Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1510: Opro Ruins - Survivors - 3 -

Conata, daughter of Farsh, a former researcher at the Opro site. It was Kite who provided her protection at Farsh's request, but she had lost her memory when she released it from the shelter in the director's office. I talked to Farsh about it, and she said that one of the medicines she was taking was medicines that caused memory problems.

Falsh thought of the response, and Kate returned to Riesha and the others when she received a prescription for the medicine she was using for the time being.

"Okay. Sure, I'll take care of it."

Reesha, who received a written document about the medication formulation, spells it out in the file. I decided to make sure it didn't go away and check the material again.


"What do you say? Is there a problem?

"Right...... right. It contains some medicinal herbs that I have never heard of either. Some of them have similar names that have the same drug effect, so perhaps the name has changed subtly due to a shift in time. but you can also see several species, unexpected herbs with similar names. I was wondering if it would be difficult to reconcile things that I don't know a little more about..."

Reesha answers Kite's query as she notes several things separately. It should be noted that what you are writing is that you think the name has changed and you have written down the current name and potency, appearance characteristics, etc. about the medicinal herb. I checked with Farsh later and was going to use it if that was okay.

"Okay. It's a good place for boulders. I'll take care of that."


"So, what about Conata?

Kate looks around and looks for Conata, who had disappeared with Yuri, Meath. but apparently he wasn't in the tent replacing the infirmary.

"She'd be walking around the lab with Meath right now. Because she learned to be interested outside... if it inspired her to bring back any memories. She herself did not show a rejection to regain her memory..."

"Hmm... is there a problem then?"

He hasn't had a problem with Conata besides losing his memory for one second. Furthermore, it is suspected to be a memory disorder caused by medication, and it is not yet confirmed information. I didn't get my memories back because of something. It's not something that an unprofessional kite should say about it, and there's trust that she won't let it happen. There will be nothing he cares about.

"With that said, what happened to her clothes? From what I've seen, he was wearing protective clothes..."

"For once, I also tried to prepare my current clothes... but when I realized I was sleeving through those clothes again. Nevertheless, do you have an understanding of everyday wear, last night I used what I normally have for bedtime wear"


Kate reminds me of some neat tight-shaped clothes Conata wore. It also had a different gloss and smoothness than silk and so on, and when it came to near-future outfits, it was near-future. Materials may be considered lost materials in modern civilization. They definitely thought it was some kind of chemical fiber system.

"Hmm... do I have to think about something? I don't have that clothes on the boulder..."


"No, don't you agree. I think you're the worst. If I'm wrong, I'm not dressed like that in front of her."

"Aha haha..."

For once, Risha also knows about her sexuality. So I wear proper clothes while I'm at work. but as for kite knowing otherwise, she seemed somewhat unconvinced that she would agree. Nevertheless, it is true that we have to think of something. So Kate regained her mind.

"Ha... well, that's anyway. I don't know what to do. It would be awkward to wear that perfect tight-shaped garment on a boulder forever... but you also need to ask Mr. Farsh what the material is once..."

The only problem would be that there will always be those clothes on the rabbit, on the corner and all the time. Yayoi was provided with clothes for this purpose, but the problem is that the person in question won't wear them.

Nevertheless, it would be best to ask him because there is no wonder that his parents, Farsh, have grasped something. So Kate decides to get up and head to Farsh again.

"Hmm? Speaking of which, I've never seen her wear anything other than that... maybe, but..."

"Hey! Hey! Father! For once, you're the only flesh and blood parent of that child! Let me at least give you a little care!?

"Ha-ha-ha! Hey, no more of this. Dad's admitting it! Well, they had a lot of things ready, so you like that design, don't you? Because that's what she's so coagulated about. No wonder you have so many identical clothes... you should probably go into her room later and check it out '

In response to Kite, who accidentally stuttered with his tame mouth, Farsh laughs out loud and makes it clear that he can't. Well, there's nothing kite can fix about this either. And such Farsh regained his temper.

'That's right, though. Clothes...... Hmm. You would understand this, but it's called chemical fiber. High molecular weight material, I wish I could say...'

"Polymer system?"

'Right. The explanation is quick and helpful. I taught this at the high school in Lunaria where you say, so I have details of the materials that I used for this facility as a basics. Alchemy should be able to prepare it. Perhaps she likes that one, too, where she stays subconsciously. All right, give me a minute.'

When Farsh says so, he quickly begins his search to present information about the material of the clothes Conata was wearing. And in the meantime, he told me a mild story about the material.

"Originally developed by Maidea, it seems. Affordable and excellent mass production, which was common in Enefia at the time. Even so, there are a few places that use old-fashioned materials like my white coat. '

"Well, that will depend on the comfort of the material, etc. In the end, it's the easiest thing for the person to use."

'Uhm...... oh, here it is. Basically, alchemy was applied to make raw materials. So, bring it to a dedicated factory and produce the fabric in bulk. So I don't think it's as difficult to make fabric as a single item. "


Looking at the raw materials of Konata's clothing presented by Farsh, Kite understands that they are similar to polyethylene where it is said on the Great Mortal Earth. Even so, of course, it is not the same just because it is similar.

For example, just because the physical properties are similar, this material also exhibits strong defensive properties against witchcraft. This is a property not found in polyethylene materials. Because of its influence, they also possess excellent heat resistance.

They looked that perfect but breathable, something that was commonly used as a wear in Lunaria at the time. I can't put it all together, but I guess I should also think of it as a material for clothing as a superior compatibility of polyethylene and polyester.

"... right. At this level, refining the material won't be that difficult. I think you can make fabrics."

'Right. Well, I'll ask you about that. I can't make fabrics like this in a boulder at the lab. "

"Okay. Ask her what she wants about it and arrange it."

"Um, I asked for it."

This will work out about the clothes. When Kate decides to do so, she decides to ask the alchemist and the seamstress who are sincere about this. You can have Yayoi tailor it, but the unknown material will still make a lot of difference. So I guess I decided to leave it to the experts. And I talked to her about it, so Kate decided to ask her.

"Speaking of which, is her character original? Oddly enough, there is a unique atmosphere... because we don't know if amnesia affects us..."

'Hmm? Oh, that kid's character? Hmm. Isn't that cute? He's a very attentive kid. If you noticed, you could have cleaned up my mess of paperwork.'

"Really... is there a problem then?"

To Farsch, who breaks up with each other in a nasty way, Kate understands that Conata's strange personality is original. And so Kate decided to ask one question.

"Speaking of which...... her name. Oddly enough, I'm not connected to you."

"Oh... is that Conata's name? Yeah. My mother's from an eastern island. It's a unique name, isn't it? No, speaking of which, don't you think so? Speaking of which, is that island still there?

"So... yeah, I'm still here. In the meantime, we went on vacation."

'Well... then take her with you if you get a chance at some point. I wanted to show you my wife's hometown sometime. "

Apparently, Conata's mother was a native of Nakatsu - which belonged to Lunaria at the time. I guess it means half now. Then I was able to convince Kate that she was a Nakatsu-style name, contrary to her appearance.

"Was I? Even so, there will be nothing left at the time..."

'Oh, I don't mind. It's my wife's will. He hasn't told me to show him that hometown sunset at some point... he's on this street impeccably, so please, if you can. Because I can't move from here to the boulder, hey. That kid wants to go see it when he gets better, too, he's not saying...'

Falsch smiles slightly, pointing to his own body and saying so to Kite, bowing his head. Besides, Kite agrees.

"Really...... ok. Okay, let's figure that out here too. Even so, I think it will take a while..."

'Oh, that's good. That's good. I haven't been able to go for more than ten years since my wife died. If I'd run off to treat her, I'd have offended my wife.'


Kite laughs again at Farsh's words, laughing a little bitterly. That's how the whole discussion ended, so Kate decided to leave the scene and go back to the base outside again. Then, there, Conata was back.

"Hey. How was your walk?

"... not sure"

Conata tilts her little neck at Kate's inquiry. Well, I just got out. There will be many things I don't understand, and many things are different from what they were. Speaking of not feeling it, there's no choice, maybe there was no choice.

"Right...... well, you should be tempered. I just woke up and won't be able to grab it."

Konata snorted at Kate's words. Even with her, she doesn't seem in a hurry to force her memory back, let alone lose it, and I don't see any troubled bareback. I guess it's a good thing to say good things about that. That's why Kate decided to get down to business.

"So when I was browsing the lab system, I had some information about your room. There's a guy in a girl's room on a boulder."

"... you can come in"

"... Oh, yeah"

Kate nodded, blinking her eyes to the permission given blocking her own words. In fact, Farsh is still silent at his request. He himself offered that it would only be confusing to be told of his parents' death in a state of amnesia, and that it could be even more confusing to be spoken of in a state of artificial intelligence.

Meath and the others agreed that delicate problems should be avoided and that Conata should avoid inadvertent contact with the current state of amnesia, and that the whole Adventure Department should be kept quiet about Farsh in the vicinity of Conata.

"Yes, no, but I still want you to come too."

"... then nothing"

"Right. It'll help."

Kate nods to Conata's permission and shows her appreciation. In the meantime, I just want to make arrangements for you to have just clothes within today, so I was busy but going to go in about her room within today. Farsh has made sure that he is safe on the road ahead of time about this, so he doesn't have any problems. As such, Kate decided to take Conata back to the central building of the site.