Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1517 Opro Ruins - The Darkness of Ruins - 2 -

The three kites succeeded in destroying the enormous golem created by the old civilization using overwhelming combat power. When they annihilated the woman the giant golem had been using as their core, they were moving on as they were. It was in a space lined with countless capsules that I greeted them that way.


"... Kate, for once, I'd like to ask you something."


Looking sideways at countless capsules, Kate urges Yuri to get ahead of the inquiry. Plus, Yuri dared to joke and open her mouth. Rather than that, it wasn't a sight where someone would want to emit something if they didn't.

"Do you have any thoughts, etc. on seeing this?

"... I doubt your sanity. Apparently, the director of this institute has a very good taste."

Kate clasped her shoulders in a sigh. Well, in view of the previous golem, there's room to see what kind of research was being done in this lower-tier secret compartment.

"As I was told, is that so? Excellent sour nose. What the hell kind of research were you doing?"

"Well, I don't think it's a lot of research."

Yuri also rarely agrees with Kate's words. What was floating in the capsule was a wide variety of life forms. Regardless, some of them looked like they were probably people. It is not certain whether this was used as a body, or whether it was secretly brought in due to the disconnection of the information network, etc.

but at least if it had been exposed to the public, receiving a storm of accusations from its own people that it would be in the midst of a metaphorical war was like a contract.

"Shall... well, you don't know. to boulders."

"Hey on the boulder... Maybe the heroes didn't even know they were protecting this place."

"I guess......"

Kate remembers Ernesto, who once spoke only once. Other than that, I actually knew about a few of the heroes who fought here. It was hard to imagine they knew this and went through.

Well, I guess there's no way to do all this. They are mostly samurai superior to martial arts. No matter how many heroes you're called, whether it's intelligence, or whether it's also superior in this kind of academic aspect, changes the story.

No one was there to learn more about what kind of research was being conducted here. Regardless, there was not enough room to look into it. Instead of accusing them of failing to realize, they should have thought that they had been cornered so much that they could not afford it either.

"What do we do?

"Sometimes, it's where I'm destroying it... I've also reported to the Empire that I'm in here this time on the boulder. It would be better not to destroy it. Well, and... Your Majesty won't be able to pass."

To Yuri's inquiry, we decide to leave it as it is here. The most troubling thing for Kate is to exploit the experimental records here. Again, it is not necessary to say that the research here is too sour. We should avoid putting this on the table on boulders. Military utilisation should also be avoided wherever possible.

So it is difficult for that to be treated as a circumspect, but he should have avoided judging alone more than the country was involved in the boulder. Regardless, that depends on the rulers involved. If necessary, it was Kite who rubbed and discarded it.

"Let's go. I don't want to stay too long."



Yuri sits on its shoulder as she walks out kite, and behind it the firefly walks with some strange face. Then walking between the capsules for a while, the door appeared again.

"Hmm... Fireflies if you say so. Straight ahead, but is there a door to the left or right?

"No, there was no reaction. Unless there's a hidden door, I was wondering if it's the only one connected through that door."

"On your left... well, let's go"

Kite pushes the switch next to the door and opens the door. Then I could see further ahead. What was there was the aisle. The left and right walls are glazed. No, it would be a place called a substance close to glass.

similar to reinforced plastic, was Tina's conclusion later. That's how we walk down that glassy aisle, but that kite's face was only rare. but there's nothing there. Except for the reason that he was only face to face.

"I remember hey...... I need that fucking basement"

"Uh... I remember being told..."

Left and right of the aisle. The glazed room was fitted with a pedestal similar to the operating table. That seems to have reminded them of the lab where Saura and the others were once.

"I guess people were also research material when it looked like that...... shh. I don't feel good."

I guess it's because I really have a history of coming. Kate doesn't have a good impression of human experimentation. No, no one would normally get a good impression of these human experiments, but kite in particular was disgusted among them.

So, unable to hide his frustration slightly, he strives not to look left or right and walks ahead. There was a door that I would put in the left and right operating rooms on the road, but to that extent, I don't feel the need to enter the glazed room right now. So I decided to ignore it and move on. A little further along that way. Together we plugged into a crossroads.

"Hmm... a split. I don't know what to do."

"Isn't it good to be straight for now?

"Is that okay?"

Apparently, they have their own doors at the end of the crossroads. The passage was connected in a straight line, and the door could be seen ahead. I don't think there is a break room, etc. here in the boulder, so both would be considered equipment involved in the research.

Maybe there's a warehouse for storing materials, but at least it's only true that it involves research. So Kate follows Yuri's suggestion and walks further straight.

"This is the deepest part of the direct route."


Walked away for a while. The three stood in front of the door at its end. Apparently this aisle had no other doors than to follow the operating room or the room in which the capsule was installed, and this was probably the best passage without stopping by.

"Are you more afraid of an experimental runoff when you're in this realm of boulders?"

We'll see. Kate throws up like laughing with her nose. All in all, the experimental bodies being studied in this area would still have used a large number of unfinished technologies.

And a biological weapon. There will be a variety of things that have been taken out of reason or that have been provided with limiters. In that case, there is no danger of a runoff. I guess they fought poorly in this hierarchy and the experimental body avoided a runoff in a chain.

"So, no keys, either."

"You don't even have to hide from the guy who works here on the boulder anymore. Then no wonder I saved you the trouble."

"Nah... I'll open it then"

"Oh, please"

Kate responds to Yuri's words, leaning slightly at the knife. I know there's nothing there, but you'll need to be prepared in case. but that seems to have been a concern. The room at the end of the door greeted the kites without anything happening.

"... as I imagined."

Look at the end of the door, and Kite looks up. In other words, it was human experiments that were still being carried out earlier. The trace remained there.

"... not really, I don't want to look directly at you. Firefly, you don't need to keep a record, either. You have an external camera. That's good."

Copy that.

At the behest of Kite, the firefly stops the recording device that is permanently on its own. Regardless, since records and memories are different, forgetting what you see cannot be a boulder, but you will not have to record the sight of such an extremely sour nose.

Note that the recording function of the camera that is being brought in has not been stopped because of the investigation, so the recording is taken properly. If you think of it as the difference between saving it on an external hard drive and saving it on an internal hard drive, for example, on a computer.

"Well... well, let's just make sure you know what it is."

Kite decides to sit on the console next to several lined capsules and start a device that resembles a computer. Apparently it didn't beat the passage of thousands of years and it still worked for me. It started normally, although there was a slight noise.

"Well... there's no need for authentication codes, etc."

Again, I guess it's good to think that everyone who works here has the authority to do so. Verification codes, etc. were never required.

It should be noted that, just in case, this was a coincidence. According to a later investigation, this appears to be a special console for emergency access to the control system that oversees the secret compartment, and can be activated without an authentication code. Regardless, the only thing that is not necessary is an emergency such as a recent loss of all power, etc. Normally, it seems necessary.


Kite, who started the console, looked at the title of the information on the desktop, for example, on his computer, and scrutinized the information just a little bit in his head. I wonder which one I should see. But I still can't search without any information. So Kate decided to try it out for now and do a search for what bothered her her the most.

"Angelic plan," he said.

"Why is that?

"In the meantime, I'd like to know who Mr. Farsh is. You'll get most of the information from here."

To Yuri's inquiry, Kate answers that as she waits for a search. This is a secret compartment. Most of the information would be available, the decision was made. but that his thoughts were also vain and the reaction stopped.

"... that... 0 test results? Hmmm......"

"I thought you meant lying?


While Kate listens to Yuri, she decides to try another method to see if the inspection method was bad. That's how I thought about searching in his name.

"Search for Fellows in Farsh Caritas"

Once again, Kate puts his name in the console and waits for the response to remain intact. Then, for some reason, the search results were immediately displayed for this one.

"Oh, I'm out... Rank 4 Fellow"

Apparently, the body he told me was accurate. Even the information contained in the secret compartment made him an authorized researcher from the top to the bottom.

"Hmmm... still doesn't look like a junior researcher..."

Although there was no detailed history of the boulder, the contents of what information could be touched in this laboratory were obtained. According to this, as he himself had stated, he had no access to the information in this secret compartment, but it appeared that he was given a fairly high level of authority. And that's the kind of kite I'm going to see about his coming, but there I was going to lean my neck.


"What's going on?

"... the information is being deliberately shredded...?

That's what Kite got for answering Yuri's query. Apparently, the fact that he was a pretty good researcher - he graduated from a national university in the capital of Lunaria under the chairmanship - left his background blank after that.

"Hmm... Firefly, put that screen on me"

Copy that.

At Kite's behest, activate the screen where the fireflies were installed next to his sitting console. When it starts up a little bit better that way, Kite tries to search for other researchers' information while letting one of the two-screen consoles display Farsh's information.

Even so, anyone could have simply been a researcher, so I decided to show the list and click on the person I appropriately noticed.

"Hmmm... I still have one..."

Kate is surprised to see the researcher's information that she has appropriately displayed. The researcher describes which research institution he belonged to after graduating from college and when he came here. As such, a few more people were duly extracted and looked at, but none of them, as one, had shredded their comings just like Farsh.

"... Hmm"

Kate sits slightly deeper in the chair as she looks at the blank sharpened Farsh data. There's got to be some kind of situation for sure, more than being shredded. but he doesn't know the circumstances. And, in the meantime, Yuri was manipulating the console to look for me, but she raised her voice abruptly like that.


"Hmm? What's up?

"This guy's been shredded, too."

"Yeah? Oh, it's true..."

Seeing the monitor on Yuri's point, Kite also understands that another researcher's history has been deliberately shredded.

"Hmmm... that means there seems to be some other person being shredded... Firefly, shoot the info on this screen. I want to get confirmation from Charles later."

Copy that.

At the behest of Kite, the firefly captures a screen displayed on the monitor. If I leave the record to her, I'll see if Kate's around any more. but it seems this was quite a bone breaking task.

"Uh... I'm tired..."

About half a day after the kites started working. After only one trip out and reporting that safety was complete, Kite left this area of investigation to the backpacking special forces, which were conducting a rigorous and console investigation.

It's still a huge facility so far. The number of researchers was also enormous to match and did not end easily. Well, fortunately, it was easy there because you just had to see if they were scraping your comings, but it didn't turn out to be a hassle. but instead, I had reached the point where I would be able to cut a district for the work.

"In the meantime, these five..."

Kate turns to the information on the five fellows who led Farsh and left him displayed on the monitor. Only about half of them have been confirmed, but the history of these five persons has been completely erased. Some of them are decades after college, but all their backgrounds have been erased.

"Firefly. What's the record?


"Right...... good. Let's get out. It's time for a boulder."

Kate gets up from the console, rubbing her tired eyes. I also entrusted Yuri with confirmation in good time, but I was still tired of boulders. That's how the three of them decided to tell the Special Forces to retreat and leave the secret compartment behind.