A few days after Kate welcomed Waldo and his wife. The cooking festival fits in a few days. Kate was attending a trade fair today, beside working to prepare for the cooking festival, as she did. Nevertheless, this may actually be communicated to the Adventure Department as much participation as possible.

There is also a trade fair for adventurers' magic props at this trade fair, and it is only natural to confirm that. Therefore, I was able to take a break once in a few days when the trade fair would be held. Kate was in attendance on her first day in relation to various positions. Besides, in his case, I had to look around at all the special venues because I had a position.


It's such a kite, but it's still the first trade fair for adventurers to look around because of its position. The Viktor Chamber of Commerce was still the biggest player here, and Salia was leading us straight through. At the opening, he was also moving the Talia doll, something that would show how much effort he was putting into it.

"That idiot did that stupid protective earring for your lady, hey..."

"We did a lot of work there, but it would be a good salt plum for the price"


For once, this is a trade fair for adventurers' magic props, but it's not just wholesaled by adventurers, as the Earth's trade fair is. It's normally sold, and the main target is just the adventurer. So the average person also comes to this trade fair, which would be about half the guests. I guess that's why they come to the harvest festival and are rare.

"What about the designer?

"It's not just Dada, drunkenness and tax measures that bought the whole building next to the HQ building. There are also bugging measures."

"Well, then I guess that's good... I'm bringing in a plan to bring it in from us..."

I hate the merchant soul. Kate sighs as she listens to Salia's commentary, wondering if she has finished this far. Regardless, this is only still on the fair, and there is a period of time before the book is released. but you can say that we are getting to a step after the launch at the time we are able to put it on this trade fair.

"Hmm... I guess it's better for protection than for adventurers... maybe I could hang the sale to the aristocratic ladies. Occasionally, a woman with no vision appears..."

"Hmm... I don't think it works..."

"Who's gonna look and say that?"

Kite Hatsuji, and look at Sarya here. Return her jito eyes. Besides, Salia laughed corny.

"Oh, it's up to Darling. One hundred people will raise the name of a hundred darlings."

"Ugh... well, suppose that doesn't matter. How about a bespoke reception?

"Hmm... that's already been arranged. Again, earrings. It's not a ready-made product, it's an order, not many people say."

Make it clear that Salia has already arranged for Kite's inquiry. This one, she was right about this flow and she was looking forward to it. but kite shook her head at this.

"No, I didn't. From the very beginning, it was custom-made."

"I see... you might actually want to use it... Originally, these kinds of protective items are for sale in the long run..."

You may want to use it for the courteous nobleman, etc. to target reviews. Salia assembles her appointments in her head to track only a few things about custom-made.

It is not uncommon in Enefia for noble ladies and ladies to be fashion leaders. Today on Earth and in medieval Europe, for example, Mrs. Pompadour, the concubine of Louis XV, would be famous. It would spread by word of mouth if it could be used by someone like them.

"Let's talk to the noble lady who's been a little greedy."

"Well, I'll leave you to the Viktor Chamber of Commerce. I'm not the president."

"That's right."

Salia nodded at Kate's words as she gave the note the content of this story. This one doesn't have to be told by Kate. She handles it properly. I don't run the largest international company in the world to Dada. Therefore, as for the Protective Props, Kite will also decide to procure them on a bespoke basis - for Sakura and others - and move to see the next Props.

"This is... Oh, darling, this is your area of choice"

"... dude. What do you think I am?"

"Cooking...... you like it, don't you?

"I don't hate it!? I don't even like it!?

"Oh... that's a shame."

Salia responds to Kate's yelling pleasantly. I guess it's good to think I know what I'm doing. Nevertheless, I am interested. I do not possess a set of cooking tools personally with Dada.

"Well, because I'm here, do you see all this... do you have any new products?

"That's right... we're going to have a new version of the burner as a new product."

"Burner hey......"

In the meantime, I also used kite when I offered Ainadis broiling, but the burner is used inside.

"Is that a low-fuel model?

"No, you said you succeeded in increasing your firepower by about 1.2 times compared to our company while maintaining fuel consumption. The price is on hold."

"Hmmm... keep the fuel consumption intact... mmm..."

Well, replacing these cooking tools isn't something you do many times a year, and this burner has two things: one that you bought on Earth and the other that you bought in Enefia. And the stuff I bought in Enefia was replaced when Kate got back. So Kate shook her head after a little thought.

"You don't have to. You never need that much firepower to broil... if you need that much firepower, don't start a fire in the first place."

"Well, it would be in Darling's case"

Apparently Salia didn't think she'd need a burner in the first place either. There was no strong push. Therefore, we shall drop off the burner. After completing the tour of the corner of the Demon Prop, you will be taken to the next special venue.

That was a trade fair that deals in new food-based products. It is still necessary to check the preserved food when you become an adventurer. First of all, meals are all basic, and if it's not a day trip, I'll make sure to prepare a preserved meal just in case. I could say that it was as imperative to check this as a demon prop. So Kate also told the Adventure Alliance members to be sure to go to the Demon Props and this food trade fair.


That's why he came to the food trade fair, but Kite stops in front of a special area that was set up just as soon as he walked in. I'd say that was an energy drink-based beverage there. Apparently, energy drink-based drinks have become popular in recent years, leading to the establishment of special areas.

"You still like things that are bad for you."

"The other way around...... well, does that really happen in relation to taste"

When it comes to energy drinks, it would still be the flavor that is characteristic. It tastes like it's sticking with the chemical Dovadova. I know it's really good for my health, but I couldn't help but feel bad for my health as a feeling. Even so, apparently this was more about advertising what was already on sale than dealing with new products. There was nothing novel about kite.

"... um... well, okay. Why don't we just go check out the preserved food?"

"I'll show you around."

Because the special kite seemed uninteresting, the two of them decided to turn to the corner where they handled the preserved food that was in the back. Kite also observed the product with a slightly more serious eye when she arrived because it was still work related.

"Hmm... a bottle of pickles? It's common..."

Kite checks the labels, etc. for one of the displayed products. Here, the labelling of raw materials and areas of origin is required by law in relation to hygiene control and allergies. So it was with Earth to know what was in it.

"Whew... Fionel cucumber... what you see below... finely chopped onions"

Bottled pickles can still be considered common among bottled foods. So it would be characteristic when it comes to adding vinegar pickled onions.

"Hmmm... with the increase in vinegar... could this be..."

"Would you like to try one?

"Hmm... No, it tastes thick when it's pickled in vinegar. There are still tastings after this. If you think about it, you eat pickles."

Kate shakes her head after thinking a little about Sarya's inquiry. It was the first thing I found when I was still here. I haven't even tried it. So eating foods with a strong flavour affects me next. Especially when pickled in vinegar, the smell will also remain quite good in your mouth. Think about it a lot and decide to stop tasting. Therefore, Kite decides to consider the pickle and make a note of it.

"Next to it... Pickles... isn't it? This..."

Jalapeño, I hear.

"Jalapeño? This is unusual."

Kate nodded with a little surprise at Sarya's words as she looked at the schematics displayed on the device. Jalapeño is the most commonly used green pepper on the planet, mainly in Mexico.

Mexico also offered this jalapeño, onion and carrot as a pickle dish, which was well behaved in neighboring America. I knew it on that edge as a kite, and from time to time on Earth I used it in cooking.

"Raw jalapeño was sometimes seen and pickled... well. Is it also commercially available? The manufacturer…"

"... every time."


Saw the manufacturer's name. When Kite moves her gaze as it is, Sarya also shyly shifts her gaze again. Well, that's what happened. Apparently, she ordered the Product Development Department to proceed with the commercialization, expecting to see Kate vinegar Jalapeño and not create any demand for this. With this degree of commercialization, we can apply the production line of pickles. Therefore, it did not take much effort to commercialize if asked later.

"Well, okay. You bought this for now."

"I knew you were going to use it?

"Oh. Jalapeño's going to take advantage of it there."

Kite doesn't particularly like spicy food, but she doesn't hate it either. I also remember there a spicy dish of South American descent in relation to the fact that on Earth I was traveling around the world. Therefore, Jalapeño, a dish typical of Mexico, was used quite often.

"I also use it for salsa sauce, for example. Salsa sauce is not sunny... anyway, salsa. If you don't plan to use it for a few days. There's a lot of people. I don't care if it freezes at worst. Plus putting this guy on a hot dock is good for spicy. Oh, some later mixed in tartare sauce to make it a little spicy. Later..."

"... I knew whoever saw it would just look like a cook..."

Thinking about what kind of dish to cook to enjoy a jalapeño bottle with one hand is a diagram of a man who likes to cook no matter who. So Salia got down to business after letting herself talk to herself for a while.

"So, how much do you buy?

"Hmm... just a box, please. Actually, I use it, but it's subtle whether I use it or not. Well, it's a drug flavor system, and these spicy ones weren't in the recipe. I could use it for salsa sauce if I bought a box for now, or else it might come in handy. If there's more use, we can get more from there."

"Yes, then buy a box,"

Salia will instruct you to deliver a box of this jalapeño bottle from a dedicated page that you have placed on your device. So the next thing I know, I'm headed to the area where, in the words of the planet, the bar system - but not the liquor store, but the bar-shaped food, etc. - is located. This one was also close to an emergency meal and could be described as an adventurer.

"There was... Now, what's the new product..."

These bar-shaped foods are easy to eat, so they are commonly used during your journey. Above all, it's not bulky, and preservation works. If you add plenty of sugar, it's nutritious too.

Just in case you can sneak one or two in a sachet that can hang from your hips, your survival will change all at once. You've heard stories about climbers wrecked in Snow Mountain who were helped by candy balls they accidentally had in their pockets. Sometimes it helps to have a small bar just like that.

but it's still an emergency food, so I guess it tastes good. Therefore, every company had no problem developing new products day and night, and even adventurers came to this trade fair for this reason.

"Well, for now, I like it. I think I'll buy a box..."

Kate sighs as she looks at the pile of preserved food. This bar is a lifeline for both the raven and the horn. It's good to be useless, but you can't still think that you won't use it. And when I get to use it, no, no, I don't want to eat it. I want to feel good about it anyway. Worst of all, this could be our last meal. It is with every adventurer to think of the best possible delicious things.

So it was the majority of adventurers who were here, and everyone and he were serious. That's why Kite decided to mix it with a bar tasting and procure her favorite items in a box.