Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1557: Message from the gossip Earth - The truth of things -

Just a little, the story is off the sidelines. The supplies that the kites stole. That's what Maple managed to get by negotiating with a merchant in Maximilian territory.

So one question arises. If you're a merchant, you're also in Maxwell, which is said to be one of the biggest cities in Enefia. Why did you ask the Maximilian merchant in the neighbouring territory? Of course, there were good reasons for that. That was a week ago.

"Okay. So it's a high-purity six-class composite demon stone."


Maple nods at the merchant's confirmation. What matters is certainly the 'space-time stone', but it uses several other special materials in the making of this communication machine. One of them was this.

A special demonic stone that encloses the power of several attributes. This is rarely produced, and besides, there are no defined regions. It was a rare presence in a mine where demonic stones could be taken.

When it also becomes a six-class, its rare value becomes an amazing object. So it was this merchant who got it this time. Fortunately, when Kate was one of the merchants who was kind enough to say she wanted it, he also showed pleasure - and it was huge that the Empire was behind it.

"Well, it's a lot more expensive than it should be...... Amane takes care of me. Let us study this time."

"Thank you"

"No, I don't care...... I'm just saying that the necklace that currently uses this demonic stone is on Heisenberg territory. I bought it with a lot of other things...... in that load. Transport is by road, and I think it will take about a week because it will require a lot of different packaging...... is it ok?

The merchant asks again the maple, who bowed his head with a smile for the business. To this, the maple nodded. At this point in the first place, it was said that it might take more than a week for the kites to work. A week in transport would have been acceptable enough.

"Yeah, I'm fine. They do deal in ancient art, don't they?

"Yep... I was lucky enough to buy a lot at the auction in Heisenberg this time. That's where the demon stone you're looking for is."

It deals with ancient art. The merchant asked so smiled and nodded. Apparently, he made a good purchase.

So after some discussion, Maple decided to have a little chat when he had the deal concluded.

"Speaking of which... what other things did you get this time?

"Oh, that's an auction. I was able to get something a little special this time, starting with the necklace earlier."

"Something special?

"Yeah...... yeah. Perhaps Mr. Guildmaster will also like this. He's more likely to die now than His Majesty, isn't he?

"Yeah, so I'm acting for you."

He told me there was no need to hide that Kite was out. Maple nodded clearly at the merchant who therefore inquired with pleasure. Look at her like that, the merchant opens his mouth.

"Now, if you are back, please tell them that we… will come to the main store"

"That much stuff?

"Yeah...... right. Please come to the store if you'd like. Let's welcome you."

Apparently, they got more than enough. Maple understands that in the face of a confident merchant. Besides, even if you look at the look on the maple that showed your interest, it seems that you're not going to tell me what it is. Seeing those things, Maple understood what this merchant was thinking.

(We won't be able to buy it, but I want praise for my eyes.)

At present, Kate's reputation in the social world is actually amazing. Like this ancient art merchant, it also has a particularly high reputation from art merchants and aristocrats. At least not so much that it cannot be ignored near McDawell in artistic connection.

They appreciated the conversation between the nobles at the night club after the awarding ceremony between the two names and the courtesy of Amadeus. Moreover, merchants and aristocrats who have been in his private room appreciate the good interior of his room. I guess that's what happened, and you want his praise for some kind of eyeball.

"... ok. Let me tell you."

"Thank you. We'll let you know when we arrive."

Apparently it's pretty much in with this eyeball. When Maple understands that, he smiles and agrees. And here, kite doesn't get in the way either. He knows the strength of the merchants. I thought I would be obliged to report it. That's how Maple returned with that in mind.

Then, a week. A day before Mizuki received a request for reinforcements. Maple came to the merchant after being contacted that his luggage would arrive today or tomorrow. That's how I came to his shop and saw the employees doing some kind of work in a hurry.

"This is..."

"Oh, this is Sakurada-san"

"Oh, hello"

Apparently, the merchant himself took the head command. In the wake of lowering his head against the maple, the maple also lowers its head again. So after a few greetings, the maple got to the point.

"So, what can I do for you?

"Yes, we did talk last week about arriving today or tomorrow..."

"Yeah. We should definitely arrive tomorrow. Even so, I haven't heard from you yet, so I don't know the details..."

I decided to wonder if Maple was a little rushed by the merchant's words. It's still this world. There are times when we are really late a day or two. I came a little from the store, but I guess it was still a little early.

"When will you know?"

"Right...... you'll know for sure after noon"

"Okay. See you then."

Either way, I'm not going anywhere without the product for this request. So Maple decides to kill time before then. That's how I kill time and go to the store after noon, apparently the merchant was including me. I was immediately sent to him.

"Here you go. Actually, I heard from you as soon as you left. Apparently, arrival will be tomorrow."


"Yep... apparently he was hit by a sudden rain in front of Frankour territory's detention center. So I got stuck, and it was just the other day that I put him in jail. Apply now, that the departure will be tomorrow morning"


As I said earlier, it's common in this world. Plus, it's loaded with pretty expensive stuff this time. They're also tightening up inspections at the lockup, which will take time. Naturally, there are also demonic stones purchased by Heavenly Cherry Blossom. Therefore, I decided to give up as a maple. So she contacted Cherry Blossom and decided to pick it up the next day. It was early the morning after that that that I came to contact her like that.

"Mr. Sacrada. It's me, it's Sibille. '

Basically, maple is early in the morning. but still bewildered by being knocked on the door by getting up and out. Obviously it was an early hour for guests to arrive. Therefore, she decided to use the demon outside to confirm, taking into account the possibility that the thug was dressed, etc.

'Yes, what is it?

"Heh... Ah, early morning, excuse me. He wants to see you in a hurry from someone named Boomson Chamber of Commerce."

Boomson. That's the name of a merchant run by the merchant who bought the Demon Stone by Maple or Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. So when she flew another user demon to the hotel lounge again, there did stand a boy there that the merchant was using as a small-time user. There was quite a rush on his face, revealing that it was not just a matter of time.

'Okay. I'll be right back. Please wait.'

"Yes, sir."

In response to the maple, apparently an employee of a lodging house called Sibille returns early enough. While listening to the footsteps, Maple decides to get dressed quickly.

"... that magic trick for dressing that Kate is using... I want to remember too..."

Even Maple, who is still said to be unmanly, the girl is a girl. Care for familiarity. Of course, I can't wear makeup or anything because I know they are in a hurry. But I still can't help but take some time. What an adventurer. I'm more than likely to be resented by someone. I'm not distracted outside the home. So she went outside, just in case she properly checked the cane she let the earrings fake.

"You're welcome."

"Oh, Mr. Sacrada!

Apparently, he's in such a hurry. A small-time boy opens his mouth, blocking maple words. Keeping such a boy calm, Maple decided to ask the real question.

"... attacked?

"Yes... suddenly, where I left off the line,"

Maple heard about a caravan with baggage purchased by Heavenly Cherry Blossom School being attacked by bandits. So I wanted you to hurry up to the store. That's how she decides to head to the Boomson store.

"Oh, Mr. Sacrada.

"I watched the story. Can you tell us more?


The owner of the Boomson Chamber of Commerce nodded in maple words with a bright blue face. Maple accidentally glanced at the story he had been told.

"They attacked you where you left off?

"Yep... right out of the junction of the precinct. It's as if they were after the timing of the raid..."

"Is that common?

"None, I can't say. There are especially targeted... the army has also carried out several sweep operations, but everything..."

After all, capacity and limitations exist for anything. So even in the streets, bandits can attack you. This time, the merchant also hired more than ever an escort in full swing, but they still almost destroyed it. Maple will then have further discussions and be asked by the Boomson Chamber of Commerce to retrieve supplies.

"... ok. I'll multiply it with the top."


The merchant bows his head deeply. It's easy to get a request from Adventure here. Because there are Dragon Knights. Kite is hustling about this as one of the highlights of the adventure club, and it is good to say that its combat and mobility are far above the guilds around. It was only natural to want to put out a highly mobile dragon knight than to know where the bandits had escaped. As such, Maple immediately contacted the Alliance Home and the Spring Tree would come.

It's as if they were after the timing of the raid. That's what the merchant said, but the truth is that the speculation was correct. He didn't say this, but the beginning of the matter was at the auction.

He auctioned off 'Something', which will be the eyeball this time, but the competition was quite intense. And what an opponent of that rivalry was the summoner man that Kate would be engaged with in the last few days. Of course, you are familiar and enter the city using your registration card as an adventurer.

"There was."

I'm glad to say that such a summoner man is called a radical man. Joining the bandits was also a result of being kicked out of where they were. Originally he belonged to a certain guild, but he was deported from the city because he repeated ethically unavailable acts that could be described as criminal sleuths.

"Hey, summoner. Are you sure you can handle that?

"Naturally. How hard it's been to get this."

"We're the ones who struggled... I hope it's not too bad because we got a lot more!

In response to the summoning magician, the Bandits' heads finally turn their eyes to the treasure they have acquired and float with joy. Yes. This raid was originally planned. but the escort was going to get it for gold if he thought he was going to get it for money because he was going to get it for money because he thought he was going to get it for arms.

but if I tried to be a summoner when I finished, I was really not surprised. I thought you were smart, but you weren't. Regardless, that was a mistake and I'm glad to say that these summoners had great arms and the bandits had good arms.

"So, what's the chase?

"I'll take care of that. I'm dealing with it."


The summoner nodded one at the words of the bandit's head. He trusted the bandit's head with these arms. In fact, the arms of these bandits were not bad, as several sweep operations have been organized for a long time and yet they have escaped.

This time, with a few handouts, he tipped off the other bandits about the raid and rubbed all the sins on the stupid bandits who tried to give it to the spill. Of course, we'll find out what we did at some point, but we can still buy enough time to get away. That's enough.

"I hope so. I'm an anticipating newbie."

"Oh...... hehe"

In the upbeat words of the bandits' heads, the summoner smiles with joy when he sees a certain substance. What he had in his hand was a necklace with no weirdness whatsoever. There's only a slightly larger gem fitted in the center, to the extent that it's not too bad as a decoration. The Boomson Chamber of Commerce and men took this from each other with their blood eyes.

"... the demonic stone that exists in the other world called 'demon world' somewhere in the world... how beautiful"

The man who sees the demon stone with the look of glory, groaned so. Yes. This demon stone was not from this world. It was processed into a necklace by some favorite.

There was also a proper appraisal, and the Empire grasped it as a product of other worlds than Earth. It could have been said that one of the items that would have been housed in a secret warehouse in the Temple City. So, the guy's in the last few days. They buried the bandits after they got what they wanted, and it was going to be a fight against Kite.