Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1585: With the Sage - Gassa In -

A few days after Sora began investigating a robbery into a jewelry store with Niklas. Having received information from the manager of the tavern and discovering the likely undelivered private nights, they went on to take further backs to obtain confirmation that the private nights were unapproved and undelivered, and had been gassed after several days of undercover detectives.

"So, Sola. You're sure of your arm, aren't you?

"Ugh. I was an adventurer over there for once..."

Today Sola was supposed to work with Marcelo on the front line at Emmanuel's behest. Apparently, adventurers sometimes stay on this private night, and they may be resisted in the unlikely event of a misunderstanding or if they are staying knowingly illegal. It was decided that Sora's arm would be useful.

"Then you're stronger than me."

"No, maybe Mr. Marcelo is stronger when it comes to captivity."

"Is that it?

Marcelo laughs at Sora's words. Well, I'm doing this swallowing thing because I'm not quite ready to actually step in. Thus, personnel arranged by Emmanuel surround the illegal private accommodation.

"Hey, both of you. Can you hear me?

"Was Mr. Nicklas outside?

"Haha. I can't just walk into a boulder like the two of us."

Niklas laughs at Sora's inquiry. He's also a president and graduate of the police academy, so his skill is certain, but he's still inferior to Marcelo, a former soldier. So it was this arrangement. After waiting a little while like that, they finished deploying the police. Communications came in.

'... can you hear me?

"Hmm? Colette. You have to get to work early."

"I have a show I want to see this evening."

"Sounds like you... so?

"Placement is complete"

Answer Marcelo's query, Colette, who apparently took over the operator. In response, Sola and Marcelo nodded.

"Which one's in front?

"Oh, I'm coming. I have a shield..."

"Oh, is that bag a shield?"

Marcelo looked at Sola's bag and nodded, I see. After all, it's the police, so the main thing is to be tied up. So we need to fight as hard as possible not to kill him.

So Sora also brings a one-handed sword with the blade pulled for protection at once, but the main weapon was used as a shield. It should be noted that Marcelo fights with his bare hands. At first, the gloves were fitted so as not to damage the hands.

"Then I'll take care of it."


In the wake of Marcelo's words, Sola leaves one step ahead. And when I saw it, Colette contacted me.

"Bye, start."

"Kee, don't lose your mind..."

"Don't worry...... hey, it's Voda City Police!

When Marcelo tells Sora, who is depressed, he kicks in the door and goes inside.

"Oh, hey! Thank you note and all that!

"Ever...... hey landlord! I know you're here! Come out!

Speak up during an illegal private stay while Marcelo gives a thank-you note. And because I heard him shout like that, the midst of a private night became noisy. The reaction is twofold. Surprised by the police voice that came in abruptly, the guests who came out with something and who knew this place was illegal but were therefore in a great hurry to escape. And among the latter, there was a mix of illegal private homeowners.

"Oh no! Huh!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Oh, my God!

Shortly after Marcelo, who tried to chase the landlord, evaded a one-handed sword that was swung down backstep aggressively. Seeing that attack, Sola comes forward and sets up a tackle on the man who waved down a one-handed sword at once with the removed shield in front of him.

"Mr. Marcelo!

"Whoa! Sorry!

As he thanked Sora, who raised his voice as he pressed and held the man who had waved the one-handed sword against the wall, Marcelo followed the landlord to the back at once. Meanwhile, Sola was trying to make the rambling man manageable.

"Eh! Give it up!

"Get off me! I'll kill you too!

"Ahhh! Ahhh!

From a man who tried to use rampant citation magic, Sola feels dangerous and takes a distance. That's how the man who was set free by Sora's distance set up a one-handed sword with his blood-running eyes, letting the signs of sorcery disappear.

"Phew! Phew! Kill, kill, kill... I won't get caught... Kill, kill, kill... Don't interrupt... I want more..."

"What... do you really want to do...?

Sora exposes her frustration slightly to a man who murmurs bumps and something. but if you mean to do it, you have no choice. Look at the earlier unintentional blow. Okay, but this man is not the one you can beat with half-baked power. Therefore, Sola also decided to be serious relative.

"Ha, ha, ha!

Sora sticks her shield forward and kicks it into the counter mood against the man who's been attacking her. but the man pushed his sword out forcefully as he instantly stepped on the ground.



The crystal clear noise sounds like no. Quite a few shocks passed into Sola's hands, but she managed to withstand it on the spot. That's how he prevented the man's sword. Sola brought it straight into the force push and pushed it in only for a moment.

"It's your fault! I'll give you a break, but don't complain!

Sola can roar as she pushes all the way to the wall at once. And the moment I pressed it against the wall. There was a slight violet charge on Sola's shield.

"< >!"


Purple electricity flashes at the same time as Sola's dictation, and a man screams. So, a few seconds later. After shaking several times, the man fell down with a throat.

"Phew...... Mr. Colette. I resisted one, so I stunned him. Maybe he's dead. I mean it quite seriously, so maybe I will..."

"That's what the report came in from the guy outside. Ri. I confirmed the resistance, so no problem. '

"Ugh, nagging..."

I'm still unmotivated. Sora nodded as she slightly pulled her cheeks into Colette's carefree response. In the meantime, and elsewhere, catches had begun, and customers who did not know what was going on had been briefed by other police officers mobilized by Emmanuel.

"So, what's going on with Mr. Marcelo?

"Oh, he managed to capture the landlord."

"Do that...... so, what about this guy?

'He's going to do it now... Yes, I sent him'

This time, Sola was in on the catch, but she's not a police officer, so she can't be handcuffed. So I had to wait for someone, but while I was saying it, Niklas came along with Floran.

"Hey, Sola. I heard the story... that's the guy. Wow. I'm bubbling with white eyes... yes, that's ok. Weapons confiscated, too. Floran, can I ask you to let me out?


When Nicklas handcuffs the man who was quickly rampaging, he turns it over to Floran. Naturally, these handcuffs are made of absorbent stone, and this man managed to wake up. Of course, the weapon has been confiscated. And doing that, Marcelo dragged a magnificent little man in one hand.

"Whoa! Sola! Are you all right? Hmm?"

"Oh, Marcelo. Sola just asked me to cuff him."

"Oh, well. No, Sola. Thanks for your help. Thanks to you, I got this guy fast. Hey, stand up for yourself!


That's what Marcelo, who nodded at Niklas' words, slaps the landlord. It was quite powerful, and the landlord raised his voice like a frog crushed. Nicklas sighed at him like that.

"Marcelo... I ate a salary cut in the meantime, so don't do it."

"Hmm? Oh, no, you did"

Marcelo nodded at Niklas' bitterness and dragged the landlord straight away and walked away.

"Actually, I've done that before and fractured the killer. He's not good at strength."

"I thought I'd break my arm in the meantime."

"Aha haha..."

I laugh like Sora pulled on Floran, who turned bitter to hold her arm against Niklas' words. but marcelo doesn't seem to like force application.

Sora and the others also decided to follow Marcelo outside and head to the police station with the criminals they caught and the shapes involved without knowing anything.

A little from the big catches in illegal private lodging. When Sola returned to the police station, she had returned to the room held by Emmanuel's department. And when I got back there, it was Emmanuel alone who welcomed them. That's why Sora, who tilted her neck, asks.

"Is that it? What about Mr. Colette?


"So, Sola...... Shh"

"? Ah..."

"... Well, thank you. Rest now."

When Sola shut her mouth, who understood Odai with her gaze and Florent's hasty words, she followed Emmanuel's instructions to the edge of the room. There Toryn, who was likewise ordered to help the police, was sitting back and organizing the paperwork.

"Oh, welcome home, Sola"

"Oh, haha... I'm home"

To Toryn, who is half laughing because she was watching the current act, Sora also announces her return with half laughter and seemingly illuminating. It should be noted that the Bronzite will hit this handover a little bit with the Bronzite, so they were acting separately.

"Your master again?

"Yeah... I really need a lot more at the end. He said he'd have the men there."

Again, this is a case in the Ragna Federation. Therefore, I can't count on the help of Kate and the others. So we had to rely on this handover here, and Bronzite needed to discuss it with him there as well. Because Emmanuel's hand cannot be expected on this, Bronzite was supposed to do something about it.

Even so, of course, this is the problem if the enemy finds out. So I had to do it through a trusted intermediary, and I could never discuss everything at once. Today is the day for that discussion. And that's how Sora waited while helping with her paperwork, and Nicklas, who was called out by other departments, came back.

"Chief, I know what you're doing!


"A man who was attacked by Marcelo earlier! That, if you think you saw it somewhere, is the nominee for the break-in robbery that made Voda noisy a year ago!

"What!? Of that robbery!?

Emmanuel stands up with his eyes open to Niklas' report. Apparently, he was the culprit in a hell of a case.

"Yes! Apparently he was back!

"Right! Thank you, Sola!

"Ha ha..."

Apparently, the man who was attacked by Marcelo was a murderer who had arranged for his nomination in a separate case. Emmanuel puts a delightful color on his face and bows his head to Sola.

Nevertheless, there is no way that Sola, on the other hand, would know such a case a year ago. Of course, I don't even know if Toryn was told of the incident a year ago. They were both tilting their necks. So Nicklas taught me a little bit of excitement about those two.

"Actually, a year ago, a certain jewellery store... broke into a different jewellery store than this one. Apparently, I met the owner there. So, the killer killed all of his family and fought the cops who came. I'm a big catch... the shock broke the ground, got run into the sewer, got out of town."

"Kill them all..."

When I hear the word out of Niklas, Sora's face is distorted. Besides, there was something bitter floating in Nicklas' face as well.

"Yeah... actually, I was also called because I was in that big catch. I've seen it up close. I wanted you to see if it was this killer."


I see. Is that why Niklas was called? Sora nodded convincingly as well. That's how he convinced Dachan he opened his mouth again.

"Well, if that's the killer, I'm glad they captured him"

"No, I don't know how much damage I would have done if you hadn't been here..."

When Nicklas said so, he sighed deeply. Sora had no reason to know at this time, but she was actually so bad that the bounty was hung at Dead or Alive.

It was the army, not the police, who was chasing him. That's what the police arrested. It was no exaggeration to say that the police had a major handle - not so much Sola's. And, talking about that, Marcelo raised his hand.

"Chief! Shall we go for a drink today? I think we should have a drink with Sola!

"Oh! That sounds good! I'm coming, too!

"Ah. Then I guess I'll join you this time. Because he hurt me. I want to say one thing about stupidity."

"Mm... well, maybe today. Leave the rest to me and go home early."

Emmanuel knows that we just want to drink, but he knows who Sola caught this time too. Therefore, although I looked up for a moment, it seemed to be conditional and good if I were to luxury Sola, who handled it this time. And his men boiled down to his words like that.

"" "You said it!

"Cash guys...... hey Niklas! If this were the case, a gold seal would come out of the precinct, but as you know, it's not coming out this time! I'll get you out a little! Come get it later!

Apparently, Emmanuel is also happy about this killer's arrest. Though it seemed great, they were supposed to give me just a little financial assistance. And, that was him, but goes on to make his voice absurd and clear.

"Except! Don't be late tomorrow!

"Wah, wah, wah! Sola! So follow me!

"Oh, oh!?

Sola bewildered and sees Toryn as Emanuel's men suddenly involved themselves in a drinking session. As it stands, he is under the supervision of Bronzite. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go to a drink party on my own. And so Toryn was half-baked at this.

"Go away... Actually, it's just here, Grandpa, at Shimodo. It's not that I can't drink that... I can't drink that... I would have been there and it would have been hard to go away. And because of that, Emmanuel will give it out. It's a bad idea not to be too shy. I'll stay, you go."

Toryn reveals her bronzite secrets to Sola with a little laugh. Besides, although I was a little worried about what Sora would do, I decided that dating was also important.

"... okay?

"Yeah... I'll make a good interception with Grandpa on my part. But don't drink too much. I can't pick you up, can I?

"Wa, please"

Toryn cared for me. Then it would be fortunate to follow honestly here. Sora decides so and half-laughs and bows her head. As such, Sola decided to head to the liquor store with Emmanuel's men after work that day.