Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1479: Cooking Festival Opening

The four festivals of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter hosted by Kate. One of them is the Fall Festival, the Harvest Festival. The kites who were to attend the cooking festival, the last event of the harvest festival, were to attend the opening ceremony in the same flow when they were first inspected for the ingredients and seasonings they had prepared.


Among the participants, kites who received script-like items describing their order and detailed flow at a participant reception specializing in examining judges were first sent to the holding room in preparation for the opening ceremony. Next to him like that are Yuri and Tina, who will be partners in this one. Tina asks Kite to read the script.

"If you say that, how long will it take for the rest of us to turn up?

"Right...... thirty minutes per pair of participants to be vetted. So, an hour combined with grading, etc. Two hours at a time, actually, because then an hour will be prep and rest. We cook in pairs at once... we're about 18: 00. Well, if it goes as planned,"

"When it comes to the best time, it's a good time."

"I don't know."

Kate laughs slightly bitterly at Tina's point. It is certainly not a mistake even at dinner time when it is 18: 00. but the judges will be nearly full, no matter how much less complete they won't be than the last one.

It should be noted that the cooking festival begins at 10: 00 in the morning. but two hours from there we are supposed to finish the necessary planting first. Preparation time. Regardless, it is not necessary because it ends in thirty minutes, or it is not necessary to do so if you have finished the planting and submitted it first.

In the meantime, participants who do not cook seem free, but in fact, as soon as the dishes are ready, the dishes of participants who do not review will behave, so they will not get that hungry.

"Hmmm... does that mean you'll be free for the next thirty minutes"

"Well, don't be. Even so, I don't have to be in the holding room long enough for a boulder, so there's no way I can do something about it now."

"Yes, I am."

Tina nodded at Kate's point and sat back in the chair where she had been kept in the holding room all her spare time. It was an hour before the opening ceremony that they entered the venue. It was 30 minutes before the guidance was given.

I had to submit the plant to the rep first, so it was pretty early entry into the venue. and Yuri tells such a shabby kite and Tina.

"Well, we'll just have to wait for now, won't we? Actually, I'm asking you, there's nothing to do."

"Well... well, I don't have a choice"

Guidance had already begun, and I didn't want to bother panicking before the opening ceremony. So Kate also decides to mimic Tina and sit in the right chair. Yuri also sat down on his shoulder like that.

Therefore, the three of them shall wait until there is guidance for the opening ceremony. So, roughly twenty minutes later. The attendant in charge came to the holding room given to them.

"Here you go. Now that the opening ceremony is ready, please move."

"Okay...... let's go -"

"Oh, um"


Yuri and Tina, who were playing cards on Kate's words, stand up in the middle. The main square in the centre of the Temple City is where they were led. The cooking festival's main venue was here, and the hall rented a corner of the temple. Furthermore, the scale is large, and sometimes it is one of the highlights of the harvest festival, and the temple was open to me like some kind of dining room.


It was a large square that was guided, but what was there was a large platform, two cooking areas and a bench for the judges to sit on, a bench that was thought to be for the moderator, etc.

Day one participants were in full swing in front of such a large platform. The main square was currently rented out just before the cooking festival, and tourists were not allowed in the centre. The kites walk through such a large square guided by the attendants who came to guide them.

"Yes, then this will be your place"

"Oh, thank you"

Kate thanked the attendant before being guided. Because of the hassle of the boulder, no chairs were provided here, and the participants were supposed to stand together and come to the opening ceremony. It should be noted that Kite is responding because it is he who is registered as the internal representative of the three.

"That's a lot, a lot..."

It's people, people, people who just fill it up. Kate is overwhelmed by such a sight. Today is the first day of the Cooking Festival. It's the opening ceremony. Doing the opening ceremony every day and every day would be a weird story. So the participants were meeting together and I guess that impression was extra strong.

Even so, bringing it all together still makes guidance and subsequent arrangements a hassle. Therefore, waiting places, etc. have been divided according to the dates of participation, and the appearance of Yayoi and Yayoda was a little further away from the kites, as well as the appearance of students from Tensakura School. Not close enough to talk. And Yuri told me to Kite, who was watching the participants that way.

"Normally, this festival is one of the eyeballs, so hey. The neighborhood is proud of their cooking and their wives. They'll be in quite a bit. So, if you realize it, this scale."

"Well, it's not like you're restricting anything except scrutiny. There's so much...?

"A lot, maybe. In fact, we don't normally have people gathering here for cooking contests or anything. In addition, besides being judged by the jury, if you have a reputation by word of mouth, you may get into the jury's mouth."


Again, there are many things that even if I knew about this one, I wouldn't have known if I hadn't actually participated. That's right, and Kate was nodding like she was impressed.

"Even so... on the side of making..."

"Are you hungry?

"Well. If the boulder makes you smell so good, you'll starve."

Kite squeaks her nose, just a little bit at Yuri's enquiry like she's going to tear up somewhere. Some places have already started cooking. For example, the pot was already in the simmering order, and the smell was already starting to smell good.

"Maybe wait a little bit, go around there and find something."

"I think it's fun, it's"

"Come on, let's just think about it. Here we go."

Tina whispers caution against Kate and Yuri discussing how to kill the wait time for fun. Apparently, time had passed while we were talking. If you look, the moderator was already standing on your stand.

Apparently, the moderator is dominated by women and assisted by men. Women had pointy ears, but I don't know the detailed race. At least he wouldn't be an elf, but he looked young. Looks like he'll still be fine in his twenties. Since the male had canine beast ears in the male, it would be the system of the beast man. This detailed species is also unknown. This one was calm and looked about two times older than the woman on the outside.

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for gathering at one of the four festivals organized by the McDawell family today, the Fall Festival Specialty Cooking Festival! I'm Carme Velvet and I'll be your MC for three days from today! The progress will be sent to you by Pierre Janan!


The female host, who named herself Karme, speaks up in a fun way. Meanwhile, the man said to be Pierre bowed his head small in a calm manner.

It should be noted that when asked later by Kuzha and the others, Karme, who looks good and has a pleasant impression, turns the field in momentum, and Pierre, a veteran who can turn the field firmly, sums up the whole thing. Two famous announcers for the Maxwell based press.

As for kite, I was concerned that the calume was oddly young, but as a rule, the young host is supposed to turn the place around. It was difficult for the participants to get nervous when the air was too hard.

Furthermore, it is required to move around in interviews, etc. He said he needed to be young. It should be noted that in addition to this, there are several celebrities coming as reporters for the general public.

'Well, let's come and introduce the judges of this competition!

As a rule, after finishing their introduction and explaining the purpose of the tournament, Kalme will continue to introduce the jury members. Well, this one's got nothing to say, I guess.

This year, the Emperor Leonhardt is coming, so much so that he has an introduction or Claudia as a guest. It seems that if the guest judges say that it's about as luxurious as usual, it won't change, and nothing in particular went wrong. Therefore, Kite would normally be returned to the holding room after the opening ceremony.

"So I'm back..."

"I'm free, even from here"

Yuri stretches like a cat over Kate's shoulder, as she responds to Kate's words. but I know I'm free and I don't even relax in this place. In the first place, I knew from the beginning that I was free.

And of course, neither was the operator going to keep the participants waiting here. There is an opening ceremony today, so everyone is just here, and it's not a problem if you come into the venue about an hour before the start of cooking.

This time, the Emperor Leonhardt is coming, so it's awkward to be absent from the boulder, and we're all just going to meet together. In fact, he was not absent from the opening ceremony on the first day if he was a participant after the second day.

Now, after the second day, some of the participants have already returned, and even on the first day like the kites, they said, "If you don't even lag behind in time, make yourself comfortable."

"Then you should go chill properly. You can't mouth local dishes everywhere inside. People come to this cooking fest from all over the world, and cooks from all over the world come along with it. No way, even rare things can be spoken of."

"Don't let that happen."

"It will be."

Again, this cooking festival is a world famous festival. And because of the title of dedicating cooking to the Great Spirits, a significant proportion of the cooks from all faithful races around the world participate. And on top of that, the high-ranking interracials from all over the country who received Kite's intentions are actively participating in the festival. Cross-cultural exchange. So even more so, there were many such rare dishes.

Okay, let's go.



After Kate's decree, Yuri waves her hand up as she falls asleep, and Tina follows it again where she is half interested. As such, the three of them decided to grasp the published flavors as they pinched the dishes everywhere at will.