Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1564: Messages from Earth - Making

The next day, Kate asked Micaya to make an eye band. That day, with all the materials in place, we finally got to work on making a communication machine. Then the method will naturally use witchcraft.

As the lights say, there is an alchemy in this world. It is true that this can only be done as much as the conversion of materials at the lower levels, but if he was also a senior alchemist, he also did, for example, homunculus and the smelting of parts. Therefore, as long as there are materials and blueprints, it is possible to assemble the machine without the need for polar theory or machine tools.

"This is how it is, all the time"

Tina installs several materials in the lamp on top of the magic formations in the lab inside the Adventure Club Alliance Home. Even though alchemy is an easy magic to look at, what you're doing requires very advanced knowledge. So also an advanced scientist, she was very good as an alchemist.

"Kaito, what about iron ore refining?

"It's over. Don't rush out."

"I can't say anything but you."

"There are other research teams, aren't there?!?

Kite barks her voice in a fun light. It should be noted that Mikaya has arranged various things for the ophthalmic cord, and he will manage to do so tomorrow night. So he still used a demon-sealed cloth.

"Well, ma'am, but you're gonna be okay."

"I'm a pain in the ass!?

"Oh, no kidding. You know, if you're serious, you're not coming here."


Seriously, it's Nanimon, this guy. Kate complains unexpectedly of the words in the light. That's why Kate was afraid of her. Kite is basic, his condition doesn't reveal much. Therefore, within the Adventure Department, there is only a public announcement that the demonic eye mastered under the influence of combat is also rampant about the demonic eye rampage.

The dragon knights who took part in the battle said that there had been no destruction, and that Kite was seeing things firmly under the influence of the demonic eye, even via a demonic sealed cloth. Everyone but the great details wondered if < > was going wild. The light pounded his nose like that.

"Be a little sweet when you're hurt. What, you want me to sleep with you?

"You're making me work. That's what you said."

"That's it. This is this. As a matter of reality, you're the most user-friendly."

If Kate persists with the appearance of illumination in the lamp that gave her a peek into her face as a sister's precious for only a moment, the lamp laughs with every face. And Kate was happy, and I felt sorry for her. I haven't revealed anything in the light about this demonic eye. I don't have to worry about it.

"So, those eyes. What's going on? You're the one who rarely uses lies, so it's true you can see through that cloth. But I saw something else."

"I do. I'm not gonna tell you."

"Er. No problem. Because I think for myself."

"Whatever you want."

I understood as much as it was in a disaffected light, but there would be a reason not to reveal it for Kite not to reveal it. Therefore, both the words in the lamp and Kite's response were grossly diminished. So after pinching a moderate chat, the two get back to work.

It should be noted that there are several of these laboratories, and work has been carried out outside of them. Other researchers are moving in other researchers, just saying that Kite is moving as an assistant in the lights. And in the middle of that, the lights asked again.

"Oh, I was curious to say that."


"How far do you see that I can see it? There's a lot of demon eyes, isn't there? If you ask me, Chiriko and Clairvoyance are similar."

"Hmm? Well, I can see it over the cloth."


"Hey, wait a minute."

Kate unwittingly waits in the light with her eyes open and her body embraced. There is nothing clear about clothing. No matter how rampant you are, you can control the extent of it.

No, not at all, but I can't see it unless I turn up the output. And there were problems before that. So the lights distracted me.

"Ma, so is that. I just remembered that you're used to seeing me naked."

"Right!? Hmm?"

"... Oh, I'm sorry! I'm going to listen..."

Apparently, he brought us supplies smelted elsewhere again. I noticed signs of people and looked back, and there stood a little girl in white.

Apparently, attention had been distracted because of the inside of the light. They were asking, and her face was bright red. And he knew such a girl in the light. He was waving effortlessly.

"Ah, Mr. Waterless Moon. Thanks."

"Yes, no..."

"Hey! No, thank you. Whatever! I don't think I'll misunderstand you first!? You're a teacher, aren't you? Rumors of impure heterosexual intercourse with students or something big!?

Kite asks her to deal with it as she wishes, in the light where she casually thanked the girl student for the apparently bright red moonless water. but the lights in this were fun.

"Uh. You're not misunderstanding. Teachers can't lie to students on boulders."

"It's certainly not a misunderstanding!? Sure, I've seen it before!?

"If I were you, I'd take a bath."

"You're in!? But that's not what I'm saying right now!?

Apparently, the relationship of power in the mouth is obvious. The lights are fun to say, but Kate was the best at denying it. And, on the other hand, the moonless and the dots were donning as much as they wanted.

"Hey, hey!? Um, Mr. Waterless Moon!? Do not pull!? There's no physical connection, is there?

"No... well... could it be a senior..."


Kite scratches half a beard as much as she thinks on the words of the moonless. Well, things can be bad with all this. Because she seemed like a friend in a calendar classmate.

He heard a lot of rumors. The lights corrected the misunderstandings properly because there are other effects when I kill more time on the boulder when the kite gets a little half-baked.

"Hahaha. That's why you're like my brother, this guy. I've known it since I was born."

"Ha ha..."

Still, I don't wonder what bare looks like at home. It's a moonless moon, but the inexplicable misunderstanding had been solved.

"So, but Doctor... you had that personality..."

"Ma, I'll make it normal in front of the students on the boulder. It's just vegetarian because it's in front of him... so, hey, hey, hey, hey."


Tsum, and Kite turns that way in a stubborn manner. After all, there seems to be a corresponding response in front of those who know about Kite's past: the lights and the moon. I was more childish than ever. and obstinate him, but I can't be obstinate forever. So I got back to business.

"... well, that's good. So, Mr. Waterless Moon. What's going on elsewhere?

"Ah, yes. The work is in progress as instructed by the teacher. Other supervisors from the Empire are doing well without any problems."

"Oh well. Then keep moving. It's okay."

"At least I have a rash about the skin of a teacher... ghh"

"Is this your petty mouth? Is this it?

"It's not a mouth! Oh, you're hitting me!

The light inside sets up a neck twist on Kate's head that slapped him in the mouth for nothing. So after a little twitching, the conversation resumed.

"Ha, ha... why can't I get out..."

"I've been thinking about your family for years. You can't win with your moves, not your powers."

Jen royally stands against Kite, who breathes on her shoulders, with a face where the light triumphs somewhere. Well, the way we read each other. It's in the lamp where you can play tina and call it a monster, if you're insightful, because you're out of kite habits. Maybe even Kite couldn't get away with it.

"Ha... well, that's good. I can't get it together."

"Ah, yes..."

The moonless moon, instructed by the risen kite, starts reporting again. Note that it was apparently she who was the assistant in the light as to why she came to report.

"Oh. Okay. Then, for now, the refining is all over,"

"Yes, we are currently working on creating a general outer frame, etc."

"Then let me keep going about you. We'll take care of the inner details."


The moonless nods at the instructions in the lights and leaves the lab behind again. In the meantime, they were able to refine all the original stones for use in alchemy. Now all we have to do is process it. Well, it could have been processed from the original stone at once, but then it wouldn't be a practice for everyone. This is the only opportunity to practice on a massive scale. There was no reason not to take advantage of it.

"Well... then let's do it"


If that's the case, we'll get back to work. The two get back on their minds and get to work.

"Uh... Nickel. Okay. Blueprint Alright."

When the light stands in front of the magic formation, close your eyes and put your hands on the magic formation. The same was true on Earth, but alchemy and science are actually similar. So what matters in alchemy is how much you know about the properties of the substance.

Magic and not omnipotence. It doesn't make the impossible possible, even if it seems absurd at first sight. For example, metal and meat cannot be synthesized. It's just an application of physics to smell. That way, slightly the magic team releases a spark.

"... Yes, I can"

"Aye. Now, take this..."

From the lamp that synthesized the material placed on top of the magic formation into an alloy, now Kite switches venues. As an alchemist, the lights can be described as Adventure Club One, but still a few steps inferior to Kate and Tina. All this is a huge difference in the amount of practice.

So when it came to proper smelting, the two of them were supposed to rework. Now that Tina was working on a black box, Kate was here.

"Even so, as always, you're a brilliant alchemist... you're a real bakemon, you"

"What? Excuse me."

"No, I'm praising you. Maybe the alchemist can make it, Mr. Lantern?

"Well, ancient scientists were alchemists. I hear it's still that close."

The light goes through without any particular emotion in the praise of Kite without a multiplier. but this really seems to be the case, and after a few years of training, he wasn't enough to eat as an alchemist.

The only good thing in a few years is if you have the basics of the planet, but they still say it's unparalleled that you're such an excellent talent so far. Including the upfront investment, they say it's an area where there's no problem publicly supporting it as a McDawell family.

"Speaking of which, does Huang Shi-kun or something also show excellent talent in alchemy?

"No, maybe Mr. Lantern is better up there."

"Oh, surprise."

"Not really. In fact, the brilliant man is certainly superior, and in physics, he's better than Mr. Lantern... but Mr. Lantern knows more about the chemistry of chemistry in general, right?

"Well... there. I like it. I do it."

A brilliant man is a boy who was a cherry blossom brother and whose research assistant was in the lamp. He is also one of Kate's siblings who is currently hitting Earth's case. That he is said to be the leading young man in physics, especially in the field of gravitational field technology that has developed in recent years, and to the extent that Kite also admitted to that intelligence. but what he specializes in is physics. As Kate put it, it was only to some extent about chemistry.

"Alchemy also requires knowledge of those chemical disciplines. Of course, you don't need to smell metal. but if you are going to do it as an alchemist, you also need knowledge of the chemical field. The final point of arrival will be Homunculus."

"Ah... if you say so, Tina would know about the chemistry of the planet and have no harm..."

Apparently, Tina told me a few stories about alchemy. It should also be noted that Tina was also pushing her heartbeat that she would be able to do it as an alchemist at this time. She said that the potential is equal to or greater than herself.

and making parts out of alchemy while talking like that, roughly 5 hours. Dafan, all the parts are ready. And the last part of it was brought from inside the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School.

"It's been a while since you've seen this monitor"

"It was helpful to have a monitor that I wouldn't use in the warehouse. I want to use it as little as possible."

Kite reassembles the monitor that slept in the school's warehouse into a designated shape. This was not an alchemy application, it was simply removing the pedestal so that it could be mounted with the monitor arm. The repair was carried out by alchemy.

"Speaking of which, what do you do with the stuff on the royal side?

"I'm getting that out of us, too. Tina did it."

"Hmmm...... ah, kite. Terminal connection over here ok"


The kite attaches the opposite terminal of the cable mounted by the light inside the terminal on the rear of the monitor. That said, it won't start now, and assembly will be work at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. All I had to do now was make sure that the cable could be installed properly.

"Okay. No problem. And repairs...... no problem"

Kite connects the monitor to the power supply once and confirms startup. Make sure there is no disturbance in the video and turn it off. This will complete all the parts. Later, all you have to do is install the black box Tina is making and the link system Skasaha made on Earth. As such, Kite, who had finished making all the parts, decided to proceed with the packing work for the transfer.