Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1511: Opro Ruins - Conata

A girl named Conata who survived alone among the ruins of the old civilization. Kate, who provided protection to Farsh's daughter, who was a researcher at the Opro site, had decided to enter her room after consulting with Farsh in order to first understand her tastes, etc. That's how Kite was proceeding to the basement of the central building, guided by Farsh, who linked him to the headset.

'So hey...... there's still room in the lab when people are gone. Either you go outside and you go to your lab, or you're in trouble. I upgraded the lab I didn't use downstairs to the Golems and improved it to a residential area. "

On the road, Farsh tells Kite that. I thought there might be a room in the quarters because I live there, Kite, but it wasn't. The two rooms were located a short distance from the lab that Farsh, in the basement of the central building, had been using.

A little further away is the fact that the infrastructure system is closer to you. As Farsh, it would be better to be close to the lab, but as Konata, on the contrary, it would be better to be close to infrastructure based installations. There was no doubt as Kite that Farsh, who drowned his daughter, took that one.

"Oh, for once, let me be clear, how much of a dumb parent do you admit you and I don't have a microphone or a camera set up in my daughter's room? So no matter what happens in the room, I don't know... but please don't do anything. '

"Yuri and the doctor are here..."

Kite sighed at Farsh's words, who would probably have had a jitty eye if they had materialized as video. Kite on the boulder isn't going to treat a girl with amnesia as good either. So when he regained his mind, he heard that there was a kitchen nearby and decided to ask the mundane questions.

"What are you doing with the rice?

'Of course I went to a nearby village to buy it. The war ahead... In the Myth War, communication networks were sometimes developed, and the metropolitan area was badly damaged. The rural villages of the region, where the information and communication networks were sparse, were more harmless. What's more, there's no strategic point in getting your hands on a village like that. Well, it wasn't anywhere near this lab... and further east, there was a fishing village close to the sea, where I could get food. "

"How did you get there?

'I couldn't use the airship, so use a little special golem. It's a four-wheel-drive golem... you know what I mean?

"... right. There was something similar on Earth, so it's probably similar."

"Ho, that's interesting."

Farsh opened his eyes intriguingly to Kate's words. Perhaps this four-wheel-drive golem is something similar to an automobile on Earth. Nevertheless, it doesn't matter now. So Farsh kept talking.

'Well, it's such a fishing village, and it's been a long time since civilization collapsed in the first place. Instead of repairing all the broken supplies, they agreed to supply us with food on a regular basis. "

"I see... it's been a long time since the monetary economy collapsed."

'Well, hey... when the country's gone, I can't help it. Well, fortunately, this lab had supplies, and that kid's surprisingly good at sewing. There was nothing wrong with my clothes. "

A surveillance camera mounted underground moves slightly to capture Konata walking ahead with Riesha and Yuri in front of the kite.

"Hey, Conata will be a good daughter-in-law who can cook and sew well... oh, I'm not giving it to you"

"I know."

Kate laughs at Farsh's words. And as soon as I walked doing that, I reached the nearest hierarchy.

It looks like this is your room.


When Conata stands in front of the door, the door opens with the sound of pu, so that the inside can be seen. Although it was still dusty because it had been abandoned for a long time, near-future metal-based furniture remained intact. Furthermore, the influence of the material or the sheets, etc. are also quite archetypal, and the original appearance could be seen.

"Can you remember anything?


Conata looks around to Risha's inquiry. That's how I opened my mouth.

"Something... I miss you"

"Hmm... I mean it's your room for now, so you should take a look around. There 'll be closets and stuff, so I'll wait here."

No matter how Kate, we can't all peek into a girl's costume case. So after Kate's word to wait beside the door, Leesha and Yuri start helping Conata.

When the walk-in closet-like door was opened, there were many clothes made of the same material worn by Konata hanging on the hanger-like object.

"... the same clothes"

"Was it a favorite?

"… maybe. Calm down."

Conata nodded at Yuri's inquiry. Apparently, the clothes she's wearing now are still her favorite. There were several clothes with similar designs.

but Conata seemed sorry to see that. Because I still couldn't resist how state-of-the-art technology would be for the flow of time, and it was weathered and worn out.

"... but I can't wear this anymore"

"It's not on boulders... it's lame..."

"But I think I can wear this one."

Yuri drops her gaze on Conata's allegations. Metal tans were installed at his feet, and Conata had opened the drawers there. I guess it's still my room. Instinctively, he seemed to perceive what was there. What was contained in it was clothing of the same kind, vacuum-packed.

"... how much did you have?

"... I think he had a lot"

"Oh, yes..."

Looks like if there were a lot of clothes with similar designs to boulders, Yuri would have had to pull her cheeks too, sideways with a conata that could hold clothes that looked slightly like polybags. He showed a slight pull.

If I asked Conata after I regained my memory, this design was common at the time, and I bought it more when I could get it, considering that I could rarely go out to buy it out. It's not that I'm paranoid.

What's more, this is still an institute. Adults are the majority of the way around. They only used her size clothes here basically about her. Therefore, if you get extra clothes, you will inevitably save a large amount of unused items, and as a result, you will have seen the eyes of the day here.

"As for the clothes, well, I'm glad you could use them. You don't have spare underwear or anything?

"... maybe this way"

Conata opens up a further lateral tance to Yuri's inquiry. They still had underwear there, but this one didn't mean it was new, so they folded in the stuff they used. The majority had deteriorated.

"Materials are... silk, if this is... then you'll probably get a new one"


Conata seems a little sorry for Yuri's words. I guess there's still a subconscious perception of my stuff. And beyond being a girl, I might have had one or two of my favorites in this. It would be a shame if that had become unusable. So when I recovered only the brand new of her clothes as a whole, the two of them came out of the walk-in closet.

"Kaito. It's over."

"Hmm? Is that good enough?

"Luckily, there were a few new ones. If we bring it back, we'll be fine until we make fabric."

To Kite's inquiry, Yuri talks about her annoying revelations. And then Kate convinced me too.

"Right. Then why don't we take a look around? Anything bothering you?

"... I don't know. But I think this is probably my room..."

With a little confusion, Conata would still have had something to figure out. It was like accepting that this was my room. So the kites decide to let her do what she thinks for the first time. The first prerequisite is to recover her memory, both in the raven and in the corner. If I could find that clue, it would be your word.


Conata sometimes sits on a chair and sometimes glances at her desk to make sure she feels it. And she stood in front of a large mirror that was such a girlfriend, but also elsewhere beside the walk-in closet, and tilted her neck.

"What's up?

"... something, suspicious"

Conata puts her hand in the mirror and puts her neck around what she's going to do. And not only that, I was trying to wave at myself in the mirror, sometimes knocking on it.

"Is that the mirror?

"... come on. But something's suspicious."

"Well, come on... well, get out of the way if that's the case for now"

Kite stepped on Conata, who tilted her neck, but decided to try to get back in the mirror once. but there was usually just a wall ahead of it. Regardless, there is no hidden passage here.

"If you're in the mirror... nothing here or here..."

"... but something is suspicious"

He doesn't know what's suspicious, but apparently Conata feels clearly uncomfortable. As always, I was gazing into the mirror that Kate had. Taking that, Kate turns her gaze to Riesha. Besides, she looked a little troubled too, but opened her mouth after a few thoughts.

"Right...... possibly the harm of amnesia. I've never stood in front of a mirror that photographs my entire body before..."

"Hmm...... hmm?

It was Kite who was lifting the mirror, but there I noticed the letters engraved on the back of the mirror.

"Is this... a letter?


Conata also peeks into the back of the mirror for Kite's inquiry. Then there was inscribed the letter Happy Birthday. Look at that, Conata opens her mouth.

"... Toru... Sama...?


"... my father gave it to me... I think..."

"Father... do you mean a birthday present from Father? Then why don't you let me out for a second?

Conata nodded at Kite's inquiry. Apparently it was a birthday present from Farsh. Not a bad design if you look closely. Well, a full-body mirror is a gift that makes me want to laugh some bitterness, but I guess I can say it's a testament to what Farsh loved as a parent.

"Good... if you say so, can't you remember your father's name?


Sieve. Conata shakes her head at Kite's inquiry. Nevertheless, there is no appearance of rejection. So Kate decided to give it a try.

"Farsh, does the name sound familiar to you? The name that appeared in this relic's dossier the other day..."


Conata tilts her neck in a proper manner to Kite's inquiry. Apparently, there was no such convenient story. Besides, I didn't dare to go in there and say that I couldn't force Kite either.

"Right...... oh Conata. If you really can't look in the mirror and wipe the discomfort, talk to her or Meese... tell your sister ahead. Then let's think. I'll leave this in your room, so you can check at any time."

"... Yes"

It is uncertain what Conata's situation is as it stands, both in the raven and in the corner. Then there will be no problem with how things are going for a while.

So Kate decided to think about the mirror again later, and with that, she decided to leave it alone for now. We shall return to the search. but I never found anything particularly novel, so I decided to pull it up that day.

"... and you see... any verses that come to mind?

'Hmm... look in the mirror and make me uncomfortable, hey... but yeah. Mirror, you remembered...'

On such a return journey. Kate was asking about Conata's condition via the headset to Farsh. He's still a father. I thought I might know something.

It should be noted that Conata was in an upbeat mood there when she apparently found her favorite clothes and walked in line in front of Kite. There was nothing to worry about.

'No, is that good now? Phew... I guess there's something wrong with it... but... As far as I can remember, the way she looks right now doesn't make any difference to the way I know...'

I wonder what it is. Farsh begins to think with the way he tilted his neck at Conata's condition.

'No. I'm such a bad parent, but this still keeps my daughter in good shape. So I think I was only watching closely when it came to my body. So there must be no element of discomfort. "

"Really... So maybe you're still just temporarily uncomfortable with the effects of amnesia"

'Maybe so... Well, there's nothing I can do about the medicine for a while now. So it's painful to make me uncomfortable... but no doubt the way he looks is what he looks like himself. There is no mistake in that. We'll just have to get used to it.'

Agreed with Kate's words. Farsh doesn't seem to be able to hit his hands any more than he doesn't know what's uncomfortable with the status quo. Therefore, we decided to observe the course of this discomfort, and we decided to return to the base together.