Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1509: Opro Ruins - Survivors - 2 -

Farsh, a former researcher who became a former researcher of the Opro ruins and now survives as artificial intelligence inside the facility. With a week or so of dating each other and so much trust, Kate will be asked to do one more favor than him.

It was a request to protect his daughter, Conata. That was how Kite reached the director's office that she was evacuating, but when she unsealed the shelter, she discovered that the conata inside was falling and lying. So I heard some stories from Farsh, and Kate was calling in two attending doctors for Conata that she was sick and weak.

"Right...... from what I've seen, I can assume you're just losing your mind from the reaction. I can't say much because there's too little information, but if that's what the old civilization thinks it is, it's likely."

"I agree with you. I burned incense to sleep... but I shouldn't be forced to move too much."

I agree with Reesha's words. I suggest that Meath should be more at rest than snort one and force it to happen. And even as a kite, I didn't mean to be forced to move it.

"No, I'm not going to force it to move. If you're gonna wake up, what time is it gonna be?

"Right...... right. The basic feeling is that it is similar to a concussion. Because of the sudden passage of time, my body couldn't stand it. It may be that the soul..."

"I see. My soul was shaken, not my brain,"

Farsh said, she seems to be a long-lived species. If so, the element of magic is strong as the percentage that makes up the flesh. Therefore, when the soul is shaken, the modulation has become apparent on the physical side. All this was really a story to say even about the disadvantages of a long-lived species.

"Though, for now, you can assume there's nothing else in your life, right?

"Yes, I suppose I can affirm that as a conclusion by the two doctors"


When Kate receives a response from Reesha, she rises from the chair. We recovered Conata first thing in the day and called in Risha and the others to get all kinds of diagnoses by them, but naturally if we did that, the sun would have sunk plenty already.

Nevertheless, I can easily imagine what I would still be worried about as a parent. So now he went to the central building and tried to reward Farsh. So it was a kite headed for the central building, but in front of the door, Farsh stood at a critical place where the footage could be projected.

"Oh, are you here?"

"Mr. Farsh... for one thing, I'm done with my check-up"

'Well... how'd it go?


Kate first informs him of the diagnosis of the two attending physicians in an anxious Farsh inquiry. He is certainly an expert in biology, but he still has the difficulty of not having an entity. I can't even use magic checkups. I guess I was even more worried about being close to the doctor myself.

Nevertheless, he was reassured to be shown a decent diagnostic result because he was an expert. I looked at Kite's report and medical certificate and lowered my chest.

'Hmm... this would be within normal limits for Daiman that kid. but hmm......'

"What's up?

'No, I was scrutinizing the numbers again now, but some numbers are high. The figures are also different from those immediately after dosing. That's where you're concerned.'

"Is there a problem?

Kite asks against Farsh, who scrutinizes the diagnosis with serious eyes. It's a boarded ship. Arrangements will be needed if necessary. but Farsh shook his head at this.

'No, I still can't see it now... but maybe the shelter hasn't completely stopped time either, really very few. It may be flowing to such an extent that it can be seen as flowing when the limit value is taken. Hmm... I still need to follow up, but let's see if we can get some medicine ready. There is also a medical pod dedicated to her. This is my lab, so I can handle everything. There's no problem.

Apparently Conata still can't be described as a serious condition, but it's an area of concern. Looks a little uneasy, but I laughed at her temperament. Farsh nodded one thing and decided to go in and adjust quickly.

As such, Kate decided to stay out of his way and wait for Conata and him to wake up this day after the central building.

Farsh's daughter, protect Conata, then dawn one night and the next morning. Kate had been called in first thing in the morning by two attending physicians.

"Oh, you're here."

"Oops... so hurry up, does that mean she woke up?

"Well... I woke up. Oh, but Leesha's in the examination right now, so wait a little longer to go. I'll tell you about her in the meantime."

Meese nodded at Kite's inquiry, stopping Kite from trying to get her hips up, and Kite, who got it, lowers her hips again. Thus, he was asked why he had been summoned suddenly.

"... amnesia?

"Exogenous, endogenous?

"That's still unknown."

Meath shakes her head at Yuri's inquiry. Apparently, a kid named Conata woke up at the first point this morning, but he just leaned his neck when he heard his name.

When I listened in detail, I was apparently losing my memory. So now it seems that Leesha called Kate while she was looking into the details.

"... well, all I can say is amnesia in the raven and in the corner. Naturally, nothing about the father."

"That's troublesome..."

I don't know what to do. Kate thinks about what to do about Konata, who seems to have amnesia. You'll need to tell Farsh first, but what you're going to do from there will be a place to talk to him. And with that in mind, Riesha brought the girl back.

"Ah, Master Kite."

"Oh...... good morning. And nice to meet you. Kite Heavenly Sound."

"Yuri Chandashi"

"What, the way you put it..."


Konata leans her neck in a pompous way into Kate's offered hand, laughing at Yuri's joking introduction. Apparently this child also had a unique atmosphere and pace in this child. And so she opened her mouth.

"... What's this?

"Shake hands, but... have you forgotten that too?


You're a unique kid. That's what Kate thinks of Conata, who, as usual, shook her own hand back without a look on her face. And that's why I think Conata doesn't move as it is after a while.

"... you know, Conata?

"... Yes"

"Well... I don't need to hold it forever..."

Conata tilts her neck at Kate's point. but apparently he understands what it means. I let go of Kate's hand as she told me. To her like that, Yuri cramped her cheeks.

"Duh, he's a unique kid..."

I wonder what you're thinking. Po Yan, Yuri thinks so to Conata, who sees herself in a way. In response to her, Kate tried her best to ask Conata with a soft face.

"It will be again, but I want you to let me ask you one thing. So you're losing your memory."

"... Apparently,"

Conata nodded as she agreed with Kate's words. Well, luckily for you, if this happens, you won't get serious because you have amnesia. I don't know if this personality belongs to the vegetarian or the harm caused by the loss of memory, but at least it was a lot more thankless than being weirdly alert.

"Ra, it seems, or... well, if you can't remember anything, it would be amnesia"


"... so, I wonder if you're okay, this girl... no, isn't she okay"

There will be nothing or okay with amnesia in the first place. Therefore, Kate regains her mind and turns to Conata again.

"Do you remember anything before you woke up? Things about me, things around me... whatever."


Conata thinks only a little with a strange face to Kate's inquiry. but tilted his neck after a while.

"... especially, nothing. It's just... it's weird..."

"Weird? How weird is that?

"Around...... it was like a little more mess"


I see. He knows he was spending time at the lab. Farsch also lived in the Institute when he lived in a secluded area about this, he makes it clear.

And that character. I don't think he was cleaning up a lot. It would not be suspicious to feel uncomfortable with the infirmary that is strangely cleaned up. And it was Kite who made such a reflection, but the sound of her stomach echoed.




Conata leans her neck in the same way against Kite, who notices the sound of her belly and tilts her neck. Plus, Yuri leaned her neck again. That is how the three of them tilted their necks, but needless to say this provenance is Conata. That's why Kate asked, tilting her little neck and blinking her eyes.

"... Are you hungry?

"... maybe"


Kite has some difficulty coping with a strange girl of a different kind from Aura. Nevertheless, if you're hungry, it's just a matter of preparing rice. So he decided to be ready immediately.

"Well, it would be a problem to take him out in front of a lot of people still on the boulder. I'll bring the rice. The three of you keep asking for this girl."


"Oh, I'll write my diagnosis within the moment, so can I ask Meath?

"Oh, okay. Well, no trouble over here..."

Kite's instructions will be followed by three people to help Conata get dressed. They can do the same thing as changing clothes at once, but there were still many different clothes from the past, for example.

So she needs to lecture me on how to change. Regardless, there are many other differences. I needed to follow up for a while. So, it's morning. A man would be in the way if he were to help me get dressed. So Kate decides to leave it to her to follow up for now and prepare breakfast. That's how I decided to head to the central building with one hand and rendezvous with Farsh with the medical certificate she wrote up while she was eating.

"Hmm... Amnesia? Was it still happening...... '

"? Is that what was supposed to happen?

"Oh... you told her yesterday that you were giving her some medication"

In response to Kate's question, Farsh nodded clearly. As such, he describes the circumstances of the speculation to Kite.

'Actually, one of the medicines I was using included herbs that cause memory problems as raw materials. Sometimes I use another medicine to suppress its effects...'

"Didn't you let him drink that?

'No, like a meal meal, you need to shift your time. I wonder if it's after a meal before meals. By analogy, the former planned to take pre-meal and the latter to take post-meal medication. "

"Although I took my pre-meal medication, more time has elapsed than I expected between taking my post-meal medication," he said.

'I guess so. If so, can you think of the possibility that time is flowing for a day or so... it should be back to normal in a while... well...'

Falsh nodded at Kite's summation. Farsh had guessed earlier, but the shelter looked at it in super long time and it was possible that the time had not completely stopped. As a result, the time has passed to cause that memory problem.

"Hmmm... then what should I do"

'Ever... right. As a matter of fact, I guess it's the right thing to do to get people to take medicines that will eliminate the effects of memory problems... but we're still sorting out which ones we can use.'

Well, what do we do? Farsch decides to dispose of all products that are not in good condition for the chemicals he has now, while worrying about what to do. Besides, Kite asked.

"If you tell me how to make it and the ingredients, shall I make it here?

'Hmm... that's probably the most realistic thing to do indeed. Fortunately, we will be able to use the equipment in the lab. There's nobody here, so I don't even have to ask permission. There will be no problems with the manufacture itself. It's just...'

"I don't know if you have the ingredients, do you?

'Uhm. There may be an unnamed herb or perhaps an already extinct herb. Well, the witch and the heavenly tribe might be able to do something about it... Hmm... maybe we shouldn't hurry. Let me give you the recipe for the medicine I used first. If it heals naturally in the meantime, that's the best part. Director's Office...... Oh, I have a copier in Director's Office II, so will you come that far? I'll make prints by the time you get here. "


Kate will follow Farsh's request and head to the director's office. Therefore, he received several documents describing how to prepare the medicine for Conata and decided to return to Reesha and the others.