Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1491: To the Giant Ruins

Huge laboratory site that the Empire of Entesia is in Heaven. Together with the Adventure Department led by Kate, who was to undertake this investigation at the request of the Empire. They waited for the formal request to arrive while they were ready for the moment. So, roughly a week from the harvest festival. It was around the time when the great mortals were ready.

"Master, it's a customer! I'm an official from the Imperial Capital!

Siloe, who came to the office, announces the visit of the guests. I had already informed the receptionist about this, and as soon as an official or messenger came from the Imperial Capital, Kate had given instructions to take over from him.

"Oh, okay. Let me through."

"Stick around!

At the behest of Kate, the siloe disappears into the wall. Meanwhile, Kite rises up with Kite, nods one at Tsubaki and starts moving with her.

"Tsubaki, what materials have you compiled about the status quo?


"Oh, that helps"

Kite will receive materials from Tsubaki summarizing the supplies that will be required in this request, the costs incurred in doing so, etc. Here, the messenger hears that the Emperor Leonhardt has spoken inside without knowing who Kate is. So the other side will proceed with the body where arrangements are under way.

Even if we talk about payment fees, it's easy to do with these kinds of materials. So when the two of them went to the reception room and waited a little while, the royal city officials arrived. Not young, but not old. He was a man in his late thirties or so.

"Oh, here you go. I'm Johannes Munzer."

"It's Kite Heavenly Sound. This is my secretary Tsubaki. I'm asking for an assistant."


When Kate exchanges just a few greetings with the man she named Johannes, she sits back in the chair again. That's how Johannes opened his mouth where we sat down with each other.

"Er... I did hear from His Majesty the Emperor that he has already asked about this story..."

"Yes, I am asking you"

"Really? It's quick and helpful…"

When Johannes grinned at Kite's response, he took a single envelope out of the bag he was bringing and offered it to Kite. Its thickness was considerable and it appeared to contain several documents in addition to the requisition.

"This is the request form for this case and other materials."

"Thank you. Can I check the requisition form on this occasion?

"Yeah, please. It should be in the top."

In response to Johannes, Kite opens the seal and checks the contents. As for the contents, there was still a single request form using paper specified by the Union, and there were several materials. So Kite pulls out and confirms the requisition that was at the top of it.

Well, this one was rooted for. So it's not enough to confirm, and when it came to changing from discussions with the emperor Leonhardt, it would be enough to say that the client was due to a continental conference formed by the countries of the continent, not the empire.

"... Yes, we did confirm"

"Were there any deficiencies?

"No, there's no problem"

There are no deficiencies in payment due to the fact that the costs are also to come out of the contributions made in these requests properly. After all, incidents involving all of these continents occur at a rate of about once every decade in Enefia.

Whether it is caused by natural disasters or demons is a different story, but only what happens is true. So in preparation for that, countries are bringing in contributions to pool the costs in case, and in this one case, we should use that, he said. It is a cost that is often actually used, so unless a special circumstance such as a disaster has been created unlike the United Nations on Earth, there has been no late payment of expenses, etc. Just think of it as insurance money.

Nevertheless, how much to use is still up to the case. Sometimes it has been peaceful for the last 300 years and quite a bit of money has been pooled, so it seems that there are no financial problems in investigating the ruins throughout the continent in this case.

"Really? So, I heard you were talking... How far along are you going with your schedule?

"Yes, we are in the process of preparing..."

Kate will talk about the progress of the current system as she presents the materials she had prepared for Tsubaki in response to Johannes's inquiry. That's how Johannes nodded at the end of the whole explanation.

"Hmm... we've already secured delivery for the food. Are other arrangements currently being made while waiting for the reduced carriage, etc. to return to normal at the harvest festival?"

"That's right...... in McDawell territory all logistics will migrate over there before and after the harvest festival so... a week or two will really take time for a massive delivery"

"Right... air transport moves for that matter... is it really difficult to secure the quantity"

Because Kate wasn't saying anything suspicious about this, Johannes was also complaining that there was no choice about this delay. This was a story you would normally have to know if you worked as a clerk in the Empire, bent over. Nevertheless, it is also true that there will be delays as a result. So Johannes asked again to move on.

"Nevertheless, the earlier story tells us that the request itself has already been made. What are the prospects for that delivery, etc?

"Yes, I've already had a lot of money from the other side about that."

Kate opens the notebook she was bringing to Johannes' inquiry and presents her calendar. This notebook contains plans related to deliveries, etc. related to the entire Adventure Department, and is not his personal property. She presented it because it was not a problem to be seen.

"Hmmm... is that the shortest time in two days? I get it. So let's make arrangements so that we can move along."

"Thank you"

It will take two days for supplies to arrive in the corner. It would be better to move a lot along with it. This time it has been determined that a lot of combat is unthinkable due to the combination of places we are heading to, but the purpose of this investigation is to reexamine whether there are really any anomalies.

It should move on the assumption that there might be a massive battle, that an unknown structure might be found. So I had the same supplies in place as I would normally explore for supplies. A week or two would normally elapse if we had such exclusive supplies for exploration. That's how I ended that discussion and dropped off Johannes, and Kate was back at her desk in the office room again.

"Good. That's it for now"

The processing of the acceptance of the request was completed, as well as various other discussions that were necessary. A separate transfer will be made for the payment, but various documents, such as quotations and delivery notes, were prepared for this purpose. So even as Johannes, he said he would take a copy of it and come back immediately to arrange it.

"Good. Everyone, first of all, the investigation mission to the laboratory site ahead was finalized. Actual departure is scheduled for this weekend. Be prepared accordingly."

"" "Yes" "

Upon Kite's instruction, each member of the upper Adventure Department moves toward it. As a result, the Adventure Department was to devote a few more days to the request.

Well, a few days after Johannes came. The kites were boarding a airship headed to Heaven after finishing the great fortune. Nevertheless, several airships operated by Kingsguard soldiers accompanied the directions and escorts, in addition to the transport boats held by Tianxura School because the request was requested this time. Heavenly Cherry Boats are transport boats, albeit airships. In view of that, the Kingsguard airship had come to pick me up near Maxwell.


Synchronizing control with the Kingsguard's airship, Kite sits deep in the transporter's chair. I'll take care of it later. And Yuri shrugged as she slept over his shoulder like that.

"That ruin... it's probably been 300 years since I've been there."

"Is that it?"

Upon hearing Yuri's words, Kate also remembers the ruins on her way this time. As a matter of fact, they've been to this site several times.

Later, the Emperor Leonhardt asked Kite to stay here in anticipation. He said he was surprised that the emperor Leonhardt knew that, even as he was. And that was, I mean, this is what happened.

"A long time ago, my grandfather took me... I miss you. Why didn't you have to go? It remained a mystery."


Grandpa, there's only one thing that points to that. Old sage Hermes. Their seventeenth secret service platoon, which followed the Imperial Capital, was moving as a basic guerrilla, but at times they were moving a lot at the request of the upper echelons of the Empire. One of them was this time that Kate and the others were ordered to investigate the ruins on their way.

At the time, it still didn't even smell like the resurrection of the Evil Gods, and on the contrary, it was when the Shamrocks weren't even resurrected. I didn't think the upper echelons of the Empire knew about the Evil Gods association at the time. Then I guess there was some reason again.

"Though... a weapon development lab trail"

"It was pretty big, and it still looked like a weapon."

"Well... not long after the Mars Empire recovered most of them on the boulder..."

Kite also remembers the inside of the ruins in Yuri's words. The ruins heading this time were apparently found during the Mars Empire, and the Empire had grasped its existence since its founding.

but it had already been recovered on the part of the Mars Empire for something more worthwhile to use than it had been found, as he mentioned, and now only about the equivalent of crap remained. Regardless, equal to crap means as a weapon, something that would be of great value as a historical dossier.

Nevertheless, it was not of any military value as a place, but therefore neither was the army of the previous demon kings aimed, and remained so. So I wondered why both Kate and Yuri came here in a situation where there were no weapons left.

"Do you think after you go there? Some of the things you see there."

"It's the second time we've been there."

"What is it?"

Kate grinned and nodded at Yuri's scratch. I went there once to make sure there was nothing. Yet now you will not know what the purpose was.

Well, if we're lucky, maybe we'll find something, we should have thought about it to the extent. Besides, the purpose of this time is not to explore the meaning of coming at the time, but to find out if there are any abnormalities. It doesn't make any sense.

And when we were having such discussions and interacting with the Kingsguard operators of all kinds, it wasn't long before a few hours passed before we saw one major ruin.

"You see..."

On the gigantic lab trail that finally begins to appear, Kate slightly embarks herself and observes outside the bridge. Apparently, Royal Capital's investigation team was already here, and it looked like they were working on setting up a camp. Yuri, fished out by him like that, mouths the schematic in nostalgia.

"Laboratory site of the Imperial Capital East. It's commonly known as the Opro Monument… it's one of the best monuments in the Empire as a single facility. Supermassive ruins being built over a supermassive range of approximately one kilometre to the east and west and one kilometre to the north and south alike. Well, actually, I'm guessing it's a lot of space."

"Opro, did you mean it was the name of the discoverer?"

"I don't know. They've been saying that since the days of the Mars Empire."

To Kate's words, Yuri throws an answer as she flaunts her shoulders. This one naturally doesn't even know the Shamrocks. They know the official name in the first place, and they have no reason to know the name they were named after they fell asleep. And when I was doing that, the Kingsguard operator - the operator on the camp side - instructed me to land.

"Good. Yuri, let it land"

"Yes... uh... Ladies and gentlemen. This is the crew member, Yuri."

Kate slowly descends the airship as she listens to Yuri's onboard announcement. That's how they arrived at the supermassive ruins, commonly known as Opro Ruins, east of the Imperial Capital.