Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1460: Underworld Forest Expedition - Around the Middle Belly

In the aftermath of the harvest festival, Kate was supposed to hunt the Great Beast (Grand Beast), one of the most powerful classes of demons in Enefia who said they would live in the Underworld Forest.

When they reached the 'Underworld Forest', they had set out in an outfit that showed enough combat and sloppy courage to make even Berntaine, considered the corner of the most powerful class in modern times, skilled.

"That's why I'm starting to act."

"In fact, when we're in class, we're still cluttered fish here."

"I mean, I've never been here in this face before."

So swallowed that they didn't know if their liver was going to sit or if it was going to be any different from a walk anymore, they were walking normally, going behind the 'Underworld Forest'. In fact, everyone who knew at the time but Inner Berntaine, the face of the occasion, was once treated as the last trump card of the Ace in the war. So even the demons on this scene could only be miscellaneous fish. Whatever, except for this man, though.

"Hmmm... weird again..."

"Are you interested?

"I'm not interested in horticulture. but I'm interested in pharmacy... Hmm... this unique scent... sounds similar to poisoning"

It was an interesting observation of this unique area of grasshoppers where Will is native to Kite's inquiry. It was said several times, but what is said to be his greatest feat is still improved hygiene in the Empire. One of the greatest feats that is said to be the mass production of 'psychotropic drugs' and 'elixirs'.

This improvement in hygiene and pestilence control that I did with Kite was always done at his initiative even after Kite left. That's why he does things close to horticulture as a job rather than a hobby, and when he finds a new plant, he really doesn't feel comfortable looking into it.

"Yuri. Do you feel anything in this grass?

"Hmmm...... I feel a little close to poisoning it. Soleil, what do you think?

"Mm-hmm... Feeling bitter?

"Like that."

Upon Will's enquiry, Yuri and Soleil both look at the herbaceous grass Will picks up and state their feelings like that. Both Yuri and Soleil are species related to the forest, and are also family members of Silfi. Because of this, it was instinctively discernible whether it would be a drug, so Will used to listen to his opinions at the time.

"Hmmm... then it's still poisonous grass or herbs... no, it has to go too far, but like that. If the medicine passes, it becomes poison. If you dilute the toxin with tricabuto in a small amount, it can be used as a poisoning medicine, so is it possible that this is also possible... it feels a little bitter, so I guess it doesn't work as well..."

"You... I think about you all the time, but you have a difficult personality..."

In a nutshell, Will is no longer an emperor or anything. I have been relieved of my duties as Emperor, and I live as I please - in a strange way - as an individual. Even so, we are working for your country again. It would be a place called Root Worker.

"Don't tell me that. but when there is an unknown herb there it really bothers me. Anyway, I've been doing this for decades. It's already stained as a sexual root. Sometimes this happens to you. Here's what happened to me... I don't know which one will be this for you."

"I don't like it, dude... let's at least relax after we die..."

Kite was a sigh mixer against Will, who writes down his feelings and medicinal herbal paintings to copies of his lifetime notebook he had brought. If I could, I would have liked to relax after I died.

"Hey... I think maybe Kate remains stupid even when she dies. Yikes?


"Hahaha! Well, I don't think so either! You're dead, but you're still alive!

If Yuri jokes about Kite looking back, and Ballantine laughs out loud. Instead, these two know that Kate is dead once. That's why I had to laugh so hard. but I completely forgot that the person was dead.

"Even I'll relax when I'm dead and back! What a joy to fight!

'... for once, let me say as a scratch... Father. He's definitely dead once on Earth. Specifically the second summer. It's just been sent to that world in America. "


Kate remembers her own battle on Earth in the scratch of the Book of Magic, and becomes unwittingly flashy. Well, that seems to be the case, and Kate is actually defeated once and for all on Earth.

Later, with the help of this "Kitab-Al-Azif", he was resurrected by showing off the very cheesy thing of self-summoning himself into this world using his own body as a medium.

It was not easy to do either, and the aftermath of the battle had pushed him to sleep in bed for a week, wrapped around with a bandage for more than a month, and unable to fight with all his might for several months.

It should be noted that the enemy has been beaten shortly thereafter with a revenge match. but still, he said the fight against that enemy was enough to say that he himself was the first full battle since his resurrection in this' underworld forest '. Definitely, he was more than a tistenian.


"... hey, what's up?

"... haha"

Kite giggles up at Ballantine's inquiry when she sees herself bowing to her knees. So he raised his voice.

"Wow! I'll make it easy for you to hide out at some point!

"What, suddenly!? Surprise..."

"Listen, Lord Dachi... I'm dying of a bee once on Earth..."

"Oh, if you say so, I've heard that before. Was it America? I knew it was like you said before I died, kite, even on Earth, right?

"I was."

Yuri nodded at Lux's inquiry, smudging and even drinking tea. Kite doesn't even know the story - naturally - but it seems that Yuri was having the last conversation during the imminent death of Lux.

So it was said that Kate would be raging on Earth anyway. And the fact is, it was raging. Rather, it was also raging at that time. and kite rages at lux who shed the line that he died so lightly.

"That's light! We're best friends, aren't we?

"That's what happens if you live long enough. We're dead once now, too. Haha. I wonder if we're alive or dead."

Hahaha, and Lux answers with pleasure. Besides, Kite was taken aback by surprise. Indeed, it is. I speak plainly, but below Lux. Will and Ballantine are dead people, and I'm having a good time, so I'm going out with them, or I'm coming to the extent. but it is a dead man. Therefore, Kate decided that she was stupid.

"... I asked you guys that I was stupid"

"... yeah, right. You're an idiot."

"Don't be clear!?

At some point Kate, glanced at with a slight eye from Ainadis, who stood behind her, again roughs up her voice. but such she pointed further back. There was an admirably exciting demon all over it, setting up a rampage for this one.

"... too loud"

"Uh... uh... I have to do this?

"Do something for yourself as much as you fail!


Kite pulls out a knife to preach Ainadis, for Christ's sake. Even he's not going to fight the demons here out of hand. And in the first place, this is happening because he shouted. I was going to wipe my own ass.

"You can't use the < > of the Divine Yin Flow on a boulder..."

later moment. Shortly before the enemy was picked up, Kate muttered so with a slight tongue. This demon has many unknown demons with kites. Even the Quons, who use this as a training ground on a daily basis, find new species every year.

Apparently, the demons around us are so incredible that this place has always been a susceptible environment for subspecies to come into being. It was a demon I had never seen, not even close to or kite. but it would still be fun to encounter the unknown. That was why I laughed.


Moment of the Reception Enemy. Kite starts the < > slightly diagonally and crosses the side like an enemy. And that moment. He was simultaneously unleashing a living-slaughter and cleaving his enemies in two straight up and down.

"... damaged, or"

Sure, it was chopped to pieces in two. but although such enemies split in the upper and lower half, seeing Kate slipped away from herself or flipping instantly. By then, it had stuck perfectly as if nothing had happened.

"It also looks like a snake... Hmm..."

Kate thinks of her next hand as she sees a demon similar to a snake that sounds like she should be intimidated. Definitely a snake in shape, but somewhere the torso is slightly swollen resembling a cock. Dare I say, it would also be close to a spreading cobra. A demon like the one that transplanted Elimakitori lizard's elbow into a snake, but it could be good.

The size is about twenty meters long. Too huge in this area can easily be targeted by external enemies. Because it's small, it would be a mistake to think it's weak.

"Well, for now. Let's smash it up."

In the raven and in the corner, Kate is a swordsman. If so, it is basic to cut and poke whatever the enemy is. So Kite waits for the venom, which will be released seconds after the intimidation, at that moment. Pass directly next to it again with < >. but this time I won't pluck it. Moving directly behind him, he was resting on his back with a knife.

"Aotearoa first-rate… < >"

At the same time as Kite whines. Seven separate bodies are created, surrounding the enemy, and a total of eight kites cause countless slaughters. As it shredded the enemy, a piece of the enemy's flesh fell to the ground with the humid noise. And, seeing such a sight, Yuri flew in in a great panic.

"Did you do it!?

"Don't bother telling me until you come out."

"Hey, I thought I'd leave you with the flag architecture,"

"That's all. So, go back because it's still going on."


Apparently satisfied, Yuri leaves from under kite. And that's why, apparently, the enemy is still alive despite all that finesse. Slowly but spread pieces of flesh gather together. Blood wasn't flowing.

"It looks like a planaria... I guess"

Planaria. It is a very good regenerative organism. So much so that when the head was divided into three parts, the head grew into three parts, finely sliced into hundreds of fragments, but it was back to normal.

If you make that a super powerful demon, this is what will happen. I was thinking of a kite that didn't have such a benefit, but I wasn't just looking at the enemies to regenerate without doing anything.

"If you can't hang it up, smash it... but simply crush it with a hammer. Then there's no art. Al Azif."


Kate instantly activates some sorcery when she takes the magic book out of her nostalgia she was sneaking. It transformed only the surface of the ground into a hard glass-like state.

"Well... you've thought about it"

Apparently Tina figured out what Kate would do. I was laughing fun. And that next moment. Kite, who made Al-Azif look like glass on the ground, knitted a number of magic formations toward the sky high to form a straight line against his enemies.

"I wonder if that's okay...... ho, summons. Single shot < >!"

A meteorite flies at super high speeds from a magic formation knitted over the sky to coincide with Kite's verbal showdown. That was the shape of a snoring hammer when the tip flattened every time it passed through a magic formation. It caught heat and flames with the heat of friction with the atmosphere, knocking it straight into a regenerating enemy.

"How about < > …"

"Now I wonder if I'm doing it right?

"I don't know."

Now Kite leans her neck against Yuri, who flew in relaxed. The meat pieces in the process of regeneration are completely compressed, crushed and liquefied. It did seem like it could be defeated. but this is a magical place to be. No wonder there are any demons. And it was an indication.

"Ya...... can't this be it"

As the liquefied demon escapes Kite's slapped hammer as it is, he tries to start restoring it with three cores. but it wasn't kite overlooking it.

"" Bye!

Kate and Yuri crush the three cores with a demon gun when they place a demon gun on their backs as if they could see. but here. The two of them came to think that this was still hell. What a pierced core restored.



Those two have also been messed up so far. To name a few, I've never seen a demon whose core was all destroyed and its core restored. And that's why naturally everyone had never seen it.

"Hmm... it's a nasty demon inside"

"Hmm... how would I defeat you?"

"I don't seem to be compatible inside. I think it might be best to pull it off a boulder."

"... Yes, no, is that good?

Berntaine asks the party members of Kate, who are clearly less than Tina and more relaxed. Obviously, they're incompatible with each other in kite. I can't help wondering if I don't have to get my hands on it. And Kuon raised his voice in such a place.

"Kaito, take turns!

"No, it's okay -!

Kate waves gently at Quon's voice. It is not said to be the strongest if you are to replace this level of enemy. As such, Kate decided to continue to fight the unknown enemy.