Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1566: Message from Earth - Ready -

The day after I made the last adjustment to the eye bands for the demonic eye that ran wild from Micaya. When Kate entrusted the leadership of the Adventure Department personnel to Sakura and the upper management, she was once again turning to Micaya.

"Oh, you're here. I can do this. I didn't pack it this time because I thought I'd use it right away."

"Ooh, Thankyou. The request price is increased by the express rate, which is transferred to the bank account first thing in the morning."

"Every time. I trust you because you have no clue."

Kite wears her freshly made eyelids while discussing the payment of the fee. Kite arrived yesterday to make the last adjustments. Therefore, fine-tuning was completed where the stitches were temporary, and the stitches were stitched.

"Okay. Is this okay?

"... Yep, no leakage of demonic eye power either. I'll make sure you get the right finish."

"Haha. Is that all right?"

"No, but I can assure you I did the best job I can right now."

Micaya also laughs and pushes her heartbeat at Kate's words as she remembers yesterday's stupidity. The fact that I did the best job I could right now and the fact that I intend to create a better work in the future is a different matter. It's just that I want to go higher.

"Oi. Well, I'll be there"

"Yes, thank you again. Oh, now you're taking your brother with you."

"He's Earth, I can't tell you."

To Micaya's words thrown at Kate's back like a joke, Kate waves her hand behind his back and leaves his shop behind. Fortunately, it was still before the opening, and I was able to get in and out normally today.

"Well... we have to hurry"

After the mall, Kite nodded and decided to fly home for the first time. Sia is on her way to the Imperial Capital with Tsubaki on last night's flight, and is to prepare for Kate's crossing with Emperor Leonhardt in connection with this first launch of the comms plane. So the package is also sent over on that flight, but there were many things that had to be done.

"Kuzha. Any reports from Stra?

"There's already a report. There's no sign of any movement in the country."

"Right. Instruct them to continue monitoring. Tina then develops an even stronger bond... but now the ground is not ready. It was a black box. It was full of hands."

In response to a report from Kuzha, Kite leaves further instructions. The empire's biggest fear is that they will steal the "space-time stone". And it's not something that schoolchildren can steal. If you can steal this, it's just some country. Therefore, there was a secret soldier around Kate, and the Stra was responsible for its control.

"Yes, I did. Okay, so... oh, yeah. Brother."

"What's up?

"Earlier, my uncle wrote to me. A thank you note for a previous gift."

"Oh, that one? I didn't have to worry about it..."

A thank you note for a previous gift. It was a tribute to the Elves for the necklace that Kate received from Sullion, but a thank you note for it. So he received a letter from Kuzha mixed with bitter laughter.

"Okay. Read it over there. Ask Tsubaki to proofread and finish writing, so just prepare an envelope or something."

"Yes, sir."

"... so it's time for one good thing?

"No, sir."

Kuzha smiles very well at Kate's inquiry and makes a dismissal. In front of Kate's gaze, she was running the pen like Aura was obstinate. So with a smile on his face, he looked down and sidelined Kuzha, and Kate asked Yuhara, who was serving me.

"Hey, what happened?

"Every time. They found me trying to get to your husband."

"That's all. That's all you can do."

"There was a lot going on."


"Yes, all sorts"

Apparently, all that stuff was supposed to be hidden. In response to Kite's overlapping inquiries, Yuhara also entertains herself.

"Well, good... don't make me be too obstinate, eh?

"Haha. A little, I'm just saying the misfortune lasted all morning. Never mind."


Well, then is that good? These things happen all the time in the McDawell family. So Kate decides to comfort Aura later when time is available.

It should be noted that the misfortune persisted really intact, and that Kuzha smiled very well, that is, she was angry because she was also harmed by the effects of that misfortune, it seemed. She got wet first thing in the morning because of the situation caused by Aura.

"Well, then I shall go to His Majesty the Emperor. I'll take care of the rest."

After a while of executive duty, Kate entrusts the two of them with the aftermath of the Duke's residence. Thus, upon entering the Imperial Castle at once by means of a metastasis, he was guided by an official who knew about Kite and joined Tsubaki.

"Your husband."

"Oh... Tsubaki. About clothing."


Tsubaki, questioned by Kite, takes out the courtesy clothes she keeps in her closet. We are going to meet with the Emperor. Courtesy clothes were mandatory. So Kite sleeves through the courtesy clothes that were readily available.

"... Ugh. Medium two."

Courtesy clothes with eyelids. I saw myself in the mirror. I can't help but think that's what Kate wants to say. And such a voice was called to him.

"Until now, the Lord is better. No eyelids in the long coat......"

"Hmm? Oh, Tina. What's the final adjustment to the comms?

"It's over. There's no problem here either."

Tina, questioned by Kate, sits back in her chair looking a little tired. She's been very busy since last night. There are no more magicians in Enefia than she is. Therefore, she was in charge of the final coordination of the communications aircraft and immediately came here to supervise the final adjustment after the final adjustment of the communications aircraft installed in the school.

I guess it was almost all night work. It lacks precision, but it is not impossible. To her like that, Kate inquired with a slightly gentle face.

"Obnoxious. What if I'm going to be there to start it?

"I'll join you as an engineer."

"Really...... what about the link system?

"It's working perfectly. It was made by three people in Scarsaja, after Lulu's hand on the boulder. There's no clue. There's nothing. Lulu said there's no way I'm gonna make anything worse than that asshole."


I knew you were obstinate. Kate remembers Ixfoss' sister, who is protecting her own family on Earth, and laughs slightly. How did you know you were obstinate? That's because words were more poisonous than ever.

Even so, this is not poison to kite. It's poison to her brother. He was stubborn at him for searching and not coming to see him. And Tina unleashed a decopin on Kate's nose tip in an attempt to hold Tina around laughing at her like that.


"Stay... what the hell"

"Don't wrinkle and try to get out in front of the Emperor. If you're a duke, blame the duke for the familiarity he deserves."

"Haha. You're tired, and so are you."

Kate understands how tired she is of Tina's words, which are sometimes a little spicy. Why do you think so? Because if it's normal, I can do anything with magic, so I thought it was a problem not to see it as a problem.

"Tsubaki. I'm sorry, but I need coffee. The princess is annoying."

"Yes, sir."

Tsubaki starts making coffee for Tina on Kite's instructions. Meet the Emperor. I was acting sparingly in time. So it wasn't an issue where I had a cup of coffee here. So relaxing time flows for a while.

"Phew...... um. Tsubaki. Your Lord's coffee might taste better than Mireille's."

"Thank you"

"Uhm... Phew..."

Apparently, caffeine works well all night in the morning. Tina groans her coffee with a somewhat tired face. She didn't say that, but Mireille is better with regard to tea.

but this is probably where I like kite or tina. That's how she drank coffee with her, and Kate whispered instructions to Tsubaki.

"Tsubaki. Sorry, but take care of Tina for a while. I've been busy here for a while."

"Yes, sir."

"Tina, I'm coming, but you're not gonna be late."

"Uhm. Once we're off, let's head for the rest"

A slightly smiling Tsubaki bows her head small to Kite's instructions. Thus, when Kate saw it and followed the scene, he took a look with the emperor Leonhardt.

"Your Majesty. Your Excellency, McDawell. I'm up."

"Mm-hmm. Lord. I've heard a lot about you... are your eyes okay?

"Thank you. To this extent, if it was 300 years ago, it was everyday. Don't worry about it. Besides, I now have eye bands made by Laratz's hands. Nothing wrong with that."

Again, kite is subordinate. That his subordinate was injured. As Emperor Leonhardt, it would be muscle to listen to the salt plum of the injury in his position. He nodded again at Kite's report, which so thanked him for his words.

"Right. If you're a samurai of a kilometre, you can't lie to your condition. Let's believe the rest of the words."


Kite bows her head to the words of Emperor Leonhardt. I said the rest because it's a public place for once. As such, the emperor Leonhardt changed his tone at the end of a public conversation.

"So, Lord McDawell. I heard what you said. I hear you were handy."

"Thank you"

What the emperor Leonhardt mentioned is the continuation of Sora, who just walked into Kate's place yesterday. That said, it wasn't a report from Sola, it was a communication from an informant guild that was in the Ragna Federation.

Apparently, he had the official manipulated from the back to try to tie the head of an illegal organization up. At that time, he also joined Sola as a proximate to the bronzite and played a role in the head capturing.

"This time, the headache for the Federation would be that they weren't trusted."

"Haha. Meanwhile, is my country on my side?"

"Oh. After all, everything is important."

Emperor Leonhardt was in a good mood for this one. This time, the Ragna Federation, with the help of bronzites, has apparently solved the case only in its own country.

But we all know that Sola was there, and the McDawell family will be known to have arrived to support us. If so, it was also the form in which the Empire sold its grace.

It was also the case that the Emperor Leonhardt had previously said that if the Emperor had the power of the Empire, there would be no creation. Most countries only cry and fall asleep before the power of the great powers, but if the Empire is the opponent, it cannot do so either. The Ragna Federation was in the form of secretly creating one debt to the Empire.

"So, I wonder what Sola would say"

"He would be humble."

"Ha. I guess so."

Emperor Leonhardt also laughs and agrees with Kite's reply. This is definitely a big deal. In contrast, the two expected that Sora would probably have said this. I just followed your master's instructions.

"Don't you have a big bowl yet? That's a shame."

"Haha. Your Majesty, I have also been the way I am after more than a decade. Don't buy him too much for months."


Emperor Leonhardt also snorted, laughing at Kate's intercession. Here, the two of us thought that Sora would not have understood the logic properly yet. That's how Kite said something important.

"Why military men are awarded. If you know that, you don't have to be modest."

"Mm-hmm. Soldiers are also dismotivated if the military is the only one praised for a successful operation. but most importantly, it is the soldiers who will carry out the operations of that military master. It is with the hard work of the soldiers that we live what the military master does...... no, we live. It's a job for the soldiers to live and kill. Besides, it doesn't make sense that the public is being honored."


The boulder would be Leonhardt, an emperor of greater confidence than the army. He seemed to know the odds of how to properly award it. And so he turned around and had a slight worry.

"Even so... from here on out. I wonder what will happen."

"Your Majesty, it was after a wise man worked out a plan. Don't worry."

"... right. Measures worked out by Sage Bronzite over a long period of months. There's no clue."

The emperor Leonhardt nodded again at Kate's rhetoric. And the butler came in where such a story would or would not end and struck one ear at the emperor Leonhardt.

"... well. Lord McDawell. He says Lord Heisenberg is here."


"Are you looking forward to the public?

"I can't be looking forward to it."

Kate honestly admitted and nodded at the enquiry of Emperor Leonhardt, who was told a little jokingly. Long time no dialogue with family. I couldn't have been looking forward to that. As such, Jake, Lord Heisenberg, came in on the spot and the scene turned into a tight mood.