Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1590: With the Sage - Tail -

Sora came to the Ragna Federation with Bronzite for roughly three weeks. He was investigating a robber who attacked a jewelry store in the mall, along with Colette's mole, suspected of being an informant connected to an underground organization. That's why he received information obtained in Gassa's den of one illegal private night and was out again with Nicklas.

"Ha. So, Mr. Adventurer. I'm scared."

"I'm sorry, I'm disturbed..."

"No. Good luck with your work"

Approximately an hour after the pre-departure meeting with Marcelo and others. Around 12 o'clock in Dafan noon, the two of them were going around several shops.

"I figured it was definite with this guy."

"So now?

"Yeah. No, thanks."

Niklas nodded with a smile all the time at Sora's inquiry. In his hands like that, there was a single painting that magically transcribed the killer's appearance, etc. He was still the killer who had his face completely hidden when he attacked the jewelry store, but naturally there's no way he could walk away like that.

In order not to be suspicious, he appeared to have returned to the inn face-to-face when returning. Therefore, among the guests of the same private accommodation, there were those who witnessed the robber and the face of the man, and the adventurer who helped create the painting based on his memory - he didn't know that the private accommodation was illegal - was there.

"Oh, wait a minute. 'Cause I'll probably tell you two that this sounds definite."

"Oh, gosh."

Nodding at Niklas' words, who took out the magic props for communication, Sola sits on a chair that was nearby.

"Well, you don't sell it to the pawn shop on the table..."

Sora had visited a pawn shop in a lot further than the shopping district where the jewellery store was located. Even so, I never put it up for sale here.

Essentially, the city pawn shops are within the reach of the police, and if there is a robbery involving these expensive goods, there will be a call for information first. Naturally, if you bring everything in at once, you'll be suspicious at that point. So the basics will be brought in many times or sold separately in several stores. The former would be immediately suspected, and the latter would increase witness testimony for that matter. So they hit several pawn shops and asked for information.

"Find out the price and get the market, huh? Well, I guess that means there's a handover in the back route..."

Apparently, this killer only had the stolen gems assessed. She said that she decided not to sell it this time because she wanted to go around several shops after getting confirmation from the pawnshop several times.

It seems that it is not uncommon for customers to come to sell such expensive items of jewellery, so the incident was far away, and the store didn't pay much attention to it, and returned it as it was.

but it's only about a week, and once I assessed it, I assessed it and it will be on the record in the store. Some of the clerks at that time remembered that time, and it was almost certain that this man was the killer. And Sola, who remembered that, but Niklas came back with his comms in his pocket.

"Sola. I'm sorry. I'm done."

"Ugh... so how was it elsewhere?

"Looks like Floran was getting some information that he was a little concerned about. There's a good chance he's still in town."


"Yeah... apparently, maybe you sold one or two. A few days ago, I heard you sprinkled a lot of money."

"That's a long way to go."

I laugh like Sora was surprised by the information from Niklas. Sora thinks if you could have stolen it, you should just run away, but in fact, it doesn't seem to be the case when it gets expensive in Enefia. Though, the detour is the detour.

"Well, the detour is the detour. Though, I guess you don't want to leave until you redeem it."

"? Really?

"Yeah. Basically, when these felonies happen, there's going to be a special bond in the city. One or two jewels won't expand... in a connection where the neighborhood's military and police report in response to jewels and stuff. If you're confident in your arms and you can get away from the police and the army, you should still get out on the regular route."


Is there such a connection? Sora nodded like she was impressed. It should be noted that this is only possible for theft of goods, and there seems to be nothing we can do about murder. Apparently, the jewels resemble demonic stones and use their prone properties to react to magic to make them react.

It should be noted that one or two jewels do not deploy, because it is less cost-effective to activate one or two burglaries. They don't seem to be selective about this juncture, and they react to anything without question.

As a result, soldiers and collaborating adventurers had to remove the decorations of the earrings for translation and the magic equipment for personal protection - and therefore the adventurer had to ask the skilled artisan - so it was not used to that extent.

"The killer must know that, too. I guess after I redeem everything on the back route, I'm gonna get out of here."

"Well, I can't leave any more," he said.

"Well, a little later, I guess. If we don't catch him by then, we'll be in trouble."

Nicklas narrows his eyes slightly. They say the stolen gems will go up quite a bit this time. It is difficult to redeem this for boulders at once, and it still has legs. Therefore, it took time to conceal the information, confirm the authenticity, etc., and when the quantity was high, it was said that it would be paid in several installments.

"I'll do something about it. Fortunately, I've already got your face."

Nicklas burns the painting with his sharp eyes and the killer's face firmly in his eyes again. It's time to fight from here. And it was such a sharp-eyed Niklas, but it turned and went back to normal.

"Even so, you're hungry"

"Heh? Oh, yeah, if I say so, it's time for this already"

Niklas told me. Sora looked at the clock, too, and apparently it was a good time when she had already turned a little around 12 o'clock at noon. It was enough time to have lunch.

"What do you want to do? Do you want to go to the precinct cafeteria?

"Hmm... right... oh, right. He told me that Florent was delicious near the station. It was kind of hard to get there alone in the middle of nowhere, can you hang out with me?

"Oh, gosh."

Except for looking for insiders. Basically, you either beg Bronzite to teach or you cooperate with the police at his direction. So Sora's plans for today were to act with Niklas as long as there were no major moves on Colette's side. It is, of course, from noon onwards. Therefore, Sola decides to go with him to the store near the police station.

"Hamburger shop?

"Sort of. They use pretty good meat. Luxury."

"Huh? Is that good?

"It was me who invited you. But it's too expensive. Don't ask me."

"Ugh. Thank you."

I bow my head to Nicklas, who laughs, and Sola thankfully decides to let that generosity sweeten her. That's how it came out was still a hamburger on a plate properly, not a hamburger like the Earth chain store. Well, even so, I'm still a burger, so I felt used to eating as Sora.

"Become... No, I've been eating quite a bit on Earth on my way home from school"

"Heh. I've heard you say that it's also in the local area of the Brave Kite."

I don't talk serious about a lot of things until I'm eating on a boulder. That's why they decide to eat a burger while talking swallowingly. And so where I ate about thirty minutes, sipping a post-meal drink to swallow, Fukura Nicklas dropped his gaze on the watch.

"Hmm... Sola. Hey, it's gonna be a different story from the robbery from here, okay?


Sola unexpectedly rounds her eyes to Niklas, who cut it out abruptly. To him like that, Nicklas narrowed his eyes just a little and whispered.

"Actually, it's up to the chief and Mr. Bronzite to have lunch here. The cost is also with the chief...... can you see it?

Niklas tells Sola in a low voice, he shows himself out the window with only his gaze. At the end of that line of sight was the back door of the police station.

"Colette said she was on business earlier. For the time being, I didn't make any moves... but I think I'm probably going to see him today. Follow her. but if she was an insider, there's plenty of potential for engagement as well"

"... nagging"

So, yourself. Sola understands what Nicklas says. The other party probably knows enough to find out that there's an inside man. Nevertheless, you don't think you're getting certainty at the same time.

Nevertheless, there is a good chance that if Nicklas is alone here, Colette will be killed, whether he is an insider or an ally. If she's on her side, I dare you to make Colette think she's an insider.

"Gear... is it okay to use it?

"... what can I get you?

"Ugly. In case, we can do everything we can"

"Please, as long as I'm here, it shouldn't be a problem. At last, when it becomes a problem, you become a diplomatic problem. The chief said you wouldn't be bothered."

"... excuse me"

Sora bows her head to Niklas or Emmanuel's care. And talking about it, Colette showed up from the back door of the police station.

"Sora-kun... what about surveillance?

"... No, I'm not. Lately, when I go out there, there's no surveillance."

"Well, I guess so."

Sola has already been in the Ragna Federation for over half a month. By this time, it was thought that both the enemy and Sola had grasped the history of the boulder. Then it will inevitably be known that he has the protection of the wind.

Then there was a possibility that if he had found his place outside and in a detour as well, he would have been approached in an instant. Rank B adventurers are getting meaty. There is no better chance of winning on a half-breed opponent than it is of turning over the wall.

Besides, he's a sub-master of the guild. As an authority, I am in a position to request reinforcements from the Union. If the Union asks for help without a paperwork, the Union's masters may intervene.

Whether it's moving in a detour and being tailed the other way, you may ask for backup. Either way, it is a nightmare for the Union to intervene. Nicklas also knew that at a secret meeting where Sola was exchanged, and the other person's decision was taken for granted.

"Well, let's go. Please don't let it get out of the way. Concealed shapes, you can use them."


Following the risen Niklas, Sora also rises again. That's how the two secretly begin to tail Colette. That's why I started tailing Colette, but it was only natural, in a way, that she first visited.

"... This is..."

"... normal apartment... sooo"

Colette arrived at a normal apartment. You can say it's for bachelors.

"... it matches the location of the home she's submitting."

"You're going to meet people, so you're going to be ready?"

"I guess. Or you could just let us off guard and go out the window."

Niklas nods to Sora's inquiry, mentioning yet another possibility. Nevertheless, it seems that Niklas' apprehension was a matter of concern. Colette normally appeared through the door when the two of them were staked out for a few hours.

"Get dressed... just like that"

"Sounds like it. Looks like you're meeting someone important."

It wasn't the personal clothes and suits that Colette was wearing at the police station, but suits that were probably close to tight. There was also a serious appearance about the hair that was neat and not usually felt.

"Sola. Probably those clothes. I think they'll pick you up. Let's climb the roof."


Agreeing with Niklas' guess, Sola also kicks the wall and moves over the roof. And when they were up on the roof, a little while later, Colette appeared to the ground floor of the apartment, and at the same time, a carriage stopped in front of the apartment.

"Hmm... the carriage... belongs to the Viktor Chamber of Commerce? It's a luxury model... but it's... it's a common thing..."

Nicklas, who observes the carriage closely, tongues slightly abominably while stating the characteristics of the carriage, etc., in the notebook. Now, assuming, for example, that it is a nobleman, etc., it becomes a single product, and that alone makes it possible to make a great guess as to who the opponent is, but when it becomes a mass produced product like this, it is not known to boulders.

Although it is a luxury product, it is mass-produced, so there are many of them running in Voda alone. I could have said that I had few real clues. And, it was such a nicklas, but he immediately regained his mind and asked Sola.

"Sola. Do you know how many people are in the carriage?

"... you two, right. Except for you, of course. One of them is Mr. Colette, so the other one is here. I don't know if I can hide in a boulder..."


The other is either the woman in the matter, or someone else. Think just a little bit about Niklas. but I didn't have time to think about it that long.

"Oops...... Sola. Keep an eye on surveillance."


They start running like they're chasing a slow-running carriage. That's how they were going to follow Colette's carriage around the town of Voda.