy sweet!?

The only seasoning used is simply salt pepper. I don't even use soy sauce. And yet it feels so sweet. It must be very nutrient-rich. And Will, who had been quietly eating to that point earlier, raised his voice.

"... kite! Get the wasabi out!

"Whoa, whoa! No, wait a minute!


"I just figured it out! Wait for it!

"... would be good!

You came up with something. Will, who sensed it, sits back in the chair again. Meanwhile, Kate was rapidly solidifying her ideas in her head while making a steak replacement in her own.


What Kite was looking at was a liquid that could be described as both gravy and meat oil that remained on the iron plate. Kite nods one as she looks at it and quickly retrieves it into the container. The container is made of metal. I came up with something to make out of the blue, so I'm not ready for anything. So let's just make sure the gravy is there.

And, on the other hand, when he cuts the larger block of meat from the 'First Land Dragon (Old Rex)' he secures, he creases it into the aluminum foil he brings in and seals it.

"Tina! Give me a hand!

"Good! What are you going to do?

"Keep this guy roasted!

"I see."

What are you trying to do? I understand that. Tina understands that, including why she asked herself. Meanwhile, Kite was taking further action at Kite.

"Good. I'm sure Ketchup brought the bottled one. I also have sauce... soy sauce, and more... whoa. Mix this together... and here's more property sauce. Keep this coarse heat for once..."

Apparently, Kite makes a special sauce close to demiglass sauce. Create a special sauce by adding ingredients to a container with gravy quickly. Meanwhile, Tina also made use of a number of sorceries to keep the aluminum foil close to steaming.

"Uhm. Well, even more troublesome, so it's troublesome against the ultimate weapon for biological weapons... < >"

"Hey, hey... how abruptly do you use it..."

"Parasite control. I'll make roast beef at super high speed."

Tina answered normally, not thinking anything more, to Kite, who was taken aback by the magic that unfolded abruptly directly beside her. Her witchcraft is a form of curse ban called < >. It was called immediate-death witchcraft: mowing the life of a presence with weak magical resistance without question.

Basically, biological weapons made of parasites and science are really low in anti-demon defense. So the final weapon for biological weapons, that's why.

< > is one of the best sorceries of all, and even if there were parasites and microbes with it, it would be a moment. Regardless, if you can use this, you can eat raw meat and make sashimi, but you can't let the average person remember the curse in the first place.

"Well, it's not like I'm the one who asked you to say something... no, okay. Did you just do it?

"Uhm. We made it... so it's roast beef"

Tina opens the aluminum foil after a kite inquiry. Then, a brilliant roast beef was ready. He was making roast beef early in the day.

"Good. Well, first of all...... yes, Your Highness. It is roast beef. You can have wasabi if you like."

"Good...... ugh!

Dare I say, Pishan, it would be good with the sound of thunder falling. Well, to put it plainly, that means it's the same as it was when Quon. but now they were even more shocked.

"This sauce is used without excess gravy… it concentrates without excess flavor lost when baking…"

"Well, if it tastes good, fine. Though... don't think that's it, huh?


I've been waiting for that word. Will grins silently. It's mostly a fun thing to think of, Kite. Then he said, "Wait." I didn't expect it to end to this extent. That's how Kite offered him a bowl of roast beef on his first tea bowl.

Roast beef bowl.

"... is it too small for you? Now you'll enjoy the flavor... but your belly won't be filled."

"Well, wait. Here you go... so here you go... whichever you like. The top two are Wasabi and Western Wasabi."

When Kate serves another bowl of roast beef that she had hidden, she hangs a soy sauce-based sauce on one side and serves the other with further refined demiglass sauce.

"Let's have both."

"I thought so. So I turned it into a bowl of trinkets."

I guess this kind of thing is also called heartfelt. He understood that Will would eat both bowls and made them smaller bowls. And such a kite hung me from behind even more.


"Holy shit!

"I'm going to the pot! Smells good!

"Ooh, I'll make the next one soon!

Kate rushes back to the kitchen to point out Soleil. They were making braised hamburgers.

"Come on, Hamburg's next. I'll make hamburgers, too. Wait a minute.

"No! Cheese cheese!"

"Aye... this one's stained with gravy too, so it should taste good"


Soleil, who received a hamburger from Kate, happily returns to his desk. Meanwhile, Kate was developing further menus in response to Tina's use of < >.

"Well, it's a raw lever banned in Japan because of the danger of food poisoning, etc... no, I don't use levers"

Kate shrugged so as she looked at the block meat again. This time, Riesha and the others have not been brought in because of the location they headed for. It is dangerous, but on the contrary it is common that healers are not brought because they cannot be protected here. It's dangerous, but I can't help it.

Then, inevitably, built-in items that were at risk of poison were kept out of hand. Furthermore, there are many unknown demons in this area. It was easy to tell that there would be no poison.

So when Kite checks the flesh again and cuts it out, she uses < > just like Tina. Now, in principle, you can even eat raw.

"Ugh... well, I took a big bite of this..."

When Kate put her right hand in the shape of a gun, she created a fire at its tip. That way, when you point that finger at the meat you cut out, you increase the firepower and gently broil only the surface.

"There you go. You'd be better off light, wouldn't you?

"What's this?

"It's broiled meat. You must be losing fat."

"Oh, thank you. I wanted a little chopstick break."

Ainadis expresses her gratitude for the broiled meat offered by Kate. She is High Elf. I don't really like fat as a racial preference. I knew Kuzha and I had been together for years. So for some reason, Kate decided to fill everyone's stomach until the end of the day as a waiter.