Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1459: Underworld Forest Expedition - Before Departure -

In the aftermath of the harvest festival, Kate was supposed to hunt the Great Beast (Grand Beast), one of the most powerful classes of demons in Enefia who said they would live in the Underworld Forest.

He used his own flagship, the "Throne of Heaven", to lead Quon and other top adventurers into the "Underworld Forest." That's why I was picked up by the demons early in my arrival and secured dinner. Such an out-of-consciousness common sense decision that they should not act on the boulder at night on that day would make them stay overnight. And the day after dawn. Actual action started on this day.


Naturally speaking, from here on out is The Underworld Forest. Even by chance, we were able to fight the First Land Dragon (Old Rex) to ensure safety, but we can't say the same from here on out. Bring the airship to the Average Rank S demon stadium and you'll have a mountain of scrap iron in a few seconds. I couldn't get on board because I could use the "Throne of Heaven."

"Okay, here we go"


Quon waved lightly in response to Aisha's reply. That was the case when we got out of the dimensional rift, but this is certainly not yet the 'Underworld Forest', but it is nearby. Occasionally, Rank S demons come out of habitat.

Given that, someone had to defend the Throne of Heaven. Aisha's role, therefore. Her behavioral radius is very wide with the presence of mites. I can intercept from somewhat far away without any problems, and if I feel like it, I can go after the kites. but i still have trouble in case i wake up alone. So another person was supposed to stay.

"... well, let's wait and see"


Kuon nodded casually again. The other residue is Eisen. Unlike Aisha, he doesn't have a wide range of actions, but he has excellent instant responsiveness because he is hands-on and karate. Furthermore, the signs are very difficult to read due to the nature of the fistfighter and the person in question.

Besides, he is also a caretaker. If you care that demons that are usually difficult to defeat have appeared, you can fight them. Given that this is the demonic realm "Forest of the Underworld," it was a natural decision to include warriors who could use odd tactics. From a similar judgment, the expedition includes kites.

Neither Berntaine nor any other face on the boulder can be used close to the specificity of Nakatsu. The only degree that Quon is slightly usable, and she's not that good either. It would be a few steps inferior to kite.

"Well... that's why. Hey, it's not over!?

"Ooh! Hey, town! It's been a long time. I'm used to feeling it!

"Ooh! Be quick!"


Ballantine, questioned by Kite, waves casually and answers. That's him, but now he was engaging demons using admirable < < Flaming Giant (Sult) > >. and Berntaine asked Kite, who was dazzled to see such a sight of her ancestors.

"... hey, big uncle... let me ask you something..."


"No way... are you going to go all the way to Butch's?

"Well. There's nothing wrong with that."

In response to Bernstein's inquiry, Kate nodded as she watched how Ballantine was doing. As usual, his unrivaled was awesome, single-ridden and unrivaled against the top class demons of Rank S, just like Kate.

That, well, I just had to be taken aback even from my descendants, Berntaine. Because this is a place where even he doesn't want to fight properly.

If you are mistakenly noticed by other demons in a series of wars, or a riot war, you will be raw in despair. Total annihilation is mandatory. The biggest factor in the destruction of the caravan challenging us here is the inevitability of engaging with the demons, where another demon comes.

We can only hope that when this happens now, the demons will be lucky enough to fight each other and their attention will be shredded from them. I can't even run away. It's just one side of the spectrum being targeted together. First of all, there's definitely nothing but death.

"The territory of the demons in this area is very wide. Well, that's also how good the detection is... the detection range is roughly one kilometer per unit. A few times that in one herd. Whether we move around or not, that area always changes..."

So I don't fight. The enemy can detect us a few kilometers away. If that is the enormous amount of fighting and magic emanating from it during the battle, it will definitely be noticed. That will excite the demons a few kilometers away and draw them here. Later, as I said earlier.

"If this face is all here. Oh, I don't care if you come. It's just where I came from."


Well, I guess so. Berntaine falls and lays down nearby filled with holes. Another glance at the remains of another demon. The person who filled the hole (Lux) was so swallowing that he joined Soleil and the others to sit on the wreckage and watch the Battle of Ballantine.

"We're stronger, too. I had a hard time before."

"Ha ha..."

Kite tells him so smudgingly, but Bern Tyne could only raise a dry laugh. Overwhelming, I'd say for sure, and it was all out of common sense.

"Oh, yeah. I totally forgot...... yes, this"

"... what is it?



Well, you can see that. Bern Tyne thinks so inside when offered a simple container that just covered the perimeter of some vial with coloured paper. What I wanted to ask was what this meant. Nevertheless, I had no choice but to pull him off with or without more than was offered to me by Kate. The lottery thus drawn contained six figures.

"Sixth. Yes, whoa."

"... Um, what the hell is this..."

"Hmm? Oh, in battle order"


Unexpectedly, Berntaine couldn't block her open mouth. Battle order. There is only one meaning that the word indicates, no matter what anyone thinks. In other words, in this magic, they were trying to beat Tyman and everything in order to fight with more than just a scratch.

"Ma, I don't think we're going to make three rounds. Oh, if you're dying, tell me."


It's too effortless. For a moment, Berntaine almost mistook me for wondering if she had even come to visit in the park. And it seems that such a kite brought in. Writing down the name of Bern Tyne in the sketchbook left the spot behind.

"... too much boulder, uncle..."

Here, you play? In hell they say they want to escape by playing adventurers called these many monsters. Bern Tyne has been unexpectedly entertaining. There is no doubt that they are here, the highest monsters (heroes) of mankind who flee barefoot with such monsters. Besides, you shoulder to shoulder to challenge the unknown beyond. It couldn't have been funny.

"You can't keep me in the mood, Kohli."

It is my ancestors who fight in front of me. It was feather-tightening a tiger-shaped demon as if it were casual. Sure, if you're a tiger-shaped demon, you'll find it outside, mostly if you look for some mountain. but this demon is suspicious of all things.

First, the whole body is covered in darkness, and there is a mist similar to the influence of the evil gods who fought before or a few days ago. but apparently it's not that one, and it hasn't floated a characteristic pattern like an eye-like vortex. Nevertheless, it seems to have similar properties and can become foggy and escape. Bern Tyne was also a demon I had never seen.


How the hell are we going to defeat it? Bern Tyne pays attention to the battle of his ancestors. And that's the next moment. Ballantine, whose wings were tightened, suddenly raised fire and took the enemy into the fire.

"Why, you burn it all..."

Speaking of boulders, I have to say boulders. If they take it in with that fire, there won't be a single demon. but it wasn't. That's how the black mist came out of Ballantine's fire. It stained the ground to escape or overflow from the Ballantine and spread like a large black marsh.

"Huh... have you escaped?"

Well, the opponent is also a Rank S demon. I wonder what that is. That's what Berntaine thought. but it never was. This was the strategy Ballantine took.

'Right. I thought you would!

Ballantine giggles luxuriously as he sees the fog escape from his fire. That's how he's not a tiger trying to materialize again before he watches around him, but underneath. I punched a black shadow.

Naturally, it's a beating with his power. And the opponent is in a foggy state. thrust through. Thus the ground, which was supposed to be heavily smashed, somehow his arms slipped wide into the shadows.


It's like Ballantine pulls something out, pulling his arms off the ground in a temper. Then some giant sphere was held in his huge hand like that. When I pulled it out that way, I created a giant fireball on my left hand as if it were a change, and I stuck it in the ground. It was blowing the shadows out completely when it had a big explosion.

"Wonderful! Boulders are skilled adventurers!

"Wow! Now I won't have any trouble with dinner for a while!


For the cheer of Kite and Soleil and the others, Ballantine flickers as if to show off its sphere. Apparently, this is the core of the demon ahead. And from such a series of appearances, Berntaine also understood what the hell this demon was.

"The main body was lurking on the ground!

'Oh, no, no. He's a demon lurking in the shadows. "


"This guy is a nasty demon with no blows, no slaughter, no normal sorcery. Regardless, it normally doesn't work where I hit him on the ground. You're out of phase. Instead, it's one core, so if it's around here, it's a miscellaneous fish. If you have more than one core, you can't kill it. '

Without looking particularly hard, Ballantine miniaturizes with a laughing, plucked core. Thus, in a completely miniaturized place, he came to Bern Tyne with a core about two times smaller than himself.

"Ooh! Somebody just kept this guy. Well!

"Aye, aye! Well, let it be a fine forehead for the lords to eat and drink between festivals!


Ballantine floats a gutspaw at Tina's remarks. Instead, if it's a core of demons in this area, it's not hard to imagine being a forehead that won't have a problem eating it for a year or so, even if it barely saves money. That's how he floated and sidelined the core to Tina, and he continued his commentary.

"This guy has the effect of killing and tearing apart Aura's dimension... but I'm not good at that. It's not like I can do it, but it's hard."

Isn't it impossible? Berntaine is taken aback by the words of her ancestors. It's easy to say when it comes to slashing and ripping dimensions, but it's definitely an area where you can say how many warriors would be able to do it if they were warriors with extreme proximity. I can't even do Bern Tyne, but I can't say enough that I can do it safely. It's a hassle, so I'll do it another way, not that I can say.

"So, it was Bluff that this guy looked like a tiger. Well, it looks like he was a tiger again this time."

"What was that, huh?"

"Yeah, maybe you took it inside or made a pseudo or something. He takes it out of the shadows and makes it look possessed or brainwashed at first glance. So, the main unit is close to the enemy."

"I didn't think I was strangling my feathers..."

"Oops. To get him closer. So, I figured out when to take another pseudo out of the shadows, and I stuck my arm in here, so..."

Apparently, it was never a clutterfish that I was playing with, so it would be okay to play with something else. I assure you that Ballantine was even a strategy to play with clearly. If he had been after the shadows from the start, if he did poorly, he could have escaped. It was a battle using experience because of the skill I was used to here.

Thus, Ballantine took the form of an overwhelming difference in character towards his descendants, and other faces who took such a ballantine for granted decided to wait for the end of Tina's work without any particular emotion.