Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1508: Opro Ruins - Survivors -

Approximately a week after commencing an investigation mission into the Opro ruins. Kite, who had spent days restoring power to the facility and dealing with the anomalies that were going on with it, in the meantime. He asks me to take one favor from Farsh, who was cooperating in the site investigation.

At least knowing from his previous history that he was harmless, Kate decided to take a lunch break and returned to the Central Building Lounge an hour later. So he raised his voice.

"Mr. Farsh, it's Kite."

'Oh, you're here. I've been waiting.'

In response to Kate's call, Farsh appeared translucent, laughing as usual. but there was something in his hand like a single rocket, unlike anything else.

"Yeah... so, it was a favor. We can help you if you can..."

'Um... well, I think you already noticed. I've been trying to keep you as close as possible to the second director's office. Is that good?

"Yeah, well..."

Kate nodded vaguely at Farsh's inquiry. Naturally, Kite was aware of this as well. The same plans in this investigation mission speak as of the second day of encounter with him. The director's office was supposed to be in there three days before that, but he received a proposal from Farsh to check and correct the anomaly.

Furthermore, he passed near the director's office when heading to several drug depots, but somehow Farsh appeared to show up, showing a gesture that distracted him from the director's office as much as possible. If I realized that, I could understand earlier that he didn't really want me in the director's office.

"Um, so in view of your previous investigation, I'm still aware that... the director's office has a shelter replacement role."

"At one point, it's called speculation… I'm looking at the director's office where we once did a study of communications a few hundred kilometers north of here."

"Over there. That was one of the fiercest war zones in the middle of the war. It hurt to fall over there... well, I heard you sealed a lot to keep it out of enemy hands... did you unseal that? '

"Sealed, it seemed more right that it sank under the lake than..."

Kate speaks a great deal to Farsh's words, who told him with his eyes closed. And when those stories were over, Farsh shook one head.

'No, you didn't talk to me to discuss this now. As a matter of fact, there's one survivor in this ruin you call the Opro Ruins. "

"... that's definitely important to you, isn't it?

'... after all, you have great intelligence. Oh, I suppose so. It's very important to me.'

To Kite's inquiry after a few thoughts, Farsh clearly states that he is important to him. That's how he starts telling the details.

"In my daughter. I stayed at this lab with me...... I'm still understaffed. I told him to evacuate to the director's office in case of a demonic raid. So, after the death of my main unit, I started the emergency system... but I never thought time would pass so far. Though I thought someone would be here any minute. Well, if you asked me how it went after that, I'd be convinced. '

"... ok. I'll take care of protection."

'Please. I lost my wife early, and even then I was the only one close to her. For me, who was a research idiot, it's just one treasure. Parents' eyes, but honest and good. I'm a child with slightly different sensibilities from people because I lived away from them... I won't be bothered. Please, I want you to protect me. '

In response to Kate's clear statement, Farsh bows his head deeply. Apparently, it is good to think that my feelings as a parent of what is Mypace are profound. To the point where I wanted to suspect whether it was really artificial intelligence, the words felt something called affection. As a kite and then, I was going to protect it without any room.

"So this is what my daughter looks like."

"Wow. Cute."

'Wouldn't you? This little shy place is really cute. I'm growing a little bit more now... but I'm still my adorable angel.'

Falsh breaks up with Yuri's words when he opens the rocket and sees the picture that was contained inside. Apparently, I could say I'm an old parent. Farsh in the rocket could hold his daughter happily, but such Farsh was a little reluctant by a daughterlike girl because she still had an insensitive mustache. Kite laughed at him like that and decided to push ahead.

"Haha...... Mr. Farsh. Let's just rescue that kid first. It's a shelter that stopped time, but it shouldn't be supposed to be used for thousands of years like this at the time. I may be feeling sick or something. We should get you out as soon as possible."

'Oh, oh, right. Hey, how dare you forget me when it comes to my daughter?'


When Kate laughs at Farsch, who laughs with pleasure, she decides to give him some instructions to start the action.

"... Moon, I'm sorry, but I'm going to protect Mr. Farsh's daughter once. In the meantime, get in touch with Tina and Yayoi outside and get them ready for protection."

"Should we stay here?

"Oh. Being abruptly surrounded by large numbers of boulders can cause anxiety. I want to avoid that."

Kite briefly tells the reason for the moon inquiry. Tina and Yayoi were contacted because the former would arrange for protection via the Duke's house, and the latter would need to make new household items look like this. Food and amenity goods are fine, but clothing is difficult to arrange inside. Her cooperation was also essential, as it was Yayoi who was responsible for it. Therefore, the moon also accepted it.

"Okay. Well, I'll do it this way."

"Oh, please. Shall you come with me, too? The other faces will wait here once. If you have instructions from the moon, follow them."

After one snort in Moon's response, Kate again gives instructions to the other faces. When he saw that he had given a single instruction, Farsh inquired.

Are you ready?

"Yes, thank you."

'No, this is what I'm talking about. That's about it... Come on, let's go.'

In response to Kite nodding, Falsh once again begins to guide the three Kites - to accompany Yuri, of course. That's how the three of them would travel on the road listening to Farsh's daughter boast. but while listening to it, the kites were having a conversation in their readings.

"Daughter...... right. There were a lot of researchers here in my family. '

"Hmm...... then everyone on the boulder don't remember?

'Right. But... not many researchers are only fathers and sons. "

If it's information, Farsh is talking to me on his own. So it's just a good story to hear. And listening to that, Kate asked.

'Do you think you can handle that?

'... subtle when it comes to subtlety. I've seen it, because it's my feeling... and maybe I've never seen it just because I'm going to.'

"Well, that's true."

Surely what Charlotte is saying is correct. Although I feel like I've seen it, I don't think I've seen it clearly with her.

So it's never unlikely that I actually came to the lab just somewhere wrong. but I looked at it and it looked familiar, so I thought there was no kite or charlotte on the boulder.

'Something, something catches on. That man. I'm sure he's watching it somewhere. Something in me whispers, "You have to be vigilant."

"Somewhere, hey..."

We cannot move on to what we do not know where and under what circumstances. That's why Kate has to sigh. And when I was doing that, I quickly got to the director's office.

'Come on, we're here. I can't open the shelter on the boulder side of the control system. I'm sorry, but I need you to use the key to open it.'

Falsch, standing in front of the door of the director's office, points to the control terminal next to the door and asks Charlotte to do so. As I heard later, apparently, when the shelter is operational, a system is deployed that is independent of the facility's control system, as if the shelter had never been opened due to a system anomaly. Therefore, it cannot be unlocked from the facility side and it is said that it will have to be unlocked from the outside.

"Well, I'll let you through."

At such Farsh's request, Charlotte enters her own recognition code by passing the card key through the control terminal next to her. In response, one electronic sound rang. They recognized him.

'Good. Now the airtightness is lifted...... yeah. Solved. Conata, hurry up! Conata inside...... my daughter is down!


In response to Farsh's report, Kite hurries inside. Then one girl fell and fell in the middle of the director's office and in the thought place. That certainly looks like the girl in the rocket that Farsh showed growing up, a place that would be a few years younger than the students at Ohmatsu Cherry Blossom School in her time of year. The appearance age is from the first half of the middle teens.

"Conata! Conata! Can you hear me! '

Appearing as video next to Kate, who held such a fallen and lying girl, Farsh calls desperately on her daughter. Meanwhile, Kate was calm and pulsating.

"... it's okay. At least he's alive."

'Eh... right. Activate the vital response measuring device…'

He also decided to calm down and do what he could with Kite. Activate the various test machines provided for the facility to measure her daughter's physical condition.

'... good. At least I have no pulse problems. Physically...... no problem. Probably just temporarily losing my mind. I haven't thought about using a shelter for so long as many minutes... but after a prolonged pause as one of the sequelae, the possibility of sudden passage of time suggests that modulation can come to the body. Probably that.'

Farsch, who had checked his daughter's health multiple times on various tests, received the test results and stroked her chest down to feel slightly relieved. and Charlotte, who was showing such test results on video, had a mundane question.

"... no, is this normal? It seems like a lot of different numbers are low..."

'Hmm? Actually, my daughter is sick and weak... it's inherited from my wife. That's why I grew so late for my age... actually, I'm old enough to be the same as you guys... well, sometimes I draw blood from racially slow-growing species, but still grow so slowly'

With Charlotte pointing out, Farsch lays his eyes down slightly sadly. With that in mind, Kite also took a firm look at the girl - apparently Konata - again, and she did see the magic surrounding her, so much so that she did them and said they were enormous, on the contrary, she saw a vulnerability that was physically incompatible with it.

"... that's pretty excessive magic. Double that of an ordinary person... No, is that likely to be more than double that? I can see how much you actually do with this as it stands, losing your mind..."

"Uhm... there is also the effect of my treatment... I have possessed more than a few times as much magic as an ordinary person since I was originally born. That has also physically affected me. When it comes to that amount, sealing measures are unrealistic... and we need medication, regular magic dissipation, and so on."

Farsh nodded at Kate's diagnosis, looking at her daughter everywhere, nodding one thing. Perhaps he was a medical researcher because of the combination of his daughters there.

The muscles passed away because I thought it was part of the treatment. This is so much magic. If you run wild, there will be no one left behind. It was an extremely common sense decision to consider safety aspects.

'I'm sorry, but I've been eavesdropping on you, and I know you have an excellent doctor. I wanted to ask for my daughter. "

"I see..."

Even from Kate's point of view, Farsh's daughter is a very peculiar situation. I probably don't want to leave it with the normal even if he's a parent. I guess it was only natural to think of Kite as a kind person with excellent doctors connections.

"Okay. See a doctor who's been kind enough to see you right away."

"Is that good? I heard you weren't here... '

"I don't mind. There's not even one doctor..."

'Thank you. I was still right to ask you'

Farsh bows his head deeply again to Kite's offer. If you were on medication, you would need to call Risha, and if you didn't know your parents were dead, you would need to call Meath. So Kate decided to summon her two attending physicians to the ruins in order to return the favor she had received.