Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1546: Message from Earth - The Battle of the Magic Machines

Tina was acting as an investigative team for the Duke of McDawell's army to find 'space-time stones' apart from Kate. She had decided to use the waiting time to wait for the drone to conduct various test operations on the ground for the Magic Machine and the Semi-Magic Machine. That's why he was testing a certain semi-dupisciplinary aircraft, but in the middle of it he was being raided by a huge herd of demons said to be a giant species. With that in mind, Tina was to use it as a real-life training, and Al was to be the escort for Kayad's prototype under his direction.

"Well... Ensign Alphonse"

"What is it"

Al inquires into communications from Raul. Basically, as things stand, Raul and Mai are two soldiers under Kate's direct jurisdiction. So I've known Al and Lil for a long time now, who served as test pilots in the first magic machine with Kate. Nevertheless, there are still ranks in the military, and Al and Lil used respectful language along with age.

"You ask for that Iron Giant for now." I'll take care of this guy later, but if I don't do something about the surrounding 'Stone Gigantes' before then, I'm gonna have trouble escorting him with a stone throw.

Copy that.

That's a reasonable decision. To Raul's instructions, Al thinks so. Again, it is good to say 'Iron Gigantes' is the most dangerous part of this group of giant species. If you are a Magic or Semi-Magic, the crusade of The Stone Giant (Stone Gigantes) is not a particularly difficult story.

This is an opponent that can be considered a practicing opponent in the system of large demonic guidance armor originally developed with the battle against giant opponents in mind. An armor made of metal and a stone giant. We're stronger, and if we look at it from the test pilots, they're crusading on a double-digit basis every year, and if there's a clue to this, it's final.

but the iron giant (iron gigantes) whose body is still made of metal is troublesome. Metal and metal. There is little difference in terms of flesh. I just want to avoid getting a little bite out of it. So basically, when this one showed up with me, it was the basics of those who drove the big demon guidance armor that they would definitely crusade at the end if they weren't so well-dressed.

'Please... So, Mai. Alphonse-kun's cover, please. Surely you're bringing a double gun this time, aren't you?

"Yeah, it's a basic uniform."

Essentially, the magic conductor we're using now is diverting the soldier costume of the prototype large magic conductor armor that was being developed at the central laboratory in Imperial Capital. As it stands, they have been assigned to the direct jurisdiction of Kite because they know who Kite is - ostensibly < > to the Special Forces for accomplishing a stop on the opponent - but the basic position remains unchanged.

Now it was close to a position called Test Pilot for a unit of Magic Machines built by a Kingsguard. Therefore, the ancient nest still asked me to test the weapon. Even so, it is still exceptionally empowering about soldier outfits due to differences in position and surroundings. So even when I said double guns, the performance was out of step.

"Okay, please... well"

I gave instructions to both Al and Mai - before that, Lil is giving instructions - and Raul, once again, confirms the enemy shadow. We still have a little time to catch up with the enemy. You may consider that you have enough time to think about the operation.

This is where I would like to shell with a launcher attached to my shoulder at any time, but this time it is also training. No sniping from super long distances. Regardless, it does not mean that the shoulder launcher should not be used, so I am not going to launch a pre-emptive attack with this.

(Mai's soldier outfit...)

Raul checks the information on each aircraft sent by the airship. Kayad also said he was supposed to direct basic combat. If so, it was necessary to check the arming of each aircraft first.

(There are two demon guns I just said. However, since the days of the Imperial Capital, continuous fire and attack power have increased. Melee uniform is a one-handed sword with a style adoption. Yeah. I knew you were right)

My aircraft's attack power is the lowest of the four aircraft that have undertaken this escort mission. When Raul makes that decision, he nods himself that his earlier decision was appropriate. That's how he confirmed Mai's uniform. He will continue to confirm Lil's uniform.

(So, what's Lil's soldier outfit... a spear you can see first. Upgraded version of Formula Adoption)

Lil's fuselage is also adjusted one-off. So as a basic spec, it can be said that Raul himself has a spec that is a step higher than the fuselage on which he rides. What she has is a spear customized to crimson. I can say it fits her design.

(Other than that, it's just a controlled demon gun...... increased variety of varniers and thrusters. High mobility. As opposed to Alphonse, I guess)

Raul looks at Lil's magic conductor and sees Al's fuselage flush by his side. If Lil's fuselage is light armor, his fuselage is heavy armor. You can call it a defensive subject. Lowest in manoeuvrability for that matter, but high output. You would be right to ask him to stop "Iron Gigantes".

It should be noted that when it is said how about the two fuselages of Raul and Mai, this may be referred to as a general mass production model. Regardless, given that the magic conductor has not yet been rowed into mass production, it has been customized almost to a dedicated machine, but the specs are based on mass production machines. If I dare say so, it would be a precedent mass production type. This is the last prototype used for mass production.

"Well...... Lil. This way, I'll do it on the left, please on the right."

Copy that, sir.

Raul nods one towards Lil and continues with a hand gesture telling him that he will deal with the two bodies on the left. His demon gun is rifle-shaped. He wears grenades at the bottom of the grip, which has become familiar since the days when he belonged to the Royal Capital Institute. We can do something about this, Stone Gigantes.

Furthermore, the shoulder launcher does not have continuous firing power, but it is perfect for both power and range. Furthermore, if the emphasis is placed on continuous firing force, traction can also be achieved. and Al suggests to him that he was considering this force of war that way.

"Lieutenant, can I leave the first bullet to you?

"Oh. You go on after that. Assault the enemy as I cover you. So, let me get my distance. It's a pain in the ass if the boulder interrupts him. After that, please, in a way that Mai continues to do."

Copy that, sir.


Al and Mai both acknowledge Raul's instructions. Then, after a short wait, a group of enemies reached the engageable zone.


As things stand, only Raul's airframe shoulder launcher is capable of attack at this distance. Therefore, when he stomps firmly on the ground, he securely secures the fuselage so that it does not move in recoil. Because of this, you can fire a single shot from outside the target's range. You don't have to waste that.


Raul trivially modifies his shoulder launcher with observations sent from a small boat waiting around. The relative distance is approximately 3 km. If you rush through at full speed, it's a short distance away. But the distance is no different. Any enemies who don't think the attack will arrive have not increased their speed yet, and can unilaterally knock the attack in here. Thus, he pulled the trigger of the shoulder launcher at the same time as an alert sounded indicating that the target had been met.

"All right! Destroy the hell out! Alphonse!"


After Raul's voice hung up, Al popped out at once. By contrast, the demons were exposed to slight confusion after long range sniping, but they immediately regained their minds. Generate a huge rock out of nowhere and throw it to Al.

"That's what I told you!

Seeing such a stone throw, Raul instantly changes his shoulder launcher settings to a continuous firing mode, firing a demon bullet in a row at the thrown boulder. He also hits a few bad cannons. I just need to get a direct hit on Al for now. There's nothing wrong with the Magic Machine when the fragment hits directly without smashing. And, following such Al's assault, Mai flies.

'Don't even hit me!

"I know! Lil, please don't do that either!

"Copy that!

In response to Raul's voice hanging according to Mai's light mouth, Lil sets up an assault at the end of the day. And, at about the same time as her assault, Al's first demon conductor, who assaulted him, stormed the 'Iron Gigantes' and a slight push began.


It would still be called the superior species. The power of "Iron Gigantes" held back the assault of the Magic Conductor with maximum momentum. but this place is still on the ground. It is pushed away at once, triggered by a slight slip.

So far enough distance from the Stone Gigantes, Al unleashed the Iron Gigantes he was grasping. There, Mai, who flew behind Al, sets up restraint with a double gun and stops him on the spot.


Now we can divide the enemy. Raul, who so decides, nods, confirms firmly with the herd of "Stone Gigantes". The whole thing in here has already been destroyed by his first bullet. Therefore, only three bodies remain. In the middle of those three bodies, Lil's driven demon conductor stood down. In view of the combination of her power and a specially customized magic machine, enemy combat power, etc., you can win three to one without any problems.

but as much as possible this one should take advantage of the number, than this is the training we envisioned in action, and if that's not possible, we should at least bring it in one-on-one.

However, there is a situation where this one is smaller from the start and the whole mess of troublesome enemies was mixed. Then he needed to leave the scene himself. One plane should have stayed with Kayad's support, but if you're going to be worse off there, you should leave.

"Captain! I'll be away for a little while! Always turn on enemies and communications!

'I know. I'm not testing Dada any more than your military history. "

This time the enemy is the enemy. There are no ranged attacks, but it's not good to be cautious. So when Raul says so, he sets fire to the plane to set up a quick attack. So, quickly fleshing to the herd of 'Stone Giants', he deformed the grip with a rifle-shaped demon gun in his hands with the momentum as it was. Projects grenades.


Watching the smoke burst up in Grenade's hit, Raul immediately connects the demon gun to the lower back connector and fastens it, firing a wire hook built into his right arm.

Thus, when the hook was fed into the brittle area by the explosion of the grenade, and the "Stone Gigantes" were secured, the airplane output was fully opened and the "Stone Gigantes" were lifted.

"Lil! Say hello later! As soon as this guy's done, I'll cover him!

Copy that!

If you're two-on-one with "Stone Gigantes," Lil gets a win at his leisure. When Raul decides so, he leaves the scene at high speed with the secured 'Stone Gigantes'. I kept her out of her way. Raul then wielded the hook a little further away, using centrifugal force to slap the 'Stone Gigantes' to the ground.

"It's a souvenir of the underworld! I'll give it to you!

Raul taps into the grenade toward the crack that is in the torso part of the Stone Gigantes, which plunges into the ground. If you let him step through it further, he blows a flying plane and jumps up at once. And a few seconds later. There was a flash of light on the torso of the "Stone Gigantes" who tried to get up, exploding from inside the "Stone Gigantes".

"All right, I'll cover you."

Now Stone Giants destroy two. Raul nods one, activating the shoulder launcher as he returns under the kayad. Sure, you can win at your leisure, but with backup, you can win even more at the pebble. And there's still Iron Gigantes after that. It should be cleaned up quickly.

Captain, we're back.

Copy that. Examination status roughly halved '

Copy that, sir.

To the report from Kayad, Raul snorts one and steps firmly on the ground again. Thus, he sets his sights firmly on the Stone Gigantes and begins shelling them.


Hit it. Sure, it's not like the first bullet. It's not powerful enough because it's not charged enough, but it still worked enough to break the trunk. And that's enough. Targeting the moment, Lil descended from the sky all at once, poking the spear at the enemy and destroying it.

"Give me this far and I'll be fine later."

Only two enemies remain. Raul destroys more than half of them, slightly removing his shoulder strength. It's not good to be cautious, but the last piece of "Stone Giants" can also be won at leisure if you do it two-on-one. And if there were four magic guides on the boulder, "Iron Gigantes" would be an easy victory. As such, Raul decided to crusade all the remaining enemies on the four planes without moving the scene and supporting his allies.