Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1494 Opro Ruins - Central Building - Day One -

A re-examination of the ruins of the Lunarian civilization dotted throughout the continent of Enesia, which was to be carried out at the request of the Continental Alliance. As part of this, Kite and the Adventure Department were also to undergo a re-examination of a site called the Opro site, which is located east of the Imperial Capital. Using that day of arrival as the preparation period for reconfiguring troops, checking procedures using maps, preparing equipment, etc. had actually begun operations the following morning.

"Well... you're all set"

Standing in front of each squad of the Momentum Adventure Club, Kite speaks up. Today was the first day, so everyone decided to start acting together.

"This mission is a re-survey of the ruins known as Opro ruins. Nevertheless, each building has been investigated, so consider the basic task to be just a guard mission."

Once again, Kite informs us of this assignment. We're actually going to do this, and it won't hurt to make sure. That's how he hung the decree once again, where he issued a one-way circular.

"Good. So, that's it… each squad, move on to action"

"" "Roger!

Each squad moves to its own predetermined location in line with Kite's decree. Meanwhile, Kite also activated the headset to get into action. So we'll be in touch with Operation Command, Sheila.

"This is Adventure. Beginning action possible."

'Right. Tsiato waits in front of the central building. "


Kate rounds her eyes to Sheila's words that came back. It should be noted that it does not appear to be via an army operator, but if you ask, she is basically also in charge of the Kingsguard Corps, so she is always standing by the Operations Command Office, so let's not. Operation Command is also a tent. It's not that wide, so he heard Kate and ordered the operator to take it himself.

"No, what? They've been waiting for you for almost six months. I was in quite a hurry. I was told you were foolish until you came."

"Are you close?

"It's college sync. Me and him both came from Astrea territory, so we talked. We've been dating ever since."

Will we be dating for about thirty years now? Sheila answered that to Kate's question with a laugh. I had the impression from yesterday that you were strangely close, but apparently you meant familiar with the past. I was also familiar with Sheila's tone of speaking.

'Well, he's a hard guy... um. It's not a bad one. It's hard though. I've spoken to the unusual half of the Demons and Elves without prejudice. "


Although apparently difficult, Sheila admits to Ziart. And if you look at this and yesterday's discussion, the opposite would be true again.

It should be noted that this is not why she was entrusted with the control of this site. The site survey meant that the technical officers belonging to the Central Laboratory would take the lead, and Sheila was just in there. It was a total coincidence that we came together here - even though they would have seen it - and Tsiato was quite surprised when she and Sheila found out that she would take the lead.

'Well, that's why I'm asking you. I don't sleep well inside when he dies. I can't even apologize to my wife. He's such a hard guy, but he's a wife, and he's a good wife. I've known that kid since he was wearing diapers, too. One, please.'


Kate nods half laughing at Sheila's trouble-like request, which is also close to stupidity. I guess what I'm reading is the child of a person. As such, Kate decided to take her troops to the central building waiting for Ziart.

Well, the central building where Kite got there. It was ten stories, about three hundred square meters of huge building. That was just the enormity of looking up, and I wondered what I was researching.

"This is the central building of the Opro ruins…"

"Opro ruins, huh..."

Next to Kite, who looks up at the central building of the Opro ruins, was Charlotte, who similarly looks up at the ruins of the civilization to which she once belonged.

"You've been through a long tour of the moon, too."

"Much more than you."

"... right"

Charlotte has three hundred years of sleep. Compared to that, this ruin was three hundred years old as it was. Weathering was seen there, and even with proper treatment, it appeared to have decayed.

I have no choice. More than two thousand years have passed. I haven't been treated decently in the war for a while. This happens too. And, Kite, who ended the story like that, puts his hand on his ear and starts the headset.

"Tina, can you hear me?

"Holy shit. I can't keep my hands off the rest right now."

"Oh well. Call me when you're done."


This ruin is the ruin of the Lunarian civilization, both in the raven and in the corner. If so, nowhere is there a hand that does not take advantage of the combination of the two: Charlotte and Legado. That's why Tina had her comms connected just like the ruins at the bottom of the last lake. A few minutes after that. The response from Tina returned.

"It's over."

'Here you go. Goddess, it's been a while.'


"What's up?

Kite asks Charlotte, who created a slight stalemate. Besides, she smiled.

"Nothing... Long time no see, Legado"

"Yes... it's not a place to talk like this via a telecom..."

Legado seems to have thought about even one of the memorabilia he once remembered, but he cuts the subject like he remembered it once again. That's how she tells Kite again.

"We have been contacted by Miss Justina and are moving to establish a link with that laboratory via a relay. but you can still assume that the main power or communication unit is lost here too '

"I knew it. Because that's what I was like when I came here before... the structure is pretty much there..."

Kate was not particularly surprised by the information from Legado. Even when I came here before, it was already in a state of total power loss, and one door never moved. At that time Henri picked me up a little and went inside, but the reason I went inside was to rendezvous with a special agent of the Empire at the time who was lurking inside.

I'm not sure what the special agent was doing, but at least he didn't want them to know he was in and out. The door was closed when he came in and out. And when asked, the door was closed so that it would not be useless in modern times, and this time the door was tightened properly. The picking tool was bringing in.

"What brings you here?"

"Didn't I tell you? Once in a while."

'I don't know... well, seeing what the Lord doesn't tell you doesn't mean you just got in tight'

"Oh. It was just a short walk into the central building. After that, my grandfather did something about it. It was me back then. I don't even know the details."

While agreeing to Tina's words, Kate laughs and makes it clear she doesn't know anything at all. As he said a while ago about this.

"Ma, that won't matter. So, should we just go and restore the power?

'If possible. Furthermore, as it stands, the maps provided on that side do not show the communication facilities that should have been on the premises. Probably still undiscovered.'

"Yes, we have spoken of a fast-track unknown structure -"

To the point from Legado, Kate raises her hands and throws it like that with her sincerely disgusting face. They also found it in the ruins at the bottom of the lake, but that facility must exist.

As long as Legado doesn't destroy it as thoroughly as possible, at least we'll find the base of the facility. And the Opro ruins themselves are relatively archetypal. Then it would be fortunate to assume that they have not been found.

"Legado. Is that outside or inside?

'Both are possible... but the footage from the drone shows no sign that any of the five structures would have had a comm plane on them'

"What's on the remaining schematics there?

'It is outside… but I see a slight error in the information on the impact of the Myth Wars or the plans being submitted and the ones I have. Perhaps it is good to see that once a major renovation has been carried out'

When asked by Kite, Legado makes it clear that he can't rely on the information he has. And Charlotte nodded again.

"Yeah, we're doing a major renovation once. The southwest building was originally a warehouse... but it's been renovated into a strategic weapons development facility. Besides, there were military quarters outside this property."

"You don't know?"

"Country, but important."

Fun with Couscous, Charlotte laughs at Kite's scratch. It seems true that there wasn't much to come because it's rural, but in fact, it seems that Ernesto and the others were acting as temporary bases here.

In addition, she fought several times in the vicinity as an important base. It is different from not knowing because it is remote. She goes on and on with a serious eye.

"The structure here remained, probably because a relatively large number of heroes could have remained here until the end. Well, that also went out in the final showdown, so the laboratory itself was temporarily shut down due to the subsequent restructuring of the force..."

"So, in the ensuing commotion, the institute was abandoned, and hundreds of years later the kingdom of Mars discovered, the stream"

"Right. A temporary closure has been decided in the post-war capital relocation plan. With the rest of the party attacking the gap between capital transfers, the collapse is the current of the old civilization's collapse."

Charlotte nodded clearly at Kate's guess. She said that the laboratory had been abandoned because it was too far from the capital. At that time, it was determined that the remaining forces could not afford to protect themselves to such a remote location, and only personnel would be placed to maintain basic facilities.

but the ensuing unrest in the reorganization of the kingdom of Lunaria caused its personnel to follow the institute, and soon thereafter the kingdom of Lunaria collapsed. Those who knew this laboratory were scattered, and if they realized it, they were left without anyone knowing. So, hundreds of years later, the opening emperor Cain found it and took conservation measures, and that was the form taken over to the Empire.

"... what?


"The moonlight isn't full yet."

"I don't feel that way either."

Kite smiles a little bitterly at her for embarrassing her, holding Charlotte from behind. I just seemed lonely, so I just leaned in. It should be noted that he does not want to be seen with him on the boulder, and the magic applied a hidden form. So a while later, Charlotte regained her mind.

"On the rabbit and on the corner. This is one of the places where weapons development was taking place. It is probably true that there is nothing. Cain… Fold the emperor found here, recovered most of his weapons"

"... maybe... you know the Kaizen Emperor?

Charlotte remembers Kite's inquiry, surprised by her affirmation that she had recovered it, with her eyes closed just a little. A month and a little while after she woke up and was still awake. He's consciously already awake, but many parts of his memory are really asleep.

This is what happens because you are a god who lives for more than tens of thousands of years. After sorting out memories in sleep, you have a hard time remembering where they are consciously. In her case, she woke up for a very long period of time, so a few years old memories older than a thousand years would not be immediately retrieved.

"... right. You only met him once. He asked me to retrieve the contents of this lab, and I only accompanied him on his journey once. Even so, the two people who were said to be his executives at the time were swinging around, and he was the only one who found out..."

"Are you here... are you an oprofessional..."

"Opro, is simply a word for a weapon?

"Say it first..."

I can assure you it's not reasonable. Kate drops her shoulders disappointingly in Charlotte's response, which she shuddered with pleasure. Charlotte pointed her mouth at him like that.

"What? Are you complaining?

"No... but you've heard that a lot"

"It was a contract to get me a ship to cross continents. I didn't have the power to cross other continents that were beyond belief at the time on the boulder... and they held one of Renaria's remaining airships. In exchange for that, weapons. That's why. Where they also held almost unarmed airships, they bartered."

At that time, Charlotte would have been fit just when she was able to seal or crusade most of the remnants of this continent. So he wanted to go to the sprawling continent of Anise next, but naturally both civilizations collapsed at the time. Therefore, the spacecraft is devastated, and there are few sailboats to welcome to the other continents.

Therefore, they exchanged information on the weapons of the laboratory that they would not use themselves, and they exchanged deals with small airships that were also unnecessary. Even so. They didn't teach the boulder the existence of secret compartments, etc. I didn't trust her that much, which was her later word.

"Really...... hmm? How did that opening emperor know you existed?

"At the time, this institute's magic furnace was in operation. So there was me on the upper console... my information as a scholar, and he came into contact with me thinking I was a survivor. I guess I didn't know she was a goddess on a boulder then."

"I see..."

Ask and you'll be satisfied. In the first place, many of them do not move in modern times because they are not maintained and they deteriorate over time. At the time, it still collapsed for hundreds of years. It's the realm of 200 or 300 years. With any luck, there was no wonder the demon conductor moved. And when I heard about that time, Ziart came.

"... were you there? I'm ready for this one. And you?"

"This is done as well… please do as I told you yesterday about the working instructions"

"... I know"

Are you glad you pressed? Kate strokes her chest down with her heart to Ziato, who showed her that she was somewhere under control. Yesterday, Sheila and I convinced her to prioritize safety checks. It was a hassle to change it now. As such, Kate decided to lead the troops into the central building.