Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1582: Return with the Sage

The three Solas captured the surveillance they were wearing and used their extracted memories to get some information. What was in it was information that Emmanuel's men had an inside man. Having obtained such information, they continued their journey even afterwards, showing a wind that they had not dared to notice the surveillance that had been treated to their memory. but it also came to an end on the fifth day.

"Phew... Shh, I think we're in a hurry..."

"This time, it was a priority."

Toryn laughs at Sola, who looks slightly tired. This time, they took advantage of the fact that the three of them and the dragon car, had little luggage, and rushed through the corner in a rush to the rabbit. So in some cases we go around two villages a day, and I'm glad to say it's quite a force majeure. It should be noted that I understood this about surveillance as well, so it came with me properly.

"Uhm...... but thanks to that I managed to get my prophylaxis delivered before the pandemic arose in all villages. Let's just say we made it."

"Right...... right. Yeah, I'm glad I made it."

Sora also nodded in relief to Bronzite's heartfelt relief. In time, both for the raven and for the corner. The result is everything. That's not the end of it, though. From here on out, I had to work on it next.

"So, what are you going to do now?

"Hmm... it's a troubling story"

Bronzite shows her troubles at Sora's inquiry. The ultimate goal is the destruction of the organization, but we must also embark on the arrest of the officials who will be in the previous phase.

Nevertheless, if we get to the previous stage, after that, the kites will just move and move the federal government and end it all at once with power. If you're a central official, you're an official. Furthermore, there is no winning chance of being moved to a government center near the president above. And then the big catches in the organization are what the kites do best.

It is good to see that there is no loss. So essentially, if we can capture even the central officials, we can figure it out. Nevertheless, there were a number of things that had to be done to do that.

"For now, bye. We have to find an inside man first. Whatever you do, you still have to avoid slipping at them."

"How can we do that?"


Bronzite roars one to Sora's question. but unfortunately there are no verses that come to mind here. Instead, he doesn't know the details of Emmanuel's men either. If so, the answer was one.

"... In the meantime, it would be best to consult Lord Emmanuel. We need to talk to him first and make a mole out of him."

Talks with surveillance a few days ago almost confirmed that Emmanuel was not an insider. Well, if Emmanuel is an insider in the first place, there's no point in bothering to bring in a difficult enemy connected to the McDawell family into the Ragna Federation.

Whether it's true or not, bronzites will have to end up at some point as an organization, but given that clan connection, many countries will surely move in retaliation.

The opponent is even more regarded as a wise man among the clans who are welcomed into many countries. Many disciples have become high-ranking officials. The McDawell family moves, so they won't shut up with the Empire. There are also several people in the Ragna Federation who have made their names known in history.

If you destroy that wise man, you will have to put your back on the rubble of the Ragna Federation as well. It would have been more reasonable not to call what had been withdrawn as a good thing to carry such a troublemaker.

"Sola. Your Lord continues to blame the surrounding surveillance. Surveillance wasn't the only thing I had to do while I was away from Voda. Let's go into the city and we'll have multiple surveillance."


"Mm-hmm. Don't fail to keep in touch with the Devil's Thread all the time. but hide as much power as you can."

Bronzite turns to Sola and gives her detailed instructions. Sora then returned to Voda with instructions from Bronzite firmly engraved in her chest.

Well, I returned to Voda for roughly an hour. When I return to the hotel I was securing, I will use the comms once to contact the police station to reward Emmanuel for my return. And that's how you received the rumor for a while, Emmanuel replied.

"Oh, really? Well, I'll be waiting for you."

After a short discussion, Bronzite smiled and nodded. That's how he disconnected the call, and he turned to Sola.

"Sola, I'm sorry, but could you pick up Lord Emmanuel at the police station?"

"Is that Mr. Emmanuel?

"Hmm. I just got back and I'm tired, so I thought you'd come here... I'll ask you tomorrow..."

Apparently, I want to talk to you as soon as possible. That's why. Thora may consider that to include an escort for this purpose. Then there was no stray, either, as Sola.

"Okay. Then I'll go...... Toryn, I'll take care of it later"


"Uhm... Toryn, the unloading is there, let's take care of the bugging."

When Sola leaves the unloading to Toryn, she gets up and wears only a clam inside her clothes to head from the hotel to the police station. That's how he told Emmanuel his name at the reception and asked him to take the next one, and he came after a while.

"Oh, that was Sola. Well done."

"Thank you"

Sola bows her head to Emmanuel, who begins her work at the opening. Even with him, I know about why Sola came here. So they decided to head to the hotel. And on the road. Fu and Sola asked.

"Speaking of which, Mr. Emmanuel... this time I'm here, and sometimes what are you doing with the escort or something?


"No, I... I've heard the circumstances."

"Oh, or"

Emmanuel also nodded with great understanding at Sola's daring inquiry. Here, Emmanuel's left transition is famous for it. Besides, it's not something that bothers me as an Emmanuel or being asked. He's been in the Ragna Federation for three years. It was thought that underground organizations would normally know.

"Whatever sucks, I'm out of my way."

"Can you do that?

"Lord... haven't you seen and judged your physique?

"Yes, no..."

Well, Emmanuel's physique can be described as fuzzy if you make it clear, or metabolic if you look at him at his age. My belly is out, and my little fat is totally through. I never think I can exercise.


"Can you hear me?

How did you say it? Emmanuel, though a little troubled, connects the Devil's Thread to Sola. So he told me a little bit about his secrets, sometimes as a Bronzite apprentice.

'This look is a disguise. You can't escape, you don't move fast. If you make them think so, you can invite them to be alert'


Once again, Sola looks at Emmanuel's plentiful body. but it doesn't look like a disguise from anywhere. but this is the fruit of it, it just seems to be a complete disguise.

'Ha. If the adventurers like you can't see me, my disguise is a big deal. "

It would be a lie. Sora thought so and couldn't give something back to Emmanuel, who laughed. First of all, why haven't the bronzites taught us anything? That makes me wonder, too. and tried to ascertain the veracity of such Emmanuel's words, but he had arrived at the hotel when he realized he was talking like that.

"Oh, you're here. Guard, good luck."

"Oh, yes."

Sola nodded one at Emmanuel's ambition and then followed with a little haste. That's how a short walk in the hotel quickly led me to my room.

"Oh, Lord Bronzite. Good job, thank you."

"Lord Emmanuel. Thank you very much."

It's been a long time since I've seen you again. So the two of them exchange social dictionaries first. That's how Bronzite got to the point after a slight word of neglect was exchanged for Bronzite over Emmanuel.

"Really...... Again"

Emmanuel exhaled in a deep sigh listening to him on the road heard more than Bronzite. I originally thought he would have an inside man.

but there was a bit of a sad vibe even with him when he was once again informed that there was a traitor among his men he had been dating for a long time. Out of the blue, maybe he's a pitiful person. Sora looked at her sad back somewhere and thought so.

"Again... it was supposed to be"

"Yeah... what are you doing here?"

Emmanuel grinned and nodded mockingly at Bronzite's inquiry. I originally know the enormity of the organization. I also knew exactly what I had done to them. Then I understood that this could happen. Such a thing. He stayed with such a face and made it clear.

"And... Actually, I heard from Niklas that the boy there was on surveillance."

"Hmm... was he still white"

"Yep... this is the only thing you can say with confidence"

Emmanuel nodded again at the words of Bronzite. He confirmed this as of three years ago. In fact, he was the one most vigilant about Emmanuel being made to move left.

Anyway, he was the only one left in our department. Maybe he's the one watching. That's what he thought. And that's why he cut it out with a little seep of sorrow.

"... can you keep this a secret from Niklas?


"Thank you... I know it's a serious act to be a police officer... I've actually asked an informer guild for an inside detective. I know their arms, too. I was wondering if I could swear that it was white."

"No... Lord Emmanuel. They have eyes in their eyes, teeth in their teeth in the proverb of the earth. Sometimes if they even manipulate the police to comply with the law, they will have to ignore some laws with us. Besides, if you're in your shoes, there's no point in anyone believing you."

Again, an informant guild is an illegal organization. And the police don't rely on it, it's not an acceptable story. Bronzite therefore sends comfort to Emmanuel, who is ashamed of his men's doubts and their deeds.

"Thank you......"

"No... So, what about the others?

"It's a boulder… at all costs. I also served as an inside detective for a few others who were turned to my department... so only a few people, including him, were currently able to ask the informer. One of them is already retired... I'll see you later at the station with the report."

"Really...... ok. Now let's work with the others."

What choice do I have? I understood that bronzeites could not be blamed for the embarrassing words of Emmanuel. An informant is an illegal organization, and it may also be said that the way the information is obtained is illegal.

The cost will vary depending on the information, but this time it's from one of the leading underground organizations in the Ragna Federation. The cost of the investigation is not something ordinary police officers can pay for so many times. I'm glad he said he was well paid enough to have been able to investigate some of the people who had been turned before.

"Thank you. Please let me know if you need anything."

"Thank you...... I can't believe it, Lord Emmanuel will be tired today. I also need to sort my head out. Welcome home today."

"... thank you. Let me do that."

"Yeah...... Toryn. Drop us off outside the hotel."


Following Emanuel, who stood up looking a little tired, Toryn rises. As soon as the two of them went out that way, Bronzite told them.

"Sola. Keep your guard outside through the window there until Lord Emmanuel is blind. If there is a raid, get out and help immediately."


Though Bronzite gave Sora instructions, he thought there was probably no raid. Emanuel has been targeted by assassins many times over the past three years. His arm on the run from there was certain, and the adventurer (Sola) can be intimidating enough just to keep an eye on him.

Furthermore, the adventurer saved a policeman who was attacked by a suspicious man all over town is not a problem. In case it becomes a problem, on the contrary, then we can move the McDawell family with it as its starting point. It's Sola. It is clear that Kate will do everything in her power.


Next to Sola, who follows her instructions and watches Emmanuel through the window until she can no longer see him, Bronzite thinks about what to do from here. After a little while, Toryn came back.


"... um. Often, wait."


"... Master. Mr. Emmanuel is no longer visible. We're still on the lookout."

"Right. Speaking of which, your lord can follow the signs."

"Ah, yes. But there are too many things in the whole town, and I managed to stand at the window and see it for about 50 meters..."

"Then keep an eye on it as long as you can."


Sola nodded again at Bronzite's instructions, who apparently had forgotten Sola's performance because she was thinking. Sora sharpened her senses near the window until she could confirm that Emmanuel was able to move safely within her grasp.