Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1507 Opro Ruins - Thoughts -

Abnormalities due to age-related deterioration that had occurred in various parts of the facility as a result of the power restoration of the Opro site. The Adventure Department was running around the ruins to deal with those anomalies that became apparent after a day. and one of them, a once developed military giant - although it seems medium-sized, Falsh said - Sola was doing the Golem crusade.

Kite was reported via the headset about the golem that was so crusaded with little struggle with Toryn's help.

"Right. Can you take him down without a problem?"

'Oops. Destroyed the demon stone for control...... haha. After all, we still don't know much about each other. "

"I guess. This time it's my job to find out."

"Haha. Thanks to you, we seem to know a lot about each other."

Sora nodded with a laugh at Kate's point. In the meantime, this managed to stop the huge golem. There will be no collapse of the building. And that's what Sora asked.

"So, what about you?

"Oh. This one's out of admiration right now and it's dirty."


Kite, questioned by Sora, laughs when she sees the pile of dirt piled up in front of her. He was outside somehow dealing with a gas leak in the drugstore. Of course, that was instructed by Farsh.

"There's something wrong with the exhaust system. Sensors are also partially abnormal. I noticed a strange odor when I approached it and checked the system again. I looked it up, and apparently, the exhaust port that leads outside is completely buried in the soil. So I'm just messing around outside to dig it up."

"Nah. It's been a while...... so is that going to work out?

"Something like that. I don't know if the outside part is demonic or warlike, but it has been damaged and I need to dig it up to the safe part and repair it because it can be simple. It also seems that the filters need to be replaced. You asked the military engineer."

"So you're messing around outside,"

"That's the thing. I can't replace the filters with boulders."

Kate nodded with a laugh at Sola's conclusion. It seems that there is no problem with the underground activity itself, as the exhaust port leading from the safety aspect to the air conditioning exhaust port and the pharmaceutical depot are separate.

but I can't get around the drugstore like this. Naturally, the airtightness of the drugstore has deteriorated. There would be a good chance that gas would leak out. And Gus is invisible. Kite would still have tough other faces. And when we talked about that, a voice rose from behind a pile of dirt.

"Hey, Heavenly Sound! The plumbing's coming out!

"Okay! If we give instructions to Sola and the others, I'll be right there!

Apparently, we found some of the plumbing that was buried while we were talking. It was not so much a hands-on task, but the plumbing was still buried quite deep due to the passage of time. So it seems to have taken a while there.

"Sola, this way back to work. I need you to get back to work when you get a rest."

"Whoa. Good luck with that."


Kite briefly gives Sola the following instruction, which cuts off communication and moves closer to the hole. And when I got there, one of the guild members directed some of the plumbing buried on the ground to Kite.

"Look, plumbing"

"Oh... Mr. Farsh. Plumbing, we found it."

"Oh, did you find it? Good. What about the spare parts?

"It's already here"

In Falsh's inquiry, Kate presents the parts of the plumbing that military soldiers brought to him in the meantime. I can't ventilate myself for not doing something about this. And apparently, the exterior can be handled by replacing the parts, so the kites with free hands did. So as soon as possible, Kite finishes the parts replacement work. Now it is possible to get the purified air out.

"... now I'm okay... I guess"

'Uhm. It would be a perfect fix...... good. The system is also running properly. Hey, I'm glad the spare parts for the replacement haven't deteriorated. Good.' Cause if that thing was degrading, I'd have to make parts that fit the standards from scratch. '

"I'm glad it doesn't...... so how soon is the ventilation going to be done?

'Hmmm. I'm still working on replacing the filters internally, so if I started as soon as that was over... right. The internal sensors are partially damaged, so I don't know the exact location... but it's only tomorrow morning that I'm sure. I'll start cleaning from there, and if I think about it, I'll crumble all day tomorrow. "

Falsh, questioned by Kate, tells the prospect of a great deal. The internal sensor is partially damaged because of the deterioration over time and the consequent entry of gas into the sensor's interior. Apparently, anomalies have always been detected.

"That means I can't move a day today," he said.

'Not really. If you ask Sora-kun, you're one of the best in the Alliance, right?

"... well, for once"

'That's good news for you. It's not a giant golem from earlier, but there's still a comparable troublesome prototype left. Come on, good luck.'

"Yes, sir... all geared up and ready for battle. We're headed to reinforce every building."

Kite drops her shoulders to Farsh, who has a unique pace as usual. That's how Kite led the investigation team to deal with the test machines and experimental bodies that would run rampant in each building.

The morning after I finished replacing the parts of the air conditioning system in the drugstore. On this day and on this day, as usual, Kate was in the central building.

'Hey, good morning. You look better today. "

"Yes, Mr. Farsh...... well, it's the last day before vacation. I'll keep you in the mood."

"Oh, you're on vacation tomorrow. I have no point in resting after I've become this body, thanks to all the help I can get. '

That's what Farsh told Kate, laughing at her words, to have a little morning conversation for a moment. That's how Farsh reported on the progress of yesterday's work at the end of the morning conversation.

'Well, that's the point. About the exhaust system I went to yesterday. Safe sensors have been mobilized to confirm that ventilation of the drugstore is complete. You should be able to clean it now. "

"Okay. Thank you."

'Mm-hmm. Yeah, my lens for video projection is damaged in some rooms, so if you need anything, go out in the hallway and listen. Apparently, the gas went in from the crack that occurred in the lens. I guess the inside's been hit.'

Falsch flaunts his shoulder when he says so and begins guiding him to the drugstore he guided yesterday. As such, Kite and the others will follow suit to the drugstore.

"Phew... could you wash it off with water for now? Why don't you just mop it up outside of school?"

"And then we flush this into a dedicated drain, and... the teachers take the lead in cleaning... and I can tell you when it's serious. Don't do it when you're silaf on a boulder."

Fluffy floating and flushing with a bucket and sewing into a dedicated drain, Yuri exhales there and then says so stupidly as she washes her hands. As an adventurer, it is rare to undertake investigative tasks and perform cleaning tasks. As a result, the kites seemed to stink.

"Sharu, it's over."

"Oh... yes"

"The goddess is relaxed."

"This is what servants do."

To Kite's pointing out in the jito eye, Charlotte, who was reading, turned off the demon of use with a laugh. I wasn't skipping with her. I used the demon to clean it properly. I just haven't done it myself. So Kite is half joking, too. And, like that, he was wondering what he was reading while using the work and letting the demon do it. It wasn't a book I saw, it was a bunch of papers.

"What are you reading?

"It was a report back then. That Farsh... I saw it somewhere, but I can't remember it. I was checking to see if there was a name on the submitted list. If only I had a name, I could see merit, and if I could see that, I could remember back."

Charlotte, questioned by Kite, scrolls a thick bunch of material perky and slightly looks inside. Pretty old paper, but they can still check the full text because it was stored in different spaces.

"Hmmm...... so, did you get results?

"You don't. Too little information. There's a lot of researchers... and I can't really immerse myself in memories while I'm watching."

Charlotte shakes her head slightly in nostalgia at Yuri's inquiry after finishing the hand wash. Apparently, he remembered a lot. It was still going to take a little while to figure this out.

"Please, that way. Apparently, at least you don't have to trust me."

"Yes...... right. At least it doesn't seem like a bad person..."

Charlotte also agrees with Kate's words, albeit vaguely. If something were to happen, I've had that chance many times before. but it's hard to think it's harmful to him because he hasn't done it. Then you'll be relieved. That's how we ended the discussion. Together we go out into the hallway with cleaning equipment.

'Hey, good luck. What about cleaning?'

"Done...... Now we can move on"

'Right...... Hmm. If it's like this, I guess the last one is the limit in time. "

Falsch seemed to have seen the time and decided so with the progress made so far in mind. Again, I couldn't handle it roughly because of the chemicals, and most importantly, the dirt is creeping around the room because it has been abandoned for many years. You can't just leave the chemicals adsorbed by it. So it took longer to clean than I thought.

"Right...... right. It's a lunch break from here... and on the contrary, it's a good thing it ended in about three hours."

'I guess so. There are still a few bigger drugstores than here... and you'll have to work with care. The bottle cracked badly and the toxic gas became pointless even though it was ventilated around the corner.'

"Yeah...... so once we get back out there. I'll be back in an hour."

'Right...... oh yeah. Then be sure to call me when you get back. Do me a favor. "

"? Ha, well, I don't mind"

To Falsh's abrupt offer, Kate tilts her neck, but accepts it in two replies. At least I'm sure there's no malice in his actions so far, and I've looked after him many times before. Then, depending on what you ask for, you won't hit a bee.

As such, the kites decide to go outside once and take a lunch break. Meanwhile, Farsch was making one decision utilizing his tireless body.

(Well...... from what I've done so far, at least I'll be able to have credit for that kite and yuri. From what I saw yesterday, it's also impeccable as a combat force. There's some trouble with Charlotte on those kids' side, or she still seems to suspect me... well, doesn't she seem to have any personality issues)

This is a natural story, but as Kate said, Farsh still didn't fully trust Kate and the others. So there are bills that each other has yet to reveal to each other.

But as Kate has decided, Farsh has also grasped the fact that Kate and the others have no ill intentions during the past week or so. So I seem to have decided that I can teach him one of my hand tags here.

(As a result of integrating his flair, which is discussed in the facility, he may be described as a personable person. Until that kid gets in tune with the book, he'll protect you. A little flawed in the balls and a headache as far as I'm concerned... oh, that's all I'm really worried about. Anyway, he's really like an angel. I was careful not to get bad bugs...)

Farsh, who decided to trust Kate, but remembers something and wonders if he sighed, turns around and brings up Deledere's face. I don't know what this is, but at least it looked like I loved something of it.

(Hmm. It's really troubling. but he will undoubtedly be one of the main players in this rematch. It would be best to keep it at his side)

Falsh, while troubled, apparently decided to do Kate a favor. That's how he decided to wait for the kites to return.