The "Underworld Forest" expedition led by Kate, who was coming to the "Underworld Forest" for the sake of the harvest festival. They were walking through the Underworld Forest as if they were walking, but because of one thing, they would encounter unknown demons similar to snakes who had never even seen Kites. Such demons were to be dealt with by Kite, who caused the encounter, and he was to be made to think about dealing with them during several attacks.

"Well... you've met an interesting demon"

"I've never seen anything like it."

"Well, I guess there's a karaki somewhere"

Kate happily talks to Yuri about the status quo after seeing how Core somehow restored even though he said he shot out Core with demon bullets. Nothing. I can't do it here if I'm surprised to this extent.

It's certainly a rare phenomenon, but I don't think it's ever going to happen. More than that, it's a mistake to think it can't be here first. This is such a place.


Nevertheless, it is a fact that we cannot defeat it as it is. Various dubious at the point where the core is still alive even if it is destroyed in the first place. Therefore, Kite decides to pinch the view for once.

and before such their eyes, the body tissues of the liquefied demons gathered in each of the cores divided into three parts, and three snake-like demons were born.

"... oh... are you serious"

"This is amazing."

"Maybe it's close to the group..."

Seeing the demon that fulfilled his division, he nodded as he was impressed as he was surrounded by surprises as to whether Kate and Yuri could do that. And, on the other hand, the demon that split and increased to three bodies opened its mouth like a snake threat to kite again - making a noise.

"The power of the venom itself is unchanged."

Kyte makes that decision as he turns up the sound and looks at the dissolved ground. Apparently the composition of the venom itself hasn't changed even if it splits into three bodies. It's definitely poisonous.

It should be noted that although the venom, Kite avoided it by floating and gliding slightly with the aerial technique without any particular emotion. and so a venom attack by another unity was fired where the injection of one venom was avoided.

"This guy's the same."

"And this one's the same."

Kite and Yuri continue to dodge as they circle like ice skates, twirling, and look at the venom and decide so. Apparently, even if it splits, there is no such thing as a loss of performance. but naturally there were more falling than split.

"Come on."

Kite releases a slash in reverse hanging much more easily than earlier as she rotates. That is such a blow that if you are a Rank S demon, you can't even smash the barrier. But nevertheless, the bizarre serpent-shaped demonic barrier was easily smashed and broken into two straight left and right pieces.

"The speed's dropping a lot, and the reaction speed's dropping. Besides, the defense is drastically reduced. Lower firing speed, of course. We can afford to be crushed by these mutton fish.

"Right...... zuno!

Yuri emitted a polar strip of light from above Kate's shoulder, and pierced another whole thing core by core. The position of the core was confirmed during the earlier playback, so it was spare and snipeable.

"Yeah, miscellaneous fish"

"Yes, miscellaneous fish."

As a result of its division into three bodies, it has fallen to about a third of its performance. Both Kate and Yuri had to conclude so when they saw this weakness. but still only the regenerative power stays the same. Thus, here is the conclusion.

"But I have to kill him."

"Right...... what do you do?

"I don't know what to do."

Even as a kite, they can't immediately figure out how to defeat this enemy. There are no different ways, but I also thought it would be a hassle. but I guess I don't feel any particular struggle at this point in time. There are a lot of hands, but I'm worried about which of them would be the most effective.

"... hmm?

It is a kite that is appropriately avoiding enemy attacks that are sometimes shot into venom and sometimes penetrate, but only narrows her eyes slightly feeling uncomfortable when she feels something to gain from it.

"Little by little... aren't you getting faster?

"I'll check."


Yuri, who got Kate's grunt, floats up, and Kate decides to dance a little more with it. If it's pointless to attack, there's no point in attacking. Then dodging was enough.

"Hmmm... Hmmm..." That's right! Kate! Can you at least prevent me from attacking this way?!?

"Oh, I'm sorry!


Dodging a flying enemy, Yuri enters the enemy's observation again as she looks at Kate's split with a flying kick in her flank. So, about a minute. Yuri came to a conclusion.

"Dude, it looks like you're getting faster. Yo!

"Uh, yeah."

Kate was convinced of the report from Yuri and nodded. I thought that would happen. but then it was no exaggeration to say that it was an awesome troublesome demon.

"Lizard tail cutting or something...... well, for now"

Kate focuses her consciousness only a little to identify the magical flow of the whole within the Trinity of Demons. It's not difficult. The foundation of the Divine Yin Flow is to see the flow of the world. Apply this, or use this to cut off the flow of magic. There is no creation. That's how Kate sighed heavily. Another core was forming in each of the three demons.

"Hmmm... do you mean more cores? When they eat it, I guess. Don't remind me of Hydra."

Even if slashed, it plays from the mutilated part. It is true that if applied to modern organisms, we feel that Pranalia is the closest, but mythologically, the monster called Hydra, fought by the Greek biggest hero Hercules, was the most similar.

Well, that had another nasty taste from this demon of increasing from a cut neck to two and growing a neck, but it was similar in the sense that slashing barely worked. I vomited venom all over, and my regenerative abilities were way out.

"Well for now... it's troublesome if you keep it up"

That's what Kate says, tangling up three demons with demonic threads that are restoring a new core. Thus, when the inner two were finely sliced with demonic thread, the core was removed, and the remaining two sides of the integral were cut open and the removed core was forced into it.

"Shh, shh, shh, shh!

"Oh! You played it back to a good salt plum!

The regenerative power was originally excellent. They adapted normally, even when they pushed the core into it, either because it was originally their core. I was back to the original, united demon, taking in the core that was immediately pushed in. He also absorbed pieces of meat that had been finely shaved to go with it and was completely back to normal.

"Well, what are we gonna do?"

Now I don't have to worry about growth. Once again, Kate thinks about how to crusade this demon when she decides so. Not a miscellaneous fish, but never a mighty enemy. You can call it a demon specializing in living.

but that's why this demon should be crusaded here, kite had decided. So at first glance, I start dancing like I can play and see again. but now he sometimes poked with a spear and sometimes also weaved counters such as bumping with a hammer.

"... Big Uncle, what are you doing?

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. Oh, you look strange."

Ballantine nodded, not particularly surprised, at Berlantine's doubts. Again, from what Bernstein and his descendants can tell, Kite is the most powerful warrior in the foolish and powerful world. Doesn't seem like he's going to struggle with his opponents to this extent. but from within, it wasn't.

"Sure, he's close to a blow special, and he can probably do that here. but that's the basics of it. Switch weapons Use witchcraft and fight thoroughly and faithfully to the basics"

Faithful to the basics. How the fundamentals of an adventurer are sure and efficient in defeating demons. To do so, you need to know the weaknesses that will be the optimal solution for them. Usually they party it up and find out, but Kite can do it by herself. That's why I'm doing it.

"Oops, maybe? Spears, axes, fists, magic."

We're showing heterogeneous battles so far, and then we're ultimately loyal to the basics. So much so that I want to call this one an exemplary battle. but that's why it was funny. Fight for the basics by yourself.

Besides, he says it's the strongest brave man in the world who's fighting that battle. Funny, too, I can snort. And, it's such a kite, but he was apparently finding the best solution within watching. If I realized it, I was fighting with only my fists.

"Fist...? I don't think it's working..."


Ballantine narrows her eyes only slightly to Berlantine's whining. That's how I understood it wasn't just a beating.

"I see. Well, I'm curious. You're beating me up with care. I see. Is it best to crush it because of its high vitality?"

"Apparently my vitality is too high, so the life energy of others… I think I have a special rejection. There's been a rebellion inside, and self-destruction has begun."

Depending on what Ballantine says, identify what's happening inside Tina. Apparently, that demon has a powerful regenerative power, but it will recover all immediately. but that is why we have no room to embrace the energy of others. It seemed particularly effective to be able to say that it was a release of life energy.

"Hmm... is it because you don't let it go out there that you're causing internal destruction? A blow to internal penetration… there's no other way."

"You can't do that to me either. It's a hassle for a boulder... oops! Kite! Why don't you use < > anyway?

"I'm already doing it!

"Whoa, what the fuck. Are you using it... is that it? Don't even think about it."

Apparently, Ballantine knew exactly what Kate was doing. I was nodding with pleasure. And that's what Berntaine asked him.

"What are you doing?

"Hmm? Oh, you have the power to share vitality with others in < >, don't you? The moment of the beating, it's weaving too... well, we'll have results in a little while."

Ballantine enjoys watching the end of Kite's battle. I can already see the answer and the conclusion. So, a few minutes later. The enemy exploded from the inside, even though he didn't take any damage to Kite's blow.


"Well... what are we going to do now?


"It's not over yet. This guy just blew himself up when he saw the energy in him suck. Look at the evidence. Core's still safe."

Ballantine pointed to three cores floating in fun. Kate was doing it for this, but still has done this many times since earlier. Speaking of which, now.


Such kites use special breathing methods to accumulate attention against enemies who have completely exposed their core. That's how I punched Core as hard as I could with my distracted fist.

"Oops. As I thought."

Essentially, the nature of the flesh and the nature of the core are similar. It seems therefore that the attack by chi was quite effective on the core as well, and although the crushed core is about to regenerate, it had stripped away trying to stick around because of the power of kite's chi. And with that, the playback speed is slowing down.

"Ha! Ha!

I have no hand in missing this opportunity. That's how he spots it. Kite distracts both hands and feet and smashes his core in three successive pieces at once. In that way, in no time, the core was in a difficult situation to restore all three.

"Well... what do you say?

I won. I understand that. Kite manages to play it, but keeps an eye on what Core can't do. I couldn't even try to regenerate it, and it was visible that I'd run out of energy and die.


Duh. Hearing that sound, Kate turns her back. Both core regeneration and physical regeneration were interrupted by Kite's temper, which used up all his life energy. When I finished, it ended up being Kate's overwhelming victory. Thus, Kite ended the battle by showing off the brave of the brave.