Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1486: Ultimate Cuisine. - 1

The kites participated in a review of the cooking festival for two days. The harvest festival, which was gradually coming to an end, was also two days later. And this day was finally the last day of the Cooking Festival, which will be the last event of the Harvest Festival, and when this was over, we had reached a point where we would only leave the Late Night Festival behind.


It's something I've felt many times, but I guess this is the last time that slight sadness leaves. There were people who seemed to regret the end of the harvest festival, wondering if this year was over just like Kate's in the Temple City. Seeing him like that, Kate stood to see the end of the cooking festival.

'Yes! Now it's time to announce the results!

That concludes the long cooking festival. The last two sets of presentations to be examined were now about to begin. One is an amateur for once, but from what I've heard, he's an active cook on TV, etc., and the other is a professional cook. Both items are dessert at the end of the day. The former is close to a compote stewed with seasonal fruit - details are chased by various arrangements and I don't know kite - with dessert, the latter was also a cake made with plenty of seasonal fruit.

"Is that it? It was the usual story that the last day ended a little early..."

While listening to Carme, Kate looks at the clock once. The time is a little around 18: 00. At all times, the last set remains after this, but only on the last day, the cooking festival operator invited a professional cook to cook, so the set was supposed to finish early.

"... what's the situation?

'Yes. The status of all the equipment that Mr. Cobb was brought in is fine. The state of preservation of "The Great Beast" is no problem.

"Right. A little later, but please hold on."


Don't you think there will be a problem with the boulder in another hour? Kate nodded one to a report from the person in charge of managing the ingredients. The meat of The Great Beast has already been dismantled and taken apart.

Waldo's advice had already identified areas that could or could not be used. So for some of them, frozen preservation had already been carried out by instructions from the McDawell family and hence Kite.


Now all we have to do is wait for the end. When Kate snorts so, she decides to make sure she sees the end.

"Overall score...... 97 points! Oh, hey! High score at the end!

Are you done? After hearing the final general points of the professional sweet craftsman, Kite understands that all the processes have finally been completed. As a result, there will be a review of the cake for some time, and it will be enough to be over.

"With this, one of the four festivals hosted by the McDawell family, the last event cooking festival of the Harvest Festival, has been cleared of all scrutiny! Your Majesty, how was this year's festival? '

"Uhm. This year there were more dishes with varying wisdom than usual. I am truly delighted that the first day of Japanese cuisine was taking the lead and that signs of the two worlds wishing for tomorrow were also emerging."

The emperor Leonhardt, questioned by Carme, will wrap up this year's cooking festival. After all, as an exchanger, he decided to touch specifically on the dishes he wished for tomorrow in both worlds.

Once his comments are over, he goes on to talk to Claudia, from which, sequentially, to each of the jurors. As a result, Kirier was told that only Waldo, who would chair the jury on this jury, would remain.

'Yes, thank you! Finally, then, Mr Cobb, chairman of the jury. How did you look back this year?'

'Yes... from day one this year I've had a lot to think about, too. There are so many dishes that still make me think about what I would do if I were to let that dish fall into my own head, and I'm happy to publish a recipe of very good quality compared to normal years.'

Waldo, prompted by Carme, begins to talk about his feelings. Again, this is probably because this has been a lot of rubbing this year. The main culinary players also managed to revitalize the world by doing what they could, and there were more professional cooks from the region than usual.

As far as I can tell, Kate also had the participation of people who served royalty in some country, or who seemed to be the exclusive cook of nobility. This was also a testament to the fact that dark clouds were dripping into the world, but at the same time it was a sign that many were about to confront it. As for kite, it was a pleasure.

'Indeed, the information is that more participants were expected this year than usual. Was it a good stimulation? "

'Right. I was able to get some very good inspiration. There were a lot of recipes in there that I thought I couldn't lose, either. All in all, it would have been a very good year. I hope this keeps up next year'

'Thank you. Okay, Mr. Cobb. Best Regards,'

'Yes. There is also a corner pastime. Let me put more on your arms and cook something you won't forget for a hundred years'

At the urging of Carme, Waldo rises. And with that in mind, Carme made the announcement again.

"Cooking by Mr. Cobb is in thirty minutes! It starts at 18: 30! Until then, please wait while I eat your food from the participants!

Emperor Leonhardt and others withdraw from the top of the stage once upon the Carme announcement. It should be noted that although it is "The Great Beast (Grand Beast)", there will be no demolition shows, etc.

He did have a suggestion from the TV station side that we should have a demolition show. Even Rank S is a demon demolition that only inhabits the 'Underworld Forest'. It will definitely be the focus of attention. but unfortunately a certain point was made in this, and I stopped this year.

Because that demolition can only be done by Waldo. I didn't even dismantle a kite I've eaten. To the extent that I cut some of it. I can't.

As you may be looking, Waldo is the only cook who can dismantle The Great Beast while at least being familiar with the food. It would be the end of the line if I bothered his hand to keep him ready. Nevertheless, Kate was present at its dismantling as the one who responded, so she also understood how to dismantle it. So I decided to start next year if I had the opportunity.

"Good! Hurry up and get into the throne!" The Great Beast "meat is in the tray and covered with white cloth!

"Yes, Trolley Street Masu!

"Great Beast meat preservation, no problem! If there's a problem with that, instead of the Duke's house, His Majesty the Emperor will scold you!

"We're in a big hurry to withdraw the stage left cooking platform!

While looking sideways at the withdrawn jurors, the cooking festival attendants rush to work on the final schedule. From here, only Waldo cooks, and he's one of the main guests. There were a number of things, such as putting the cooking table together.

"Good. Do I move, too"

With the movements of such busy attendants sidelined, Kite also begins to act. Not if I can stay sad with him while I say something. Before I dealt with Waldo, he needed to move again, too. That's why he decided to head to Waldo's place to set up his cooking schedule.

"Mr. Waldo."

"Oh, Mr. Kates. Oh, sorry, in this condition."

"No, thank you for your time."

Waldo was apparently dressed when Kate entered Waldo's holding room. Nevertheless, both are already earthquakes. Speaking of which, I had no choice. That's how Waldo, dressed like that, asked Kite.

"So, what can I do for you?

"Oh, yes. Just one last confirmation."

When Kate said that, she put a photo on her desk with a final decision on where the paper and ingredients were stored, etc. that she had written about the subsequent steps.

"This is where we put the final ingredients. I was hoping it would help with the cooking."

"Oh, thank you...... Hmm..."

"For once, you should have all the ingredients you requested… If anything is missing, please point it out here"

"Okay. One moment, please."

When Waldo gets dressed again, he checks the photographs presented by Kate before getting familiar. You can't cook without ingredients in the rabbit or in the corner. More than familiar, I needed to check this out. That's why I was looking at the photo, Waldo, but I nodded one as if I had finished confirming it.

"... right. It's okay."

"Okay. I'll tell the board that, too."

"Yes, thank you"

Waldo also smiled and nodded at Kate's response. In response, Kite moves to the side of the stage again to report that there is no problem.

"Okay. Now, let's keep getting ready."


Upon receipt of a report from Kite, the Games Executive responds, and Kite decides to leave it to the officers and attendants. That's why they're here. It's not something Kate should do. So he left the scene and moved to the room reserved for himself.


Now we only have to do our best in human resources and wait for Heavenly Fate. Kate takes a slight break when she snorts so. but only for a very few moments can you take your time. Therefore, when Kate takes a few deep breaths to get her spirit in order, she immediately puts her hand on her ear.

"How's the alert?"

'Yes, no problem. No suspicious people around His Majesty the Emperor. No other poisonous ingredients, etc. "

"Right. Again, but manage ingredients and dishes thoroughly again. Adhesion of poison by airflow control. Ensure dishes are thoroughly cleaned. Also, make sure you have the recovery pills and antidotes ready in case, at the end of the day. It is possible to confirm that cooking has begun. Don't let it get out of hand until the end."


This is the last place. Whoever goes a hundred miles needed to do it without being distracted firmly to the end in the spirit of halving ninety. That's how Kate flies everywhere again, but if she does that, there won't be long left.

'Come on, here we go! This is your last time at the Cooking Festival! Let me introduce you to the cook again!

When the night darkness completely surrounded me, the calume came back on the lighted stage. She made it clear that this was the last time, and Waldo appeared on the monitor with it.

"How many times have you competed in the Cooking Festival, what twenty-three times in history! The number of climbs on this stage, what a record ten times this one too! That average score is an amazing record of 95 points! Many of the recipes I published have captivated many wives. The fighting cook has finally returned this year as chairman of the jury in honor of his petition!

I guess it's because he's still the main cook. Carme lines up Waldo's feats at this cooking festival.

'Come on, let's get him! His name is... Waldo Cobb! Go ahead!'

Waldo takes the stage, familiar on stage, with a thunderous celebration that rang in response to the Carme announcement. That's how Carme turned to Mike when he gave him the courtesy.

"Mr. Cobb. This year, I meant the chairman of the jury when the memorial was fulfilled... How did you feel about being judged from the side that will be judged? '

'Right...... there was still something I could see on the side of judging. If you change your position, you change your mind about being able to cook. It was a good experience to learn that. "

I guess you really think that from the bottom of your heart. Waldo clearly makes that clear with a look that makes him feel somewhere different. And so he made it even clearer.

"Different people cook in different positions and with different thoughts. I was reminded what a deep thing it is to say that I do have the same feelings for the people who eat there. So I want to cook as much as I can."

'Really... well, let me hope so. Now... the main ingredient, Mr. Cobb, is that the great beast was hunted this time.

'Yeah...... I really can't sleep with my legs turned to the McDawell family and the adventurers who dedicated themselves to it when the day comes when I can cook with this' Great Beast (Grand Beast) '. I'd love to have enough.'

Waldo once again gives the kites a boost by thanking them for The Great Beast. And one calume nodded.

'Okay... so I want you to go in and cook quickly... that's where it is! Before we do that, let's show you the main ingredients of the year!

Calume, who was in conversation with Waldo with a serious face, but turns around and raises her voice in the same way as before. And with that, the footage on the monitor turned into a tray covered in white cloth.

"The main ingredient of the year...... here! A particularly selected part of the meat of the Rank S Class demon 'The Great Beast'! Not even a name yet due to its high rarity and hunting difficulty. Exactly extreme meat! The slight appearance of lighting is evidence of good fat that melts out even at room temperature! Cutting it out is also an item that Mr. Cobb himself went to!

A mass of meat from The Great Beast (Grand Beast), which was removed from its cover with the sound effects, is exposed to the public, and the calume explains it further. Once again, Carme raised her voice when she had finished explaining the whole story.

'Well...... it's a cooking start!

"Best regards,"

With the buzzer sound, Waldo bows his head. As such, he decided to enter the culinary production only as soon as possible.