Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1520: Opro Ruins - Battle Maiden of Ethereal Silver

As a result of Conata's ill-health, Kite poked at the distrust she had gained with previous information about Farsh. Having been questioned by him like that, Farsch admitted that his real name was Vahlheit under a pseudonym.

In the middle of such a discussion with him. He admits to improving his daughter as a weapon, and he speaks out to Kanata that he is another personality of Konata. That's how Kanata moved out after taking it and after a little discussion with Kate she was out into the night sky.

"Oh... I've heard of two thousand years. Now you can build a airship."

Kanata smiles lusciously as she looks at the fleet of airships pointing the gun at herself. Kate had given instructions to cope with a variety of situations, and his advised upper levels of the Empire had given Kite's instructions to the Kingsguard in disguise of their own.

Therefore, we also assumed that this development - which is not a kanata, but that experimental weapons would come out - would result in an immediate shelling. Thus, a fleet of Kingsguard ships under the flux of events began firing simultaneously.


In front of the countless demon bullets unleashed on herself, Kanata just remains graceful and luscious with a grin. That's how, the moment she winged two to four wings. All the demon bullets unleashed disappeared.

"No, you can't. You won't be my opponents. I'm sorry."

Kanata laughs lusciously and gracefully, disabling any demon bullet. Next to her like that, Vahlheit appeared.

"Kanata. So what do we do?

"Oh... Father. Please stop asking mean questions. You know I liked him, right? Give the golems the instructions to follow."

"Uhm, good too. Okay, good luck selling it in. '

"Yes, Father."

In the words of Vahlheit, Kanata sees the deep pale light flying from the hole where she herself came out, with her characteristic grin. When it stopped a few meters before itself, it revealed its appearance.

"Oh, you're here."

"... how dare you, fight?

"Naturally. I'm a weapon. Being to beat the enemy… its raison d 'être is to fight. I can only find meaning in fighting."

"You should be able to live as a mere girl."

"... right. I won't deny that, and I can't. But I am the very power that tries to live. Living is fighting. I've been forced to fight ever since I was a baby. Better than being born, just to live. Since then, he has been targeting me and your father. No longer, the battle and I are inseparable. Blood. I really want to fight."

Kanata smiles slightly at Kate's words. Apparently, he thinks it's difficult on his own. To her like that, Kate looks down and asks.

"... the situation is ready,"

"Yes... this way you will fight, won't you? I can't. Fight, I can't contain myself. I can't keep this pain in my blood from living."

Ahead of what Kate saw, countless golems were overflowing. Without interrupting the battle between Kate and Kanata, Vahlheit was manipulating countless golems to disturb the Kingsguards and Adventure Department adventurers.

"... ok. But before you do, let me hear it."


"... Earlier, Vahlheit said Conata was born later, right?


"For once, I thought I'd live as a normal girl...... what's the mistake?

"... right. I've thought about it. Even my father once wanted me to live as a normal girl. But I can't. So I left it with that kid. Ordinary girl."

A little bittersweet, and somewhere shy, Kanata talks about Konata. Besides, Kate made up her mind. This girl will certainly have to fight herself. Because that's what happened to me to live. Then Kate decided to accept it.

"... Let's get started, Mr. Commander. I've always wanted to fight you."

With Kate's determination, Kanata sticks a sword in her right hand against him. That face still has a luscious grin and doesn't make you think it's going to be a challenge to the fight. In contrast, Kate decided to take charge of everything in her future, and that's why she dared to tell.

"It would be good...... a legend born during the two thousand years you slept. The power of a brave man who never reaches anyone. I'll show you the truth."

Buh. Countless weapons appear around the kite with that sound. Kite doesn't know what the Angel Kids Angelic Childrens plan is, and how much power she possesses.

But there's one thing he knows. That means that if she fits in with modern adventurers' standards, she's releasing the pressure of rank S, which is also above the limit. Without a doubt, among the weapons left over from the old civilization, they will have a good performance, apart from the best. More than relative to that, Kate also needed to do it for real.


Kite, who showed such motivation, smiles the opposite of Konata, who is innocent and innocent, with Kanata luscious and graceful. That's how she hits through the sound wall and flies through the void. but the next moment. Laser light flew in a straight line when she saw it.

"Ho... have you avoided the blow you just took? Sublight speed, so there is."

"... sniping..."

From where? Kanata sees the direction of the flight, sees the darkness that can drain in there, and understands that the sniper has already moved. and that's how I stopped moving towards her, now laser light flew in from the direction of the day after tomorrow.

"... good, Mr. Commander. This kid is awesome too. Probably moving at an uninterrupted speed, but your aim is unmatched... but most importantly, you're better off. There is no stray. I'll show you when I fight myself, sniper. I'm not lost in using my cowardly hands."

Apparently, Kanata can't sense where this sniper is coming from and by whom. but the attack itself is sensible. The moment the attack is therefore fired, she goes off track with a buckler in her left hand. but they still don't move. It was stopped on the spot.

(The completion of the Angel Kids Angelic Childrens project... I don't know what it is, but is it just that it was made with at least a few hundred lives)

Naturally, Kite knows who and how this sniper is hiding himself. He's the one who's making me do it in the first place. but he had no choice but to unwittingly wrap his tongue around the art of seeing an attack that would also sublight the boulder before reacting.

"Firefly. No more sniping. It's useless to do any more, and the worst is to be prefetched '

Copy that.

Probably useless no matter how many attacks you attack. When Kite understands that from the current state of affairs, which can only hold him back against dozens of degrees of sniping, he orders the fireflies to stop the attack.

Actually, Kate didn't dare take fireflies when she decided to go make up her mind. I didn't think there would be a fight with Kanata, but I stepped on the idea that there could be some kind of fight. If so, he would hit one of his hands as well.

One of them was her. She was asked to have a portable prototype of a dimensional submersible device made by Tina in a previous battle in the Kingdom of Marisia, on which she was equipped with an optical camouflage to dare to disguise her existence scientifically.

but we really need to modify the phase that is off at the moment of attack. I have no choice in the system for all this. We can't attack unilaterally. Only at that moment was it possible to be distracted from the presence of fireflies. Other than that, he was right, it was possible that if he did it again and again, he would be prefetched moving out of a slight habit.

"Oh... are we done yet?

"Oh...... I decided this was futile"

Kate nodded to Kanata, who then enquired fiercely, lusciously, gracefully. Apparently, it's not a glimmer. Well, it's something you've known from the beginning. but if it was going to end easily, it was an abdominal cumulation that would end easily. That's how, this time he kicked the void.


At the same time as Kite kicks the void. Hiding his actions, Yuri leaps in metastases. That's how she jumped ahead behind Canata. Behind Kanata, who leaned forwards toward Kate without attacking herself.

but what was on Kanata's face understanding such a metastasis of herself was a grin. So, the next moment. The < > prepared by Yuri is fired.

"Huh! Kite!

Strong. Yuri so instantly understands against Kanata, who disappeared into the light strip of thunder he unleashed himself. So she speaks up to her own thinkers. In contrast, Kate understood without having to be told. She's strong, he said.

(Even though I was on the ray, I wasn't even surprised that Yuri fired the attack. Obviously, did you understand that you and I would not be scratched to this extent? It was a thunder granted even to the concept of absorption deactivation)

In faster consciousness. Kate smiles slightly. In his eyes, too, he could see Kanata smiling at the moment she disappeared into lightning.

That laugh was not because I never noticed the attack. A laugh because I understood I couldn't scratch one to this extent. It was a laugh of joy, rejoicing at this lack of forgiveness.

"Ha, ha, ha!


Against the roaring and attacking Kanata, Kite also releases a living slaughter to exchange his sword trident. It is clear that Kanata, who emerged from the lightning, has not sustained a single wound. On the contrary, there was no scratch on her characteristically perfect garment either.


So far. I tried to meet a blow, and Kate couldn't help but be surprised. Sure, he didn't mean it. In the first place, Kanata's flesh is at the same time Konata's flesh.

He can't kill it. Therefore, this battle is also for Conata. Killing Kanata means killing Konata if you look at it from Kite. That's nothing more than defeat.

but I still put a lot of effort into thinking about the other person's power. If you dare to make a comparison, it was a Berntine blow before the intercontinental conference. Nonetheless, he was the one who was heavily blown away. In other words, she was above the Bern Tyne, or Grand General class, at the time of the Intercontinental Conference.

"Hahaha! Come on, let's go! Captain! Please don't make any noise to this extent!?


Kanata flies with laughter for a heavily blown kite. The figure is exactly Ethereal Silver Battle Maiden (Valkyria), a messenger of God feathering two to four feathers, Angelic Child.

In contrast, Kate controls his posture as he is blown at supersonic speed, poking a knife into the void. And right after that. Kanata attacked Kite again.

"Ha, ha, ha!


Kite was even quieter against Kanata, who carried out countless slaughters with a smile on her expression of joy. It is true that what you are attacking is attacking.

but the only thing I can't win in the first place is because I'm helping you not to kill me. I'm just holding the kid's head and trying not to reach him. I don't need to roar or be able to roar. And most importantly, he's not alone.

"Yuri. What do you say?

'I'm sorry, it doesn't look good. This kid is strong in a realm that's not quite there. You notice all my demon threads, and you ignore them with it. Yeah. I'm shaking it off hard with overwhelming force. You can do it unnoticed, but then you'll be pushed off with output, or you can be noticed, and either way, you'll be pushed off with force.'

'Right. Rare. It's been a long time since I've seen more than you. What are you hiding, that girl?'

Kate smiles slightly inside Yuri's report. If you can't win, you have to capture him. And when it comes to capturing it, it's still a demon thread. but apparently she is far stronger than yuri is today. It seemed good to think you were still hiding something.

For the first time in a really long time, he was a good opponent to play with for a bit. Meanwhile, Kanata's heart, seeing such a calm kite, was filled with joy.

(Ah...... good. its eyes, its face...... the face of a mighty man who understands himself to be overwhelmingly superior......)

Behind a fierce grin. If there had also been a face in her heart, there would have been an expression of wandering glory in the face of Kanata's heart. She understood that Kate was far superior to herself.

Still challenging the fight because, as she puts it, her nature is in the struggle. She has taken on all the survival instincts, struggles, etc. Conata has in her hands. Therefore, the battle cannot be avoided.

but that's never all. In her treatment with Vahlheit, she recognizes herself as a single weapon to turn away from the pain of killing others. So she wants it.

That I can give in from the bottom of my heart by kite. I am the master. He wants Kite to recognize that he is the Lord who gives everything from one hair to a drop of blood in his limbs.

That's what I'm willing to spoil and accept if Kate is going to rush with the urge to fight and offend herself. No, on the contrary, Kanata would gladly offer herself. He said that he would engrave the proof of the Lord into his own depths.

(... Come on, capture me. Please tell me that you are my master)

Kanata smiles of the beast with her face and smiles of glory with her heart. In that way, the momentum of her slaughter accelerates even further, and the magic she unleashes is more luscious and slutty, and then takes on a fierce color.

"... Whoa, whoa, whoa!

This is the first time Kite can yell at you for increasing speed. That's how I increased the power of the sword trident all at once that I'd ever just prevented.


Overwhelming. Yes, I feel the pressure that I can feel on my skin, and Kanata stops only frightened for a moment. but she has no strays or precipitations. Therefore, a moment of pause is a moment. It was an unrecognizable area if you were a regular person.

but still stop. To the usual kite, it was forever equal. Therefore, with that moment, he withholds mighty power in his knife, and blows her wide with a single push against the sword trident, which is waved by Canata.


Kate kicks the void as she pushes Kanata back with her force moves. Thus, the battle between the deep pale and the pale silver was to continue with the slashing and tearing of the night sky.