Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1563: Message from Earth - The Eye Belt

Bell Sen of the Dragon Nation, one of the demons of kite's use. After a few old stories with Micaya, when it was discovered that she was her half-brother, two people, Kate and Micaya, had made orbital corrections to the story when Suzuki disappeared after she didn't want to be in this clothing on the boulder. So Mikaya was turning to Reesha's medical certificate again.

"Hmm...... yeah. Sometimes I think about your demon eyes. That's too powerful."

"Don't tell me. He's the only one who's really cheesy."

Mikaya is a genius in the production of magic equipment, but at the same time he was excellent at diagnosing demonic eyes. Naturally speaking about this. Being able to create a demon eye seal means you can't do it without being familiar with the demon eye.

Well, to put it plainly, I'm glad he said an ophthalmologist specializing in demonic eyes. I don't go to see her because she is out of the main business, but she also has a doctor's license because she needs it in the main business. Because demonic eye sealed eye bands, etc. are medical products, it seems that a doctor's license is also required for production.

"Even more rare among congenitals. Demonic eyes held by the soul. It's a powerful and highly realistic demon eye. And the ultimate nasty devil's eye that doesn't make sense where you pull your eyes out because you're tied to your soul."

"And you can't transfer it because you're bound to your soul."

Kite laughs following Micaya's words. And Micaya flaunted her shoulders even more.

"And in your case, even though the Devil's Eye was congenital, it was innate, wasn't it? You're the only one I know of."

"Ha ha. You know me, too. I don't know if that's what I do sometimes."

Kate half lies to Mikaya's inquiry. There is one reason this can be sealed innate. Because it was too powerful, it could have cheated really hard to deal with when the demon king, hostile to humanity, had it.

There is a different world reincarnation cheat today, but in his case, he can see what happens when Lasbos has the cheat. If it's a story, it hasn't happened in real life.

"Well, that's good. It's not working now anyway, is it? Temporary suppression can be achieved with that degree of demonic eye sealing. Please remove it once. I can't tell you anything without looking. You should step back for once. It's still dangerous to say the rampage is contained."


"" "Okay" "

At Micaya's request, Kate removes the cloth she was covering after the secretaries left the room. That's how the crimson eyes became dewy.

"As usual, I don't know what the devil's eye is. I've never seen anything like this before."

"Well, I don't have any other users. Rarity is not Dade."

"What is it? Did a bunch of Rank S demons disappear when you ran off before?

"What are you talking about..."

Wasn't that you?

Micaya makes a chat without any other love as she hangs her self-adjusted glasses and peeks in. but his eyes were so serious, he looked seriously diagnosed.

"I see. Surely there are remnants of this that I've never seen either. I don't know where it is, but there's something chewing on the part that hits the Devil's Eye switch. I wonder if this is where the switch is pressed. That's enough."


With Micaya's consent, Kate covers her right eye with a demon-eyed sealed cloth.

"Well, as Leisha sees it, you'd better wait for it to heal in the natural course without doing anything bad. Especially in your case, there are too many unknown parts of the Devil's Eye. I'm scared of pushing you so hard to break out."

"Unknown part... nothing, I know."

"That would be you. I'm not gonna let you analyze it, so I'm just gonna have to say this. If it's meant to be, it's better to analyze it and deal with it properly. For future generations."

To a sighing kite, Micaya sighed. Kate herself said that his demonic eye is a very rare demonic eye. Whoever has the same demonic eye as Kate in both worlds of Enefia Earth does not exist as one. It doesn't even exist in history. Therefore, the details of his demonic eye were not known and there was no name. Because Kite is avoiding analysis.

"It's okay, don't analyze this guy. Anyway, no one but me will show up. It's more troublesome to be able to analyze and pseudo the same power as this guy. Well, there are idiots who teach people how to eat."

"Well, in your case, there's a side to it, but there's no choice."

Kate is really a fighter. In view of that, it is not appreciated from the Empire that his powers are poorly analyzed. Nevertheless, it is troublesome to have anyone who tries to analyze the demonic eye. So Kate kept it a secret - publicly - from the Empire about this demonic eye.

"So, what about now?

"Hmm? Is this the status quo on this guy?

"Yes. itchy, painful,"

"That's not true. Keep your eyes closed and you won't even be able to see. Well, if you open it, your eyelids are almost pointless."

In response to Micaya's inquiry, Kate speaks honestly of her feelings. It consciously seals the activation of the demonic eye, but what is activated is activated. Moreover, the fact that his demonic eye was powerful combined with the fact that it was powerful enough to render the demonic eye sealing cloth meaningless.

"How visible?

"As much as I don't look bare for a magical defense to work? Weak as the strength of a runoff."

"Then it's about the same as before. Keep the seal as strong as before."

Sarasa, Micaya writes down Kate's feelings in a note. There's nothing I can do about not checking kite's condition on the rabbit or on the corner. And if I tell you what Leisha's diagnosis is, the surgeon's diagnosis. It's different from the ophthalmologist's diagnosis.

"Yeah. This stuff would be good. This was a disaster."

"If you say so, it'll help."

As far as Mikaya listens to Kate too, all I can say is that she was unlucky this time. It's a fight. This kind of thing could have happened.

"So, how soon is it going to be possible to have an eyelid?

"Hey... I'd love to do this in a hurry if I could too... I can't even hang on to this fabrication on a boulder..."

To Kate's inquiry Micaya recalls her current situation. Again, he's supposed to be more suspicious than moving as a designer or owner, too, of letting Kate's plans in abruptly.

Nevertheless, it can be said that there are advantages in this world where the aristocracy is. Kite, the lord, takes precedence over most of his opponents. Besides, if that were to concern my safety, no one could complain. but the trouble here is that kite hasn't returned to public office.

"Is there any reason why we should hurry? I'd like to look at it for a week or so... I have a good meeting now, but after this I have a meeting of store managers from all over the place. I can't believe I'm not answering."

"Hmm... well, there's no rush in the last three days. but in four days I will not be able to see the Emperor. This is a terrible story for me to come out. I can't stand for you, and I can't postpone it because of His Majesty's plans. Travel is managed by metastasis. If it's done on the fourth morning, there's no problem."

"Oh... that's not a hurry. Well, I'm used to your stuff, so it won't take long..."

Micaya laughs bitterly at reports from Kate. Nevertheless, there's a secretary here, so we'll just have to reschedule. So he rings his hands and calls back the secretaries.

"Please free up some time in the last three days. Report the details later. He must go before His Majesty the Emperor because of a little situation."

"Okay. I will adjust with that appointment...... what time?

"In three hours, we'll be done enough. This kid is a regular. I'm used to it. Please."

"Okay. We'll make immediate adjustments."

Micaya decides to leave the scheduling to the secretary, one nod.

"Excuse me, please"

"It's fine. The price is right."

"I know. This time, we'll increase the express rate."

"Boulder, you're not rich."

We knew that Mikaya would not be late for payments from Kate because it was always a matter of time. So I just snort one thing.

"Oh, yeah. Make them pay via Adventure Department for a variety of reasons."

"Various... oh, I thought you said earlier that there would be a grant out of the Francours and Maximilians"

"That's the thing. So there will be another messenger from there... well, I left it to you."

"Oh, my God, you can hide and act."

"It's still easy."

Kate just laughs somewhere bitterly at Micaya's comfort. From the time when he was still known around the world as the Brave Kite, the visibility of Adventure Department Chief Kite falls considerably. Therefore, it was easy to move things that were easy to move around. And that's where Kate stood up.

"Oh, you're leaving already?

"There's a meeting, right? Sorry to interrupt."

"Fine. This is what we do."

"Haha...... do you want to go for another drink? Say hello to your wife. Bye."


Kate casually waves back Micaya, who begins to think about a draft of her own eyelid, leaving the office behind. That's how one of the secretaries led me out the back door.

A little after Kate left Micaya. He was back at the Adventure club guild home. and there Siloe was sorting out letters and envelopes that arrived. Sometimes the adventure department has a mother that delivers a variety of loads. Sorting was also a struggle.

"Ah, master. Welcome home?

"Oh. Just fine. All we have to do is wait for it to be done... have you got any paperwork?

"No, especially...... oh, yeah. I got a letter from Sola."

"Right. Then let's just take it."

When Kate receives the letter from Shiloe, she decides to return to the office with it.

"Yuri, a letter from Sola. When I got home, I just came by the evening courier to sort out a letter. I received it at last. I need you to pull out the report from inside."

"Oh, thanks -... come on"

Upon receipt of an envelope from Sola from Kite, Yuri extracts his share and submits it to Kite. Upon receiving it, Kate decided to read the report to herself.

"Phew, mmm..."

It still fits when it's time to be a month. They managed to pick up the fraud that was underway to deal with the epidemic. He says Bronzite is temporarily acting for the consul to deal with the confusion caused by the outbreak.

Later, he looked at the prognosis a little bit and saw that the surrogate had arrived, and said he would travel elsewhere again. By the time that was over, Sora was also expected to return.

"... is the first phase of the operation over for now... oh, it's me. Call the ambassador of the Ragna Federation."

When Kate contacted the McDawell family, she immediately contacted the Ragna Federation ambassador. Though Sola has not yet been informed, Bronzite is acting on its behalf looking further ahead. To temporarily give him the authority of the army, he picks all those lurking behind this evil official at once.

"Yes, it's Lujnu."

"Oh, it's Cain. Long time no see."

"Oh, Mr. Cain. Is this about an example?

"Yes, I have just been contacted by Lord Bronzite's apprentice. I'm contacting you because the case is going on."

'Was it? I just got a call this morning... I tried to get in touch with you, but you said you weren't here because of a sudden errand.'

This is done after proper discussions with the Ragna Federation in the first place. So the surrogacy was also properly authorized by the government, and this ambassador was temporarily speaking with Bronzite as an agent of the Ragna Federation. Kate is an agent for the McDawell family, who assists with the bronzite.

'Okay. We will now arrange for the example supplies to be put in immediately.'

"Please. We'll arrange for the transport to be completed by the end of the day."

'Thank you. So what's next in a few days? "

"Right. If everything goes well...... no, it will go well. Okay, a few days later."

After some discussion, the discussion ends that only those who know between Kate and the ambassadors of the Ragna Federation will understand. As such, further arrangements were made to assist Bronzite, and Kite sat deeply in the chair.

"... two days ago this letter was sent out... yet?"

Perhaps Sora will be surprised. Imagine further big catches waiting after these few days, and Kate laughs with a little fun. Here, the boulder is a place called Bronzite the Wise, and the disciple has not been given any details.

Just notice. If you don't notice, I'll tell you later. That's how he did it. And Kite, who laughed at that, turned around and raised a slight concern on her face, opening the box that she had kept from Bronzite.

"... are you okay,"

Seeing in the box, Kate exhaled a sigh of relief and nodded one. I haven't taught anyone in the adventure department about this contents. Only Tina and Yuri know. When the time comes, teach. That's all I said.

"Come on, Sola. A wise man considered this edge good. There's got to be something you can get."

Close the box and Kate ends up sending encouragement to a distant friend. No one knew if it had reached Sola in the wind.