Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1544: Message from Earth - Space-Time Stone -

Due to the influence of the ground vein flow, Kite was unable to investigate the "space-time stone". He had decided to return to the rest point along the way to watch the pulse change, but he had asked the Great Spirits about the situation there. Thus, one of the four high spirits, Mikoto, the Great Spirit who directs matter, tells us that there is an anomaly in the ground vein and that it is necessary for a day to deal with it. That is why he gave up and returned that day, but the day after dawn he had come again to the earth's veins.

"Think I can handle it today"

"It's going to be... kite. I've never been more careful."


Again, no matter how many anomalies have been solved, it doesn't immediately come back to normal. So although it was better than yesterday, the veins flowed much faster than the first day. If they drink it, there won't be a single one. Nevertheless, it makes no difference what you do. Just stick to the ceiling in chains and move, just like the first day.

"Well, do you still want to go today?"

That's what Kate says, throwing the chain to the ceiling. This would be an amazing place in the flowing cave of this pulse. A block of magic when it comes to demonic stones. Demonic stones are frequently produced by the earth's pulse, a stream of high concentrations of magic. And similarly, it plays quickly because it is such a place even if it is damaged by the outer wall, which can be described in a sense as a mass of demonic stone. So the wound that Kate put on her first day was already completely gone.


Kite nods one and jumps off the scaffold, making sure that the pile pierced into the ceiling is eating firmly into the ceiling. After being shaken slightly like a pendulum, he threw the pile attached to the opposite waist and pierced the ceiling where the momentum had gained sufficient momentum.

"Okay. Success"

"Was it in the middle for now?

"Oh. Well, come here..."

After nodding to Yuri's inquiry, Kate stores and retrieves the deployed returns through magic in a chain that leads to the first pierced pile.

So now he is shaken using the chain he threw for the second time, and throws the pile of his right waist to the ceiling again where the momentum of it has been amply gained. You don't have to climb up because the investigation has already been completed. So Kite traveled about 500 meters to reach the center of the pulse. So, once he stops.

"Well... you sure were upstream"

The first day was going perpendicular to the flow, but the investigation of this route has already been completed. So all we have to do next is to be parallel to the flow. And in the middle of that, Yuri asked.

"With that said, how much performance did you get?

"For once, they can cover an approximate amount of space if it's almost from the middle. So I guess it feels a little diagonal from here. They couldn't have been contactless."

They roughly got about 10 times as good as their performance. That would be enough. So Kite now moves to reverse the flow of the ground vein. As such, it climbs to the ceiling as before where it can be moved moderately.

"... Phew. I'd like to do something about this..."

"I guess it's hard. I can't help it if it's here."

"There it is..."

The reason why it cannot be contactless in the first place is to ensure that magic poorly does not interfere with the ground vein. For once, if the result can be converted as an electrical signal, it would still be good, but Tina said if you consider the size, it would be difficult inside.

This is above the ground vein. You need to have as few belongings as possible, and the size is limited given that you hang them on your hips. Therefore, the functions that can be mounted are also limited. As a result, there was not enough technology to make it contactless. So they just have to give up.

"Okay... not even around here."

"What's wrong?"


Apparently, the result of the test was that there was no reaction. Kite also laughs at Yuri's scratch and puts the tester in the holster with it attached to her waist. And in the middle of it. A gust of magic burst abruptly.



Just when I put it in the holster and fastened it, there was a gust of wind. Even Kite really can't move, and his body drops because of a huge shake.

but at that moment, Yuri magnifies and sticks with one left hand to the kite, throwing a chain with an arm-shaped tip attached - a chain for kite's rescue - to catch the inspector.

""... Phew ""

Kate leaks a soothing exhale with her as she hugs Yuri, who clings to her with one left hand. It's troublesome when this is gone. In the first place, the spare parts have been improved by time, but it is not good to lose them. So after a sigh of exhale, Yuri handwraps the chain around to retrieve the inspector.


"Yeah...... come on"

Once again miniaturized, Yuri nodded in thanks to Kate and went back into Kate's pocket. As such, Kite stops on the spot once to see if there is any prospect of another gust of wind.

"The string, I'd like to put it on."

"That's a hassle, isn't it? Because a stringy demon stone could be formed."


A few times, but this is above the ground vein. Normal common sense doesn't work. The reason they are using objects that mix absorbent stones in their chains in the first place is due to the specificity here.

There is always a wind that contains a high concentration of magic, not just a gust like the one we have today. It's just fast or slow momentum. When exposed to it constantly, there are inevitably magic clumps that can form all around you. Demon Stone has a very good absorption and emission rate of magic in that regard. Therefore, there is no excessive accumulation of magic inside and around them, which prevents the magic from sticking. No matter, there are limits, but it is true that it is far better than ordinary substances.

"When you get back, why don't you let me develop a yarn with absorbent stones in it?"

"It doesn't make sense, or I just feel like using it here"

"That's right. Well, I can convert it to military supplies..."

I wish I could. With that in mind, Kate decides there is no prospect of another gust of wind and throws the chain again. and the chain on its right, but it was apparently about to fall out. I pulled through lighter than usual.

"Ah bu... were you about to fall out of the shock?"

"The current breeze was great inside."

"Well. Let's be careful from here."

Falling is the most troublesome thing. It's no trouble not falling, rather than bracing the height that it's easy to escape because it's me. Knowing that, Kite regains his temper, he moves again.

Repeating it like that, a dozen degrees. A few hours had passed quickly if I had noticed. So Yuri, who was looking at the clock, points that out.

"Kaito, it's time to take a break. Isn't it an awkward time?

"Hmm?... Is it this time already? If I think about the time to go back, should I go back?"


"Oh...... go back"

For once, Kate is still here with the setting that she has just enough training to move. but still too long flat activities surprise the sheaves and those who know nothing. We should probably go back in moderation.

Therefore, Kite decides to head to the rock wall on the spot. It's still easier to move between walls than in the center, and if you're lucky, you can secure a scaffold. I can take a break.

"Oh. If that hit, it's going to be a scaffold somehow"

We moved to near the rock wall, but apparently we found something that was going to be a scaffold. So Kite moves with a slight orbital modification towards you. That way, I step firmly on the scaffold.

"Okay...... do you want to take a break? Yuri. Are you okay?

"No problem. Well, I'm used to it."

"Ha ha... I don't want to get used to it... ha..."

Yuri, there's kite somewhere. So much so that they were traveling together. If so, she was always with him when he went to the ground in Enefia. So if Kate was used to it, she was inevitably used to it again. and such a yuri asks kite.

"What do we do from here?

"In the meantime, let's move around with shoes. It's better this way than moving around with chains."

Tong, and Kate rattles her shoes. These mirror-like scaffolds glide as well as they look, but they were still much safer than moving around chained to the ceiling. That's why he decided to use the chains and shoes together and manage to get back to the entrance.

Now, the inspection machine has been improved by time and for a few more days. In the meantime, due to the speed of vein flow and safety concerns on several occasions - after a long period of time in a space full of high concentrations of magic, the intoxication symptoms caused by magic are concerned - the results were finally available.

"There it is!


After all, we have been investigating this dangerous area for several days now. Because we still found it, or we both seemed happy. As such, Kite pointed to the direction in which the reaction had occurred while looking at the monitor of the inspector.

"Over there. I have a reaction"

"This... sounds a little far away."


As for the direction, if you look along the flow, the right hand side. It's the opposite direction to the horizontal hole where the kites came in. The distance from the current position would be approximately 200 meters away in a straight line. Returning to a slighter direction from there, it was a destination.

"Let's just get moving. Yuri, hold on tight."


I already know the destination. Therefore, there is no need to slow down. So Kite moves a little hastily towards you. That's how I pinched a few inspections to see where they were and finally reached directly beneath my destination.

"On top of this?"

Sounds like it.

"I wish I could see it... Yuri. What time is it now?

"It's... 11: 00."

"An hour later... let's go back. So, let's have lunch early and have more afternoon time."

"Isn't that good?

Yuri agrees with Kate again. I have traveled so far and used my time in several surveys. Dig the ceiling now, and if it were, it would surely be beyond noon. It was decided that Shiv should be properly given time by reporting that he had found the object of interest.

That's how you two decide to mark it. Even so, I simply raise the flag. In half a day's time anyway, I'll collect it at least tomorrow. So there was no problem with the simple one.

"Okay...... then, back"

When Kate stabbed the flag into the ceiling, she nodded, making sure it wouldn't fall out. It was then decided to return to the rest point again.

Well, have some lunch and a little more. Kate was returning to the place where the flag was raised. That said, that's not the place to dig in. Slightly sideways.

Dig straight down. If it falls from a shock, it can't be recovered. I don't even want Kite to come here carelessly and repeat the same thing again. So it seemed like he was going to move straight to the side and make sure it was okay to fall.

"So, it's actually mining work from here... Yuri. Just in case."

"Mmm. I didn't build a horizontal hole."

"I know."

When Kate nods at Yuri's words, she puts her arms through the string that was attached to the bottom of her hand the way she brought it. "Space-Time Stone" seems to be about 3 meters up from here.

"Well... I'm scared from here"

For once, the pile that holds itself in place is pierced a little further away. Of course the lifeline does. but it still means digging through the ceiling, the worst is that the surroundings peel off at once and are upside down. From here on out, Yuri's job was real.


As Kite stands on his feet, he strikes momentum toward the ceiling. This is above the raging pulse of magic. I didn't even have to pass the magic. And that's probably where Scarlet Gold (Hiirokane) comes in. Easily, it also poked deep into the ceiling. Soon afterwards it breaks down the radiant layer of demonic stone and reaches the ordinary rock formations.

"All right... uh..."

In the wake of reaching the layer of rock, Kate puts her hand on the ceiling only once to ascertain the feel. It doesn't feel particularly strange. I guess it doesn't mean something unusual. I was reassured about that.

As such, he crumbles further up the rock bed. And where it was about a meter, he turned to dig a small hole beside him.

"Okay. I got it... I'll take care of it"


Digging the horizontal hole is just in case Kate falls, to keep Yuri out of it. That's how I get her down there, and Kate digs one more. And I started digging for roughly two hours. Kate had managed to get to her intended position.


Kite pushes the inspector toward the side in order to double-check. Now if you are directly in front of it, you may consider it a little later until the desired 'space-time stone'. Thus, the result of the confirmation did react at a distance of about one metre below the front of the place. It's only slightly down there because you have to look at your size when digging in from here.

"Okay...... Yuri! I managed to get there!

"Ok! I'm not careful!


Kite nods in solidarity with Yuri below, poking the pile she brings in even more - the third one she brings for mining - into the ceiling to deal with it in case, digging further to the side. So, a few more hours later.

"... this, or"

In the horizontal hole she had dug herself, Kate had a demonic stone in her hand that clearly unleashed a force she had never felt before. If it is possible, I would like to find out if this is really a 'space-time stone', but unfortunately it is not possible here.

So Kate closes her mouth firmly in a sachet attached to her hips believing in the possibility that this is the case.

"Okay. Let's go home"

Now the goal has been achieved. As such, Kate slowly decided to go down the hole she had dug and return with Yuri.