Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1569: Message from Earth - A Few Days Later

Shortly after the conversation between the other worlds, the first of the two worlds of Earth-Enefia, was held. A place full of some tension and silence echoed the breath of the emperor Leonhardt.

"Phew... I was nervous about the boulder this time too. Somebody get some water."

"Ha... this way, Your Majesty"


Emperor Leonhardt mouths the water offered by the maid of service. Apparently, it was true that he was nervous, and rarely drank a glass of water at once.

"Phew...... um. Lord McDawell. I'm glad you told me in advance. The moonlight could only speak..."

"No, Your Majesty. That sounds good to me. If you make a name for history poorly, you do things more rigorously than expose yourself to madness and apathy. That leads to the appreciation of future generations of historians."

"Well... the words of those who have made their names known in history are different."

Play, Your Majesty.

Kite bows her head to the words of Emperor Leonhardt, who laughed slightly. Where the tension thus remained slightly broken, the emperor Leonhardt once again saw Jake, Lord Heisenberg.

"Lord Heisenberg. Again, your lord will be in charge of diplomatic negotiations with Japan in the future. This is not a representative of the Empire, but a representative of Enefia."

"Yes, sir."

Jake, Lord Heisenberg, bows his head to the instructions of the Emperor Leonhardt. The Heisenberg family also has a proven track record of negotiating with countries that have no national borders on many occasions. Though different worlds, it is a country and a country. The basics are the same.

"Uhm... he is the noble lord who has compiled negotiations with numerous countries and continents seven hundred years since the founding of our country. I can feel safer than anyone."

"Thank you. This Heisenberg, let us not be ashamed of the name of Enefia and the Empire, but risk our lives to come."

"Uhm...... Lord McDawell. I'm sorry, but I need your help, too."


Kite also bows her head again to the instructions of Emperor Leonhardt. The discussion thus wrapped up in the first talks came to an end, and those who remained for the discussion between the next reps remained, and those who left left left. Even so, all that remained were Kate and Lord Heisenberg Jake, only a few officials. Hence both Kate and Lord Heisenberg Jake pulled strength out of their slightly strained shoulders again.

"Phew... somehow"

"Uhm... well, that's what I'm talking about. This is where it comes from."

"In Grandpa's case. I'm not involved in diplomatic negotiations."

At the same time, Kite is a Duke of Enefia, but also a Japanese national. Therefore, I made it clear at the outset that I would not be involved in this negotiation. Even so, it is still useful to say that the background spent in both countries. We therefore intended to help in considering how desirable it would be in advising and reaching a compromise.

"Well... anyway."

"What the fuck?

"This isn't going to be a better discussion with the Department of Foreign Affairs representatives... do you have any good protocols in order?


To the inquiry of Lord Heisenberg, Jake, Kite thinks with a slight gaze at the hollow. And, on the other hand, I moved my mouth thinking.

"Tina. What's the status of the comms?

"There's nothing wrong with that. It all fits within normal range. I've already sent the data to Lord Lil at Maxwell's lab. We'll get back to you."

"Right. Fine, then."

All the stories from here, both on the razor and on the corner, are based on the safe operation of the comms. If so, that was the first thing you should have checked. After getting confirmation there, Kate turns to Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, just where her opinions were gathered.

"I'd be the best person to think about things for now. Next, cherry blossoms."

"Well, is it reasonable? In the case of the Lord, he is publicly the most trustworthy of the Empire..."

"Well. Keep me first as the current head of Adventure, then the student chairman, then a senior article... these three frames will be finalized for now."

Validity is reasonable. Kate also agrees with the words of Lord Heisenberg, Jake. This one really needs to be applied and investigated in advance by the Imperial side when using the communications machine. Everyone is expected to apply, especially since this is the first time.

Then that prior investigation will be in the vicinity of Kite as to who is easiest to take. As an organization, it can be reassured that it is just above the top and that there is no poor leakage of information as an empire. It was best to keep the tea cloudy with them and look it up sequentially.

"After that... well, the other side should take a look."

"Yet again... well, Daejeon sums it up in classes and puts the order there."

"It would be best to do so. Teachers will need to gather together again... and then we should gather together the correspondence."

Kate and Lord Heisenberg will rush to work out the details in advance of discussions between the next reps. As such, it took Kite a few days from this date to clear up the case of Bronzite and the case of this communications machine.

A few days after all sorts of things were discussed with Earth. Kate was finally able to return to Maxwell.

"I'm tired..."

"Be too selfish, my lord."

Timona laughs and calls out to Kate, who looks very tired. He smiled slightly as he floated through Maxwell's sky like that.

"You want to respond, good luck. I'm the best, because I know how hard everyone works. I don't know if this is worth the effort..."

"That's why I went all the way back once and did the time and space tuning. Did God do something he couldn't? Exactly the kind of person who once worked as a proxy for the world. No, you might call it God's work. '

"This power of mine is to achieve this kind of selfishness."

That's how Kate shuddered as she listened to Shino. Truth is, he's been stuffing in that 'other kite' stronghold for a while now. It is not impossible to synchronize the timelines of the two worlds with that clock. They were using it as a medium to tune the discrepancies in space-time. It was all to make sure the schoolchildren had enough time to talk.

The consideration was that his enormous, arguably magical powers would almost completely tease him. Tired and natural. Of course, with the permission and help of Tokuna, she was in harmony with us until earlier.

"Phew... and this is for me."

The Lord who can go home if he wants to?

"I keep them over there."

"... the other user demon, the Lord knows what's going on?

In a few moments, Timona asks. The battle that his siblings were involved on Earth. He was looking at a first settlement on this. It's been over a year since they've been involved. No wonder I was watching the settlement.

"Did you use the trump card?"

Has this happened? Kate is sad, and seeps a lot of anger slightly. He had planted one trump card on the user demon he had left on Earth. He naturally knows the conditions under which it activates. And when it was activated, it was also set to communicate to me.

"... damn..."

Kite throws up in remorse and throws it away. All I want to protect is more. Yet I don't have enough hands. I tried so desperately not to do this, but this is what happened. What I think at that time was this all the time.

"... I want power... the power to protect everything. Is this still not enough..."

"Whether you intend to be a god or not, the Lord is"

"... don't be a god."

When I told her to comfort herself, Kate smiled slightly.

'... ma, don't worry. That is also close to waking up again. Thou shalt lead unto the mourning of the LORD.


"A teaser. I can see the future of my late. It can be said that this is simply a grasp of that state through the perception of the Great Spirit '

Timona laughs when she dulls. That. That will be Kate's pair of "White Virgin". She was also close to awakening so that she could react to Kate's mourning and protect those whom Kate wanted to protect on his behalf.


Tong, and Kate turn into her own chest and pray. His soul and hers are connected. That's why I was asking her through my soul. No matter what, there's no point in this.

It's not such a convenient story that your soul is connected. but still. Even if death separates us, our hearts are connected. Even if we don't meet yet, we're always together.

"... oh"

It's okay, I'll take care of it. I thought Kate heard that voice. Then he smiled and decided to return to the adventure club, where he was waiting for his return.

Well, it was him who returned to the Adventure Department, but people were rare in the guild home where he returned. Well, about half the adventurers in the Adventure Department are from Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. Whether you're ready to put your roots down here or you're about to go home, there's a family in Japan. There will be a lot to talk about.

I was thinking of introducing some of my new friends to the Adventure Club, and they were in the school. So only Tsubaki, who had returned earlier with Tina and was ready for kite, was greeted at the guild home.

"Your husband."

"Oh, Tsubaki. Sorry, take the trouble. And Tina?"

"If you were Master Justina, you'd already be in school. Under the data from the last startup, make the last adjustment."

Tsubaki, questioned by Kate, reports about Tina. She looked busy with her, too. Lil was also added to the work, and she was supposed to be present to start the school side comms.

"Well... well, there won't be any problems with this task. What about the transport of personnel, etc? I'm sure we're on our way this morning, right?

"Under cherry blossom-led leadership, there's a report that it's already done."

"Well...... how much is left in the guild home now?

"There's roughly 30% left."

Report that Tsubaki, who was questioned by Kite, is currently in the Adventure Department. When asked in more detail, it seems that 20% of the remaining 70% are in the request.

Some of this included students from Heavenly Cherry Blossom School, and not all of them were looking to get in touch immediately. So if you can get in touch at any time,

"Okay. What about the paperwork from the Empire?

"It arrives first thing in the morning. As you have instructed, we have already begun to list"

"Good... in conjunction with the school teacher, prepare a circular for each of you. Best if you can put it on the guild home bulletin board."

"Yes, sir."

Kate stands up as Tsubaki tackles the arrangements. He had to return to Tensakura School immediately, as the use of the comms machine was lifted from today.

"Well... we have to hurry"

For once, the startup is in an hour. Furthermore, since Kate herself is in harmony and only a little bit has passed, it is not as uneven as the timeline between the two worlds. So it's okay, but he's the only one who knows that. Therefore, we should have hurried. As such, he decided to take a short run to Heavenly Cherry Blossom School.