Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1576: With the Wise Men - The Men of Emmanuel

The injustice that pervades a local city in the Federation of Ragna and the huge underground organization behind it. Sora will meet a police bureaucrat named Emmanuel with a bronzite who returned to the Ragna Federation to carry out the picking.

It was his subordinate Nicklas who met him in one of the police stations where he was guided like that, both monogamous and bigamous. So, an hour after I met him. Emmanuel's men managed to gather momentum. but this and now all of them were monogamous and bigamous.



Against Emmanuel, who coughed up in abundance, the four men that he was leading were carefree or pointed somewhere. Some of the only men were looking forward, but they looked far from serious.

"Lord Bronzite. Then again, I would like to introduce you to my men now. First, the only remaining Niklas Atherton from three years ago"


After another introduction, Niklas waved with a laugh. He was a man with long, bright green hair. Back length is about a little smaller than Sola's. The outfit is sloppy.

but the slightly hidden flesh was muscular and looked like it was being worked out. At least, if the insightful saw it, they wouldn't be the weak ones to look at. And to his greeting like that, Emmanuel decided to ignore the blues, but only with a slight sigh.

"... no, good. I can't talk about it. Next, next to it will be the only woman, Colette Fresange."


Next to Niklas. As a woman, a woman of about the average back length of a Japanese woman casually raises one hand. Her face is neat and she has a crisp body in spite of her small size, but she has no tightness in her expression.

There was always a slightly different, carefree look to sleep. That also felt really unmotivated, not like Downer again. I'm more convinced of Sola when she tells me she's here for the holiday park than when she's coming to work.

"As I think I explained earlier, she is making earlier materials. I'm an expert in information processing."


Pocky, and Colette had heartened Emmanuel's explanation without emotion. Apparently he's not interested, including Sola and the others. Well, that means you can work for it. Then I guess there's no problem, Sola decided.

"So, beside it. Marcelo Bernabe"

"Whoa! I'm listening to you! Use it to the full!

Apparently, a man named Marcelo is all kinds of luxurious. Such a marcello, but a grown man with wheat skin that suits his voice. Back length is about two meters. The muscles come with more than Niklas, and I'm already wearing short sleeves even though there are cold days there, so I'm not even hiding them.

When you look at scars everywhere that were hidden, you'll be sure to see them as militants. Emmanuel continued his commentary, albeit slightly pressured by his voice volume like that.

"... well, this is the only guy in our section that will still be decently used... that would be good"

"" Hey, hey!? Chief!? "


Nicklas and the last one raise their voices of protest at the same time to Emmanuel's words. but besides, Emmanuel continues Marcelo's explanation as he stares at the two of them and shuts them up.

"... Hmm. So, Marcelo, as you can see, has a very good arm. He's also an ex-military."

"I was originally in the gendarmerie, but I failed you with booze! The chief here picked me up!

"" Ha, ha... "

Reply raw with both Sora and Toryn under barometric pressure to Marcelo, who laughs lavishly and speaks of his own lapse. Nevertheless, I could convince both of them that Marcelo was scratched. And against him like that, Emmanuel bowed one head to Bronzite.

"Don't let this guy drink. I'm overwhelmed by my failures in alcohol… and I try to drink at work."

"Don't worry, Chief. No more failures."

"How many times do you think I've heard that you won't fail again..."

Ha, and Emmanuel exhaled in a deep sigh. Well, for Emmanuel in the first place, his job here is HR close to punishment. I guess it's more suspicious to have no difficulty than being turned here. That's what he does. He relives his mind and goes into the description of the last one.

"So, last. It will be about him again too...... Florent Littre"


The man called Floran bows his head lightly. It's the youngest except for Colette when she was old, early twenties, and possibly late teens if she did poorly. As far as his appearance is concerned, a word seems to be light.

It didn't have to be challenging. It didn't seem so light. And even as far as Sola has spoken for the past hour, there is a seepage of lightness in words and deeds. This would happen if we brought the sunset closer to the chara man.

Well, I guess it's about being a police officer, so there's a sense of justice, and I'm not doing anything illegal about women-related stuff. but he was a light-looking man anyway.

"... I can't say anything about you anymore"

"No, Chief. At least introduce me."

"Ha... feminine incompetence. Above"


The man, who was said to be Floran, panicked at Emmanuel's explanation, which was sent out with a sigh. but besides, Emmanuel glanced at him with the humidity of his eyes as much as he could.

"You... you found me with a woman yesterday when I came home, and you said never to be late, right?


Apparently, it's true. That's how Floran, barometric by Emmanuel's gaze, tries to make a single objection while scratching a cold sweat.

"Yes, I don't like it, Chief. Isn't that information-gathering? You see, the girls at the drinker's have been hearing a lot about drinking."

"... tell them to turn the clock around! I've told you many times that customers are coming today!

"Oh, I didn't hear that."

"You go to work properly in the first place!

Emmanuel absurds his voice to Colette, who puts in a blurry but precise objection. Nevertheless, these four were Emmanuel's men. He was just a person with both one- and two-habits, including Emmanuel. In a way, he may be the one who deserves the head of this section.

"Ha... ha..."

You're a surprisingly hard worker. Sora and Toryn took pity on Emanuel, whose face turned bright red and breathed with her shoulders, yes somewhere. Thus he drew the chair, which was affordable as if he were tired, and ordered his men to sit in their seats with their jaws.

"Ha... sorry. Since the last incident, trouble has been spinning over to me..."

"No, I don't think you have a choice."

To Emmanuel's profound apology for mourning his own men, Bronzite shakes his head with every soft-eye. What is he thinking like that? Neither Toryn nor Sola knew that, but at least he had nothing to blame for Emmanuel's men.

"Thank you. These are the guys, but use them as much as you like. No, your apprentice would be better…"

"No... it's better to have more manpower. Thank you, I owe you."


Emmanuel bows his head deeply again to Bronzite's words. It should be noted that according to what I later asked Toryn, many of his men were pretty good three years ago. but because of that, he was afraid of his arm, and only the crook was to be turned. And when he raised his head like that, he decided to discuss the operation again.

"So, Lord Bronzite. What do you want to do now?

"Hmm... well, we've decided to do it. First, hand out prophylaxis. It is only natural to capture our criminals, but before that, we must save the suffering people."

Asked by Emmanuel, Bronzite makes his policy clear once again. In the first place, this case is superficial, and we're here to deal with epidemics. He had no intention of neglecting it.

"Of course, we make good arrangements for that. The General Affairs Division is supposed to move through to the bureau. In the first place, the epidemic prevention division over there imported one."

"Really? If that's the case, you can handle a lot of things."

"Yeah... but I was wondering if it would take a while to get to the details"

Nodding at Bronzite's words, Emmanuel takes a map of a strip from under his desk and spreads it to his desk. This is a detailed map of this area that the government has, and it also depicted paths that only beast roads and other locals would know.

"First, along this main street, the General Affairs Division is supposed to move and distribute preventive drugs. Doctor's arrangements are there too. As for those who take the lead in this, they are trustworthy ones from my police school days. Rest assured."


Emmanuel and I were in pain three years ago. It is good to see that the backing etc. is proceeding with caution. Nevertheless, it's another thing to make sure you trust it. Therefore Emmanuel also uttered his name.

"Osborne, don't you remember a man named He was cooperating with me on a case three years ago..."

"Oh, is that him? See you later, too..."

"Yeah... so he'll be fine."

Emmanuel nodded again when he saw the bronzite that he remembered. This time, you can assume that the officials they're chasing are selling high prices on the back route, sideways with flu prophylaxis, to put it plainly. Of course, this is just one of the crimes being committed by officials and the underground organizations behind them.

This is true on Earth, but there are still not enough prophylactics and vaccines when it comes to epidemics. And he anticipated it, and cast it aside. It would be natural to be vigilant about that.

"Right... he'd be relieved"

"Yep... but given the time of year, there is no longer a moment of respite until the pandemic. Bronzite, as discussed earlier, will be delivered to a number of surrounding villages."

"Yes, I did. I'm still traveling. At the ankle, I feel confident. And..."

"... right"

One laughed Bronzite and Emanuel gaze at Sora listening to the conversation on the side. It is true that Marcelo is also a strong ex-military, but still weaker than Sola. Sola is currently rank B. In contrast, Marcelo is ranked C to D.

It is a high-performance object that is neither equipped nor supplied with military equipment. If a Rank A adventurer comes as an assassin in bundles, he'll still be able to handle most of his opponents now that the McDawell family also refrains from behind him. And Sora also knew exactly what her role was here.

"Ugh. Don't worry. Even so, La Elia and all kinds of training grounds are diving."

"Mm-hmm. As I said yesterday, I'm listening to you. Let me count on you."

Apparently, Emmanuel really knew Sola's accomplishments, not social dictionaries, etc. Showing a hint of trust, he nodded in Sola's response. That's how he got one thing back on his mind, and he got back into the conversation.

"... so please use a dragon car to get around. We have prepared a stubborn ground dragon that can also go the evil road. Are you sure Toryn is ready?

"Thank you. Yeah, that place is clever..."

"Really... Oh, speaking of which, we have already provided permits, recognition forms, etc., here. We'll deliver it tomorrow, so please wait for it."

"Thank you"

Bronzite bows his head again to Emmanuel's arrangements. I guess it's where we've been working together for a long time. It looked like arrangements were being made properly. Thus, Sola would participate in such a bronzite consultation with Emmanuel, and this day would begin tomorrow.