Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1482: What Only They Can Do - 1

Approximately 8 hours from the start of the cooking festival. The first day was around the end of the day. The cooking festival was also a time to serve dishes focused on dinner, which was finally to coincide with the arrival of the kites. So just before their stage. In the Great Square in the center of the Temple City, host Carme gave an introduction to Kite and the others.

"Well, the next participant is ready! Now let's take a look at the next participant!

When Carme says so, he gives a slightly surprised look. This is half acting, but it was also true that I was half surprised. That's how she started introducing Kate again.

"Oh, my God! No way. Someone decided to join this cooking festival! A few days ago, His Majesty the Emperor gave me two names immediately, and I gave that legendary brave man another brave man a famous speech called Kakaya! The main cook is Adventurer Kate Amane! The assistants are Tina and Yuri, you two!

With an introduction from Carme, the kites climb onto the stage. It should be noted that I couldn't be foolish and honest with the boulders about Tina and Yuri, so I pressured them from the McDawell family to use this name as a good one.

Looks like Carme and the others who heard this story had some doubts, but no way was it that the three of them would ever think of themselves as real legendary braves and their partners, the Demon King. Some of the people watching this footage had the same doubts, but there was no particular doubt that the Emperor Leonhardt would have been judged to be any better.

Besides, no one outside the floating continent knows what Tina was like when she was a child, and at the time she knew it, inside Kate and inside Ixphos. There is no problem. He changed his appearance slightly when he made it into kite. Even though they thought they knew and resembled what they used to be, they didn't think they were them. Besides, I had also come up with measures to make effective use of this.

"Well... it's actually the first time a pure adventurer has climbed here in thirty years. This time, I had a few thoughts and participated, and the idea was that if you could look at the food, you would know... What kind of food are you thinking?

"It's a regular dish. It's a regular, everywhere dinner."

Kite, questioned by Carme, laughs a little mischievously and says so clearly as to dare tease her. Of course, I'm not just going to end it by saying it's a dinner that's everywhere normal. And this is also a meeting that has been held in advance. So Karme just smiled and nodded at it, too.

"Really... Well, let's look forward to it! Well, next..."

As Kate himself mentioned earlier, two participants will cook at the same time at a time. So another pair besides the kites were called, and they were to climb the stage from the opposite stage sleeve.

Apparently, this is also a student-centric participant. The number was four, and if asked, it was with Heisenberg students. He said it was this time of day one in conjunction with the kites. So where the two participants were, Carme stood once again in the center of the stage.

"It will be again, but please explain the cooking time here! This will be dinner, so cooking time is an hour from the start signal! Then an hour will be a meal, a review, a break! With that in mind, do the cooking!

Kalme, who nodded in Kite's response, once again explains cooking time, etc. to the kites - or to the audience you would have seen from this hour. That's when the explanation ended, and the calume made one pile.

"… Now, it's time to cook!

As the calume signals, the sound of copper beeps announcing the start of cooking time rings. That's how Kite and the others decided to start cooking.


I guess it's because I'm still up to a lot. Kate enjoys herself and remembers what she makes. He's in charge of Enefia cooking. I can also say that it is a local dish focused on McDawell. Regardless, that is not simply what it is.

"The fundamentals of McDawell's territory are close to what Japan calls Kinki cuisine. Well, naturally."

With pleasure, Kate talks about her culinary customs around here. Of course, his influence on this is enormous. but that's never all. His territory was desolate in the first place three hundred years ago. The inhabitants are gathered there to rely on his asylum.

That can't be the same as Japanese food. Furthermore, the Empire focuses on meat and wheat, as opposed to Japan, where seafood and rice were central. That's why Kite recommended rice cultivation, and he was making pickles. I'm glad to say that the fur color is quite different even from there as a flavoring.

"Well... the tofu,"

It is such a McDawell dish, but even though the meat is supposed to be the center, Kate somehow took the tofu. And as is the case on Earth, tofu is rarely seen in Enefia, except in Nakatsu. Neither does the McDawell family prepare tofu. Therefore, a calume leaned her neck against a bright white square object that appeared abruptly.

"Oops!? What is this! I took out a strange white object..."

"That's... tofu, isn't it? It is used in Nakatsu country. Basically, it is not used in the Empire... do you mean to cook Japanese food?"

In response to the questions posed by Carme, one of the judges, a local culinary expert, will explain what this is and speculate on what the intention is. but Emperor Leonhardt opened his mouth to this speculation.

"No, it won't."

Your Majesty. Do you know anything about it?

"No, I still don't know what kind of food he cooks. but I know he is a man who comes up with strange things. Behold, that laugh. I enjoyed hearing your earlier guess. I mean, I guess this is a mistake."

If the culinary experts are the cooks, the emperor Leonhardt is the expert in watching people. Therefore he was aware of Kite's timidity. And after hearing those two opinions, Carme approached Kite saying it was time to talk to the cooks once.

"It is the opinion of His Majesty the Emperor with... Mr. Amane. What about there?"

"Haha. Well, Your Majesty's story is correct. Even so, you're half right, and half wrong."


"In fact, I'm not cooking Japanese food. But they make Japanese food over there."

Over there. That's what I said. Kate points to Tina with her gaze. That one had already started cooking there and it looked like he was making something. but I guess this mouthful means we're both cooking another dish. And to Kite, who gave such an incredible story, Carme quickly regained his mind, even returning his raw reply.

"Ha... excuse me! Then get your mind back on it and come over there!

Naturally speaking, the main focus of this cooking festival is only cooking. Priority should be given to cooks, not announcers earning viewership or rulers.

So I briefly heard about Kate. Karme smiles and goes to talk to the other participants. Meanwhile, the remaining kite had received this again brought in seasoning from Yuri.

"Ho, kite. Next is the fruit of Palme"

"Thankyou...... Ah, Yuri. Prepare a tablespoon of soy sauce."


Upon request of Kite, Yuri opens the kettle she brought in again and weighs and prepares the thin soy sauce. Parmesan fruit is a specialty of Enefia spice. The system said it was close to the pepper, so they decided to replace it because they didn't get the pepper. Basically, Yuri was the two assistants and it was Kate and Tina who cooked in the main.

Such Tina was mostly using ingredients prepared by the McDawell family. but that's not everything either. I also used the ingredients I brought in.

"Well... it's okay to prepare for simmering."

Tina snorted one, firmly checking the taste of the stock for boiling brought in. As a matter of course, the stock is not something the McDawell family can prepare. If it had been prepared, it would not have been possible to prepare this Japanese-style flavoured - bonito - stock.

and that's how I was making the final adjustment to the taste of the stock for boiling, while Yuri, who moved from aiding kite, was finishing cutting the leaf stuff.

"Hoy, Tinner. I'm done cutting this leaf thing and the one you gave me."

"Uhm. Now, put this in a pan for a minute... and simmer for about a minute"

I guess it's because I was also made to train bridesmaids by Mireille when I was spending some time on a floating continent. There was no stray in Tina's knife judgment, and a solid familiarity was seen with what was not as vivid as Kate's.

"Good. Wait for it to cool down a little later"

Simmer basically and let it cool. And in attending the cooking festival, he has applied for several dishes. So I want to cook another dish while it's cold, and simmering is a dish that, like I said earlier, is not a problem even if it's cold. The decision was to finish the dish before it was rushed.

and that's why for Tina, who went into the next cooking arrangement while cooling the simmering, this one was queried here by Yuri, who went into the next cooking arrangement.

"Speaking of Tinner,"

"Holy shit."

"Which one do you want to hear, good or bad?

"Hmm... well, let's just get the bad guys over with"

In response to Yuri's enquiry, Tina decided to finish off the bad guys because she could understand a lot of things. And as she expected, the bad ones were largely as expected.

"... this, is it good?

"I don't mind. Leave it alone."

"... well, would it be nice if the head of protection"

Yuri turns around and sees Claudia in her eyes as she washes her hands in the tap and decides to leave her alone. I'd like to tell you to stand down for the time and place, the boulder would be Claudia, who is said to be one of Tina's proud Four Heavenly Kings and the sexiest fanatic.

Leaving her super advanced stature to herself, she herself was on stage with this again super advanced concealed form. The only other thing I noticed besides the kites were still kite-related faces. It won't be a problem. So, naturally, they were photographing around Tina as a hourglass.

"Ha... ha... the demon king's cooking attire... rare. Super Rare...... Shit...... I'm going to wake up to a new sexuality...... I want you to wear it next time as an adult...... Ugh! I just imagined a nosebleed...... oh, horrible. It's a colorless cooking garment, but it has a fierce hue... Ugh, the nod is dazzling..."

"Ha... imagine he's as clever as nosebleed. Look, it's a tissue. So, if you make a mistake, you can't hide it. I'm telling you, your lord is now king of demons. This isn't a private place, so if you make a mistake, Lord, you'll be a lily woman of Loricon."

"It's okay. If you do such an impossible thing in front of the Demon King, you will not be able to face Tis' grave."

In response to Tina's flash of bitterness, Claudia shows so much transformation as to how she can return to her normal state in an instant. It should be noted that, as I say before the tomb of Tistenia, after that intercontinental conference, his tomb was set in the corner of the castle of the Demon King. It hasn't been made public yet, but no country made it any more problematic than we already know he's also a victim.

"I don't mind if I do... so, if you feel like it, sit down."

"Jesus mum!"

Claudia responds to Tina's orders without hesitation. So again. Tina talked to Yuri again, deciding to pass her into the photo shoot as she drooled who.

"So, what's good?

"Oh, yeah. I finished the meat I used to simmer miso. It's in the fridge."

"Um, I'm sorry"

Sometimes Tina bows her head down when Yuri tells her she's cooking. She also used the new boiled stock in a pan in order to use the miso that she brought in.

"Speaking of Tinner,"

"What's next?"

"Cooking over there, who were you learning from?

"Hmm? Oh, that. Um, I learned it from Lord Ayane."

Needless to say again, Tina is an Enefiac. If so, I can't cook Japanese food. If it was later remembered across the globe, it would inevitably have become Ayane, Kate's mother. So they were going to cook a little different Japanese food while we talked about it.