Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1538: Message from Earth - Proposed Improvements -

The message sent from Earth and the blueprint of the communications machine that was inscribed there. Although it was an adventure department that was moving toward development with permission to do so, Kite also worked on the task. In the meantime, he had received a bike that would be his leg in order to secure the 'space-time stone', which would be the most important material.

and in the middle of it. Based on reports from Tina, from information salvaged from the servers of the site at the bottom of the lake once investigated by the kites, it is learned that a blueprint for the latest communications machine in the Lunarian civilization has been included, and it is proposed to improve the communications machine using it. That's how I received the proposal, but what Tina suggested was to call one of his divisions on Earth, Skasaha, to improve the communications machine.

'So, I'll say it again, as if it's frightening. Call Skasaha. That's the most certain thing.'

"Well, I guess so..."

Sure, Skasaha can transfer to Enefia on his own. but when I call her, she's the one who only causes trouble. She is a female jewel who does kites at any rate and tells her that she will outstrip Tistenia. On top of that, Kate is mentally unbeatable. It was very strong in many ways. So Tina tells reluctant kite.

"Above all, even though we have proposed improvements, we also need to make them on purpose. Waste of materials. '

"... ha. Yes, sir. I did. You can call it, if you want."

Indeed, it is unknown how much 'space-time stones' and other valuable materials you will get when you think about it from now on. I have to say that it is unknown whether we can use 'space-time stones' in particular. I don't know if I can secure one before I can secure the required amount in the first place. The number of prototypes to be prototyped was as low as possible. If it can be refurbished in advance, it should be refurbished.

"Uhm. And with him, it could be further refurbished. You should strike as many hands as you can. '

"Aye...... just go back up"

Tina's point is perfectly natural. So once Kite accepts the proposal, she decides to go back up from the underground research facility. So when I joined Tina there, Kate created a shadow.

Because the power of time is applied to communication using this shadow, the time difference that occurs between worlds can be ignored. This time, the comms that Kate and the others were trying to build said that they reproduced this as a magic prop.

"Uh... uh... this is my apprentice. This is your disciple. If you can respond, you can respond."

"Hmm? Oh, idiot apprentice number two"

Seeing the footage of Kate showing up through the raised shadow, Skasaha nodded one sideways, not particularly surprised. And, that's her, but she still seemed to understand that it was about the communications machine from the time that Kate had been communicating.

"What? You don't think I'm gonna find 'Space-Time Stone'?

"There were some of them... but when I spoke to one of these wise men, I came to the conclusion that I could do something about them."

'Ho... well, I'll leave that to you. So, what's the problem?


Upon inquiry from Skasaha, Kate decides to talk about the current situation here again. Then he exchanged more tinas and had a conversation, and Skasaha nodded one.

'I see. That kind of theory... Hmm...'

I guess it's still a place called the Mage. Seeing the theory presented by Tina, Skasaha was intrigued to think with the roots of his eyebrows. And so, at the next moment, a shadow lifted directly next to the kite, and a scasaha came out of it.


"Hmm. Show me your paper."

"This is it."

"... ha"

You guys don't talk normally. Kate sighed at Skasaha, who had made a light cross-world transition, and Tina, who had no particular doubts about it. To be clear, it is not magic that can be exercised for the reason that I would like to see the paper for a moment without a metamorphosis of the other world.

Instead, the Adventure Department hasn't had this hard time if it's easy to do so. The difficulty of Dada is not magic. but it was troublesome because it seems mild to be these two.

"Hmm... flying signals into subspace... I see. With this, we can nullify the impact between the world and the world."

"Hmm. Nevertheless, there are some difficult stories about how to establish two-way communication in the previous phase..."


Skasaha thinks slightly about raising Tina's issue. I wanted to discuss this issue, but I called her in. And that's why she opened her mouth a while later.

"Surely your lords used to use the 'twin balls of guidance'?


"What theory does that transfer from one to the other?

"Hmm... this is just a guess I got the last time I analyzed it, but there's probably some connection between the two. It is presumed that the connection was established even beyond the world."

Tina answers Scarsaha's questions by remembering the time she created the message box she had previously sent from Enefia. This is about the state secrets level, but Skasaha is a kite faction. There is nothing wrong with what I have revealed. And that's what she raises with Tina.

"Can't you do the same thing?

"Hmm... with Lulu's help, I don't know."

Lulu. Make it Ixfoss' sister, Tina's aunt. And she's said to be a genius since the beginning of the clan. With her help, indeed, it was likely that she could make something more than a 'twin balls of guidance'. And Skasaha, who exchanged such speculations, advocates on it.

"If so, use it to secure advance stages of communication. I don't need to use it all the time, so the burden will be small. It doesn't have to be as difficult as it is technically. What we need here is the ability to link these two comms."

"I see... I sure hope it works if I have to..."

Upon Sukasaha's raising, Tina nodded, so much so. Then they came up with some suggestions for renovation.

"Then the first thing we need to do is to secure subspace communications using this" Gate of Transfer "and secure communications at this previous stage."

"Uhm. Now let's create a small comm machine that can hold the link function per angel head."

"Please, continue to analyze and test further here, and proceed with the establishment of communication technology using the Transition Gate."


Skasaha nods at Tina's words and quickly and just takes out the crimson spear and slaps it on the ground. Then, that alone made the shadow rise from the ground big enough for her to let in softly.

"I'll see you later"



When I just said it, Kate waved at Skasaha who jumped in, and Tina nodded even more. That was how quickly Scarsaha returned to Earth.

"... and say one thing"


"I'm still flying, that sister..."

This is the only way to laugh. To put it once, Kite and I developed a far more advanced cross-world metastasis technique with her help than we did when we returned. So when it comes to transworld metastases, it is easy to do so with him. but when they ask me if I can do it to the point of coming out for a bit, I shake my neck clearly.

"Well. That might be the best of the two worlds in terms of diversity."

"Sister, it's a gutsy cheat character... or a wizard, not a magician in the first place..."

"If you say so, the rest of you and the Lord, wizards are wizards."

"Well, yeah..."

Kate sighs at Tina's penetration. It should also be noted that the magic used by Skasaha is said to be its own Auto Relays. Most injuries are healed automatically by a world-side assistant.

On the contrary, it was a genuine cheat that normally you can revive even if you take a death blow. Moreover, the strength of the person is combined with the strength of the world, and it does not scratch one with a semi-prone force. Even Kite is hard to kill, and he can only kill himself with the magic of a special attack - if it's a blockade, Tina says it's possible - enough to say. He was immortal in a realm where he was not an eye-catching Daose who had previously fought in Nakatsu.

"No, that's good... I didn't rub anything."

There was nothing wrong with the rabbit or the corner. All hail as kite, then. So he strokes down one chest.

"So, Tina. Looks like we've been having a lot of discussions, but have we decided on a lot of things?

"Mm-hmm? What. Didn't you ask?"


Kate nodded clearly with a straight face at Tina's inquiry. He doesn't want to hear about the argument between her and Skasaha, even if he says he's smart, no matter how much they are.

Because the contents are too advanced to keep up with understanding. Rather than that, there is no reason for swordsmen to be able to follow conversations between mages in advanced specialties in the first place. There's no point in following. It is his role to receive only the necessary conclusions.

"Can you understand what you're talking about in the first place? I heard it all from right to left."

"Ha... well, is there a problem because the Lord doesn't even need to understand? To conclude, with the help of Lulu, link the communications machine in the pre-communication phase. On top of that, the signal deteriorated."

"... are you sure you've upgraded for now?

"All right."

Tina nodded quickly at Kate's inquiry. There's no point in knowing such a theory anyway. Only technicians need to know this theory. That's why Kite decided to flush it.

"Okay. So, what do you need?

"There's nothing new about it. Instead, I can manage with the rest."


Kate tilts her neck at Tina's assertion. That's all I was telling you about giving up understanding. Do it again. Go find it deep inside some spiritual peak, they thought they'd tell you. But here's something he forgot a little too.

"Lord... I wonder who restored the Transition Gate in the former war. As for that theory, it is only in this Enefia that the rest of us are in the lead. I understand the theory of roughness. As for the material, you can also apply the objects used during restoration. Now let's make that piece of stuff up there."

Tina shuddered to remind Kate of the Transfer Gate technology, which had become the biggest force in expanding the war. She's the one who restored that one in the first place. It is the truth of the matter that someone manipulated Tistenia where it stood to some extent.

And when she found out the truth, she sealed that there was no point in hesitation anymore. She resumed her research on the "Transition Gate" technology. It was more than likely that if she was, she could manage.

"Is that why you offered?"

"Mm-hmm. I'll leave mass production to the project team, but to the extent I make it here now, it's possible. Let me show you something that Dada hasn't told you is genius."

"Well, that's reliable. I'll leave that to you."

The woman who trusts herself most is the one who affirms it. If so, Kate just believes in it and lowers her permission.

"Uhm. Then I'll leave this to you."

"Okay...... so roughly there's only one change?

"Mm-hmm. Some changes to the circuit and modifications to match it will be necessary... but blueprint modifications will be required for that. And I've already figured that out. Wait for Scarsaha to come from the other side."

The reason Skasaha returned in the first place is to get Ixphos' sister to develop the necessary magic equipment to link him. I can't talk about it without it. And with that, the blueprints will have to be improved as well. So now they're going to wait. but there are some things you have to do with it.

"Okay. Well, it's about him, so he'll come over here, but if he comes to you, tell him I'm in a different move."

"Mm-hmm. I'll have to go investigate the layers of" Flying Stone "later."

Now it's time for each of us to do what we can, both in the raven and in the corner. When they agreed to do so, they decided to go into action to do what each of them had to do.