Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1489: Harvest Festival - And Every Day -

The day after the end of the cooking festival, which will be the last festival of the harvest festival. Kate was at the late evening festival of the harvest festival. Nevertheless, instead of enjoying the Late Night Festival, he had dared to decide to enjoy it from his position as a lord.

"Brother. This year's harvest festival is over."


"How was it? The harvest festival wasn't the same back then."

"... right. Much different than it used to be. The scale, the smile of people..."

Three hundred years. This world has changed a lot. I guess it's because it's still my city I know best of all. I think I see the difference more clearly than any other land. He therefore looks out the window and narrows his eyes only slightly to Kuzha's inquiry.


Kate closes her eyes intact and clears her ears to the laughter of people from all over the world dancing and the mass music played by an orchestra led by Amadeus in front of a huge bonfire. It's not like Amadeus and I can't play music for the masses.

He loves all the music. So both ancient music, which would have existed in ancient times, and now state-of-the-art music, seemed to cover everything. So he can play everything from hard orchestra to light rhythm music in an orchestra led by him.

"Good tone. The world is full of hope."

"Right...... whenever you ask, it's a good one"

Kuzha had been hearing this tone for nearly three hundred years now. Still, he likes the sight he sees from here every year. And that's where Tina came in.

"Oh, here you are."

"Tina. Hey, what's up?

"No, because I cared what the heavenly cherry blossoms were doing even though they were feasting. I was wondering if I could just show my face a little."

Well, indeed, Kite can also be described as one of the general representatives on the student side at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. And in the running of the stall he was definitely one of the centers. When you think about it, you certainly won't be able to keep him gone.

"Right...... I'm gonna go a little"

"Yes. Then you are welcome to come"

When Kate gets up from her chair, she decides to walk to the stalls of Tensakura School. Most of the stalls are already completely closed, and the only place that is moving is where we offer them. Well, to tell you the truth, I'm talking about running out of excess ingredients.

So the Tensakura School stalls were already in the back cleanup as well. Not everything, though. The tavern stall has not yet been withdrawn because the opening hours were business hours, and it is due to be withdrawn tomorrow morning. Now it felt like this one was also offering to the body, and launching inside.

So the seven wheels I used - I bought the seven wheels because they can be used with Adventure Department equipment - were brought into the tavern stalls to bake yakitori, and the tavern equipment was used to cook light dishes. They can't use the fried fryer because it's already drained of oil.

"Oh, you're here! Whoa, heavenly noise! What to eat!"

"Even bird onions. Later, cold too."

"Aye! Wait a minute!

One of the students who sees Kate come stabs the excess meat in the skewer and quickly goes into the bake in seven wheels. With one hand of the cold liquor thus offered, Kate cheeked the grilled chicken.

"Meat, how much extra?

"That doesn't seem like much of a relief. All I had left was a little bit of a launch and I felt like I was going to lose it."

"Really? Then don't worry...... oh, you don't have to use the excess meat. I'll use it again over here."

Kite snorts one more nod and gives further instructions for the fun response of the yakitori baking students. Apparently, fortunately, 'Rockbird' meat was selling well.

Well, they were offering cheap meat known as delicious. I can also snort that the sale is good. Furthermore, because we proceeded in the direction of adding it in a timely manner, it seemed significant that we did not hold it as much as we would have held it in stock.

"Right, okay. I don't know if it's too much."

"Haha. That's enough. Phew..."

Kite was laughing again at the students who answered for fun. I'm only thinking of it as a money-making thing if I can afford it anyway. So when he laughs at one of his students' responses, he tilts the cold liquor in his pork mouth. And that's how I wondered, so I decided to look for Sola.

"... Oh, there you are"

"Hey, Heavenly Sound. Look, we got the next skewer."

"Ah, duh. Hi… I'm going away for a moment"

"Whoa. Tell me when you want it again. I'll cook more and more."


Nodding at the student's words, Kate walks away from the counter to Sola's. Toryn was with me there. Basically, he is supposed to be with Sola during this festival and during subsequent trial periods. And we've been together for about half a month now. There's been a lot going on here for a long time, so I thought I'd see for myself what it's like.

"Next door, are you okay?

"Oh, kite. Want a drink?"

"I already got it."

"... you're clever no matter what..."

Though Sola let the liquor bottle go up, she sighed when she saw the fluffy floating virtue. Well, this isn't magic, it's just lifting it with demon thread. but so far it is about him to use the magic yarn in a wide variety of applications, which is why he is clever. Even though I don't have the face to use magic thread in the adventure department with cherry blossoms at the head, it would still be about cherry blossoms in his class.

Nevertheless, she doesn't use this much with her either. Because I don't have that idea. If you ask me, I can do it, but I can't be aggressive. And well, that's anyway. Using such demonic yarn to carry a variety of things, Kite sat back in her chair as she woke up to her desk with some of the food she had brought.

"Ha ha. It's surprisingly convenient, because this guy... come on."

"So, what can I do for you?

"No, because it's about half a month. I was wondering if you needed anything."

"Uh... no, it's been half a month... Toryn. Have you ever had a problem?

"Oh... what do you think..."

Asked by Sola, who was raised by Kate, Toryn feels like she panicked once, but thinks again about the half-moon she's been through. Nevertheless, I was not asked if anything had happened, nor did I particularly embark on a journey, and above all, it is simply the purpose at this harvest festival to spend time together and make accustom. So I'll think about if Toryn had anything at all, but he couldn't think of anything in particular. I shook my head.

"... especially... my grandfather didn't give me any instructions either... only during the festival, I guess..."

"Well... good for you"

One kite nodded in Toryn's response as well. There were no instructions from the bronzites, which is a mistake when it comes to mistakes. Because it's a corner festival, so stick to the festival. That was the instruction from him.

So even as Toryn, I was surprised, but I looked around at the festival. That's why Sora opened her mouth.

"Speaking of which, I knew brainy was awesome. It's a different place to look."

"Ah, haha..."

"Hmm? Something wrong?

"Oh, look, I looked around with a lot of things during this festival. I don't know what you're looking at. I thought you were looking at people."

Tell Kite what Sola did during this festival. Basically he had a date in the middle of the festival more than having a lover too, but at the same time it wasn't the only one. Other than that, it worked a lot, and I guess it worked there with Toryn. and Toryn opened her mouth shyly to such sora's words.

"Ku, I mean habit... I really get the habit of seeing people when I get involved behind all sorts of things... I really watch people move..."

"You're an occupational disease, that's"

So did Will. Kate reminds Toryn of his shy appearance, as did his discerning brainiacs. It seems that this kind of thing becomes a habit even as a nobleman who often asks about a person's complexion, and as a military or politician who will explore the belly of his opponent, he also becomes a habit. And all of those people are called brainstorming. I guess it's good to think that Toryn has that habit in him, too.

"It's a habit... I'm not good at asking about complexion, me"

"Well, this is all because the experience and the person's lived past will echo straight away"

"I'm sorry, it's a former defect."

I didn't say anything.

I joked somewhere. That's what Kate tells Sora to say with a laugh again. In fact, even as Sola, I'm not very good at asking people how they look. That doesn't mean I can't, though, and I actually used to do it as Sola. As you can see from the seriousness of the roots, he is inherently an honest and discerning child.

However, because of their personality, the harm that they have lived by asking about a person's complexion leads to the result of greasing, and even if it is not potentially traumatic to ask about a person's complexion, they are still in a state of awkwardness. He doesn't really want to, he thinks.

"Though, well, like that. Then it's safe for me."

"Like that. For now, the basic thing is, this is not the place."


Toryn nodded almost to Kate and Sola's summation. In the meantime, he hasn't had any problems so far. For one thing, we'll be able to work on an investigation starting next month at this rate. Once that is done, Sora will be traveling a little bit from next month onwards.

"Well, for now... Toryn. First of all, you heard about next month's site survey?

"Ah, yes. From Grandpa..."

"Right. Then it's up to you to refrain from entering HQ or breaking inside with Sola. This one goes with it. Think of your troops."

"Ah, yes. Thank you."

Toryn bows her head to Kate's words. And so when the story about that next appointment was over, Fu Sora inquired.

"No, kite. What's your master doing? You haven't seen it lately."

"Hmm? Oh, Lord Bronzite. He would be making a little compromise with the Ragna Federation. I don't have a Ragna Federation embassy over here on the boulder... haven't you heard?

"No, I'm listening. But not for a week?

"Whoa. Think about it normally. Will we be done discussing this in a week? We talked about rooting things out, and even more. You can't do it every day either. In the meantime, if things happen in a timely fashion, it won't be long."

I nodded to Kite, who laughed half the time and told me what was going on with Bronzite, the more Sola did. Both Toryn and Sola had heard that Bronzite was going to Maxwell's city, but it was strangely slow for that, he thought. Of course, they contacted me in good time, but they questioned whether it would be this long.

It should be noted that Sola decided to call her Master about Bronzite. He said that he was a master and that he still didn't think his lord was right for him. So they call it this way. Such Sora opened her mouth.

"Uh... that's right... it's not weirdly long, is it actually normal to be longer"

"In fact, it's still a little while since we started negotiations in earnest. Lord Bronzite originally made me a basement... but that's all. Full negotiation is where we're at right now."

"There's a lot going on, even if it's actually airborne. It's hard to get into an airship when it's in the air, even if it's in the air. In fact, it's fast. Especially when it comes to bringing in goods from other countries, we need a lot of extra inspections... but it's hard to do that when it's airborne. I'll do an inspection at the airport, but I really do."

"That's... right. You can bring anything in normally, so if it's malicious, it's over."

I nodded as if I was convinced that Sora would be more into Toryn's commentary, which took over Kite's explanation. Note that Toryn's tone seems to be this tone by nature. I guess the polite thing about kite is that kite is still the brave kite and he hasn't gotten that familiar yet.

That's what I'm talking about.

"Ooh. Thankyou."

Sora smiled and nodded in Toryn's response, and Kate decided to talk about the current state of the Bronzite for a while. This one is a lot that Toryn has only heard in correspondence, and even he seemed interested.

And, it was such a serious occasion, but the Late Night Festival is still combined with the launch. So it will come to an end in a while. Because there was this guy who suddenly put his shoulder around Kite.

"Hey, Heavenly Sound! You're drinking!

"Ever! What?

"Nah, the Tenjo guy made a wrinkle between his eyebrows! I thought you were drinking!

"Haha. I don't... Well, surely it's more suspicious to talk seriously in this place. Sola, there you go."

You can drink Toryn, too.

"Uh, ah, yes"

Sora poured liquor on Kite, who was shouldered by one of the heavenly cherry blossom students, poured liquor on Toryn, and Toryn received it most of the time. Doesn't mean he can't drink either.

It should be noted that most of the time the stranger suddenly broke in. Then again, they would return to the festival later in the night.