Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1518: Opro Ruins - Truth -

Further down the bottom layer of the Opro ruins. An area of secrecy that even existed among researchers in general. Kite, who stepped in there, was supposed to catch a glimpse of the darkness of the Opro ruins.

He was moving sideways to the back of his sour nose, using a console in the deepest room to search for information brought to him by Kanata, but somehow the history of several researchers, led by Farsh, had been cut.

As such, upon returning from that investigation, Kate was in contact with Tina and the others who were heading to Raingard, boarding a Duke's family airship that had secretly kept her waiting alone when she finished her meeting with Sheila and the others.

"Hmmm... researchers with shredded comings, duh..."

"Oh. I avoided extracting the data on the boulder this time, and kept it on record by photography. but I'll even extract it if I have to?

"No, you can avoid that until the rest of us get back."

'Right. Okay. Then let's do that about it.'

At Tina's behest, Kate will follow it honestly. He's not an expert in the first place. If so, I understood it best to follow Tina's instructions as an expert. So Tina receives and confirms the information sent by Kite.

"Hmm... I can't see anything in common..."

"Oh. For once, there was nothing weird about both sexes. It also said I was from... but I'd have to say that's pear rubble too '

"Hmmm... college's with me, not that..."

Looking at the information sent by Kate, Tina wonders if she has anything in common. but I didn't see anything in particular that could be common.

"Hmmm... some affiliation was with me, maybe I could think about it..."

'I see. You mean the blank parts are together? That's possible. "

"Uhm. But if you belonged to a laboratory that had to be hidden, you could naturally take authority to the top. But it doesn't look like it..."

Tina glances at the information of those whose comings have been erased. The trouble here was that the authority granted to the person whose history was being cut was different. If it was Farsh, for example, he would have been given the authority of rank 4, but there are also those who were given the authority of rank 5 and were involved in research in that secret subterranean section - which is also a chief class treatment. Until this point, we could also assume that those who had been cut off from coming were involved in some special research.

but on the other hand, some people were only authorized to the extent that they could be included in the basement compartment of rank 2. Besides, if you look at his affiliation, he says it's the infirmary. I wasn't even a researcher.

It would be in the basement area in case of sudden illness, etc. It was also confirmed from Farsh that doctors had been given authority in case they did not enter the basement.

'Well, I'll see if I can continue to figure something out here. but think of something, too.'


'Please... So, how's it going over there?

"... you're right, it's pear debris. The records of the researchers stored in Legado have also been washed out... well, after all, tens of thousands of units of information. It's hard to navigate."

To Kite's inquiry, Tina shows Charlotte manipulating the console on the side. She's also been doing searches over the course of a few hours. They say, but this one still wasn't getting any results either. So Tina reports the status quo sideways with her like that.

"I also investigated the outline of the plan to manufacture the Artificial Angel at the time... no. I checked the rest, but the man who farshes is not involved at all. I saw pictures of the faces of the people at the time, but I didn't have any. Regardless, I also looked into what the Angel Kids" Angelic Childrens "plan would be... there's not even any sign of this one in the first place."

"Hmm... that's a pain in the ass"

I don't know what's going on. but at least Kanata said "Angel Kids" plan. If so, I don't think you're involved in it, and most importantly, it's hard to imagine telling a lie that this kind of investigation would tell you.

It's hard to even think of it purposefully just to make my father suspicious. Because this is obviously an uninteresting joke. Then you can assume it exists. And after making such a few contacts and consultations, Charlotte looked up from the console like she was tired.

"Ha... you can't. Sometimes the information is partially missing, but I'd suspect that the man was really a researcher."

"Right. Well, on the boulder, it's time to finish today."

"Right... what's that?

I guess it was because I was still focused on the work. Charlotte seemed to only hear the conversation between the kites in her ear. He was leaning his neck toward the information of those who had been erased from their comings, which had been accidentally left displayed. That's what Kate tells her.

"Hmm? Yeah, they're the only ones whose history has somehow been erased. I was just talking about why."


While listening to Kite's commentary, Charlotte receives the terminal from Tina to check the information herself. but that's how she saw a woman called the infirmary, and she accidentally stopped.

"... wait. Did you get a picture of this guy?

'Oh, oh... what's up?

"What do you mean? She's here...? Impossible. I haven't received such a report..."

It's Kite who asked Charlotte for a serious flavor at once, but he didn't get his voice like that. Her face was full of surprises. So, a little. Charlotte, who was thinking of something, suddenly looked up.

"! I remember! Yes, I remember where I saw it!

"What, all of a sudden"

"Tina! I'll be back in a hurry!

"Hey, what?

"I'll explain on the road! It's awkward to leave that guy alone, no matter what you think!

Unusual, Charlotte was in a hurry on her face. That's how he told the two of them he couldn't keep up with the flux of things via his headset, beside getting ready to return in a hurry.

'What's all of a sudden?

"... the man named Farsh. Big sinner. How could I not remember... Yes, I saw it in the paper. In the news that he was caught. We talked about it at the time... you're out of control..."

Charlotte, who was questioned by Kate, looked bitter while waiting for the small airship to be ready to leave.

"I screwed up. Fake name... it was a mistake not to think about it"

"Fake name? But it's also registered in the relic database under Farsh's name."

"Daimyo, that director messed with me. The doctor I just showed you. Remember?"

"Oh... a woman doctor named Meme?

"Yeah...... that woman's real name is Millim. She was imprisoned for involvement in a medical accident. I remember your brother asking for your opinion on the medical accident investigation."

Charlotte, who admitted to Kite's inquiry, talks about the time with a bitter face. When you look at a medical accident and go to jail, you think this was eventually handled as a case, not an accident. If it was the killer, the muscle went through.

"The woman... used to regularly administer unauthorized experimental drugs to her patients. No matter, keep it confidential with your patients. It's a case that got pretty famous for a while, so I can remember. Well, she was still talking about a good category."

"What was that all about?

"It's a drug trial she was developing herself. They said it should be a special effect of a certain disease... but they couldn't contain the side effects. So, I hear you're frustrated. But she couldn't give it up. Well, happy or unhappy, she herself was a good doctor... and on the contrary, she said it delayed her discovery."

"So, I put it out as a special case in the wake of the shortage of manpower in the war?"

"I guess that's the place."

Charlotte also acknowledges Kite's speculation. And then there's no wonder they're erasing your comings. He's a criminal. No matter how little it takes to find out, there will be those who will remember. but it was the situation at the time that I wanted it to be the hands of such a person. That's how she gave Farsh her real name.

"Vahlheit Caritas. That's the real name of a man named Farsh… he's the biggest Mad Scientist even at the end of the Lunarian kingdom with human experiments on hundreds of children. I can't believe you let that man out... what were you thinking, that director..."


When I heard about Vahlheit's hidden comings, I had to stop thinking of neither Kate nor Tina on the boulder. There was still a little room for discretion if it was a sin like that of a woman named Milim earlier. There is a title because it is only for the sick.

but more importantly, there is no room for human experimentation on a scale of hundreds of children. and Tina pointed her mouth against such Charlotte.

"Why didn't you notice such a big man, Lord?"

"... I didn't even think they were letting me out. I didn't even know he was such a man... and although I heard it as a case, I don't know the details of it. Besides, I can't believe the verdict has been confirmed and a freezing procedure has been instituted to free a special class A prisoner..."

Against Tina's bitterness, Charlotte also points her mouth. I understand that it is difficult to recall from the wear and tear of thousands of years of memory on the boulder, but in view of this situation, I would have liked to have been able to remember it.

"Lord, let's be the upper echelons of the day. Have you heard anything from the queen?

"... maybe the right answer is that neither I nor the Queen was informed. It's a time when every organization could hide if they wanted to because the information network was being dimensioned."


Perhaps so. Tina seemed to guess a lot too. She also had another bitter face. And the bad news is that this Opro site was a province. I can't get the information to the center extra.

Later on, she didn't even know about that lab underground study. It would be auspicious to think that I had done it on my own at the Director's discretion with a lot of things. Regardless, the director decided that some sacrifice was necessary to win.

'Wait. Before then, no way Conata...'

"... No, it won't. It must be true that she is the man's daughter. I've heard the wind rumor that the man has his only daughter. I heard it was protected at some facility... but the director must have turned his hand and sent it."


Kite has a slight bitterness in Charlotte's response. He doesn't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I don't know, but at least it seems true that I loved Conata as a parent. I had to say he was a very difficult person to do.

"One thing, I want to ask you"


'... if he was that Vahlheit, is there any chance he could complete the' Artificial Angel 'manufacturing plan?

"I can do it. I don't know what kind of research he was doing, but... it's true that he did human experiments on at least a few hundred people and used children in the body of human experiments. That man is a great genius beyond genius. No wonder they're completing the Angel Kids Angelic Childrens project.

As I listened to Charlotte's response, I understood the overall picture of what was going on, although Kite was also very mediocre.

"Dafan, having got an overview of the" Artificial Angel "manufacturing plan for how it happened, he devised the" Angel Children "plan for some reason. The director who found out about its completion hid in the center and invited him."

"I guess that's the place. You did... if I had ruled the world as it was, I could have beaten that guy up when he came through..."

"Shull. I'm ready to leave. We can go."


Charlotte walks out again after receiving a report from Tina. That's how they began to rush back to the Opro ruins, but Reesha was coming to Kate on the other side.

"Dear Kite!

"Hmm? Risha. Hey, what's up?

"Yes...... that's it"

Report the status quo with a slight rush on the part of Reesha, who was questioned by Kate. Besides, Kite was going to flatter herself.


"What's up?

"Conata's down... what to do..."

Kate reports the situation to Tina's inquiry. As things stand, it is very likely that Farsch is a Vahlheit. It is very likely that depositing Conata with him is very dangerous.

"Is there only..."

'What are you not going to do?

"... at least Kanata told my father to keep it if he fell, If so, we will have to follow suit. Can you make it?

'... subtle. Hurry...... I have to say it's hard'

If we had a little time later, neither of us would think. but he collapsed at the same time as if he had targeted him. I'll just have to bet on one point that Falsh already has parental affection when this happens.

As such, this was the end of the consultation, Tina and Charlotte rushed to return to the Opro site, and Kate decided to head to Conata, where she had fallen.