Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1558: Message from Earth - Against the Summoner

Time returns, present. The summoner, who finished the majority of the bandits he used, had a full grin.

"Excellent...... Excellent, this power!

Again, needless to say, it was this summoner who summoned the existence of the other world. And as far as Kite's concerned, he's got control. You can say your arms are definite. Therefore, this summoner knew to what extent the power of this summons was, and he knew that he had not yet taken it seriously.

"Even so, Hmm... I heard rumors. I didn't know you had the power to get there."

"Are you all right?

"Of course."

The summoner nodded with an extra grin at the inquiry of one of the bandits who turned to himself. At the end of their gaze, Kite stood. He had prevented the Summoner from shelling again and again, and had no choice but to match the words of the earlier Summoner with the bandits questioning the Summoner's strength.

"Well, look... come on, do it"

The demonic stone gleams upon the summoner's will and mounted on the tip of the pooh and wand. That is how the summoner roared.


"" "Eh..." "

Similar voices are emitted to the noise beyond hearing, and the bandits face off. but apparently the summoner was in a situation of so-called pleasure, and even such a voice was comforting. but the power of its subpoena was certain, and in the next moment they could also understand the anomaly.


"Something... is there?

"Hehe... don't get out of this demon squares, okay? You're just gonna feed on your breath, aren't you? They're always hungry."

Seeing the pitch-black Moya full of surroundings with the roar of the Summoner, the bandits slightly freeze their spines. There was obviously something lurking in it. The bandits didn't even seem as hairy to want to confirm that 'something'. but the kites on the other side, I have to look straight at it.

"Ensign Rohel! The enemy is coming!

"I know! Summoner, do me a favor!


You can't run away. To the summoner who summoned some existence. Rohel was in a great hurry to put the line in order to stop the retreat and launch it into interception. I don't know what this person is. If by mistake I went out of this basin and the damage was done, it was nothing but fear.

"Zombies, should I say something similar to"

"What do we do? Do you want me to go over there too?


What should I do? Kite thinks slightly about Yuri's inquiry. What emerged from inside Moya was a different human form with a mouth in the body like a human sore. Even so, you didn't move on your feet, there was a dark puddle at your feet.

The body itself is also made up of something resembling darkness, similar, depending on appearance, to the family of the Evil God. but it would be completely different from that. The degree of strength is also unknown. Too much unknown information. So, after a while of thinking. Kate shook her head.

"... no, cancel this time. I need your help over here. Instead...... Mitsuha. Contact Tina now and have her transfer the Magic Shell. You can do it big time. One leaf and two leaves will support the three leaves."

"Yes. I'll sort it out properly."

"Master. Discontinue the Three Leaves Here"

This is the situation. If you put out the magic shell, there's a good chance you'll turn around. Therefore, Kate gives further instructions once she leaves them to receive support from Tina.

"I'll take care of it... Fireflies. Once you're out of the sky, you can count on Ensign Rohel's help."

"Yes, master. Permission to use the Gatling Cannon."

"Allow. Use the launcher system if necessary."

"Copy that… we're going into operational action"

Fireflies under Kite's direction float and manifest the gatoring cannon. That's how, with all the arrangements in place, Kite turned forward again.

"Well... you seem quite spared."

Looking ahead to the summoner, who showed no movement while making the arrangements, Kate rings her neck. Apparently, he's pretty confident. Though they had called for the presence of aliens as reinforcements, there was no way they would come at us.

"I guess the combination of me and this guy isn't enough to have a little fun, is it?

"Come on...... then, kite. This one's ready. Okay."

"All right."

Kate grins furiously at Yuri's response, sitting on her own shoulder. And the Summoner also seemed to see it as a sign of war. Once again the demonic stone at the tip of the wand emitted a pale light. Thus, the human form moves like a slip, and a mighty light of magic shines in the mouth of the summoner.


Huh, and Kite, who kicked out on the ground, without any hesitation, plunges into the laser of the summoner's emitted magic and cuts the tip of the great sword forward to offset it.

"Oh, wouldn't you do it? Let's turn it up a little bit."


When the summoner smiles pleasantly and praises Kite as he penetrates, he again gives instructions to the alien summoner to raise the power of the light strip emitted from his mouth.

Kite slips through the ground with a slight push against the force that so suddenly rises. but there was a grin on his face. And the next moment. Extreme light emits diagonally on the face of the Summoner.

"Phew, no!


The release of the magic released by Yuri launches the Summoner's face greatly. And with it, the orbit of magic release changed, tearing the clouds apart and flying far away.

"This time, I'm here with my partner!

The unblocked kite kicks the ground again and fleshes to the summoner in an instant. That's how he mutilated the body of the Summoner with any relentless sword. but that's how I unwittingly opened my eyes to the response I returned.

"Brilliant. Brilliant. I didn't think you had that much arm... but you had to unseal the first seal."


In response to the summoner who told him with pleasure, Kate had been crushed by a summoner who had untied her arms. Just before his slaughter. A summoner untied him, freed his arms, and grabbed the sword. And at the moment when it was a moment of pressing, the opposite hand struck him.

"Well... let's try to squeeze him right in front of Mr. Othibi like this"


Gripped with both arms, Kate gives a slightly distressed look. Apparently, this subpoena is also quite stupid. I wasn't going to get out of custody without doing it seriously inside. And that's the next moment. A magical light strip suddenly hit the summoner's head.

"Mizuki! Thanks!"

Apparently, after seeing Kate captured, Mizuki released < > by Leia. In addition, there was a boost due to enchantment, which had a slight but frightening effect on the Summoner. Apparently, they were also launching an attack from above on the alien doll that raids the Maximilian army side.

"Whoa, whoa! Hmm!"

"Hmm... that's a lot of noisy cobae"

The summoner looked uncomfortably at the Mitsuki and glanced at Kite, who had escaped custody using a flash of flickering clearance. As such, he once again puts up his cane slightly.

"Do it."

"You think I'll let you do it!

Against the summoner who once again accumulated magic in his mouth, Kite used it to manifest his hand at close range. Hit the side of it and make it change the light strip's orbit. Seeing him like that, the summoner opened his eyes slightly.

"Mm... how much more than this guy's reflex nerve because he's not eligible"

"Whoa, whoa!

With the summoner's surprise on his ass, Kate plays a punch with a alien summoner and a fist punch. I'm not good at hitting each other, but I can't help it. At this distance, fisting is faster than waving a knife. And if we don't focus on maneuvers and focus our attention on ourselves, there won't be a single military airship.


"Oh, hey... are you okay?

"Oh, that's not a problem. Anyway, that one still has several seals in place. Even if you're willing to win to the point where you've unsealed the first seal."

Seeing a subpoena that just seemed to withstand Kate's onslaught, he got anxious. If one of the bandits asked, the summoner answered flatly, without any particular disturbance. As a matter of fact, that summoner's eyes are still closed right now, and his lower body is still in the magic formation. No wonder summoners are showing room.

"Even so, I can't solve it. That boy...... are you sure it's Rank A?

Obviously, I'm used to fighting. Only a dozen months have passed since we moved to Enefia, which is too suspicious a fitness for battle. Certainly not suspicious in view of the battle Kate has been through, but still seemed too used to the summoner.


Here, I'm glad the summoner said he was still a handyman. It was no wonder that banishment was considered the best way to kill, even in view of the strength of the war it would cost to kill. As a result, he immediately decided to keep in mind that Kite was obviously suspicious.


In the process of continuing to reward fistfights. Kate opened her eyes unexpectedly. Suddenly, the cover that covered the eyes of the alien summoner was broken. As such, one side of the orbital cavity and cloudy eyes appear.

"Gu, aahhhhhh! Oops!"


The moment the gaze of the alien summoner intersects that of Kate. The alien summoner beats him up as he suddenly screams and identifies the moment. but shortly thereafter. The alien summoner also raised a voice resembling a scream close to bitterness.


"Big... sturdy! Grr!"

Although Kite was tangled with Yuri's demonic thread and prevented a clash to the ground, he was holding his right eye back with a painful expression while showing his safety to Yuri. It was the summoner who surprised him like that.

"Ho... I didn't know you had a congenital demon eye. And it looks so high. Should I say lucky or unlucky..."

"What the hell!

While holding his right eye, Kate offends the summoner. Besides, the summoner was laughing at things.

"I wouldn't be so mad at you. But it would be good. I'm supposed to just give him the demon eye temporarily...... oops. I have to seal my eyes. Can't you use this for a while?"

"... that won't be all. It also grants the power to storm the demon eye...... Grr!

"Ha. It's not as sweet in the world as it is for me."

Got hit. Kate tongues abominably with suppression of her right eye about to rumble against a summoner who laughs upbeat at herself with a distressed look on her face.

I was cautious about the alien summoner. but still there is an inevitable time. The seal was unsealed at a zero distance in the middle of the meeting, and the moment he recognized it, he was out. Even he was inevitable.

The only thing Tina would make me try to cancel instantly - it wouldn't be zero distance in the first place - but she's the only one I'd have to deal with right now.

"Kate, can you go?

"There's no problem. To this extent, I'm not a miscellaneous fish. It's more a matter of Risha getting mad at me later."

Kite shrugs her shoulders slightly abominably at Yuri's inquiry about wrapping a cloth around Kite's right eye that has the power to temporarily suppress the demonic eye. I'll just think about the Devil's Eye Rampage later. Now for now, we needed to do something about this enemy.

"Now, what...?

With only one eye, Kate looks at the enemy. This means you're not serious yet. Trouble inside. Nevertheless, given the circumstances, etc., all I could think of was a laugh at Kite.

"Yuri. Can you ask for one?

"Rikai. I'll be there for you."

"Come on, once in a while, let's play."

"Don't be too shabby."

Yuri also smiles all the time at Kite, who should have been struggling but showed her room. I can't even call it a struggle to this extent. I was just a little caught off guard and got a scratch.

"... Hmm"

In a suddenly drifting and obvious anomaly, the summoner exposes his vigilance and surprise at once. Without a doubt, Kate began releasing power that was comparable to, or far outweighed, the Rank S adventurers.

"... untill the third seal at once"

This should not be alarming. When the summoner so decides, he releases the seal to the last step without hesitation. Beyond this, the risk of a runoff is too great for him to want to do either. Seriously, it was no exaggeration to say he meant it. That's how Act II opened the curtain because they both meant it.