Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1501 Opro Ruins - System Check -

A few days after initiating an investigation mission into the Opro ruins. Kite and the others will discover the power room on the top floor of the newly discovered underground compartment and begin restoring the power reactor with expert advice.

As such, Charlotte succeeded in restoring the power reactor at his hands, but at the request of the military, he was to wait for the power reactor to be ready.

"Adventure Department Alliance Master. This is Operations Command. Respond. '

"This is Adventure Department Guildmaster. Something?"

"Each investigation squad, the Kingsguard regiment is ready. Step up the output '

"Copy that... Charles. Please."

At the operator's request, Kite asks Charlotte to start the work. In this way, the magic conductor slowly raised its output, and finally became an area where the energy supply system to various locations could be operated. And so Charlotte stopped his hand.

"... wait a minute. I'll work on it so that the control system doesn't start."

"... right. Please."

For once, Charlotte also understands that this laboratory was closed and destroyed. I do, but I'm not sure what happened at that time. She has made it clear that she does not know what happened during the destruction of this laboratory herself.

So I thought it would be a hassle if I started the supervisory system and the security system or something went up poorly. Since she's here, the security system itself can be stopped without any problems, but it can be a lot of hassle. Fighting is mandatory until disarmed. Looks like he decided to activate the control system after being able to confirm it.

"... good. Now we can disconnect the base's control system from the infrastructure system. I can open and close doors, and I can move lights about living things."

"Right...... good. Do it."


At Kite's request, Charlotte will restart the system. That's how the lights came back into the power room.

"Oh... are you still alive"

"You're all dead."

In response to Ziart's surprise, Yuri was still aware that some lights were shutting down. After all, even if it seemed safe at first glance due to the passage of too many years, deterioration due to deterioration over time was seen everywhere. If it looks like this, it would be something similar elsewhere. And with such a pinch of her words in her ear, Kate was connected to the relay base.

"This is the advance party. Power restored. How's the room?

'... Yep. This one also has a switch activated. Confirm light source secure.'

"Ok...... Shall. In the meantime, this building looks fine."

"Yes... the energy supply system is stable. Maintain the status quo… now you have no problem."

Charlotte, pinching Kate's report in her little ear, nodded one, stopping the hand that was tapping the console. Apparently, everything we can do with this is over. So when she sat deep in her chair, she decided to do what she could with the energy supply over.

"Operator. Check the status of all facilities because it is simple and good. List the anomalies and display them on the main monitor of the first console"

Copy that.

"What are you planning to end?

"The current time cannot be displayed due to an error. Re-enter manually. '

"There's no problem with the elapsed time."

"Copy that… The end is scheduled for three hours from now. Supposedly the processing will accelerate if the overarching system starts, do you want to start it?

"No, because we can't confirm the black box, the override system is temporarily frozen."

Copy that.

In response to Charlotte's instructions, the preliminary control system enters the work with an indication of acceptance. It should be noted that she did not speak on this occasion, but it seems that instructions such as the temporary freezing of the supervisory system cannot be made on the account of senior officials either. It was possible because it was her account with the highest authority. It is the supreme god in the bend.

"Charles. Can we get him to check the status of the communications facility in parallel? He wants to download data from this facility if possible."

"… operator. Change of priority. Priority is given to checking communications facilities. Report this as soon as it's over."

"Copy that. I expect to finish this check in a minute if there are no anomalies."

A preliminary control system enters the work quickly on Charlotte's instructions at Kite's request. Charlotte noticed that Kate and Yuri were looking at themselves in the same way that they would wait until the end of the work.


"No... Fine, we were gonna be together for a long time."

"Long time,"

Charlotte shrugged at Kate's words, laughing. I said together for a long time, but from her point of view, such time is like a blink. but even with her, it was definitely a dark time, and we felt like we had been together for a long time.

"... not really. Maybe two or three months. That's about it."

"I guess so..."

I'm free anyway. Kate sits deeply in the chair with a nostalgic face and Yuri moves over Charlotte's shoulder from above his shoulder like that. Now it's time for Kate to be positioned above her shoulders, but she often sat on their shoulders when she was with the girls during the journey. On the contrary, the first fixed position is Artesian shoulders, not his. So they also sit normally on Charlotte's shoulder.

"I miss you, too, here."

"Don't get on people's shoulders on your own"

"Fine. It's been a long time."

"You sat there a while ago..."

"I don't care, I don't care"

Yuri laughs joyfully at Charlotte, who has begun reading by sitting deeply in her chair like a shudder. It should also be noted that the planned termination is only possible if there are no abnormalities. Therefore, if an anomaly occurs, the system check will be further extended.

So the kites are going to stay in this power room all day today and wait for the system to be checked, which is their plan as it stands. Because if there is a serious anomaly, it needs to be communicated immediately. We really have to stay here more than the control system isn't working. And, on the other hand, the moon was talking to Kate.

"You look so happy."

"Hmm? Oh, well... I'm exploring with my oldest buddy Ginseng. After all, I'm happy."

The way Charlotte and Yuri enjoyed discussing it was a nostalgia for Kate. I didn't have much room for him then, but I still remember. That reminds me of him with his eyes closed.

"There was a lot. Me too..."

"It's a lot...... well, I guess it is in your case"

"Haha... now that I think of my grandfathers as my companions, I wonder because they were asylum-seekers... after all, she's my first companion"

Fun, Kate misses the old days so much. Besides, the moon asked.

"Disgruntled now?

"No? I'm more satisfied right now... I might get mad at you for saying this."

"Ha... you're getting old."

"Don't call me old man."

Kite tells him that somewhere jokingly on the moon when he sees himself with an inclusive face and says a word to tear him up. It's more satisfying now that Charlotte is here now, and the moons are here. The moons are unhappy when it comes to misfortune because they are on the side of being involved in the metastasis, but as a kite, I was not happy to be able to adventure with them. That's how Kate decided to kill time while talking to childhood friends and calendars again while her partner warmed up her old relationship.

Approximately half a day from the start of the system check. By the time it was evening, all system checks had finally been completed.

"Sharoo. Looks like it's over."

"... oh... oh, that's a dout"

"Ngu!? I didn't think I could..."

The situation was that if it was Ziart, who was intrigued by everything because of the unknown hierarchy, there would be not enough time for half a day, but Charlotte, who found out about the boulder, of course, was free with all the kites who were not interested.

So now Yuri and the others were gathered together to play cards, headed by Kate. It should be noted that Moon saw it approximately after the inspection, so he put out a lot of bills, which, on the contrary, Charlotte found to be a lie. On such a moon, Charlotte smiled joyfully.

"Oh... don't lie to me... operator. Download the lab data?


"... Fireflies"


In addition to the fireflies requested by Charlotte, Kate and Yuri rise. The work is done. If so, it was work from here on out.

"Mr. Ziato. System check is over. Please go back."

"Hmm? Not anymore. I didn't feel like that much time had passed... ok. Let's go back. '


After being contacted by Kite via the headset, Ziart, who had been doing various research at the edge of the power room, returns and sits in place. It should be noted that the chair for the number of people was in this room, so it was decided to sit down without moving it.

"Well... no serious errors should have been detected... Tina. Check through the fireflies."

"Uhm. Let's scrutinize the results of each building. Ask the Lord to check the central building '


Charlotte, sitting on the central console, sees the results of the first inspection she had instructed appear on the monitor and decides to start work.

"Oh... I knew you could barely make it about the ground floor. Most facilities are disconnected. Well, it's not like there's anything else."

"You gave it to me in the first place."


Charlotte laughs couscous at Kite's scratch. In the first place, there's nothing on the upper floors because Charlotte taught Cain the Kaizen Emperor about this institute. As a result, it would have been a good thing to think about the founding of the Kingdom of Mars, but now there was nothing. Sure, it's her fault.

"The energy supply to each building was...... good. This was buried deep in the ground, so there's nothing wrong with it."

"Uhm. This check also says that the equipment is working without any problems for each building. It is also reported that there is no problem with each building in the report '

"Well, there's no problem here."

Charlotte keeps checking the system as she discusses it with Tina. That's how she finished checking the entire infrastructure system. She decided to check the basement floor again.

"... there's probably a demon out there. I don't know if he's still here."

"What's up?

"I'll send you the CCTV footage. Even so, though it's over a thousand and hundreds of years old footage"

Apparently, Charlotte had undergone anomaly detection in the system check and was diving into the security system to get it. Send the footage left in the surveillance camera to Kite. That's how the monitor in front of him showed footage of demons moving in some room.

"This is..."

"It's footage from the lab on the fifth basement. Looks like a demon came out after the suspension of the junction."

"Well, naturally... hmm?

"Looks like the golem was working. It looks like he's been crusaded without a problem."

"I see... even if all power is lost, is the golem a different power source"

The small magic furnace built into the Golem of the Lunarian civilization is excellent. There was no question that the Golem would have moved either as a kite to know it or hundreds of years later. Therefore, it is decided to report this and at the same time consider the possibility that the golem will still move.

And that's how the operator contacted me when I was working on a facade sitting on the central console for a while.

"This is the operator. Can you hear me?

"... Ah, yes. What is it?

'The estimated time to withdraw is approaching. Attention.'

"... is that already the time? Firefly. You got the information?


"Good...... Char. Time. Turn it around tomorrow, or we'll ask the military to analyze it."

It would be a hassle if I stayed any longer and went into the night and something happened. Therefore, Kate begins work to interrupt the work she was doing herself.

"Yes... right. It's about time the moon came out. My time… work is over."

"That's the thing... everyone, start preparing for the retreat. I want to see what happens to the lights on the road."

Once again, Kate issues a circular to everyone. As such, they decided to withdraw from the power room while checking the infrastructure of the route they had been passing through.