Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1490: Preparing for the Next

The day after dawn from the end of the harvest festival. It's been a long time since the kites spent the next day working on the withdrawal of the harvest festival. - Even so, kites had returned several times - to the city of Maxwell.

"Huh... it's been a long time since I've sat in this chair."

Sora sitting in her own seat in the clerk's office brings some nostalgia. It should be noted that Sola has not returned to Maxwell once during the month of the Harvest Festival. So it was really my first return in a month.

Nevertheless, I can't stay relaxed like that. I have already received a request from Emperor Leonhardt to make an inside promise, and I needed to assemble and prepare my plans for it. So Kite was already moving.

"Oh. A request has already come from His Majesty the Emperor for that. Focus on this one...... oh. Keep going about it, please."

Kite, who uses an extension to give instructions for preparation with the Second Office, is still used to it. He looked like he was having a conversation while spreading some paperwork with demon thread. Moreover, the amazing thing would be that yet another magic thread is used to manipulate multiple pens and put them on multiple documents at once. Seeing how Kite is like that, Sora accidentally pulls her cheeks apart.

"... he, seriously what"

"Aha haha..."

"Hmm? Is that Toryn? Oh, you got a chair or something?

"Oh, yeah. They said it was all set, so come here."

Toryn nods after Sola's inquiry and sees Kite. This arrangement was in progress by Kate, so we won't be able to move on until the end of the conversation over there. And when such a kite finished her instructions quickly, she turned to Sola and the others.

"Oh, Toryn. Sorry...... Tsubaki. Ask for an explanation. I have a consultation with the Duke's next."

"Yes, I did. Dear Toryn, this is the key to the desk that Toryn uses. Please put it on the bottom shelf on the left when it comes to documents that you think are sensitive. If you don't need to put it on that big shelf, use the one on the right. Please note that unlocking is a hassle if you lose this. Consider it unavailable for at least one day."

"Ah, yes. Okay."

When Toryn receives the key from Tsubaki, she sits back in the newly prepared chair. For a month, he will be asked to work around here. Even so, the second half of the month is actually a site survey into heaven. The good thing about half a month is that the ruins that the kites are headed to are already structured and grasped, and the conservation work is perfectly complete, and the kites don't have anything to do with that.

Though the researchers from the Imperial Capital also come from the aspect of the academic investigation, it should not be particularly difficult because the conservation work has been completed. Hundreds of years have already passed since discovery. So the junction is unfolding and the extermination of demons is over. Regardless, it still cannot be alarmed, so it coincided with the adventure department's appearance. And well, aside from that. When Toryn sits back in the chair, she decides to make sure the situation is clear first.

"... uh..."

The first thing Toryn confirmed was two locked shelves provided at the desk that Tsubaki explained earlier. If it's a desk with a key but the key doesn't fit, it'll be a problem at that point. It was natural to check within the present rather than to have problems later.

"Good. Others... uh... ah, uh... Tsubaki,?

"What is it?"

"I don't care if you use the collision inside this shelf..."

"Please feel free to use them as they will be supplied."

"Oh, yes... uh, then bring this over here..."

Toryn, who bowed his head to Tsubaki's reply, quickly decided to customize it to his own easy-to-use form. So while he was customizing his desk for a little while, apparently, the work on kite's side was done.

"Phew...... oh, everyone listen to me once. An investigation mission to the ruins, to which His Majesty the Emperor had spoken internally the other day. Your request was officially issued as a Continental Army. Rufaus and Alice will receive a circular from the Pope, so if you need anything else, head to Lord Ayul."

"Did you take care of that much?"

Rufaus opened his eyes as surprised by the circulation from Kite. Harvest festivals come from all over the world, but that is no different as a country. This year, peace was signed, and Ayul came from the Patriarchate.

And if the envoys from all over came, it would come as no surprise that as an empire, we would even be throwing a party once. That's where the emperor Leonhardt hung up. Discussions were held in various countries in response to that, and a response was received recently. According to this, most countries are still at the insider stage, but for the first time, it was confirmed by conducting this survey across the continent and sharing information.

"Oh. It's a theory to Buddha on the boulder... you know the Continental Army, right?

"On a boulder... Is that why Alphonse isn't here?

"Oh. There will be orders there, too. So, since the Empire was the first from the beginning of the matter, the Continental Army won't be formed, but it seems that orders will be issued. It seems to take a few days to get ready today."

Apparently, it's Kite the one who's actually moving this one. So it's actually working right, and it works right from here on out.

Nevertheless, even so, in the end, Al Lil and the rest of the group are said to be in collaboration with the Adventure Department as usual. but he was returning to the base because a uniform order would be issued as an army.

And if you're back, you need help with your schedule, and there are a lot of things you need to do as you move with the Kingsguard regiment in the Imperial Capital. As a result, he had been working at the base for a few days.

"Well...... but let me fully participate in this one"

"Do that. This time it's official...... no, my assignment to us would be a formal job, but this time it's also a request from the diocese"

To Rufaus's clear statement, Kate makes clear once again. If you say so, the Continental Army can be considered a lower organization of the Intercontinental Alliance. It was formed in the event of any serious incident across the continent, and it was an army capable of moving without a hedge of countries or organizations.

Basically, it will be formed to coincide with the emergence of the catastrophic species - there is no way that we can say that it is a border organization to the catastrophic species on the boulder - but I guess this time it was decided that the situation was comparable. I'm glad I thought the cautionary call by the kites worked.

"Okay. Let's keep an eye out for contact for a while."

"Do that... so we can get back to our story, but we're going to be conducting an investigation into the ruins in Heaven as I and Sola were talking about. Details will be communicated as soon as the request arrives, but think of this as a confirmation."

Once again, Kite, who nodded at Rufaus's response, issues a circular with him. I had already spoken through this, including Rufaus and Alice, at the time of receiving roots from Emperor Leonhardt during the harvest festival, but I needed to make that clear more than I had decided. In response to that circular, Kate decided to go in again.

"Well... this time the ruins are going to be pretty big..."

"So it's my turn."

"... don't let me get too close to the boulder... no, I know it's the privilege of the goddess."

Kate drops her shoulder disappointed at the voice she's been echoing from behind. The Lord of Voices is Charlotte. Suddenly emerged from the shadow of Kite. Once she is publicly affiliated with the Adventure Department.

Not everything can move too much as a goddess. So as always, I think I decided to use my position as an adventurer. Moreover, her status as an adventurer is registered regardless of Kite. Neither is the place I registered Maxwell. Nor did Rufaus and the others question her breaking up with Kite in any way.

"Well... the moon is something that leans on every being. I'm on everyone's side."

"A power only forgiven by the God of the Sun and the Moon"

Kate recalls from Charlotte's words the power that only she and Shamrock possess. No, not exactly just the two of us, but the sun and the moon are depicted as always leaning in.

Therefore, it seems that the God of the Sun and the God of the Moon can trace the edge to the side of existence that is marginal to the Divine Angel and to themselves and transfer. They can use that to move freely to kite's side. It seems that in this case it will be manifested as a god, not a metastasis. No disadvantages either. It seems to be highly efficient, with very little magic to consume. And when I remembered that, Kate shook her head and answered the earlier question.

"... well, yeah. I need help with the boulders... strange story."

"It's not weird...... whatever, those are my enemies. This is my job, too."

Charlotte laughs at the calm and laughs at Kite for saying strange stories. He said strange stories because they take the form of help from the main goddess in the work of the Divine Angel. Nevertheless, she would be right. In the first place, this is the form in which the problems of the gods have spilled over to this side. It was also thought that their gods should clean it up.

"I just wanted to ask you, what do you know about that ruin... the lab?

"I hardly know the details. 'Cause over there, in the country."

"Rural... so to speak, where was the capital of Lunaria in fact?

Lunaria. That was the name of the biggest nation of former civilizations. There are several protectorates and allies in this Lunaria, and all in all, they called them old civilizations. Regardless, that old civilization had no name. If I dare to say it, I suppose I should officially also say Renarian civilization in its name.

Apparently, this information was written down in the material left over from the old civilization that Tina had said was in Laelia. Nevertheless, it would still be because there was limited information that could be included about other countries.

The old civilization of the Enesian continent was written only about the name of the state and the name of the head of state at the time, and the curriculum vitae of the troubled nations. But I still figured it out, so historically, it was a big discovery.

"The capital of Lunaria is... Heisenberg territory. Even so, it is quite close to Blanchett territory in the West... near the Tianjin-style grasslands. If it was sunny, the sun and the moon would have been just the right place to shine."

"Uh... speaking of which, was the plain quite large in the western part of Heisenberg territory..."

To Charlotte's words. Kate understands the place of the great. Come on, it's probably because I still had a short, thick relationship with her. I seem to have understood it in vague terms.

"Right. There was once a center."

"I see... surely the farther you think, the country"

Apparently, a country called Lunaria that once existed was a giant nation that made the Empire of Entesia even bigger than it is today. Now is the time for the Empire of Entesia to be a giant state, but initially it was not this big, and even now that it has become a giant state, the Imperial Capital is still on the edge of the Empire because it cannot relocate the facilities of the "Double Ball of Guidance" once left by Ixphos. In view of those aspects, it would be right that the capital of Lunaria was near the centre of the continent. Kate, knowing there, was honestly nodding.

"Nevertheless, it is also true that we can set up laboratories as large as the Du countryside. Moreover, there must have been airship technology in civilization back then. If you think about it, it makes sense that there was a big lab trail in Heaven... I don't know what you were doing... right?"

"I'm not interested."

"Sounds like you."

Kate laughs and decides not to care about Charlotte's response. It's every time she doesn't care about that. A goddess who trumpetes most things at Downer. That's his beloved goddess. I didn't mean to worry about it at all, whether I was happy to be on the street or not.

"Well... do you need a lot of gear when you do"

Wine too, please.

"Jesus My Goddess. Have some red wine ready than crimson blood"

To Charlotte, who disappeared into the shadows just to say, Kate shrugs her shoulders and shows recognition. Ask God for help. I would have to prepare one or two of my contributions. That's why Kite will be working on all sorts of preparations for a few more days.