Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1465: The Most Powerful Beast

The kites revealed the night at the camp they set up in "The Underworld Forest". When they revealed a swallowing night surrounded by majestic nature, starry skies, etc., they decided to leave a little late the next morning.

And there is one who does not know what he would know if he came here. It's Berntaine. So, in a way, the most skilled Ballantine taught him why.

"Oh well. Are you new here? Then let me tell you something. On the contrary, it's safer to delay it a little longer. See, the demons eat too, don't they? I'm gonna have a lot of fun at breakfast. It's troublesome when you get caught up in it. So, unlike normal, it's a little off time."

"I see..."

Is that right? Sure enough, everyone on this scene, he's got all the monsters. As an Alliance Master, I can say it's homogeneous, Quon or Einadis, or even Soleil, who can say it's understated in terms of that kind of organization. Definitely better than him as a warrior.

But that's why I'm not stupid enough to go in there when I know I suck on purpose. Sure, if it's about a few bodies, you can do the opponent at the same time with no problems, and worst of all, if it's Kate and Tina, you can even wipe out this area. but it's not the same story again to do it because you can. It's just a hassle.

"So well, you wait a while. We'll leave when the demons eat and take a rest."


After hearing Ballantine's commentary, Berlantine was apparently convinced, too. So that's why he was nailed to a demon that was falling a little far away.

"So... for once, let me ask you..."

"Oh, that one? You don't even care about Bezu. A mere demonic corpse. Is that weird?

"No... well, hey... what happened last night?

At the end of Berntine's gaze was a giant body of some kind of demon skewered by countless weapons. Kite will be the only one to do this. He was crusading demons in the middle of the night without making a sound.

Or that would be the only way. Well, I didn't care if such a sight was a familiar sight if he was a face who had traveled with him, but the only thing that didn't was that he was taken aback. That's why Ballantine, who was passing through without interest with everything, asked Kite.

"Ooh, kite. What did you do yesterday?

"Oh, this guy? In the middle of the night, I felt calm and crushed it because it caught my eye. That's all."

"That's right."


The blur is that it's not a demon that can be killed lightly if it's caught in the eye. Berntaine was surprised the other way around by everyone who didn't look particularly surprised.

"Hey, I could have left you there, but come on... you seemed strong there, so when Quon comes out, you see, everyone wakes up, right? Especially Soleil. He already did. Come on. So let me give you a little sleep."


I see. Sure, the brave Kate is flying. He didn't realize that Kite had fought for himself. It was enough to make a good understanding of that.

It should be noted that its demon, but now it had been dismantled by kite and cut out meat, transformed into their breakfast. The remaining flesh would later be wiped out by Tina by magic.

"No matter what, it's rice. Kite, what's for breakfast today?

"Ooh. He's making something a little good for his stomach and intestines because he'll still have yesterday's booze today. Eat your old man."


"Let it go. Your old man didn't raise his pretty voice. Disgusting."

"Ha ha! I thought I wasn't a pattern either."

Apparently, the kites have been on track since this morning. Once again, he understood that the street was already flying at all times and decided to have breakfast as well.

Well, have some breakfast. By the time we had a stomachache, we had restarted and proceeded further into the Underworld Forest.

"I think it's time to get out..."

"I really can't just read the territory of this demon..."

"Hmm. It's pretty hard to find the demon you're looking for here..."

Always on the move. This one is highly competitive for survival. Therefore, I did not know where the great beast (Grand Beast) you were looking for, even the Ballantines and the Quons who used this one as a training ground, which had been divided many times.

"Hmm... I don't think so"

"" "Hmm?

Hear Soleil groan and see her together. That's how everyone saw the direction she pointed in unison.

"Ooh... Big."

"Hmmm... bigger than I've seen before"

"Didn't you say the individuals you've seen before are smaller than the average?

"If you say so, did you say so?"

What we saw together was a giant beast about 30 meters walking on all fours. but I can't say like a dog or a tiger. Both bodies are like a mixture.

The dark skin, close to brown, is enormously muscular, and the fangs peeking through its mouth are sharp and pointy. Nails no longer seemed sharper than sharp blades. and Tina rings her neck when she sees such a four-legged 'Great Beast (Grand Beast)'.

"Hmm... more in order"

"Hmm... after me... well. You look great in Tina."

"Death zone."

Kate secretly sighs at Kuon's grunt, who nodded at Tina's confirmation. Death zone, is the worst part of the order of battle that was decided in the scratch. It begins with a quon and continues to Tina, and ends with a kite. Whatever he was, it was a combination of barefoot escape.

"Tiner, I know you do, but he's taking it home, so don't put it all over the place."


The bent opponent is a demon who is also said to be at the top of the rank S. And both Kite, and Tina, who told him against it, were flat. So Tina gently created a fireball and fired it towards the 'Great Beast (Grand Beast)' where she was sleeping three kilometers away.

No matter, this is just bait to call. So the fireball was stopped by a barrier a few meters away from the "Great Beast (Grand Beast)" and disappeared. but that's good.

"Look. Let's play for a while. Come but good."

Fluffy, and slightly rising from the ground, Tina tells him so with her wand gracefully legged in her hand. And he saw how Tina was so flat, he understood that "The Great Beast (Grand Beast)" had also been attacked by Tina now. I kicked the ground with a loud roar that sounded a few kilometers away.

"... oh, um... for once, listen, I don't think I need to..."

"Oh, if you don't have to, you don't have to ask."


In Ballantine's response, Berlantine just lets his cheeks pull. It's extremely easy to say what you wanted to say. This "Great Beast" is actually very ineffective in magic. The force is so strong that it is said to be its habitual beast that it moves quickly.

In contrast, as Tina can see from what is said to be the Demon King, magic is the mound of herself. Compatibility was not an exaggeration to say that it was one of the best evils in this' Underworld Forest '. but it is Tina. Everyone affirmed that it would be an easy win.


Tina appropriately plants some witchcraft around her as she breaks through the wall of sound speed and sees The Great Beast (Grand Beast) thrust with fierce momentum. It is not slightly appreciated by her to be pushed forward with this momentum.

Because it's not so much that I can't target the magic, but I still need to get some serious. No, it would be all kinds of suspicious at the point where it was genuinely enough to deal with the demons of the most superior species in the bend, but it wasn't surprising to think it was her.

"First, one shot"

At the same time as Tina's proclamation, the ground on the path of The Great Beast (Grand Beast) rises to become a rock wall of about 10 metres. but in contrast, "The Great Beast" stuck his shoulder forward like a tackle without hesitation.

"Mm-hmm. Good judgment. but... that would be too easy to understand"

In response to The Great Beast (Grand Beast), which tucked in slightly to jump, Tina had created a deep hole just behind its rock wall where The Great Beast (Grand Beast) would enter softly. Right after the jump. Besides, the momentum has also fallen a lot due to rock walls. Therefore, "The Great Beast" can only fall directly under the hole without escaping.

but bent is a rank s demon. "The Great Beast" bounced up as far as the void was concerned, even though it had holes. That gaze is staring at Tina in a straight line, and I guess she's going to hit her as she is. but Tina like that was already fun.

"I wanted to say this line once... it's a Confucius trap!

Dunn. Such a roar sounds and 'The Great Beast (Grand Beast)' falls in fierce momentum. Tina, who had foreseen a series of flows up to this point, was planting an air bullet in the air as the last trick, bursting it at the same time as the jump.

"I got caught. I got caught. from this top to the hot soil."

"Ugh. Ebony."

"I wouldn't do it, either."

Kate and Yuri muttered with pleasure as they watched Tina pour lava from the top of "The Great Beast (Grand Beast)," which she forcefully slammed into the hole. but I'm not the one who can handle it to this extent. So The Great Beast (Grand Beast), swallowed entirely in the lava stream, jumped up again as it blew up the lava.

"Come on."

Tina gently dances through the universe and dodges such 'The Great Beast' wielding nails. Instead of exceeding the speed of sound, the magic was even tearing apart the space together, but if it didn't hit anything else, there was nothing to say. So Tina continues to dodge several times in the air when she completely cuts through the range of effects of the cleavage of 'The Great Beast (Grand Beast)', which even slashes and rips space.

"Ooh... I'm slitting it up endlessly..."

After all, Rank S is also the highest demon. "The Great Beast (Grand Beast)" kicks the void and runs endlessly through the air, pawing into the void to slash and tear Tina apart. Seeing Tina like that, Kate decided to guess Tina's thoughts just a little bit.

"What are you thinking?"

"Hmmm... it's nothing about Tina, so I guess you should be playing..."

"Hmm... intentionally avoiding it in the air, looks like it"

Kite Below Lux, Will's three make inferences to read Tina's intentions for action. and Tina on the other hand, but apparently was steadily getting ready.

"Well... after that it's not just there... is it here to step in?"

Tina looks at the innumerable pieces of space carved around her, and sees the part of her that still has a gap to the extent that she can escape. If there were so many wounds engraved there that I couldn't get out, that would have been enough. So Tina directs the movement of The Great Beast (Grand Beast) to scar that part of space.

"Good. That's good."

Tina nodded good with it, even though she was being pushed into a situation where she couldn't escape anymore. And the fact is, that's good. As a result, we saw Tina being called the Demon King.

"... here!

Determine the timing of "The Great Beast (Grand Beast)", which all the way through the void tried to strike itself, and activate the magic that Tina has.

"" "Huh!?

Seeing the phenomenon that has happened, everyone makes a barbaric voice at the same time. What Tina used was a flip (...) shift (...) technique (...). It was a sorcery that should never be used in this "Underworld Forest". And so this "Great Beast" against Tina, who suddenly disappeared, failed for a moment to understand that metastasis had been used.

If you live around here, no demon will ever use metastasis. Because the characteristics of the place make it unusable. I wouldn't have thought of using it.

Therefore, it was not an exaggeration to say that it was an unknown phenomenon from "The Great Beast". So slightly surprised, "The Great Beast (Grand Beast)" slipped slightly out of balance and crashed into the wounds of the space it had torn itself apart.

"Look, check mate."

Tina pushes the tip of the cane to the belly of "The Great Beast (Grand Beast)", which breaks the balance and clashes against the wounds of space. So, the next moment. At zero distance, some sorcery unfolded, and The Great Beast (Grand Beast) lost power from the limbs.