Cooking Festival, which will be the last event of the Harvest Festival. It was Kite who was supposed to participate in it at the request of the Harvest Festival's executive committee, but he decided to kill time as he looked around at various dishes along with both Tina and Yuri's names, who had asked him to cooperate. That was him, but this is the first time he's ever been to a cooking festival as a story in the first place. Therefore, when I saw the sight, I was unintentionally half-laughing.

"Oh... wow, this is..."

It's a crowd full of people. If this is Japan, it would be nice to call it the Black Mountain crowd, but unfortunately this is a different world. I had less dark hair. What's more, naturally, the number of cooks is lower.

Triangle towels and hats are mandatory to prevent hair from entering, so there are more guests when such a sight can be seen. and beside Kite, who is overwhelmed by such a sight. Yuri and Tina over his shoulder were discussing it.

"If that's the case, why did you have to open a culinary competition in the first place?

"Uh... why not? Now it's a specialty, but I didn't think about it, Kite."

Yuri, who was questioned by Tina, hands down her memories. Indeed, Kite - of what he denies - likes to cook. Nevertheless, I never planned to hold a culinary competition.

First of all, I had never thought about it, and it was likely that it would be troublesome to think about it because of his own reputation. A hassle, needless to say, stems from his position.

In particular, the festival is set so that 10,000 people can participate. I was thinking about the fact that I might be like Nero Claudius if I got out poorly myself. And that's why Yuri, who remembered her memories, nodded several times, apparently remembering.

"Oh, I remember. I remember. Will suggested it."

"He did. Sounds like it."

Kate, who was pinching the story in her ear, grinned and nodded so much that she saw the former emperor, who went to a cooking place where she learned to be thriving and interested and did stumbling. Apparently, he picks a lot of things a little bit.

They're going to be full once and for all, but in principle, they can eat infinitely by converting what they ate into magic.

There are limits because they are principled, but there are still far more allowances to eat than regular people. I guess you're going to use that to taste almost every dish. Note that the limit is the amount of magic that the person can possess. Beyond that, they can't absorb it by converting it to boulder magic, so they can't use this magic to prevent suicide bombing and self-destruction.

"I was convinced when I heard that. Daimyo, are you stressed?"


Yuri nodded as she stretched out to Kate's boyaki. Well, the biggest means of relieving stress by causing stress called kite - basically his self was taken on by kite - is gone. Furthermore, it would have had the status of emperor. Everyone found out that stress would have doubled. If it's about gastronomy, you'll be allowed to laugh.

"Well, more than anything you're enjoying... if you don't tell me to make it later, what is it"

I picked a dish that I learned a little bit about, and I saw Will write a note about it, and Kate laughed half and clapped her shoulder. In the end, it was Kite who would be cooking his dishes for some reason.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was cooking more of his own accord than a dedicated cook. Somehow everyone is sweet on kite, but on the contrary, kite is also mostly sweet on the inside. So it even seemed like I could see the sight now.

"Well... that's anyway. Do we eat properly, too?"

"Sassy. I'm hungry."

"Breakfast, I haven't eaten."

It's a culinary festival in the corner. Then it seems that there are few who want to eat breakfast here, and those who endure breakfast and stumble here were also seen. Regardless, so did the kites.

So Kite, with Yuri's endorsement, walks out appropriately. And I heard the attendant at their place like that.

"If you're looking for a brochure for the general attendees of Cooking Fest, go here -!

"Oh, kite. Brochure."

"Hmm? Brochure? What the fuck are you doing?

After all, Kate and Tina had been away from McDawell territory for the past three hundred years, while Yuri attended this harvest festival every year. So she knew better on her own, but she didn't know why she bothered to get a brochure. So Yuri taught me lightly.

"See, boulders don't know that there's only one cup of this, do they? That's why I'm handing out puffs that say where and who cooks what. It's easier to understand if you keep it."

"I see. Then take it... sorry! One brochure, please!

"Ah, yes!

Upon Yuri's advice, Kate receives a brochure from the attendant. This does not say recipes, etc., but it does say where and who behaves what dishes at which time. There was also a number of participants, which was thick there for that alone.

Of course, even so, there are only a few pieces in sight. So the three of them decide to look at the brochure and think about where they're going once and for all. And Tina nodded one when she saw such a brochure.

"I see... do you want to change the dishes according to the time? Well, since the place is finite. What choice do I have? It's time now and it's still morning, so there seems to be a lot of snacks to be made."

"Well, I can't make dessert or sweets for lunch or dinner."

"Well... na"

Looking ahead of Yuri's gaze, Kate only smiles a little bitterly. I'm not sure if he's a pro, but apparently he's making dessert in one corner of you. At the end of Kite's gaze, he looked like he was boiling chocolate, and besides, in that corner, a crowd of kids was made.

but at the same time, a parent crowd is made, and they probably say no sweets before dinner. There were also scattered images of wasted children. but it still looked like the cooks in front of their parents and the attendants near them couldn't do anything but grin like they were in trouble.

"Forget it. Do you want to see some snacks for now? And it's all wrapped up in the corner."

"Not here."

Tina, who received Kite's words, points to the corner of the map in the brochure. It was the corner where Will was, apparently or not. I guess that's the corner of the snack system. So as the kites approached, they were mixed up with the average person and the former emperor was nodding his snack in one hand.

"Hmm...... I see. This is the vinegar pickled cucumber used in the north… Hmm… but it seems to be in the south as a culinary system…"

"Sounds like fun"

"Mm-hmm? Oh, kite. Well, that's fun. I've eaten and walked around the world... but it still changes a lot over time."

Will nodded at Kite's inquiry as he put his gained feelings in his notebook. With that on the side, Kite is at the corner, so I'm going to get the sandwich that was provided there. Then a slight acidity put his nose on.

"Vinegar pickles? That's a pickle."

"I would. but I feel a little spicy…"

"Hmm... Pepper and pepper, of course, what else..."

With Will, Kate thinks only a little about the contents of the sandwich. I suppose you should ask, but there are still quite a few people in here at this hour. So the woman who was making this sandwich seemed pretty busy, and there was no atmosphere to ask. And Yuri stuck with the kite thinking about cooking like that.

"Kite, it's a little awkward"

"Hmm? That's awkward. Hey, let's go."


Will rushes after the spot after hearing what Kate has to say. Why is it awkward? I also need to kill a lot of time to have a place while waiting for the jury to be able to examine the dishes. He's a ruler hunter.

That's why reporters were listening to participants who were scattering around the venue, for example, cooking, or eating already prepared dishes. That was apparently how he came here.

"Mmm... I just wanted to check something out if that's possible."

"Phew... I don't have a problem with being on TV... because you're not good."

Against dissatisfied Will, Kate laughs and forgives him. He's still a former emperor. I really have a picture of his face in my textbook, like I've seen somewhere, and it's often thought. Exposure should have been avoided as much as possible to avoid any hassle later.

"Mmmm... I'll buy a recipe book later anyway"

"Oh, come on."

When Kate snorts one at Will's words, she decides to follow the scene for another stroll. As for the recipe book, it will be sold later, so there was not much wind for both of us to really think about.

Note that sales, not distribution, are still necessary because of various operating expenses, etc. Even so, some of the recipes listed there are dishes by real cooks. I'd say the thickness of the division is pretty good, too. Still, it is set at a fairly cheap price - if converted in Japanese yen, it seems to be about 1,000 yen.

After all, the recipe can be released free of charge for cooking, so it can be sold at a cheap cost so far. It is almost exclusively about the labor costs of material preparation and the running costs of the tournament.

"Well… do we eat and walk appropriately"

Once again, walking out, Kate walks away again, strolling appropriately where and what is. That's how we walk appropriately, but it was quickly noon and quickly evening when we realized it.

"Phew... I ate inside"


Tina nodded contentedly, agreeing with Kate's words. After all, people come from all over the world for the harvest festival. So there were also local dishes on display that they didn't even know about, and there seemed to be a lot of interesting objects.

"No matter how much I went around the world, I ended up just turning around with dots"


"No, I still thought I'd traveled around the world... but I figured there were a lot of places I didn't know,"

"Hmmm... I would have traveled around Enefia for a few weeks if it was a total travel distance... I wonder if that would have caused me to stay anywhere."

Rethinking it again, Tina understood what Kate was trying to say, and she was convinced. Sure, they went around the world, but Kite was only three years old. So I had no choice but to run around the world, and the purpose at that time was not to travel or sightseeing, but to gather fierce people from all over the world.

I couldn't afford to relax. Of course, we still gathered fierce people from all over the world, so cultural customs from all over the world came together, but that's not all. There were still more things I didn't know this way. And Yuri, who was asking about that, nodded as she picked chocolate sweets.

"I don't want to travel with you one day."

"Some time, huh? Do you have time to do this?"

"Ha. I guess that depends on the edge."

Tina laughs at Kate's words with a sigh, and Kate sighs again. That's how the kites decided to mix up with other participants and enjoy cooking around the world.